Thursday, September 18, 2008

Freed at First, Freed at Last (4-25-08)

Being incarcerated is perceived a lack of freedom and yet it can be a situation of liberation. Greed is the sin moniker for my character by my anonymous critics. This judgment proceeds from their knowledge of good and evil. Proudly they show off their wares in the marketplace. How pleased they are with themselves. They convince themselves they are wise knowing through their good and evil that they know me, my motives, and character. Sure they are free to judge me but are they free from judg­ment? To answer this question one must go to origin. Man was made in the image of God, which was fellowship and drawing from the life of origin. When man chose to be like God with the knowledge of good and evil he acquired judgment, shame, and nakedness. He gained this knowledge at the highest price; the loss of life. Unlike God whose being is the origin of good and evil man must obtain this knowledge at the estrange­ment of God. Man becomes a god in that he is the origin of his good and evil, but not the origin of himself. His good and evil is not a virtue but a curse to him. It is not the good and evil of God but a good and evil against God. The scripture that talks of removing the log in your own eye before you help your neighbor with the speck in his eye is a perfect truth of this state. Out of their judgment against God they be­lieve themselves God's advocate to perfect good and evil understanding upon the world. This is not God's judgment or standard of judgment only that of one in rebellion. What should be shameful is proud. The rebel becomes the blind prophet dictating to others the path of destruction is the way to fellowship with God. What can be more greedy than a man wanting to be God? These are my judges. Do they know greed? Like no one else, but they don't know themselves. When a man returns the shame of his re­bellion in a face to face fellowship with God seeking forgiveness he begins the long trek of restoration to the true knowledge of himself, only out of this place can he judge himself and judge others correctly. Here his judgment is not his own but the judgment of Christ. Origin is reinstated. Man who was reed at first to fellowship with God is freed at last from his disunion curse of good and evil. Ethics, morals, laws are all cursed in that their origin is the heart of a rebel thinking his good­ness is godliness. What a stupid retard is the mind that believes this good. My prison still has hope and remedy but yours has but one; death. Only when you trust God that loss is gain and death is life will you be freed. Then my dear friend you will be free to judge me as I am judged. At the cross you will find me when you visit there yourself.

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