Thursday, September 18, 2008

Truth Repeated (4-25-08)

I recently read the Hiding Place and Tortured for Christ. One suffered under Fascism and the other under Communism. One thing was clear from both these accounts. Those who suffer for Christ's sake learn about His love. Those who claim knowledge of His love yet seek the comfort of this world in God's name distribute cruelty easily. Just 60 years ago the truth I'm repeating was proven by these two saints. They don't need your approval because they possess what retards only profess. I recommend each of these books. Tortured for Christ can be found at and The Hiding Place at Amazon or Christian Book Distributors.

1 Thessalonians 2:4 in part states "We do not try to please people, but to please God, who test our motives." Everyone knows I was motivated by greed. Did God not test my motives? Do you think He would let it stand if greed was present? God matures His children. If you haven't experienced this you are bastards. My heart is under constant examination. Not just for Dorean but for 32 years. I don't live to please retards, only God. When He says "well done" there is no greater satisfaction. These two saints and many of you knows this. This is our strength. With this strength blessed men go through their valleys of weeping. (Ps. 84)

I want to encourage you in Christ to allow Him to complete His work in you regardless of the pain and suffering. God always has purpose behind His intent towards you. These books will remind you of this truth. The retards with their cruelty are very displeasing to God. 1 Thes. 2:15. Yes they can go around and think they are pleasing to God and act as though they are the holy saints that should be modeled but they could never do what the saints in this book accomplished. Under just gentle brainwashing persuasion these retards conform to the dictates of this world. Imagine if gun, torture, separation from family, reputation, or life itself were to put them to the test. They would justify why they went coward. I will use Bill Julian as an examp1e. He had every chance given him by the Lord to stand up and be counted in this battle. He turned his eyes from the price of fellowship with God to loss of his house and wife.

In an attempt to preserve both he lost both. Still he suffers from a lack of fellowship from God because he is too ashamed to forgive himself and run towards the Lord for forgiveness. Is this really worth it? What about eternity? How can we live with Christ as one we love forever without being able to do so when betraying Him here in this probationary period? Look to Christ where our help comes from and don't worry about the cares of this world. Even if you lost house, family, friends and reputation you have lost nothing. You have gained God as a friend. Time is our friend because the master of time and life will deliver us from the evils of this world as He has delivered us from the power of sin and death. Who can separate us from such a love? Let the retards have their fleeting moments of boast and glory and share in the cross of Christ which is victory beyond measure. Keep your eyes upon the truth as these great saints did and just perhaps we will see triumph in this lifetime as we will in eternity. That is my prayer for all of you in your suffering.

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