Friday, August 17, 2007

Client Consultation (August 6, 2007)

Dear clients I know you have suffered but I do want to encourage you that your suffering is not vanity. I see a very huge blessing awaiting us all. I have fought the good fight of the promise which I suspect all the children of God must fight. In a world of lies it is not getting along or the easy walk that makes any sense. Contrary if you walk in the truth this lying world must hate you. Just by being honest and a light of Christ you condemn them. Look at the response I get here from the retards. They have to condemn me or admit they have lived the life of a retard. If you were a retard what would be easier for you, to condemn yourself or condemn a stranger?

God puts us in trying times so that we may keep our trust muscle exercised and strong. Though these times are difficult they are not beyond finding out. Revelation will always come in the end. You will see yourself in greater truth and will understand the work of evil around you. You will discover that God is more powerful than you gave Him credit for. All this leads to your benefit. What I wanted to do for you by living the life of faith before you was to teach you that this benefit can be suspected when the circumstances appear to be an end for you. Faith is seeing things that are not as though they are. Really though your blessing is the true state of affairs and it is the liar and his system that is putting up a smokescreen to tempt you away from the actual facts.

There is a scripture that talks about if you can't run with the donkeys how are you going to keep up with the stallions. This question should cause you a pause when viewing your circumstance. I am in a courtroom replete with fools, liars and thieves. They are just like their father the devil. I have spent 30 years of my life fighting through this smokescreen to arrive at the promise. I have been trained by the Lord to run with the stallions. Do you think I should be troubled by these donkeys who are not as talented as their father? Make the right choices in the faith because they become a mountain of evidence in your future trials that encourage you.

Houses are a great blessing but are nothing compared to the knowledge of God and His workings in your life. Most of you should know that the Federal Reserve System you participate in is equal to monopoly money and yet you sweat with great agonies over its possession. Perhaps there are wisdoms in God on how to use this system to the benefit of all once you are not possessed by it? God can make fish cough up gold coins to meet your obligations. There is no excuse not to trust him except you are a coward who wants control.

I can't share with you the stallion strategy but I will share with you the donkey's trial plans. In our settlement conference it became even clearer these guys don't want to go to trial. I don't blame them. This Keller feller who has been on the case since its inception wrote an indictment that makes the banks victims, has plead the government as a victim, and intends to bring the client's in as evidence of a crime. Can anyone figure out the jury instruction that will make this all come together? Now that Keller is gone and perhaps remaining as a consultant do you think the new party will be less confused that the idiot that in two years can't figure it out? Think of all the hot air, press releases, and monies spent to get to this brilliant moment is factual understanding. Perhaps my Blog is not the only safe haven for retards. How long have any of the client's been FDIC insured? Did the client's not sign a contract informing them of a $3,000 trust they were receiving under a deferred payment for the receipt of their $1,000? Are you going to come in and claim I ripped you off? Nobody sent the trust back. The trust has never been even ridiculed by the government. In fact they have recognized it by their injunction and order to have Maria Elena-James authorized for changes. Just because these idiots barked and incarcerated everyone fell apart. Soon you will discover how silly that behavior was. Cheer up though; even if you stumble God will prevent you from falling if you will trust Him. It is never too late to trust Him and repent from your cowardly choices. If God is for you who can be against you?


mogel007 said...

"If you associate and work around a bunch of turkeys, how can you expect to sour with the eagles"

That's a saying I've seen on many working desks in the market place. I'm still trying to find the scripture you have referred to.

This charade of a future trial has turned into the Donkey Retards vs. the Stallions, or the
Puds against the Studs, the Lie vs. the Truth. It's interesting to note that the word "Devil" sometimes denotes a Greek word which means "a slanderer" sometimes a word which translates to "demon". From the very beginning, the Dorean Process has been slandered & this hasn't stopped to date.

I think it's an interesting point that Keller is leaving or has left now & his replacement will have a tough time with handling the trial now & understanding all things that have transpired to date. I've always heard it's difficult to change donkeys in water midstream. LOL Hopefully that act alone will cause them to drown.

The idea that the prosecution is sending many "mixed messages" is also another sign of joy and peace. They don't want a trial, but they also tried to make it clear that 7-8 years is the best they can offer or things are going to trial. Liars ALWAYS send mixed messages. Liars do this because they are mixed up people & lies can't last the distance. Their lies cannot be consistent either. If the prosecution can't be credible, because so many inconsistencies exist, how can an intelligent jury believe their claims?

The unrebutted facts alone in the Court record, that they have agreed to by their default & silence, make the prosecution team look like BIGGER jack asses than I have ever imagined them to be.

mogel007 said...

A donkey can't keep up with a stallion, nor do certain animals have any business being together.

Deuteronomy 22: 10

"Thou shalt NOT PLOW with an ox and an ass together."

In the end the Lord will separate the truth from the lies in this trial, just like he will separate the lambs from the goats in the final judgment.

neodemes said...

“I love the LORD, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications. Because he hath inclined his ear unto me, therefore will I call upon him as long as I live.” (Psalm 116:1-2)

mogel007 said...

"In our settlement conference it became even clearer these guys don't want to go to trial. I don't blame them. This Keller feller who has been on the case since its inception wrote an indictment that makes the banks victims, has plead the government as a victim, and intends to bring the client's in as evidence of a crime. Can anyone figure out the jury instruction that will make this all come together? Now that Keller is gone and perhaps remaining as a consultant do you think the new party will be less confused that the idiot that in two years can't figure it out?"
My experience with lawyers is when they leave they become too busy to help out very much if at all, in previous cases they started, so the newby will be left on his own to figure out the B.S.

Looks like the home team is starting the game with injuries to their key players left on the bench not able to play.

Course the banks aren't victims, because they can't prove any loss, & WON'T have any of their agents with real records in a trial testify under oath, the government CERTAINLY can't be a victim since the bank fraud statute doesn't include the government as a victim.

And if the prosecution intends to bring in the dorean clients as proof of a crime under the bank fraud statutes, they of course are nothing more than "heresay witnesses" for the government and the banks, so whatever testimony they give is irrelevant & can't be factual & can't even be legally admitted into the record.

So what we have is just an irrelevant trial with only "heresay evidence" should the trial commence. And if Judge Alsup wants to include the dorean witnesses in the record of the court, he is just digging a deeper hole for himself since the clients aren't injured victims ACCORDING TO THE INDICTMENT.

It's becoming more obvious all the time that a trial doesn't make any rational sense & if it does commence, it with be nothing more than a kangaroo court. Since "facts don't matter," let the prosecution try to prove any convictions based upon fantasy.

That should be nothing less than interesting, kind of like attending one of those old Barnum & Bailey "freak shows".

mogel007 said...

"If God is for you who can be against you?"

"And the Lord said unto Abraham: These two facts do exist, that there are two spirits, one being more intelligent than the other; there shall be another more intelligent than they; I am the Lord thy God, I am MORE INTELLIGENT THAN THEY ALL."

neodemes said...

Isaiah 40:31

31 But those who wait on the LORD
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.

joker said...


I like you take on the word "hearsay" witnesses.

Youve spelt it "heresay" witnesses.

As in "here-say this", and "here-say that" Mr. Witness.

Or, as youve spelt it, you could even pronounce it as a "heresy witness" pronounced as a "hair-a-see" witness. As in one who blastphemes.

mogel007 said...

Germany has taken the brunt of the European fallout so far from problems stemming from subprime home loans as two of the country's banks have almost collapsed:

~~The Swami~~~ said...

I kind of miss SOP! Sure the little guy stinks sometimes, but he's kind of like your own farts - yeah they stink........but you still like smelling them.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

I'm currently trying to locate the audition tape for Neodemes when he tried out for "Up With People". It is priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!

mogel007 said...

We have confirmed Aaron's passing with Ilona Urban, Blakeley, Press Secretary for Aaron Russo and AFTF SC Volunteer Coordinator.
Ilona reports,
I am deeply saddened to report to you that Aaron Passed away this morning. He made the most remarkable contribution. He is missed terribly.
The Volunteers are growing in every venue and every region. We are very active as individual Volunteers and self-motivated networks. Aaron recognized that ACTION would be our greatest strength. Numbers and talkers mean nothing and can be ignored without consequence. Action is respected and understood to be the exercise of Power.

Aaron's genius in America: Freedom to Fascism struck the spark to reignite the passion for Liberty by ACTION in the hearts of the men and women who became our pioneer Volunteers. Aaron's spirit and spark of inspiration grew to kindle an indefeatable national grassroots demand by hundreds of thousands of new Volunteers to restore our Republic and recover our Liberty.

habakkuk said...

Aaron Russo dead!??? What is the cause of death?? Hmmmmmmmm

habakkuk said...

Oh...I didn't know he had cancer.

notorial dissent said...

Moogey, the only thing that has happened with Keller gone is that whoever the new US A is will get a continuance, review the case, and then let the junior attorneys who were working on it to begin with carry on with the prosecution. If they are bored enough with it they may offer a plea, but it isn’t going to go away. The only unrebuted facts in the case are that dim and dimmer committed massive fraud.

And Moogey once again parades his keen legal knowledge out for all to laugh at. It is the prosecution, not the judge who decides what witnesses will be called, the only thing the judge would have any comment on is if they were not relevant to the case. Hearsay is second hand knowledge, as in something someone told you, if a witness if called it is because they have direct knowledge of some event, and your twisting of the words doesn’t change that.