Monday, September 29, 2008

So-called Signs (9-10-08)

"If I am a man of God let fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty" Elijah said in II Kings I. This is a great miracle and certainly an attestation to Elijah's standing with God. It is a perverse and wicked generation that seeks after signs like this. This the same crowd that ridiculed Christ with taunts to get off the cross. It is the spirit behind the retards and so-called Christians. This is why you are so-called. If you knew Christ you would have the mind of Christ and know His ways. In olden times God performed many destructive miracles as this band discovered with Elijah. God over time has narrowed His focus from teaching in types and shadows to appearing Himself. Christ performed many miracles but only one of destruction. That of the curse of the fig tree. This statement was of a paramount necessity as a witness of what was transpiring with Israel. I don't think He wanted it that way but He could not gather them under His wing. Every other miracle and His teaching was all about restoration, revival, and love. You so-called don't see God deliver me with fire or at all. My prolonged suffering you attribute to justice and sin. Otherwise God would have entered in. This is the foolish expectation of the so-called crowd. Never can you picture Christ staying on a cross or making that demand of His children. The worst for you is that all the evidence of Christ is right before you but since you know him not you are oblivious to His ways. Only Christ can love His enemies. Only Christ can endure suffering with the joys of obedience. Only Christ can unravel the mysteries of His word. Only Christ can restrain His wrath and power through endless mercies. Only Christ can have hope for retards. All these things you witness Christ do through me but you discard it as counterfeit. One thing you fail to reason is that these things cannot be counterfeited because the only one who can practice them is authentic. If a man not knowing Christ attempted them he would fail from the inception because to counterfeit one has to have knowledge of the original which Christ never distributes to these outside His body. You really think the things of the spirit can be understood by the flesh? Your stupid financial ignorance of the flesh is not spiritual wisdom as you have so-called it. Christ is your only remedy to see Christ in me or anyone else.

Friday, September 26, 2008

So-called Christian (9-7-08)

Scott I saw your desire that someone would defend the term "so-called Christians." I thought I would take a crack at it. It is a moniker I would apply, I believe accurately, to yourself and others of your ilk. You know the Bible well enough to move in and out of the pews but these words have not captured your heart. You judge me by your mortgage ignorance as though this is divine insight. Your gut is fat with mere pabulum and self-assurances. Though you may have started with the simple gospel of a sinner saved by grace through faith you have long since abandoned this path for a righteousness of good works. That is why you practice the judgment of a dullard and boast as though you are wise. This is why john can say "They were among us but they were not of us." Why Jesus did not commit Himself to them even though His praises flew off their lips. He also said "depart from me you workers of iniquity." Paul said "Oh foolish who has bewitched you" and when speaking of the Corinthian church said "some people have no knowledge of God. I say this to your shame." Retards is the less polite phrase I use. History is clear and the future also makes it clear retards are always present in the church of Christ. Forget not that the demon possessed man was a regular of the synagogue Jesus taught in. Your 20 year claim of a walk is unimpressive for your words betray your heart. You judge me by what? By the wisdom of Christ? Bullshit! If you knew the Lord you would know me. You would see things of the spirit and confess of the great wonders of the Lord. Instead you have found condemnation of God's work justified by a wisdom entirely by the flesh. Your retort is simply the mirror accusation that is exactly what I'm doing but in this you further deceive yourself. Job's friends and Job appear to be of the same wisdom until the end when God speaks and Job is approved. Though we both quote the Bible only one of us use it as words of life. You are definitely more attractive than I. Your life is pleasing to this world and the Christ I preach is a stumbling block. What I find funny is that you did not need to go to God to find the truth in my indictment and neither will you need to go to God to find the falsity of this indictment. Yet that is precisely the indictment "you don't go to God" but rely on your own strength. The grace of God you have perfected into a license does not exempt you from criminal sanctions in the spirit. True grace drives you to God for more grace. The cheap grace of "so-called Christians" is a wedge of deceit that isolates a man to an island of self-righteous piety. Just because islands can group together does not make them apart of one body. The Christ within me and within my work would find an audience of prayerful support in you if the surname "Christian" did not have the given name "so-called" before it. If you ever become brave enough to approach the throne of God again as a wretched sinner you will find my advocate there. Until then I will exhaust myself with prayer and fasting for my friend. Exit the Laodicean Church before the Lord spew you out!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Holy Spirit Leading (9-2-08)

Preamble: What I'm about to share with you the retards will dismiss as numerology, fancy, hocus-pocus, and fanaticism. The retards are the reason the truth herein exist and why we need to take it very seriously to heart.

All of us were ourselves retards. Ignorant to the ways of God. But now we have the mind of Christ a gift from the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor. 2:8-16) The Holy Spirit is our guide and leads us in the way we should go.

This leading was made obvious to me recently. The events are conveyed to you in hope God will make it equally obvious to you.

A couple of weeks back my wife sent me a paper she found in my Bible that had the Biblical meanings of certain numbers. I reviewed it just to refresh my memory. One number jumped off the page "51." This is the number for divine revelation which I had forgotten. I so desired divine revelation at the moment. Around the same time the chaplin surprised me with a book on prayer which was right where my studies were taking me. The book I recommend for all of you who want to see God's victory in your life. E.M. Bounds on Prayer, Baker Book House, ISBN 9780801064944. Certain needs were also at the time crushing in on me. All this was an opportunity ripe for the leading of the Holy Spirit. I needed grace for certain situations and now was the time I needed it. Well there was a 51 about to show up in my life. I had been in the SHU for a little over 40 days. THe Holy Spirit made it clear to me that I needed to fast and pray for 5 days for God's grace and that the 5th day needed to be the 51st day and God would give me divine revelation. One serious problem lay in the way. My current celly was a spiritual retard convinced he is going to heaven and no amount of truth can convince him otherwise. I was certain he had to go and that I needed this time alone. The SHU is full at the moment so a single cell was not likely. About the only hope was being the trustee who stayed by himself since he doesn't get cuffed up like the rest of us. The praying I felt would be full of tears, groans, and travailing. Not something one can hide from a celly in a 10' box. Time to launch my fast was rapidly approaching. The current trustee was one cell up from ours across the hall. His door window could be seen from ours. My celly was looking out our door at the exact moment that this trustee was showing girly pictures through his window to our neighbors. It turns out these pictures are my celly's. (see what I mean by retard) The trustee had stolen them form his property. A big No No. This makes the officers look really bad. He got fired. Well as the Holy Spirit had designed I am made trustee, placed in a single cell just at the time of my launch. We were off to a good start. I did pray and fast. I had much trustee work to do but for the most part I was left in the laundry room alone with God. On day 3 they hired a new Captain who told me I would be fired after 30 days as a matter of his policy. 30 days alone is worth any amount of work. On day 4 I spoke with the Warden about my suspended visits. The Captain was present. Not much had transpired to date except a lot of praying, crying, and travailing. Day 5 was upon me and I haven't got my answer and I didn't think I was suppose to go longer. The leading by the numbers was confirmed by the Holy Spirit. As part of my conversation with the Warden he authorized an extra phone call to get the word out I'm allowed no visits. I called my wife with about an hour left on my fast. She confirmed all the reasons why I was in prayer for God's grace. When I hung up I was crushed. I cried out and groaned in ways not thought possible. The Holy Spirit was present. The meal to break the fast was soon coming and I was desperate. As I prayed it was like the burdens I was attempting to lift to heaven was crushing me. Suddenly in an instant it was like the hand of God reached down and grabbed that burden and I was liberated. Within a minute, barely enough time for joy to wipe away my tears, it was chow time. As they handed me the meal I was informed I was getting a new celly. Does this mean I'm fired? Yes! I was trustee by the design of the Holy Spirit just long enough to get the job of prayer done. I prayed my celly would be a divine appointment and not a retard. He is a babe in Christ backsliden. I had to fast again for 3 days just to say thank you. I would have thought this victory of prayer would have caused me to relax and savor but it did just the opposite. I began to immediately imagine what greater victories can be wrought. My next assignment is a 7 day fast just for the salvation of Alsup. This cellly is not a retard but he has to go. Trustee is not an option so what will God do. I'm praying now for the opportunity to pray. The numbers that jump out at me is 9-8 to 9-14. Eight is the number for new beginning and fourteen is for Salvation. Seven is completion. I have my launch day and the obstacle. I also have the personal proof that God answers prayer. Non answered prayer hurts the body of Christ and increases doubts and faithlessness. One should not venture into prayer except with the importunity to obtain the answer. Answered prayer increases faith and confirms again the testimony of the gospel that God loves men, answers prayer, and is in complete control. Here is my challenge to you upon my witness. Let us pray together. Not words to bounce off the ceiling but a prayer that will not quit. The devil in his minion bankers are in the middle of a plan to displace 3 to 4 trillion dollars from the people through their mortgage shams. We with knowledge of God and the plan must ask God to intervene and prevent this transfer. God by His character and promises is disposed to grant our request if we can prove we desire His will. We need to pray God stops this. Not as our ultimate goal but the victory for the great battle. Money is not that big a deal but if you can't win this battle how can you fight for the souls of men? Our generation is crying out for God's divine intervention and it is us few who can call it down from heaven. I'm in the fight, how about you?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Business Plan (5-1-08)

Dorean was designed by the Lord to make a special mark in history. In each client's history, in financial history, in political history, legal history, and the history of its founders. The plans shows the brilliance of its Creator. I was informed by God how to structure the company. The trust was essential because a trustee was needed to insure everyone obtained their benefit. The love of money is the root of all evil. The characteristic of this evil is that it turns one's heart away from faith and God to self. Dorean had a test built into it where each client's heart would be tested. Most of you failed this test. Don't fret God has not forgotten you. Even in your failure God is loving you. When He is finished you will have seen the truth of your heart and will never be comfort­able in the lie again. This is a tremendous kindness though the course of rev­elation inherently had to be painful. A surgeon's scalpel causes pain but with the goal of healing. Likewise you will be healed. On the legal front Dorean is building a bridge others will cross over in the future. Dorean was God's tool to interrupt a stupor that had consumed the American populace. The church was not exempt which is evidence it was of this world. Now that I've been given the knowledge of the end God's plan makes even more sense. Like all of you my under­standing was not complete in the beginning. We should never expect otherwise since trust and faith is the exercise of eternal importance. A mortgage is a longterm decision in a short-term existence. In perspective God needed to use the vehicle to extend your sight to relevant matters. It is my hope Dorean will have this end result. I can say from the single closest example before me that God was about the business of enhancement. Scott has trusted the Lord to the full sacrifice of everything else. When I met Scott his walk was not this mature. Even through his tears, pain, suffering, and lack of understanding he kept per­severing with diligent faith. Many of you will be very proud of him and will learn much from his testimony of faith. He will be the best and perfect example of what God intended by creating Dorean. He has been stripped of that which was killing his spirit and given the breath of life. The economics were never in peril but had to be delayed for the betterment of all involved. I'll be posting a blog on June 11th with the update for the phase one payouts. This is the re­coupment of your fee paid to Dorean and the amount of your mortgage(s) entered into the program. This had to be delayed past the interference of the bully cowards. Phase two will be for profits. Soon all the retards will be moving to other blogs. I've already begun the implementation. of the things I need to do. I will leave you with this caveat: If you don't follow my instructions in detail you will not get paid. Timing: I'm expecting to have my work done by the middle of August. You will be given 90 days to do what you have to do and payouts will be about April. Expect little variances for unseen problems. Watch and see the goodness of the Lord! Watch how He wipes all your tears away and brings you joy and gladness for sorrow and mourning.

Your Good Judge (4-28-08)

Everybody knows the motives of Kurt but no one questions the motives of Judge Alsup. This is funny to me since his actions are so obvious to those with wisdom. He is the champion of all my critics. Will he survive a critical ex­amination? How come he is exempted from the judgmental scrutiny of the retards? Let me see if I can help. Will I convince one of these retards to repent? I doubt it but perhaps their ridiculous notions will be a little more obvious.

Who is Judge Alsup? He is a man trapped in his knowledge of good and evil. He is in disunion with God. Even if the infantile Christian types argue here that he is God's agent the point still remains he is in disunion. I have taught you enough on agency that an agent in disunion with the principal is a rogue on his own. He is liable for all his self-interest and breach. If the office is of God the man must still submit to the creator of the office to be God's agent. Alsup living in his knowledge of good and evil axiomatically is in breach. God is above man's good and evil judgments and judges man entirely in a different manner. Jesus demands unity and that the man as judge, as his own god, be overcome. Judgment passed on another man always presupposes disunion with him. Alsup de­clared me a villain and I likewise declared him a villain. Is there a difference? Yes! I seek unity with him in love giving opportunity not to remain a villain. He in disunion only wishes to destroy me. His judgment is harsh not intended for reconciliation. God's judgment is for reconciliation. This is your first big clue of the spirit behind the man.

When someone functions from their knowledge of good and evil they have to be seen. (Think of Neo, Fruity, and Scott) Because they believe their judgment good they must bring it out in the pen so that they can judge it good as a judgment. It was the problem of the pharisee confronted by Jesus. The action taken by Alsup by its very nature of disunity with God and man, good and evil lived in the extreme, is false action or hypocrisy. He condemns himself by his condemnation of me. It ­is not as though Alsup has not taken an action he thinks good, genuine, and pleasing to God but rather that the action he's taken only further increases the schism be­cause it flows from the arrogant heart of a self-willed rebel. Like Cain he has made an offering that he demands God accept because he has judged it good. There is no unity with God by act or intention. These judgments are most severe because the judge recognizes his personal foible in the condemned. It is not out of dark mot­ives that this judgment proceeds. It is not man's wickedness that these judgments are evil. These judgments are evil because they are the apostasy themselves. For this reason evil comes forth from the heart of the judge. "Judging" is not a spec­ial vice or wickedness of the disunited man; it is his essence, manifesting itself in speech, his action and sentiment. This can only be seen and understood from the unity of Christ. Judge Alsup can know himself in his virtues and vices but not in his essence, in his apostasy. He is blind trying to remove the speck out of my eye. He is the perfect champion for the retards on here who don't know their essence. There is a genuine judgment that springs from reconciliation with origin but that judgment is a whole other life. Alsup and his congregation of retards would have to die to themselves which is the very thing they all wish to preserve. One can only become a good judge by surrendering judgment and reconciling with the good judge.

God is Love (4-26-08)

Most people think of love as an attribute of God and ignore that love, as a substance, is God. There is not a love that is not God. How did God reveal Him­self to man? Jesus Christ is the expression of God and the love of God simultan­eously. When we come to the knowledge of Christ we come to the knowledge of love. This is not a cause and effect type relationship that is sequential in time but a concomitant fact. As soon as the revelation of God lights your soul you are lov­ing God. The act of repentance is the only response to the love of God being known. If repentance does not exist the love of God and God Himself is not known. Now many have the idea of love. These can do great sacrificial works. This is not a known judgment only an example. Mother Theresa could do all her works and never know God or His love. Once God and His love is known you are in relationship, fellowship. You are now living far and above your cursed judgment of good and evil. Good and evil is a place of conflicts that must be resolved in judgment. This is seen here on the blog. Dorean by its actions left many here in conflict. They could not reconcile their private law of good with the actions taken by Dorean. This conflict had to be resol­ved in judgment. These modern pharisees possessed with knowledge of God's word but not with knowledge of God were left with no choice but to enter judgment of condemn­ation. They are the origin not God. They don't even realize that their profession of judgment is self-condemnation. It is their confession that they do not know God or His love. Living in the love of God is a spontaneous, contemporary, real-time existence. God speaks and our hearing, proving, and doing are immediate. Trust is faster than a reflex which is sequential. Rather it is man being as he was designed under God as his origin. We are the body of Christ moving without a separate thought than that of the mind. Christ wanting something done makes the loving demand on His body and the body loves the demand placed upon it by the One it loves, which gave it life. Persecution and suffering are guaranteed. The pharisees had no choice but to cruxify Christ because He lived above their conflicts, which created another conflict. I am not the messiah nor conflicted by those accusations. For me to be as Christ is not good or evil. It is not of an origin within myself. Christ is who He is which makes me who I am. Accursed by others and pleasing to God. Because I am in Christ I can say like Christ "if you loved God you would love me." Many of you call your­selves Christians but the Christianity you know is your own good and evil knowledge amalgamated with scripture. It is you sitting in judgment of God and all His cre­ation. It is you in disunion disavowing those living in unity with God. It is im­possible for you to function in your good and evil knowledge and to love God. God is above you and your knowledge and never will He bow at your throne. You will bow at His. You will hear "depart from me I never knew you" and won't be surprised. Those in Christ will hear "you fed me, visited me. etc..." They will not know of their actions because they did not sit in judgment of their actions or of what actions God was taking. They simply moved by the spirit with its origin outside themselves. I cannot predict the path my obedience will take or how painful our suffering will become, since the origin of Dorean was not Scott and Kurt there is no conflict to be resolved. It was resolved by its creator and His love. I'm certain when God issued His decree to enter into the righteous battle it was already a settled matter in the heavens that this was good. No judgment was necessary. Now comes man in his arrogance to challenge the heavens and issue a judgment of fault. Can there be any­thing more foolish? People pay attention to the critics and what they are really saying. If you do you will come away thinking they are retards.

Freed at First, Freed at Last (4-25-08)

Being incarcerated is perceived a lack of freedom and yet it can be a situation of liberation. Greed is the sin moniker for my character by my anonymous critics. This judgment proceeds from their knowledge of good and evil. Proudly they show off their wares in the marketplace. How pleased they are with themselves. They convince themselves they are wise knowing through their good and evil that they know me, my motives, and character. Sure they are free to judge me but are they free from judg­ment? To answer this question one must go to origin. Man was made in the image of God, which was fellowship and drawing from the life of origin. When man chose to be like God with the knowledge of good and evil he acquired judgment, shame, and nakedness. He gained this knowledge at the highest price; the loss of life. Unlike God whose being is the origin of good and evil man must obtain this knowledge at the estrange­ment of God. Man becomes a god in that he is the origin of his good and evil, but not the origin of himself. His good and evil is not a virtue but a curse to him. It is not the good and evil of God but a good and evil against God. The scripture that talks of removing the log in your own eye before you help your neighbor with the speck in his eye is a perfect truth of this state. Out of their judgment against God they be­lieve themselves God's advocate to perfect good and evil understanding upon the world. This is not God's judgment or standard of judgment only that of one in rebellion. What should be shameful is proud. The rebel becomes the blind prophet dictating to others the path of destruction is the way to fellowship with God. What can be more greedy than a man wanting to be God? These are my judges. Do they know greed? Like no one else, but they don't know themselves. When a man returns the shame of his re­bellion in a face to face fellowship with God seeking forgiveness he begins the long trek of restoration to the true knowledge of himself, only out of this place can he judge himself and judge others correctly. Here his judgment is not his own but the judgment of Christ. Origin is reinstated. Man who was reed at first to fellowship with God is freed at last from his disunion curse of good and evil. Ethics, morals, laws are all cursed in that their origin is the heart of a rebel thinking his good­ness is godliness. What a stupid retard is the mind that believes this good. My prison still has hope and remedy but yours has but one; death. Only when you trust God that loss is gain and death is life will you be freed. Then my dear friend you will be free to judge me as I am judged. At the cross you will find me when you visit there yourself.

Forward Motion (4-25-08)

The Court of Appeals wants to appoint counsel. At this level pro se is not constitutionally guaranteed. Martinez v. Court of Appeals 145 L.Ed 2d 597. This forces me to file a motion to obtain the privilege. The other option is to con­ditionally accept their offer. If I am forced to take on an attorney it will delay my appeal by another 6 months. If not, I can get it done in about 18 months. We have good justification to get this privilege granted but who knows the level of resistance we face. I have one new thing to file in the lower court which I will post as a blog. This is a much faster track than the appeal. Scott and I are now at our respective institutions. We will be returning to Dublin for one last hearing for restitution. This will be fun. The court can't define money yet it can come up with figures for restitution. Many of you have received victim impact statements. I want you to use them if you desire, if you trust the government. I don't care what is said good or bad. I believe it irrelevant to the battle at hand. When the movie is re­leased I will place a link here. It will be up to you to get the word out.

This will be a helpful tool on any account. Education is what will grant us relief from ignorance. I hear some of you are making plans to visit me. This is very kind and I thank you in advance. Some of you near the Santa Barbara area might consider the­ same for Scott. Pray for our wisdom as we attempt to undo the injustice that is working against us. God is not wringing His hands with concern over our troubles. What He is doing is looking for faith. Will He find it?

Truth Repeated (4-25-08)

I recently read the Hiding Place and Tortured for Christ. One suffered under Fascism and the other under Communism. One thing was clear from both these accounts. Those who suffer for Christ's sake learn about His love. Those who claim knowledge of His love yet seek the comfort of this world in God's name distribute cruelty easily. Just 60 years ago the truth I'm repeating was proven by these two saints. They don't need your approval because they possess what retards only profess. I recommend each of these books. Tortured for Christ can be found at and The Hiding Place at Amazon or Christian Book Distributors.

1 Thessalonians 2:4 in part states "We do not try to please people, but to please God, who test our motives." Everyone knows I was motivated by greed. Did God not test my motives? Do you think He would let it stand if greed was present? God matures His children. If you haven't experienced this you are bastards. My heart is under constant examination. Not just for Dorean but for 32 years. I don't live to please retards, only God. When He says "well done" there is no greater satisfaction. These two saints and many of you knows this. This is our strength. With this strength blessed men go through their valleys of weeping. (Ps. 84)

I want to encourage you in Christ to allow Him to complete His work in you regardless of the pain and suffering. God always has purpose behind His intent towards you. These books will remind you of this truth. The retards with their cruelty are very displeasing to God. 1 Thes. 2:15. Yes they can go around and think they are pleasing to God and act as though they are the holy saints that should be modeled but they could never do what the saints in this book accomplished. Under just gentle brainwashing persuasion these retards conform to the dictates of this world. Imagine if gun, torture, separation from family, reputation, or life itself were to put them to the test. They would justify why they went coward. I will use Bill Julian as an examp1e. He had every chance given him by the Lord to stand up and be counted in this battle. He turned his eyes from the price of fellowship with God to loss of his house and wife.

In an attempt to preserve both he lost both. Still he suffers from a lack of fellowship from God because he is too ashamed to forgive himself and run towards the Lord for forgiveness. Is this really worth it? What about eternity? How can we live with Christ as one we love forever without being able to do so when betraying Him here in this probationary period? Look to Christ where our help comes from and don't worry about the cares of this world. Even if you lost house, family, friends and reputation you have lost nothing. You have gained God as a friend. Time is our friend because the master of time and life will deliver us from the evils of this world as He has delivered us from the power of sin and death. Who can separate us from such a love? Let the retards have their fleeting moments of boast and glory and share in the cross of Christ which is victory beyond measure. Keep your eyes upon the truth as these great saints did and just perhaps we will see triumph in this lifetime as we will in eternity. That is my prayer for all of you in your suffering.

A Jurisdictional Thought (4-24-08)

I thought I would take a moment to clarify some truths. The mail fraud statute was created to protect the public from frauds and swindles related to money issues. At the time these were cons of counterfeiting bank notes. Banks issued their own notes and securities. The mails were being used to defraud victims far away from the cities where these frauds were initiated. Now, as 1341, it is being used far outside the in­ tent of congress. For this reason there £s no implementing regulation to make it a positive law. All those arguments about how the feds got jurisdiction are entirely bogus. They don't have subject matter jurisdiction, they never have, and they never will. From the moment they attacked us they were the criminal. Now let's pretend for a moment that the statute is positive law. The enhancement for financial institutions is not a penalty issue alone. If your theory is correct than congress has created a statute hybrid where part can be proven by the standard of preponderance and part by the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt. Explain how this is not barred by their constitution. Look at title 21 § 841 and you will see how there is a separate penalty section. This is how congress addresses their penalty intent. If congress wants to create a penalty enhancement for just sentencing purposes like guns (Title 18 920's) they pass a separate statute. When they change the existing statute like they did in 1989 to 1341 they added elements that if pled would have to be proven. Why did the prosecution always go mute on this subject and Alsup lose all the color in his face every time I brought this up? Why is the FBI trying to develop another indictment if I'm truly going to be down for 25 years? Mortgage and Dorean are irrelevant to 1341. Alsup is the lawless one. All those kissing his ass by following his lead are as lawless as he. You should fear your ignorance not these pirates. I could go after every BoP staff, every clerk, prosecutor, marshal, and judge who has touched this void prosecution if I wanted to. Making them pay the price might be the most loving thing one can do for a person lost in a stuper of ignorance.. brutally enforced.

The conspiracy fails as 1341 does. Neither of these charges can or will prevail. I'm going through this suffering and the motions to protect all of us from crooks while the bankers and their bullies abuse me and confuse you I know right where I stand. I know their weakness and as so as the bullies fail it will be exposed. I wish some of you critics were capable of debate. You don't do any study and merely repeat a fool's retort. You will all disappear when you lose the advantage of deceptive circumstance. Most of you were patriot fans this year but who knows next year. You bet on Alsup be­cause you think he can't be beat. This you do only as a hopeful fan, not one with know­ledge. Prove my comments on 1341 wrong as a favor to all of us. If you can't maybe you should check your own bilge pump, I think it's a little backed up.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Who is Kurt Johnson (8-22-08)

There are many opinions about this question, but I think I might be the expert on this one. For those who would like to know I write to you.

At 13 years of age I was arrested by Jesus the Christ. I was already on my way to hell and like most oblivious. God took an interest in me and led me to some great preachers of the word. I grew quickly but was also unaware of a dangerous companion coming along for the ride. Pride was its name. I went off to Bible College at 17 naively thinking this is where the cream surfaced. The opposite was true. Pride had driven me there but God was going to make the best of it. It was not long and I fell into sin. I was crushed and suffered from guilt. Instead of repenting I withdrew in shame. For about 18 months I didn't serve the Lord. My way back was feeble and tentative. The cost was high but it also was a perfect cure for pride. The result was seeing God as my source of strength. This truth literally renewed me. You have heard me repeat this over and over again. It is a perpetual lesson for me. In every shadow of my heart this light must come to bear.

My life grafted again into the church. I fell into the normal manly things a good career, wife and kids. God still showed favor upon me but pride was no longer an option. Instead a certain zeal for God's house and His people overtook me. In an honest reflection of my history I can easily say this zeal has caused more trouble in my life than any other single event. I challenged pastors, friends, and deacons as a malcontent. The church was not attentive or alert concerning the word of God. They were sloppy, lazy, and apathetic. They had programs, psychology, music, drama and formulas but no life. Finally after 25 years I had to divorce. I went to the only voice I saw true and committed to his ministry; Dr. Gene Scott. I read intelligent men and remained vigilant in study. God again showed me favor and was faithful.

Dorean was birthed out of my Bible study. I had that personal prophecy about finance and marriage so I was always exposed to insights in these areas. As I looked at the word of God and overlaid it with our current economy and the banker's plans I saw a conflict. God's plans and man's plans were in opposition. Experience had taught me to bet on God. This is what I call a faith opportunity. When a man of faith comes across this he is to join with God and enter the frey of battle. Scotty was brave enough to join. Though I'm not certain with the same understanding. Again zeal has caused me trouble. I know God's ways always prevail upon man. A brave man will risk everything to prove this again but not vainly. Those who foolishly oppose God in this matter have had their day in court so to speak. All their testimony has been collected and every heart has been measured. Now God testifies. This is where I am in prayer and I hope you faithful are in concert with this prayer. Nothing will have to be said only let God speak and truth will shut the mouth of all the liar. I continue to wager my life on this outcome. Even this week I was put in a position to offend the Ninth Circuit, which many believe my hope, or offend God. The choice was easy and now there are men furious with Kurt Johnson. Oh that I could offend this world in pleasing God. Many of you know me because you know the same God who chastises and loves His children. Bastards will never understand us. Let them bet on man and glory as they appear to have the upper hand. Oh but we have been there many times with God and have countless victories to show for it. In the end I describe myself and my importance in pleasing God. I learned long ago in that futile 18 months that pleasing myself was death. So if you are not pleased with me neither am I. The one opinion that matters is who I consult with.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All or Nothing (8-25-08)

Most certainly all we can know of God comes to us through the miracle of divine revelation in a small and close intimacy. This is not ever intended to narrow our vision or faith. On the contrary it is designed to be our launching pad into the vast and spacious expanse of God's person and character. First we look to the things He has done but this is still not the intimacy of a son. A son can know something of his father by reputation but what will he know of him by seeking him out in relationship? The miracles of the book of Acts are inspiring but God wants to know of you now in this generation. Is it not said that He who freely gave His son will not freely give to you? Look, human thought and imagination cannot capture the vastness of God's goodness or His mercies. You are the one that needs to expand your faith and petitions. God wants to do a new thing. Your testimony of the great works faith and prayer have wrought is the testimony this generation seeks. Moses and the Egyptians will only add relevance to a God they discover is alive and ruling today. Christianity is potent because of historical facts. Is not your life His story? What facts are apparent in your life. What prayers are answered? What have you conquered? What miracles have you witnessed? Why exactly do you suspect God called you to this Dorean mess and the truth of credit? Is there not a His story He is writing with your life? Do you want a boring story of existence or a great power and might. Jesus lives forever to make intercession for you. Can you understand what can be accomplished if the simple tears of your prayers are joined to this cataract of potential? Jesus said of the cross "I am trouble but for this very thing I came into the world." Your troubles came into your world for the same reason, to show Christ as the all in all. Wake up to your opportunity and get to praying for "all things" "whatsoever" and "anything." I want Alsup saved, family healed, clients prosperous and wise full of the knowledge of Christ, victor over the lie of the bankers and His will done on earth as it is in heaven, and I won't quit until I get it all and more!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Time for the Rally Cap (8-24-08)

The rally cap really is a silly notion but imbued with a profound truth. In baseball when your team is down, you down your rally cap. In doing so you say we have faith, don't quit, you can do it. It is a concerted show of importunity. It is trivial because baseball is a game irrelevant to any true care of a normal existence. Also because the world's show of hope has no real basis behind it. They know not the real God who states "cast all your cares upon Him for your care is His constant concern." Who wants us to pray for our daily bread. The truth in these rally caps that should shame us is how far a trivial matter men, heathen, will rally to a goal, a cause, a desire. God notices the behavior as He did in the tower of babel. What I think we of the faith are missing is that God encourages this importune spirit in His saints. When was the last time you rallied behind a cause? When I say cause here I'm sure most of you will think of something larger than your life that requires concert with others. Though that does come into the life of the called out ones I'm thinking of something small and close. What is this life if it is not a probationary training small and close for the giant expanse of eternity? The Syrophoenician women only wanted the health of her daughter not some earth changing event. Yet she was noticed for her rally cap. What I think we are failing to miss as our great boon of opportunity is that God cares for you. Dorean is a concert against injustice, inequity but you alone experience that individually. Have you put on your rally cap until you obtain victory for yourself? How then will you benefit the concert? We know by God's own words He hates injustice. We also know He used the words "anything and whatsoever" in the promise of prayer. These words are so big so all encompassing that they can have the reverse effect of doubt. We need to get passed that to understand the full richness of these promises. I have talked much of faith but faith has no tongue to express itself but prayer. It cannot get to the throne to grip its promise except to ride prayer. How is your prayer life? Are you rallying to your cause? I'm reminded of a couple of stories from Elisha. At the end of the drought after God promised such Elisha still had to pray 7 times before a cloud appeared. What if he quit at 4, 5, or 6? Are you quitting before your victory? Again he tells the king just before he dies to bang some arrows on the floor. The king does 3 times and Elisha laments. "Oh that you would have done it more" then you would have total victory over your enemies. I don't know about you but I've put on my rally cap and I'm not going to stop banging my arrows until I hear God say enough. We have a wonderful loving Father who is not like the wicked judge of the parable. He wants to give but the rally cannot be ignored. It is how He strengthens His children and causes them to grow. My wife and mother-in-law have a disease called CMT. This is unacceptable to me. Now I can't pretend to be so philanthropic that I act as though I care about your victory more than theirs. But in obtaining theirs my hope increases for yours and my concert is enhanced by my individual victories. That's what I want for all of you. I want to delight in your personal victories and to join you for the corporate victory. Don't presume the minute details of your life are not worthy of spiritual effort. The scriptures teach the opposite. You were left in a temporal world for your spiritual training. These cannot be separated. Your victory over a broken toaster must come long before a victory over addictions, heartache, or bankers. I do think allegorically we have come together to the 7th inning stretch and it appears we are behind. The rally cap may be trivial in the world but to us who believe truly all things are possible in Christ Jesus. Rally time! I pray this truth takes root in your spirit.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Final Phase (8-18-08)

I've been informed that my traveling legal work which contains the "Phase One" blog will catch up to me shortly. This means I will post it soon. The web-page is still developing. The course though delayed is still progressing. My gut tells me that though this prison wants me out of here God wants me to stay a couple more months. The divorce between us is a destiny just a little premature. If my spiritual sense is wrong God has moved me for His good reason. The move most likely when it comes will move me back to California. I'm still in the SHU. 40 days as of this writing. God has used me here so it is no accident.

Let me talk with you on a serious note. In the story of Gideon he started out with 32,000 soldiers. All of them were good men. By the time God finished His selection process there were only 300. This selection process is about to be applied to you clients. Before I initiate "Phase Two" I will be down to what I'm calling "The Gideon Band." Most of you will be sifted out unable to progress. "Phase One" is the end of the line for you. I have no doubt that "Phase One" is the end of my relationship with most of you. There are others I desire to continue with but I cannot select you. I can warn you though this truth that there is a way in a man that seems right in his own eyes that is in the end his folly. I know how God is going to separate you and I am praying that your faith fail not. It is time for you to be vigilant in prayer for temptation is at your doorstep. I am leading you in the way that is right and doing what Christ asks of me. This I offer you to watch and discern what Christ is requiring of me. I am not allowed to tell you how to pass this test only to pass it myself as an example. Your worldly wisdom will fail you. The correct response permeates the entire Dorean story as well as the entire gospel. The truth is not hidden to those who will seek it with all your heart. I can tell you that the blessing of "Phase Two" in comparison to "Phase One" would make "Phase One" appear to be an insult. "Phase Two" is exceedingly abundant above what you can ask or think. I will not have to seek you out. Those of you who God disqualifies will come to me bragging about how right the choice is you made. The others will come to me with humble fear in the discovery of how foolish their wisdom was. God is wise to sift you. "Phase Two" would destroy the "good people" who don't know His ways. Some of you are going to be so led by fear and the devil that you will be robbed even of "Phase One." You are without excuse and I will not rescue you from your own folly. As I see it the retards use correct words though they have no understanding how to apply them when they say "you get what you deserve." Phase One, Phase Two, or Phase Out you decide. Some of you I love and I have heart robbery in your hearts please seek the Lord with all your heart. The plans He has for you are good.

Monday, September 01, 2008

A Pleasant Bitter Contrast (8-7-08)

I have written you about the pattern of Nehemiah and the pattern of rebellion but now I want you to look at the same truth from the other side of the human experience. In the book of Ruth we have a character named Naomi. She is a wife and mother who loves God. Her name means pleasant. The story takes place during the time of judges about 100 years before King David. During that time God used to use famines to get the attention of the wayward hearts common in the Israelites. This is one of those times. A family from Bethlehem which ironically means house of bread is forced to leave to a neighboring country Moab. Ebimelech, his wife Naomi, and their two sons Mahlon (sickly) and Chilion (puny) travel. The names of the children probably reflecting the effects of the famine upon this family. While in Moab the sons marry. Then all the males die leaving Naomi a widow with two daughter-in-laws. Naomi upon hearing of the end of the famine wishes to return home a broken woman. In this plan she request that her daughters go return to their families. The reasoning being she has nothing to offer them in this world. One daughter returns but Ruth insists on remaining. If you look at the language you can see clearly this is a spiritual choice of faith. Naomi truly had nothing left to offer in this world but she knew the living God and did not serve the worthless idols of the Moabites. Ruth's eyes were on the eternal promise not this life. These two return to Bethlehem not in glory but in bitterness. Naomi depicts this by calling herself Mara which means bitter. Ruth takes on the role of a beggar's existence in support of her mother-in-law. As she goes about this existence she comes across a field that belongs to a relative named Boaz. Boaz is a type of Christ in many ways inside this story. He takes notice of her and out of his abundance makes provision for her. When Ruth comes home with a bounty not consistent with a beggar's lot and discovers the reason is Boaz she gets a spiritual intuition God is up to something. Now by all accounts she has a right to be bitter. It certainly appeared God was punishing her. Yet even with this misunderstanding the hope of God awoke her spirit. Well Boaz investigates the faith of this woman Ruth and his fancy turns to love. I constantly told you faith will cut its own path and keep you in God's will. Boaz as Christ here notices faith and is drawn in love towards it. Also like Christ though he desires to redeem Ruth and Naomi He has to fulfill the law and obey all God's commands. This he does willingly. After the time of Christ work he weds the faithful one of His kin. Joy and redemption now enter in Naomi's situation. Ruth is better than seven sons and the child Obed more than fills the void. What Naomi didn't understand in the beginning was all this heartache was not for bitterness sake but to graft her and Ruth into the lineage of the Messiah. Here again bitterness if seen in the eyes of faith is pleasant. This story refutes the retard who judge only in bitterness. As they misinterpret success they misinterpret suffering. Don't be like the retards.