Thursday, September 18, 2008

Forward Motion (4-25-08)

The Court of Appeals wants to appoint counsel. At this level pro se is not constitutionally guaranteed. Martinez v. Court of Appeals 145 L.Ed 2d 597. This forces me to file a motion to obtain the privilege. The other option is to con­ditionally accept their offer. If I am forced to take on an attorney it will delay my appeal by another 6 months. If not, I can get it done in about 18 months. We have good justification to get this privilege granted but who knows the level of resistance we face. I have one new thing to file in the lower court which I will post as a blog. This is a much faster track than the appeal. Scott and I are now at our respective institutions. We will be returning to Dublin for one last hearing for restitution. This will be fun. The court can't define money yet it can come up with figures for restitution. Many of you have received victim impact statements. I want you to use them if you desire, if you trust the government. I don't care what is said good or bad. I believe it irrelevant to the battle at hand. When the movie is re­leased I will place a link here. It will be up to you to get the word out.

This will be a helpful tool on any account. Education is what will grant us relief from ignorance. I hear some of you are making plans to visit me. This is very kind and I thank you in advance. Some of you near the Santa Barbara area might consider the­ same for Scott. Pray for our wisdom as we attempt to undo the injustice that is working against us. God is not wringing His hands with concern over our troubles. What He is doing is looking for faith. Will He find it?

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