Monday, November 30, 2009

Evil Magnets (9-17-09)

The human creature is an interesting animal. He graves a rest that would make him absolutely miserable. Have you ever wondered about all the diversion inherent in life. Every sport, vice, pleasure, or obligation prevents us from that quiet moment with ourselves. That moment where we are a most miserable creature.

God knows this about us and rather than obliterating this flaw He uses it as a means to an end. In I Cor. 15 Paul does a wonderful job addressing confusion about the resurrection. In doing so he spilled even more truth. First Christ’s resurrection is paramount over all issues of faith. Resurrection is a means of proof of an end. Christ did everything according to scripture. The word an end in itself creates the means. This scripture makes clear what the end will be. All things will be brought under subjugation to Christ. After this He gives all back to God. Christ incorporated you into this subjugation process. That means you will be an evil magnet. Why are you surprised the world hates you? They know that Christ is Lord and your subjugation is evidence of theirs. If the judicial system is an evil institution based upon masonry, witchcraft, spiritualism, fraud, and the occult why are you perplexed that Christians are routinely persecuted by it. Is it Christ cannot defend? That He is deaf to all the pleas of injustice? On the contrary it is His means and your agency working a means to the end; subjugation.

This truth can be so important when you are growing faint from the battle. If we have a secret view of the end, we should not get lost in the means. God’s timing is not ours but His subjugation efforts is. What evils have been drawn to you. That territory has been assigned to you to advance the kingdom. Will you shrink back with whimpering cries of personal deliverance or seek the end? Rest is a true promise when all things are subjugated. Seeking it now is foolish. It cannot be obtained. It is better for us to keep the wicked informed there will be no rest for the wicked until all things are subjugated beneath the Lord.

If evil should become attracted to me it is a blessing, a promotion, a duty, a means to an end.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Potiphar's Rebuke (9-17-09)

Joseph was one of the scriptural types of Christ. He was rejected by his brethren, mocked and ridiculed for the promises of God over him. Made to oversee the kingdom. Humbled to be made great. Husband to a gentile. Proof God's word is infallible, etc. Genesis chapter 39 introduces a character into Joseph's life named Potiphar. Potiphar in verses 1-6 comes to an understanding that is an honest rebuke to all of us. Joseph is a type but minuscule in actual comparison to the original. Yet in verse 6 Potiphar was so content with Joseph's administration of his affairs that he had literally no worry or concern.

The administration of Christ over our affairs has to be infinitely superior to that of Joseph yet we never put away our worry or our concern. Potiphar could rest in his faith of Joseph and we constantly withdraw our trust. Christ is not slack and could never be proven so. In fact He can perform every function quantifiably better. What justification authenticates our fears? Shame on us when this heathen man could see the anointing of God upon his servant and we remain blind to God's anointing upon His son.

Losing your house, losing your job, losing your reputation, losing at trial, losing your friends, you are not the first. Habakkuk 3:17-19 reiterates how much more we should exceed Potiphar. God is our strength. Our supply, our hope, our dutiful and gracious Lord. I will trust Him!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two Sides

It has been said that there are two sides to every story. This is very true. In fact scripture makes it clear there is two sides to the very same old story. In Zech. 5:1-4 there is the vision of the flying scroll. On one side a condemnation of the thief and the other the liar. More than a liar but the religious liar. The one who swears falsely. He has created a god of his own imagination who serves him. He has no fear of his oath for he knows the god he swears by does not exist. The purpose of this fool is to make himself out as one of integrity though he is rotten to the core.

The other side is the thief. He denies god and makes himself out as a self-serving god. The jailhouse thief is despised but most cannot resist an opportunity when presented. There truly is no honor among thieves. Too many times to count Christ within has loved on a thief that could not repent for lust of a mere token.

This scroll has a curse to destroy these people. I've pondered what words could be on it. If it was just a record of their acts it would be a curse. If it was the law they would be condemned. If it was their words their falsity would be a curse. Regardless it is they who hold account that can curse. Their denial has long since walled them off from mercy. Whatever is written the promise of the curse is an old story with two sides. One for the self-serving fool and one for the religious fool.

Fools collect your prize for the scroll is being read into your life daily.

We may suffer affliction, and suffer fools, but we never have to suffer either side of this old old story.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Outlook of My Predicament (9-14-09)

The struggle of being a man I have come to learn is a designed state of affairs. In one's existence a view either towards the infinite or infinitesimal causes an acknowledgment of one's station. Precariously dangled between these two extremes. One makes you wonder in awe at how glorious you are among creation. The other how insignificant.

The Christian faith is the only reconcilable nexus for these infinite reference points. God's descencion from infinity into creation proves our glorious state absent pride and your insignificance without the loss of self.

The station I believe leaves us unsettled and uncomfortable to steer us to a choice of denial or perfection. Not a temporal perfection but a transformation into a new station infinite in its proportions. Absent acceptance of this condescending offer denial will create a false sense of self improperly fixed to its reference points. Everything is false here. Even the truth obtained through life are parenthetically captured in the general statement which is a lie.

God, only the incomprehensible God, of the Christian faith can be comprehended in this precarious chasm of our existence. Every other God invention finds its origins in creation and cannot transcend the finite imagination. That which is infinite must reach to us bearing gifts of infinite import such as faith, hope, love, grace, and eternal life to fix us to truth and true reference.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Tongues of Evil Men (9-11-09)

Recently someone I know got indicted. Nothing related to me. Yet the IRS and FBI kept bringing up my name. When your name stays on the tongues of evil men this is a good thing. THere are many examples from scripture. David's name stayed on the tongues of many tribes. Daniel on the tongue of evil Kings. When Midanites had a dream their interpretation was Gideon. God places a fear of you upon their hearts and instinctively they knew you represent a problem. Of coarse they have no idea or full extent of the outcome. Rightfully they should. Because they are evil their level of knowledge, wisdom, insight is all base and ordinary. The extraordinary things God does with your life can't help but perplex and bring fear to them. They are at their best incapable of comprehending your life or threat. This is one of those signs of life you can spot in your battles. If you are advancing the Kingdom of God your name will not escape the tongues of evil men. Let them talk until the renown of the Lord's body is branded into their psyche. Even if your name surfaces in the expressions of their evil plans have no fear. Fear motivates your enemies because no weapon they form against you prospers. Even if they should gain a temporary advantage like over Samson, they still speak his name in fear. Until of coarse God is finished being entertained with them. Then He will shut their mouths for good and your name will be spoken of by righteous men.