Monday, November 30, 2009

Evil Magnets (9-17-09)

The human creature is an interesting animal. He graves a rest that would make him absolutely miserable. Have you ever wondered about all the diversion inherent in life. Every sport, vice, pleasure, or obligation prevents us from that quiet moment with ourselves. That moment where we are a most miserable creature.

God knows this about us and rather than obliterating this flaw He uses it as a means to an end. In I Cor. 15 Paul does a wonderful job addressing confusion about the resurrection. In doing so he spilled even more truth. First Christ’s resurrection is paramount over all issues of faith. Resurrection is a means of proof of an end. Christ did everything according to scripture. The word an end in itself creates the means. This scripture makes clear what the end will be. All things will be brought under subjugation to Christ. After this He gives all back to God. Christ incorporated you into this subjugation process. That means you will be an evil magnet. Why are you surprised the world hates you? They know that Christ is Lord and your subjugation is evidence of theirs. If the judicial system is an evil institution based upon masonry, witchcraft, spiritualism, fraud, and the occult why are you perplexed that Christians are routinely persecuted by it. Is it Christ cannot defend? That He is deaf to all the pleas of injustice? On the contrary it is His means and your agency working a means to the end; subjugation.

This truth can be so important when you are growing faint from the battle. If we have a secret view of the end, we should not get lost in the means. God’s timing is not ours but His subjugation efforts is. What evils have been drawn to you. That territory has been assigned to you to advance the kingdom. Will you shrink back with whimpering cries of personal deliverance or seek the end? Rest is a true promise when all things are subjugated. Seeking it now is foolish. It cannot be obtained. It is better for us to keep the wicked informed there will be no rest for the wicked until all things are subjugated beneath the Lord.

If evil should become attracted to me it is a blessing, a promotion, a duty, a means to an end.


Joseph said...

Obama administration is pressuring the top 71 mortgage lenders to
do loan modifications for their clients that need it, otherwise, the government will withhold funds due to them. It is a good time to
ask for a loan modification agreement if you are behind on your payments or can't afford your mortgage:

Joseph said...

Expanded foreclosure program

So many foreclosures are about to roll through the system that the Obama administration plans to expand a program aimed at helping people remain in their homes. The goal of the announcement, expected today, is to increase the rate at which troubled home loans are converted into new loans with lower monthly payments, Treasury spokeswoman Meg Reilly said over the weekend. That could include new resources for borrowers, Reilly said, without offering details. Industry officials said the new effort would include increased pressure on mortgage companies to accelerate loan modifications by highlighting firms that are lagging in that area. The Treasury is also expected to announce that it will wait until the loan modifications are permanent before paying cash incentives to mortgage companies that lower loan payments.

Under a $75 billion Treasury program, companies that agree to lower payments for troubled borrowers collect $1,000 initially from the government for each loan, followed by $1,000 annually for up to three years. Michael Barr, the Treasury Department's assistant secretary for financial institutions, says that the Obama administration will try to shame lenders by publicly naming institutions that fail to move quickly enough to lower mortgage payments permanently. "They're not getting a penny from the federal government until they move forward," Barr told the Times. It's not clear how the government is going to solve anything at all by trying to drive lenders into the ground, or how expanding a failing program is going to produce anything more than more failure. Why not stick to programs that work?

Joseph said...

I suppose one question to ask your lender is will a loan modification affect my credit score for the worse. I've gotten conflicting answers to that question, so I'm not really sure what the ultimate answer is. Maybe no one can determine for sure. At any rate, maybe you could request to your lender that they not report to the credit bureaus that you are on any loan modification plan as a condition you make to enter a permanent loan modification agreement. Generally they only last 5 years anyway at most. Since in theory a lower monthly payment will lower your debt ratios, one could argue that fact would increase your score some if that was all that was considered, but as many understand that's only one scoring criteria of many.

A mess in loan modifications

While more than 650,000 borrowers have been given trial mortgage modifications under the plan, few borrowers have received permanent modifications. Many borrowers complain that it is difficult to get a permanent fix even once they have made trial payments; some have been required to send in duplicate paperwork or even ended up further behind on their mortgage payments. For borrowers who do receive a trial modification, few are becoming permanent. Some borrowers can't make the required payments during the trial period, mortgage companies say, often because the reduced payment still isn't low enough or they have suffered another financial setback. In other cases, borrowers in the trial program aren't providing a hardship affidavit and other necessary documents or the paperwork doesn't match the information provided verbally. In still other cases, the loan may not pass a "net present value test" used to determine whether a modification is less costly to the lender or investor
than a foreclosure.

The Wall Street Journal points to one couple who are actually worse off because of the program: Jennifer and James Pugliese, of Scranton, Pa., were struggling, but still current on their mortgage when Litton Loan Servicing offered them a trial modification that reduced their loan payments by nearly 50% to $758. But after making successful trial payments, the couple was turned down for a final modification. Because the trial payments are considered partial payments if the modification fails, the Puglieses are now more than $5,000 behind on their mortgage; their credit score dropped after Litton reported to the credit bureau that the couple had entered the Obama program. Meanwhile, the number of borrowers falling behind on their loan payments continues to outpace the administration's efforts to help them. Roughly 1.56 million loans that were current in March were at least 60 days past due in October, according to LPS Applied Analytics. That's more than double the number of tria
l modifications.

Mortgage free said...

We have heard nothing for months from Dr. Johnson concerning our mortgages and cash payments. Dr. Johnson where are you?

foreclosurefraud said...

During the housing boom, "lenders" passed around mortgages as if they were whiskey bottles at a frat party. Appraisals were overinflated, notes were lost, destroyed, shredded, sold into multiple pools. Mortgages were not recorded and exorbitant fees were collected by the big firms on Wall Street.

Now that the bubble has burst, these “lenders” are trying to collect on loans they do not own, in most cases never lent a dime on the transaction, have no right to, or were paid 30 times over in bailouts, insurance, credit default swaps, etc.

In almost EVERY case these "pretender lenders" do not and did not have any "skin in the game". Almost all loans during the boom were securitized and it was investors that put up the money, not the banks.

Now these "pretender lenders", the "servicers", along with MERS, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, are unrightfully taking peoples homes by filing fraudulent mortgage assignments to process foreclosures.

Do the research. See for yourself...

It is all in the public records...


judge allslop said...

CAUTION!! Goldman eager to do God's work. Did you see the announcement of a week ago that Goldman Sachs is giving a half billion dollars to small businesses. Or are they? Why are they suddenly concerned with small business? They’ve certainly never cared about small business before. In the history of Goldman Sachs, what have they ever given to small business? The answer of course is nothing. Why the sudden interest? Could it be because Goldman Sachs has found out that it pays to play ball with President Obama? Could it be because if you do favors for Obama and his friends, you wind up with big bailouts, giant stimulus funds, government contracts…or perhaps avoid prosecution for any alleged crimes or fraud committed in the sub-prime mortgage scandal?

BigO said...

@ Mortgage free...

Dr. Johnson is not and has never been a "Principle" in this process, u r coming to the right spot to receive updates from Kurt via this blog!!!! If anything u should be praying Gods blessing upon these Men of God for their well-being as they continue to sacrifice the time, and lives for the betterment of us ALL!!!!

As forstated in the update Gods time is not our time, nor his thoughts ours, so pray, thats assuming you r a man of faith!!!!

Joseph said...

So it's all come to this? Big banks sueing big banks?

Published December 1, 2009

Deutsche Bank v. Bank of America 11-25-09

This is an action for damages for breach of contract resulting from BOA’s failure to secure and safeguard over $1.25 billion worth of cash and mortgage loans that it was contractually obligated to secure on behalf of DB and contractual indemnity for the losses caused by BOA’s negligent performance of its duties to DB.

Joseph said...

If you file a motion for recusal, you could find yourself in the interesting position of having the judge judge himself. That is what happened in the case of In re Wilborn, 401 B.R. 848 (Bankr. S.D. Tex. 2009) in which Wells Fargo sought to recuse Judge Jeff Bohm over comments he made at a CLE conference.

The Ruling

In his ruling, Judge Bohm discussed several legal principles applicable to disqualification:

1) Under 28 U.S.C. Sec. 455(a), a judge “shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which he is presiding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”

2) The movant must establish that a judge is not qualified by clear and convincing evidence.

3) “(A) judge’s comment is disqualifying only if it connotes . . . a closed mind on the merits of the case.”

4) Recusal based on bias may be based on “a danger that the judge will rely on an extrajudicial source for his rulings” or “where the judge displays such a high degree of favoritism or antagonism as to make fair judgment impossible.”

These principles appear to be in conflict. The statute speaks in terms of situations in which “his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.” This language, particularly in its use of the words “might” and “reasonably” suggests a low standard, one in which the mere appearance of partiality is sufficient to bring about disqualification. However, the requirement of proof by clear and convincing evidence (which must be established to the judge being questioned) and the requirement of a closed mind on the particular case set a very high bar. Indeed, it might be suggested that a motion for recusal should never be necessary, since the conduct demanding recusal should be so obvious to the judge that he should have voluntarily removed himself prior to any motion being filed.

Judge Bohm continued with a very thorough analysis of what comments made outside of the courtroom would merit recusal. Generally, comments made to legal education seminars on general legal issues are permissible, while statements to a newspaper about the merits of a pending case are not. Since Judge Bohm did not single out Wells Fargo or talk about any specific pending case, much less the Wellborn v. Wells Fargo case, recusal was not appropriate.

Joseph said...

Feds trying to murder Sherry Jackson the IRS nemesis, by the Feds not providing adequate care to here in prison due to her serious physical problems?

http://www.rense. com/general88/ sher.htm

sopsback said...

if they didnt relase jim traffic cant from jail and he tole the truth when he said that the usa is in bankrupture 7 years ago, they not gonna let out this chick eether.

tell her to hang on till 2011-12...afta that, it wont matta much....where she livin'....

sopsback said...

an soon all the banks are going to be leeking in bankrupture...

Mortgage free said...

I will be more than happy to donate 25% of mt settlement or more to get them out of jail. However I sent them thousands of dollars to no longer have to pay on my mortgage and receive the settlement. 4-5 years ago. That is a long time to fulfill what we paid for. We do not get updates on this here only sermons. Dr. Johnson gave updates. We have heard nothing from him either.

sopsback said...

the dg website is gong...gong....gone!!!

it was just there yesterday....

sopsback said...

so much for the faze 1 website will be up in a few days...months...years?

it must be all out of phaze and haf to face the trooth.

dun worry, anther webstie will be up soon!!

sopsback said...

dun worry, anther webstie will be up soon!!

hopfully before 2012!

sopsback said...

jesus was NOT a joo!???

waht? say so rite here:

Joseph said...

Biggest bankruptcies show half of them are financial institutions that have failed in the last 2 years. Rough estimates:

(1) Lehman Bros. 691 Bill. (2008)

(2) Washington Mutual 328 Bill. (2008)

(3) Worldcom 104 Bill. (2002)

(4) General Motors 91 Bill. (2009)

(5) CIT 71 Bill. (2009)

(6) Enron 66 Bill. (2001)

(7) Conseco 61 Bill. (2002)

(8) Chrysler 39 Bill. (2009)

(9) Thornburg Mortg. 37 Bil. (2009)

(10) PG&E 36 Bill. (2001)

(11) Texaco 35 Bill. (1987)

(12) Fin. Corp. of America 34 Bill.

(13) REFCO 33 Bill. (2005)

(14) Indy Mac 33 Bill. (2008)

(15) Global Crossings 30 Bill.

(16) Bank of New England 30 bill.

(17) General Growth Prop. 30 Bill.

(18) UAL 25 Bill. (2002)

(19) Delta 22 Bill. (2005)

(20) Capmark Fin. 21 Bill. (2009)

Joseph said...

if they didnt relase jim traffic cant from jail...

Trafficant was released from jail a few months ago. He already spent his time.

mogel007 said...

Check out the latest video Sherrie
has put up:


Someone got their mortgage wiped off because they told Citibank they were going to be a Defendant in a class action lawsuit. Citibank folded. LOL

sopsback said...

my point about sherry jakson is that if they didnt let traffic camp out erly, that they are not likely to let her out erly eether....too bad....

what i am startting to see is that these ppl can fite the govt and possibly win sometimes on there own, but once you take it pubic, then they will cum after you big time...they afraid that it will catch on...

just like the dg...if kirk and scoot did the process on their own, they would not have had to go thru all this trubble, but once they wnet pubic with it, it cahnged the equation and now it made the govt. scarred of them.

same deel with sherry probly. plus she was a former isr agent herslef.

the agency consider her like a "rat" even tho they are evil themselfs.

crooks hate rats more than anything else, and we no that the irs is the biggest cooks on the plant. they got a good thins gong fo themselfs and dotn want anyone to rat them out.

Joseph said...

SOP said: my point about sherry jakson is that if they didnt let traffic camp out erly, that they are not likely to let her out erly eether....too bad....

The real issue is not early release or not. The issue is allowing her to get proper & timely medical treatment so she doesn't die in prison due to her the prison trustees purposeful neglect.

sopsback said...


interesting that stroy would even mention the word NESARA in his world reports???

the fact that he mentioned the word at all maybe means that there is something to it afta all???


The following well informed elaborations and deductions flow from the above, within which the NESARA information has been passed to us by usually reliable ‘connected’ sources [however we cannot at this time elaborate on or confirm ANY of the NESARA data, and neither will we enter into ANY correspondence on the subject, especially given the fluidity of the situation overall]:

• The White House and relevant US authorities have been informed (and it has been confirmed to us) that if there is any further US resistance and impediments to the releases, the Rest of the World will enforce the releases (by technical means) and will ‘implement NESARA’ (the National Economic Stabilisation and Reform Act’ signed by President Clinton in 1996 which comes into effect when announced). This will mean the bypassing of the Electoral College, the immediate removal from office of the US Cabinet and most legislators, the standing down of officials whose positions are dependent upon the continuation of President Obama in office (such as Leon Panetta), the removal of the President and Vice President Biden from office, and implementation of the special interim arrangements under which the United States is restored to Constitutional rule and an election is arranged six months after NESARA takes effect. The international ramifications of NESARA will be comprehensively complied with by the international community.

All 800+ US military bases outside the United States will have to be abandoned or mothballed as 100% of US troops operating abroad will be repatriated under NESARA, bringing an abrupt end to the scandalous drug-protection operation in Afghanistan (which will no longer be ‘necessary’ as the transborder interbank market will have collapsed, so it won’t need further lubrication with drug-trafficking proceeds); while the US occupation of Iraq, and all US military operations and presence in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, The Philippines, Japan, the British Indian Ocean Territory and elsewhere, will be terminated in short order.

sopsback said...

All 800+ US military bases outside the United States will have to be abandoned or mothballed as 100% of US troops operating abroad will be repatriated under NESARA,

closing 800+ bases i gotta see???

these despaerate mofo's will 'push the button' before they do that as then all their power will be gone.

even hesara finance has a better shot of happening then these crazy mofos closing all they bases.

sopsback said...

and my point oabout sherry still stands.

the pint being taht you cant expect theses heartless basards to shwo any mercy.

the same porcess taht put her there in the first place will try to keep med attn from her as well.

does she deserve med attn?

of course!

but she doesnt deserve to be there in the first place.

but once there, you cant expect the heartless 'beast' to cut you any slack. thats just the way the are.

afta all, didnt the guy she made the movie for, they killed him with cancer??

sopsback said...

waht she has to hold onto is 'waht goes around, cums around'

they will get theirs too.

just look waht happen to jug beans???

he got sniffin' around too close to "the end" one time too many, and now he gone.


sopsback said...


that henghan guy make sum strong comments!!!

this is waht he writ;

Note: Other sources close to this reporter have been reporting that both Bill Clinton aka daddy Bush's little bitch, and his wife, dysfunctional Secretary of State, loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, are currently suffering from fatal diseases.

We can now also reveal that both Alex Jones and Jeff Rense are personal friends of known FBI Division 5 stooge Timothy (Tim) White, who is currently hiding out in the Burnaby area of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada given that there are outstanding warrants for his arrest for numerous email death threats made against former Vice President now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.

sopsback said...

We can now also reveal that both Alex Jones and Jeff Rense are personal friends of known FBI Division 5 stooge



alex jones a fbi DIV. 5 infromant!!!!!

alex jones?

the anti loominati voice, a fbi infromant???

this sh*t gotta stop!!!

i falling off my chair laffing!!!

not that it mite not be troo, just that this sh*t is getting crazier and carzier!

where it gonna end?

like jug beans?

he too had 'fetal disease" near the end"


sopsback said...

corse hal truner yoos to critize the joos and then he turn out to be a infromant too!

sopsback said...

that why i alwasy felt that that "ferret" guy with the dg was a infrommant

he was too vocal and arrogant, just like truner was. a dead giveaway of an infromant.

sopsback said...

thats how the govt. braek up orgs....

they put someone in the insider who is very zealous.

the org. say, "wow, we have a good worker here for our cause".


anyone that zealous is a ifnromant.

sopsback said...

on the audios taps, kirk never seem that zealous.

he just stay nice an calm and explan the program. whereas ferret would get rude and beligerent and arrowgant to the callers.

休息 said...

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sopsback said...

didnt know that we had jiao main cumming to this bog...can yo rite it in inglish?

Joseph said...

SOP said: even hesara finance has a better shot of happening then these crazy mofos closing all they bases.

If Nesarra happens, it will happen under Christ's kingdom, not under the earthly governments we have now. But you will be raptured to heaven along with the other Saints & won't care at that point, so why is Nesarra an issue with you? Nessara has been suppose to happen for how many years now? 15, 20 years? I've lost track. Tell a lie long enough & it becomes a reality or possibility in your mind or even worthy of conversation? Is that what you are suggesting?

Closing of the bases makes sense because the US can't afford it any longer. They must cut costs. It's an economic necessity.

Zealous people = informants. LOL

Jesus was a zealot, was he not? Was he an informant for the dark side too now? I think you are reading too much conspiracy garbage & dysinformation.

Joseph said...

Define "Nessarra"? It's just a concept. There was nothing passed & no law signed by Bill Clinton. There is no consesus on what it means, and how it would take place anyway. It's an ideology, not a law that was passed. If you believe lies, you will never understand the truth.

Joseph said...

full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent.
1520–30; < ML zēlōsus. See zeal, -ous

Related forms:
zeal⋅ous⋅ly, adverb
zeal⋅ous⋅ness, noun

enthusiastic, eager, fervid, fervent, intense, passionate, warm.

Joseph said...

Zealotry was originally a political movement in first century Judaism which sought to incite the people of Iudaea Province to rebel against the Roman Empire and expel it from the holy land by force of arms, most notably during the Great Jewish Revolt (AD 66-70). Zealotry was described by Josephus as one of the "four sects" at this time.
Search Wiktionary Look up zealot in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

The term Zealot, in Hebrew kanai (קנאי, frequently used in plural form, קנאים), means one who is zealous on behalf of God.

sopsback said...

why are you zealously defending ferret the infomat??

an ass far a nassara goes, i didnt writ it, stroy did from world response.

y dun yo go axe him about it??

sopsback said...

and if yo dun bleef it, then look me rite in yo coputer screen and tole me dat ferret was not a infromat??

just like dat other zelis guy, truener was?

an just becass in the heeb bable is say zelous menas zelus for god, its not the heebro bable were talking here. it everyday life.

yo telling me that all these other zilis guys are zelos for god???

truner, ferret, etc???

give me a brake!!!

sopsback said...

Dec. 4, 2009

(Nov. 19, 2009)



sopsback said...

an somenone finally heaard me...when i used to mention the movie 'billy jack'

somenone finaly put it on yotoob.

"..i gonna take my right foot, and i kick yo on the rite side of yo yo wanna know soemthins...they aint a dam thins that yo can do about it...WOP!!!!

Joseph said...

Sherry Peel Jackson #59085-019
FCC Coleman Camp
P.O. Box 1027
Coleman, FL 33521-1027
Release date: 08-08-2011

Sherry Jackson is much better & all the complaining did some good. She'll be out of prison in a few years anyway.

Joseph said...

and if yo dun bleef it, then look me rite in yo coputer screen and tole me dat ferret was not a infromat??

What did he inform that wasn't already known?

Joseph said...

SOP: I couldn't find any mention to "informant" in this special blog about Farrel below, however, I did find a statement which said the following on a April 16, 2007 blog entitled "Trial Charges":

"Even Dewey & Farrell have played their POSITIVE ROLES"

SOP: Are you suggesting that Farrell was an "informant" of some smoking gun & that this was "the positive role" Kurt was talking about? LOL

One statement stands out:

"We will find this money before this is over and you (Farrell) will be protected."

Farrel (07-22-07)
It has been said on here that Farrel’s wife has left him. If this is true I wanted to take this moment to encourage my friend. I am sorry for your pain and the perplexity of your circumstance. Your opportunity still remains to choose God and His eternal plan for you. I have lost wife and children. Many tears were cried but God’s soothing was more than compensation. This was very difficult to see during the height of the pain. At that time I had to take it on the faith of God’s promise. One thing that was difficult during the season of heartbreak and betrayal of love was to trust God whose love is faithful and steadfast.

Farrel as your brother and as a man I can speak this truth concerning you; that the fire in your belly, that zeal if given over to Christ will shake this nation. The severity of your battles and suffering is proportionate to your call and what the devil is attempting to preempt. We can never grip this world and its treasures without them slipping through our fingers. The called are frustrated by these wrong choices because God loves us. The wicked find success and no chastisement because there is no concern. Yes peril came out of nowhere suddenly and the choices of eternity and this world had to be made. You made wrong choices but it is not too late. God is wooing you even as I write. In Christ you are a great man. He will reverse the errors you have made in this case. God has given us the power to hold the enemy back until you can have your strength renewed. Now is the time rise up and be counted. Start doing the FOIA’s and other methods to uncover the money trail. Who paid for your lawyer? They will say it was the government. How can this be true from a bankrupt entity without any resources? Find out who paid that bill and you will find your exit in freedom. You have more opportunity to do this than ourselves. Control the money and you’ll control the economic retards. The charges are the evidence the money has been presented. This is pre-indictment, long before you showed up. We will find this money before this is over and you will be protected. Maybe you’ll find it first. Thank the Lord He could test you without any true peril. Don’t be shamed or do guilt because you were duped by a fraud. Pick up where you left off, face the Lord and let Him return you to your calling of being a fraud buster. You know the fraud in accounting, banking, and now love. Its time for you to accept the wisdom of God to expose the fraud that exposed you. I can promise you this, that what’s on the other side of this victory is even more important work than Dorean and I will need many champions. Will I see you there? My prayer is that I will. Trust Christ, you will not be disappointed as you now are for not trusting Him. I love you Farrel and know my hopes for you are Christ breathed and not vanity. See you at the top.
Posted by Whistleblower at 11:52 PM 23 comments

Joseph said...

Read this blog post below below again & especially the phrase by Kurt: "If I was here LOOKING OUT FOR MYSELF, my exit would be right now."

In essence Kurt & Scott still being in jail IS BY CHOICE by agreeing to remain silent on an issue they could have brought up in appeal, but didn't.

If the Brokers pled guilty & in essence agreed to pay for all the damages in their plea agreements, why is Kurt & Scott still in prison paying even now, so to speak? Where is the justice there?

Kurt made a post not too long ago that he was faced with a decision & that decision involved addressing a specific legal issue in his appeal. If that issue was not raised in appeal, than the issue would be forever barred from ever being addressed.

The question immediately comes to mind, what was that SPECIFIC legal issue or point he could have brought up in appeal, where a real choice existed?

If he was "looking out just for himself for selfish reasons" he would do one thing, which would get him out of jail immediately, BUT BY DOING SO, IT WOULD JEOPARDIZE THE CLIENTS FINANCIAL INTERESTS.

Hence this is the key to know of Kurt's honesty and integrity by being a perfect trustee by knowing whether or not if he would bring this issue up in his appeal or not. Course Kurt insinuated he certainly would not bring this issue up in his appeal for it would not be in the best interests of the clients, so he would not get his immediate get out of jail free card.

Can the thoughtful ones find the legal argument Kurt could have brought up in his appeal in the post below?

Maybe this blog below attempts to address what that CHOICE & ISSUE WAS ALL ABOUT. A blast from the past & an explanation why the indicted Brokers made a poor choice of pleading guilty, even if they still believe in their ignorance, they mitigated their risk and damages by pleading guilty.

Joseph said...

The Plea Agreements
I heard that Neo placed the Tobias plea agreement upon Quatloos. Actually I have to say to Bruce this is the first time I can sincerely complement him for doing something honest. I hope all of you will read it. A lot can be learned from it. First you will notice that Dewey Tobias pled guilty to 1 count of conspiracy against the UNITED STATES (who?) under Title 18 § 371. I found this interesting since the UNITED STATES was not an original victim under Title 18 § 20 and is precluded from being so by that section. Our indictment is based on 27 victims who qualify as financial institutions under § 20 and then are considered the victims for § 1341, 1343, 1344, and 1349. These have now been reduced down to 12 remaining victims with one that is out of business, which won’t survive pretrial actions. This means that our total exposure to victims is 11. You might suspect again what I told you long ago that the clients of Dorean are an irrelevant number. Unless you can find a way to identify yourself with § 20 your claim is moot. (Maybe) If the crimes of Dorean are against the UNITED STATES there is only one way for that to be possible. That is through the commerce clause. The financial institutions are not the UNITED STATES or any agency of the UNITED STATES. Now the currency is not of the UNITED STATES but the UNITED STATES would have an interest via the commerce clause and public policy. Is this what they are admitting? I should certainly like that since that would make our incarceration criminal. If the crime is commercial then our settlement is legitimate and their dishonor a crime. If not then the 371 is an impossibility. Now Dewey and Farrel each plead to this § 371 and that section alone. It must be great to have an attorney to make the impossible come to pass. Maybe I should change my mind or opinion of this profession.

Here is another amazing stat. Our total exposure to victims is 11. That includes every count and all the defendants. Dewey and Farrel were considered minor participants and yet Dewey plead to more than 10 victims actually 40 while Farrel plead to more than 50. These added points that would increase their sentences. So now we have our co-defendants pleading to a charge against the UNITED STATES who must have an interest in the Dorean clients to allow them to be considered victims under § 371.

Joseph said...

To my knowledge none of the Dorean clients are the UNITED STATES or and agency thereof yet here they appear as though they are. How is that possible unless the clients are accounts on behalf of the UNITED STATES and therefore a commercial damage in a commercial crime?

The next stat is just as troublesome. The total loss or potential loss of these 11 victims if you conclude that the entire amount of the mortgages in question was exposed to loss would add up to $2,315,929.73. Even if most of this loss is impossible since there are 302 statements made to the FBI from these victims that they had no loss this total is millions less than the 7 million Farrel pled to and barely more than the 1 million Dewey pled to.

Can you see how your big scary UNITED STATES v. case is a lot more hot air than fact. If we believed in this farce called justice and the statutes as relevant then at this moment we could plead to the 11 victims at the un-factual full pop of $2,315,929.73 and still end up with a sentence of about 3 years for me and credit for time served for Scott. Now that doesn’t stop these blowhards from pretending that they have a life in prison case but if you read the indictment you’ll see for yourself. My question is what damages are left for me to plead to if Dewey and Farrel have already accepted responsibility for 4 times the total at risk? Maybe we are not the big cats in this game?

If I was here looking out for myself my exit would be right now. You can see from the plea agreements and this indictment that the UNITED STATES isn’t protecting your perceived interest. So again I ask you if you still think I’m the bad guy waiting out the opportunity to bring you and this retarded economics of a government (?) into the truth of the matter? Something is fishy if you look at the facts of the case and what is presumed to be the facts by the public, the press, and the judiciary.
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Joseph said...

Here are the important points:

1. The UNITED STATES was not an original victim under Title 18 S 20
and is precluded from being so.

2. Indictment was based upon 27 victims who were financial institutions considered victims under 1341, 1343, 1344, & 1349.

3. Of the 27 original victims, at most only 11 qualify as potential victims, & probably even less than that today, due to recent court rulings.

4. The number of the dorean clients are irrelevant since NONE CAN BE CONSIDERED A VICTIM under Title 18 S 20.

5. If the Dorean crimes are against the UNITED STATES, it's only through the commercial clause & public policy.

6. The financial institutions ARE NOT THE UNITED STATES.

7. The UNITED STATES could only have an interest via the commercial clause and public policy.

8. If the UNITED STATES has an interest and admit that through their actions or punishments, than that makes the incarcerations of Kurt & Scott criminal, hence a get out of jail free card for them.

9. If the crimes are commercial, than our settlement as Dorean clients is legitimate & the lenders dishonor & courts dishonor IS A CRIME against all the clients.

10. If the crimes are not commercial, than the 371 is an impossibility & the 3 Brokers pled guilty to a bluff & a bunch of hot air & lies that they believed.

11. The Court indicting and sentencing the brokers is evidence that the UNITED STATES showed they had an interest by way of the commercial clause & public policy and also admit & agree by this that they have dishonored all clients financial interests and mortgage cancellations of record by their two faced hypocrisy & actions. LOL

12. Farrel pled to 7 million dollars in damages, yet the potential loss of victims COULD NOT EXCEED $2,315,929.00. LOL

13. The total loss of 2.3 Million should not have exceed 3 years in jail for anyone, NOT 25 YEARS IN PRISON given to Kurt.

14. Thanks Dewey & Farrell to pleading to 4 times the potential damages in the indictments at most the victims could have gotten in a best case scenario & SHOWING HOW FOOLISH THE COURT & INDICTMENTS WERE & HOW JUSTICE DID NOT PREVAIL & thanks Judge Alsup for allowing this to happen & showing your true unfairness & prejudice.

SOP: Does the Brokers actions look more like the actions of an "informant" or the actions of a "moron." or lost sheep that have lost their way & have no Sheppard? Course the Brokers lack of compass only shows how lost & unfair the Judge & petite Jury were too in all of this where justice and equity should have been the focal point.

sopsback said...

i dont know exaccly what ferret did/was doing, it is just a feeling that i have.

i just think that ferret was busy ferreting out info for the feds at the time...ferrous just did not seem like an iron clad guy to me is all.

as far as what info he may have provided, well you wood have to ask him about that.

maybe things like phone numbers, where the files were, who kurks contacts are, info on dr. fraid, etc

but only he knows what info he provided.

and as far as ferret staning trial himself, we all know that this is a uniersal way of protecting an infromant. to make it look like themselfs are jammed up as well.

wehn the cops raid an org, they also arrest the infromant too to make it look good for his prottection

example here:

sopsback said...

sopsback said...

the fbi arrested this guy too an put him in jail for his own protection

sopsback said...

but dont get me wrong, ferret did nothing against me, so if kirk/dr. fred forgives him, its ok with me.

i am only stating what my tuition tell me about the guy and i felt this way the first time that i heard him on the odios taps.

sopsback said...

corse, i fetl the exxack same way about that truner guy to the very frist time that i herd him on that radio too. that he was a rat.

Yetter said...

I found it fascinating the alleged judge sentenced Kurt to the "maxium" not due to cause,but as he stated "Kurt was a serial offender and would just do it again". Yes sir I have farted and will probably do it again and again. Please throw the book at me.

judge allslop said...

The justus system gets it's lead from wizards of the US Govt crime syndicate who could'nt speak the truth if their very lives depended on it.Sodom and Gomorrah were kindergarten for the post grades we now have in the financial world. Analysis of bank failure reveals the horrific damage that is being done by FASB’s capitulation allowing financial entities to value worth-less assets at values that the financial entity has concluded is correct, not values that are market related.
Six more banks were closed this week. Collectively, they had assets of $13.425 billion and deposits of $9.368 billion. The details of this week’s closings also point out some troublesome discrepancies between the value of assets stated on the banks’ balance sheets and their perceived market value. Five of the six acquiring banks this week required the FDIC to enter loss-share agreements as a condition of their purchasing the assets of the failed institutions. This week’s bank closings continue to warn of U.S. banks’ deteriorating balance sheets and of the FDIC’s inability to resolve troubled banks before they cause extraordinary losses. Nationwide, banks are going broke much faster than the FDIC can close them. This creates a domino effect whereby the FDIC loses the ability to mitigate losses at the same time it exhausts its capacity to pay claims. Full details of all these closings can be seen at the FDIC’s web site:
A depraved society lives in a sea of lies. Its heroes are those that lie and steal successfully. This is called the “Ocean of Samsara."

sopsback said...

"Yes sir I have farted and will probably do it again and again. Please throw the book at me.

like i sayed beefo, it all just a big pot o' farts....

Jammed-up Client said...

Greetings All, I am a Dorean Client. I am trying to get information on how to get control of my property again. Kurt and Scott are trustee of the trust and power of attorney. I can't refinance or sell the property!...I can't contact Dr. Fred for some reason???...PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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A whistleblower is a person who raises a concern about wrong doing occurring in an organization or body of people