Friday, June 30, 2006

President Notice and Contractual Remedy


The parties, Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman are natural men, sovereigns upon the land in accordance with the Organic contractual binding agreement between the parties known as the Constitution of the United States. This is the law and the four-corners regarding the relationship between the parties. President George W. Bush is the acting Chief Executive Officer for the Organic United States of America functioning at law and the CORPORATE: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (DE FACTO) functioning in the law of contracts. In both offices President George W. Bush has taken an oath of office where he swore by one greater given as confirmation to put an end to all dispute (Heb. 6:16) a fact that he will with all his power, will, and might enforce and uphold the contract known as the Constitution of the United States. Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman hereby make it clear that they have accepted President George W. Bush’s acceptance and Oath to the contract known as the Constitution of the United States and hereby rely upon this acceptance, as a factual representation not meant to be misleading. The contract known as the Constitution of the United States makes it clear that no law can be passed that impairs the right to contract, that all men are equal as to inherent inalienable rights, and that all men are sovereign including their governmental agents when acting in the interest of the sovereigns. No statue, code, or regulation is binding upon the sovereigns except by the commercial mechanism of offer and acceptance. Law known as the Common Law is the social contract between sovereigns upon the land known as America like the Law among Nations is binding among sovereign nations. All men are entitled to life, liberty, and property and are not to be deprived without just compensation or consent. No man be it King or President is above another man at law. LEX-REX v. REX-LEX having been a long settled debate. Rogue Agents under the authority of President George W. Bush are damaging the sovereigns Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman, their contracts are being trespassed, their property stolen, life and liberty impaired and threatened, all under the color of law and the color of authority being completely outside of the binding agreement between the parties known as the Constitution of the United States. No remedy for damages is limited by the Constitution neither is there exemption or immunities by Agents found outside its four-corners. In accordance with the binding agreement between the parties known as the Constitution of the United States and the sovereigns right to contract we provide the contractual remedy for our damages. This is the only contract between the parties for damages and all implied be them known or unknown are quashed by this expressed contract.


The parties, Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman, natural men, began an enterprise known as THE DOREAN GROUP around January 2004, to challenge fraud from a fiduciary capacity relative to their duties within trust documents. There were approximately 4,000 of these family estate trusts that Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman were duty bound fiduciaries. Under these contracts and law Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman, were obligated to discover if the secured interest claimed upon the property within the trust res was a valid claim. Claims were made by various banks, financial institutions, and government service enterprises. The Uniform Commercial Codes, which is binding as to secured transactions among these statutory entities along with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), created serious doubts about the substance of these claims. Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman developed a contractual remedy to verify and correct the public record. The contractual remedy was simple and precise. Verification consisted of production of the original promissory note unaltered and possessed, and accounting records that materially showed a lawful consideration. If these were not provided the presumed rights, title, and interest executed by agents or fiduciaries was foreclosed. A specific power of attorney for these rogue agents was executed in accordance with the contractual remedy to effect the appropriate changes to the records to comply with fact. All acts were done with full disclosure in accordance with good faith, represented factually, displayed openly, and honest. It is clear that the mortgage industry by their response, and material facts, in cooperation, conspiracy, and conjunction with the government via its service enterprises known as GINNIE MAE, FREDDY MAC, and FANNIE MAE, have created an industry of fraud upon the America people. Mr. Raines now infamous for his deceptive accounting and management style at FANNIE MAE was contacted late in 2004 and informed of the securities fraud his organization was practicing. No response was obtained. The various banks, financial institutions, and government service enterprises began to complain about our remedy to various Attorney Generals of the STATE DIVISIONS OF THE CORPORATE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (DE FACTO) and to agencies DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and FEDERAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATION. These complaints and the disruption of the status quo led to hostile assaults upon Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman and their enterprise known as THE DOREAN GROUP. Also during this time, by the filing late 2004 of a civil action against 17 said claimants, we received the attention of the judiciary as a protection agent for the status quo. In particular the Judge, William H. Alsup, made it clear that he was a political hack with an agenda to protect this fraud at all cost including the reckless disregard of rights and law. He entered an order for sanctions, formed and published unfounded legal conclusions without merit or fact, and misused his office to refer to Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman for criminal prosecution. He further showed his conflicts and pecuniary interest by taking trial duties. His retirement fund is vested with the equities of the various banks, financial institutions, and government service enterprises he is protecting outside the law. Whether bribes, favors, or incentives have passed is not known but are obviously suspected by the overzealous, unlawful, assault upon truth. Prosecuting agents KEVIN V. RYAN, and JAMES KELLER (DE FACTO) among others have attempted to place burdens of statute upon the sovereigns by deceptive pleadings and by attempting to make sovereigns a pledge, surety, or accommodation party for the fictional vessels of like name (doctrine of Idem Sonans) without contract, disclosure, or consent. Defendants are not the sovereigns, KURT F. JOHNSON and DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN are Cestui Que Trusts, fictitious in nature and vested with the benefits of acting in commerce in the debt based economy of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (DE FACTO). These trusts were specifically created for this purpose, are subject to statute, rules, and codes as attachments to the benefits. They can only be prosecuted in admiralty or equity in rem. Prosecutors KEVIN V. RYAN and JAMES KELLER among others are currently fiduciaries for said trusts; have accepted claims on behalf of said trusts; know the difference between the trusts and the sovereigns. They are in breach of their fiduciary and agency as subordinates of the executive President George W. Bush. They are in breach of their oath binding them to the contract known as the Constitution of the United States. They appear to have some self-interest or self-enrichment motive. Regardless of instructions and duties in honor they continue to place the trusts in a delinquent creditor position against the board’s intention to settle all claims in honor. Placing the sovereigns by misnomer as trusts is dishonest, not factual and creates damage by confusion. Sovereigns are currently kidnapped and held against their will by the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (DE FACTO) through their BOARD OF PRISONS (DE FACTO) in a facility at Dublin California through the force of the US MARSHALS. No amount of reason or fact appears to be able to dissuade these rogue agents from their agenda. All the commercial paper and contracts of THE DOREAN GROUP are held in limbo by these false claims while the sovereigns are vilified in media and commercial venues as fraud perpetrators who eliminated valid security interest. None of these rogue agents have themselves been able to validate any of the claims made against the res of the various family estate trusts by obtaining production of the original promissory note unaltered and possessed, or accounting records that materially show a lawful consideration. Beneficiaries are losing houses by foreclosure of bogus security claims while agents point the finger of blame to the trustee’s honest efforts to obtain truth. These actions further damage the reputations of trustees and undermine the core requirements for this duty: credibility and integrity.


Via your agents KEVIN V. RYAN and JAMES KELLER (DE FACTO) of the US ATTORNEYS office of the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and MATTHEW ERNST and GORDON C. MCDONALD of the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION both agencies respectively you have trespassed upon 4,000 private contracts to which Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman are parties. Each contract has a commercial value of approximately $10,000,000.00. Your interloper activities are causing us damage of $40,000,000,000.00 which said damage we are willing to accept and offer as consideration under the following terms and conditions.

• That a private trust in the amount of $40,000,000,000.00 be established with the Secretary of the Treasury’s Office identified by registered mail number RAxxxxxx461US
• That Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman are named as trustees and beneficiaries with the sole power to liquidate, hypothecate, or distribute by their respective signatures individually or jointly. That the Secretary of the Treasury will act as a co-trustee, fiduciary and protect the Trust from any assignments, pledges, or disbursements that are not created by Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman as makers.
• That Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman have the right to issue Sight Drafts drawn on Trust funds and to have them sent, honored, and cleared through the Secretary of the Treasury. Drafts are to clearly designate the trust name identified as RAxxxxxx461US. If the Secretary-Co-trustee should dishonor these Sight Drafts in any way, the United States agrees to immediately issue 10-year Treasury Bonds (dishonor bonds) for twice the amount of the remaining trust res. Not to exceed $80,000,000,000.00
• That if the United States fails to issue the dishonor bonds as remedy for the Secretary’s dishonor it agrees to an unopposed claim in the Federal Court of Claims for twice the amount of the bond issue value not to exceed $160,000,000,000.00 payable in gold, chattels or real property only.
• That if the United States should oppose the claim made in the Federal Court of Claims that Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman have the right under strict foreclosure without notice to attach and seize any revenues, taxes, contract benefits, chattels, or real property in the Name of the United States or its agents like the IRS, Secretary of Treasury, but not limited to these alone, until said claim is extinguished.
• That at all times Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman may use the trust res or the escalating damages to back contracts, cover pledges, fund instruments or justify personal bond guarantees, with proper notice given to the Secretary-Co-trustee being the only restriction.
• That the full faith and credit of the United States is assigned and the property of Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman in the amount of this agreement and can be used under reserve and without recourse freely in the commercial marketplace.
• That a facsimile of the Secretary-Co-trustee’s signature can be placed by Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman as an authenticator on any document or instrument related to the use of the trust res account identified as RAxxxxxx461US.
• That this entire agreement can be avoided by a cease and desist of the damages and trespass in the commercial affairs of Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman and compensation of $1,000,000.00 per day for the unlawful incarceration, misprision of justice, kidnapping, and deprivation of liberty beginning with May 28, 2005 for Dale Scott Heineman respectively and July 21, 2005 for Kurt F. Johnson respectively until rectified.
• That the office of the President agrees to apply the power of Pardon to the sovereigns Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman if any of the rogue agent’s damages are allowed to escalate to a criminal conviction of the Cestui Que Trusts KURT F. JOHNSON ad DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN through their manipulation of facts in evidence.
• That if the United States or the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (DE FACTO) wish to invoke their debtor right under the bankruptcy via House Joint Resolution 192 June 5, 1933 they can return this contract with the statement “Accepted for Value, Returned for Value, and Settlement in accordance with but not limited by HJR 192 June 5, 1933, Public Law 73-10 and Public Policy.” If they do not they agree to the creditor’s remedies and waive their exemption forever.
• Failure to cease and desist and to persist in damages will be acceptance by performance to all the above terms and conditions. Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman offer these damages as consideration. Creditor’s rights are exempt from levy, first in priority.




Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman hereby swear by the affixing of their signature that this is the only agreement between the parties and that any and all implied contracts are void, and quashed by this expressed.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Treasury Notice

Dear Mr. Paulson:

We are contacting you in your capacity as trustee for the Cestui Que Trusts known as KURT F. JOHNSON (557xxxxxx) and DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN (571xxxxxx) to inform you of them being confused in the marketplace most specifically in a case of the NORTHERN DISTRICT COURT OF CALIFORNIA known as CR-05-00611-WHA. We believe it your duty to come forward to clarify these entities and prevent damages to the natural men Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman who are being confused by the doctrine of Idem Sonans. In your official capacity as the Secretary of the Treasury under the Executive George W. Bush we are informing you of the damage contract attached herewith so that you may advise the Executive accordingly and assist him with your first hand knowledge of these trusts and the real damage and the financial ramifications of performance. In your capacity as the officer of the International Monetary Fund functioning as executor for the bankruptcy or the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (DE FACTO) that you would advise him accordingly to his exemption remedy. We also wish to congratulate you on your appointment. May it be an opportunity for you to bring some credibility back to the office.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Supreme Notice

Dear Sirs:

We are contacting you in your official capacity as protectors of the Constitution of the United States and legal advisers to the Executive George W. Bush. The attached contract is a remedy to the ultra vires activities of the executive branch against the sovereigns Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman. We will be before your court in the near future exhausting our constitutional remedies in an attempt to mitigate damages. You have ruled and are of the opinion that the natural men are sovereign which is axiomatic since the government created by them is sovereign when functioning within design. One cannot gift what one does not possess or have title to. We would like you to advise the President accordingly that the damages are real at law; the contract is real at law, and enforceable at law. We are doing our duty to inform, with full disclosure and honesty, all the relevant parties the consequences of their actions. Again we make it clear we do not wish to activate this contract or to be damaged. As Thomas Jefferson put it “the greatest right is the right to be left alone.” We just want to be left alone! Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It is Finished

I see Neo and fruity have joined as a couple in ignorance. Neo you had a chance to be honest with the Neo fight but you took the weasel route. It is only appropriate that you wed with a fool on Scripture. Let me apply your cut and paste pretextual twisting of scripture to justify your stupidity on a subject. You don’t know what Christ finished, what He started or what He is doing. You take my words out of context because it fits into your cheap little package of memory verses and comment like the common-tader with no experience except the moving of their mouth. Take these verses and build a doctrine from them:

Mt. 27:5 Judus departed and went and hanged himself: Go ye and do likewise LK. 10:37

Jesus finished the work of redemption, fulfilled prophecy, the feast, and reckoned the law dead upon the cross. Though you quote it is finished you judge me by a standard no man can keep including yourselves in direct conflict with what is finished. Stick to what you know being talking heads of flatulence God is using you to show all the others the rewards earned by fools. Your exposure is not yet finished but it is close. I would say in about two weeks – JUST KIDDING. By the way my scripture twist is to make a point not a prophecy in case you are again confused. Justice and TCOB your stupidity of Scripture is a notch above these idiots perhaps you can start a Bible study.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Safety of Constitution

President Bush is pushing for a constitutional amendment on marriage. Says it will protect the institution from activist judges who want to redefine it. The whole subject is silly. Marriage is an institution of property right and contracting for the benefit of procreation. This can’t be redefined since it is inherent in the specie by natural law and its creator. Call marriage man and man and in one generation that foolish notion is dead. These fools have to go outside their contract to obtain the benefit of others who are not as stupid. Marriage to them is an unyielding contract incomplete in itself. What a monumental waste of energy on both sides of the argument. Regardless the subtle point is resounding. The constitution is a protection from judge, and politicians. That is why it must be kept out of our courts today except under strict contract terms. Under the constitution all of your rights are static but if I can move them all to an exemption now they must be asserted or lost. The right should assert itself by the oath of the servants taking office. They should be the one’s asserting them and defending us. This switch is evil, intended, and funded by men who knew the difference. Pay attention the remedies they speak of because they think you so stupid they no longer guard their words. The constitution still defends me against Judge Alsup if I can win the battle of its pre-eminence in the Court TV drama known as CR-05-00611-WHA. These guys are pros at the form and substance shuffle.

Friday, June 23, 2006

My Treasure

Imagine our whole economy is a fine restaurant with a garment room to check in your hat and coat. You receive a chit, which will be used for commerce. Everyone is using these chits. The restaurant closes at 10 p.m. but all the staff leaves at 9 p.m. They’ll take all the hats and coats with them. In this restaurant there are lawsuits, contracts, negotiations, power plays, welfare, producers and leaches. Everyone is fighting for their chits. The chits are not redeemable in hats or coats because the staff has taken them. Every patron believes and has confidence in the chits that there are hats and coats to redeem them. This is a small picture of the truth. How silly for my detractors to think I give a chit about this game. Bill Gates can own every chit but outside the fictional economy they are worthless paper. Fruity, TCOB and Neo love these chits and are concerned with them. This is their fallacy to believe that one who knows something worthless would lust for it, create a scam for it, and sell his soul for it. Let me share my treasure. On 6-7-06 yeahrightwhatever made a post that he had discovered the truth. This is not cheap chit this is value. That blessed me, that is what makes my suffering worth it. Here is how I respond to this. Whatever I collect on your behalf when I convert this bad behavior into chit is matched by my portion. It is yours. Now I know it doesn’t sound like much to double the chit you get from me but there is more. I will show you how to multiply that chit and leave before the staff with all the hats and coats you can carry. I’m glad you discovered this worthless chit for this is the beginning of real economic power. You are a champion that will see his reward. I will joy in you as an increasing treasure.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Liar’s Story

I saw TCOB had his trust commented on by a lawyer. Therefore I should make a comment. The trust I’ve used for 20 years, was written by a brilliant Harvard MBA, and has survived many a court challenges. Lawyers are full of crap. Our trust is streamline and precise and designed that way. Lawyers only add language that adds statutes and jurisdiction to complicate your life and purpose.

Let me tell you a recent story. A man I met in Dublin had a fraud and extradition case. I told him his remedy was in the federal court of claims. I told him how to raise the issue in court. His lawyer sent him a letter stating “I don’t know who is advising you in there but he doesn’t know what he is talking about.” Two months later the same attorney raised the issue. One month after this the case was dismissed. This man spent 3 1/2 years in jail and had this remedy available to him over 2 years prior. 1 week before the dismissal the attorney came to visit and beg this man to take a deal that would send him home in a week as a felon. They are unethical liars and it is the TCOB’s of the world who never challenge the interest, agenda, motives or conflict of one advising them. They deserve each other! Do you think putting U S in front of attorney adds any ethical qualities or more conflicting opportunities? Most Judges were lawyers. Most politicians were lawyers. What more evidence could you need that they are liars full of crap?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Fannie Mae makes the news; big deal. Now every one of the regulators who didn’t do their job beg for more power. They already have enough laws to shut the fraud down and put everyone in jail forever. Because this government enterprise is the bastard stepchild of the illicit union of government and the bankers all we’ll see is peacock type grandstanding. Every cheap and spineless bureaucrat like a vulture will peck at the sore to make a name for themselves. Mr. Raines tells the press he will be accountable. I remember writing him over two years ago spelling out the problem and offering my assistance. As part of this accountable nature I got no response. Must be a new character development. Don’t be fooled by the yacking in the media. This is all part of the great land grab they have planned for you. Scandal, fix (temporary), rising interest, tightening of credit, high euro, tainted credibility in our financial markets etc. You should know the drill by now. Why are you surprised God has a different plan. Does He not have an ear that hears the prayers of faithful? Does He not have a will to execute that can’t be resisted by men? Do you really thing the rote and ritualistic lacky power ties are that easy to surprise? I think their glass houses are always erected in the path of God’s hailstorms. Start looking at the big picture and perhaps it might just be all about you as to your part in history. All they have between them and their plan is God. All we have between us and God’s plan is a measly federal Judge. Time to place your wager!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Complaint in Part


16. BANKSTERS made claims of a security interest in property that was held in family estate trust to which the 3rd-party Plaintiffs were trustees. 3rd-party Plaintiffs as trustees had a legal and moral obligation to verify these claims. A bonded presentment was sent seeking the appropriate information for this purpose. No BANKSTER ever supplied verification. Trustees sought the original promissory note unaltered and in possession of the BANKSTERS. No promissory note existed in this condition. BANKSTERS never used their capital as consideration to purchase an interest in the financial asset (promissory note) of the trust. They only had an agency role to solicit bids, and offers from the commercial secondary markets for a sale called securitization. BANKSTERS also took on a fiduciary obligation by the deposit of financial asset into their depository in a personal account of the drawer. Never was this account exposed or disclosed. The funds were liquidated without the knowledgeable consent of the beneficiary, nor were they distributed to the beneficial interest. BANKSTERS breached their fiduciary obligation to enrich themselves by misstatements, fraud, and theft and breached their agency by conflicting into a servicing role with their coconspirators. They are in league with the government through its business enterprises known as FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, and GINNIE MAE. These companies use these stolen financial assets to justify the values of their stocks and bonds. All BANKSTERS apparently get some cut, kickback or financial incentive to maintain this securities fraud as the status quo. No rights, title or interest pass from the drawer to the end user or any of the mediators via these methods.
17. BANKSTERS advertise via all forms of media that they have monies to loan, knowing this to be false. They give the appearance that they are the creditor when all along its the alleged borrower / victim that is the creditor and not the debtor. Credit is the only commodity in the transaction and the maker of the promissory note is the creator and extender of credit.
18. The BANKSTERS use sophisticated double-speak contracts that deceptively hide the true nature of the consideration of the parties.
19. Incentives are offered to brokers and agents to perpetuate this fraud and to create conflicts.
20. Once the promissory notes are in their possession, securitized, or sold without a true transfer of rights, title, and interest a bogus security interest is placed upon the asset property of the maker.
21. Security interest are recorded upon the public record in the County of possession.
22. BANKSTERS have created a false record that title companies and recorders believe to be true.
23. BANKSTERS have purchased interest in most title companies and influenced most county governments by their creditor / debtor relationships.
24. When confronted by 3rd-party plaintiffs BANKSTERS used their financial influence to purchase favors from the judiciary specifically Mr. William Alsup who showed his loyalties by an over zealous reaction to 3rd-party plaintiff’s civil complaint; steep sanctions and referral for criminal prosecution. Incentives include, but are not limited to, retirement benefits, mortgages, bribes, and other indirect methods. It is clear the Northern District court is the best money can buy. Wayne Brazil issued warrants, tampered with evidence, entered pleas and purposefully tried to make the beneficiaries surety for the 3rd-party plaintiffs, which are Cestui Que Trusts. D. Lowell Jensen continued this known error in order to attach liabilities via unapplicable bank fraud statutes. Bernard Zimmerman after separating the parties in open court changed the record by stealth to remain in league with his peers and the BANKSTER’S agenda. Mr. Alsup took control over the criminal prosecution knowing his automatic disqualification by prior conflicts.
25. Prosecutors were given financial incentives, via retirement, career, loans, and cash. All were already in a fiduciary relationship with the Cestui Que Trust / 3rd-party plaintiffs. The incentives were substantial enough to cause them all to breach this duty, enrich themselves, and attempt to hide it all by destroying the victim, the only party who could make a claim for damages, the beneficiary of the trusts. They also knowingly tried to make the beneficiaries a surety for the trust, which they purposefully placed in dishonor as a delinquent creditor in the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
26. BANKSTERS have conspired with VIOLATORS, FIDUCIARIES, AGENTS, FRAUDSTERS, and BROKERS to trespass upon the contracts and property of 3rd-party plaintiffs with the end goal being the conversions to their own use, enjoyment, and self-enrichment.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Eternal Talk

I thought I would give you some eternal perspective for those of you it applies to. It is the faith of Christ that saves not faith in Christ. This is not semantics but a clear separation of truth. Faith in Christ is generated from the man towards God. Man has no spiritual capacity to reach towards God. This is the faith of fruity, Evil ex, Tcob, neo and others. Neo of all of these might be redeemable. They ridicule because every view they have, even God, is from their own eyes. The faith of Christ is unique. Christ as a man took God at His word to the point of death. This is what Amen means. Christ chose some unto Himself before the foundations of this world to inherit His faith. It is that paradox where you are in Christ when Christ is in you. This is not a “me” generated faith and quite contrary. This faith rests upon every word of God. It debases self and exalts Christ. It makes decisions that create ridicule and shame for eternal rewards. It never grows the coward because you are always outside the jurisdiction of this world. It is the irresistible force that comforts the immovable object of evil in this world. It is why two mere men are dangerous to a fed machine. Not because of the men but because of the faith of Christ in these men standing opposed to evil. I don’t give them a fighting chance. I base this on how the faith of Christ has already conquered the evil within me. Christ is not tempted to be a thief for he knows the endless supply of God. Christ in me created Dorean and the decisions that got me here. That is why your ridicule is comical and tragic at the same time. Those who are possessed of Christ know who is and isn’t. Be found of God or be lost.

Friday, June 16, 2006

What can a man do

Born a man child a new world before me
Not yet to know good or bad, friend or foe
Morals, ethics, character still seeds to plant
For time to watch them wither or grow.
Now as a man I put away childish things
Even if they are dressed in pomp and circumstance
Truth makes me stand rigid against my pears
Perhaps my appearing in this generation is not by chance
How is it that force makes right
How is it darkness became light
How is it that blindness is sight
How is it promise become blight
Where are all the men born to this generation
They are boughs snapped off the family tree
Disconnected from the deep roots of wisdom
Destined for the hot fires of stupidity
Tell me has nature taught you to be unnatural
For who has seen such a thing as children birthing parents
What can you leave a legacy that is richer than you
For you sold yourselves cheap, for mere trinkets.
Where is all your common sense
Where is an opinion worth more than two cents
Where is your folly’s recompense
Where is your honorable defense
Getting old is starting in my bones
For the marrow recalls the ages
Where truth as changeless as God’s word
Has been repeated by countless sages
Will this world crush a titan’s will
Or justify the martyr of another believer
The victory rest with God and faith
And His plan’s for man’s deceiver
What can man do to me?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Clerk’s Tale

Chaucer in one of his Canterbury Tale’s made a thought provoking scenario in the Clerk’s Tale, a young women of poverty married a cruel Lord. One who tried and tested her very unnecessarily. Regardless she was always faithful. How much more for those who serve the kind Lord of Christ. Who are we as vessels to say to the potter “why have you made me without handles?” Can that which is formed question he who does the forming? I don’t like my test, trial and current circumstance but I know my Lord kind. Do you really think the $3,000 you think you lost is turning heaven upside down? Maybe its worse, and you’ve lost home and reputation. When can you say with knowledge you have a cruel Lord? When can you say He is not in control? Perhaps we forget from what low estate we come from. Maybe our hearts have lost our first love. Is He not wise to chastise us as loved children that rebellion not enter our hearts again? Do your words give away your true state? I’m asking myself can I tame my soul to respect and trust my Lord solely on His reputation when the trial is painful? Read this tale and see what you would do. I had to repent and recalibrate: “Not my will Lord but Thine.” It is the only way we are better than the evil ones that attack us.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Idol Threat

The idols of our lives do not have to be fixed carved images. They can be and mostly are figments of the imagination. What remains true is that they do not have the appendages of life and can only obtain animation by our thoughts. It cannot dust itself off, protect itself from robbers, speak its desires, or see its creator. Judge Alsup and Keller have an idol of their own making that sanctions and justifies their evil as justice. It is as spineless and wimpy as its creator and is evidence to this by its very existence. The living God Jehovah of Host is not a creation of man nor are His armies He can muster. He does not need my thoughts to become animated. He has His own will, body and power. He can defend Himself, speak and obtain His desires. He is the creator and not subject to men. Now the question I have to ask myself is can an idol be possessed with enough power to remove me from the hand of the living God? I don’t think so. To me it is an idle threat. If I find no reasonable remedy for this assault of stupidity I can rest in this simple comfort. “Your God is a pussy and mine is not, bring it on tough guy!"

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The 13th

I’ve written this in advance so the reports will verify my hopes. 13 has always been an important number in my life. It is normally associated with bad luck because it is a number synonymous with sin in the Scriptures. I’ve liked the number especially since my studies on the Tribe of Manasseh the 13th tribe of Israel. This tribe became the United States and it is no accident 13 was the number of this Country. I wore this number in softball for 20 years. I don’t view it as lucky but evidence that God keeps His promises. I’m feeling optimistic that the thirteenth will reveal God’s promises. This is not a prophecy as fruitty would declare but a hope that some advantage would be obtained. I’m praying for wisdom in the face to face battles for I’m certain that paper can be twisted by these people at any time. All the contracting really happens here. We have been given some great tactics I’m certain they’re not expecting. Maybe if we keep poking this beast we’ll find that one spot that reveals its nature. These guys are good, pros at this game I’m glad most of you can avoid this. It really is disheartening when you see these ministers of justice having no respect for Christ who called this country into existence as part of the promise to Manasseh thousands of years ago. Such great promise treated with contempt. Lawlessness being sold as the law. Fruitty, Christ’s great champion warrior can ignore this insult to God because she is called to fight two men in jail who by all her wisdom and experience don’t have a circumstantial chance. With faith like this a mustard seed must be gigantic. 13 is my shoe size and what I must use to walk through this battle to God’s promises.

Monday, June 12, 2006

A Day in Court

The action filed as a superseding indictment is an in rem (property claim) claim against the all caps fictional trust operating as a strawman in commerce. It can be no other way. Judge Alsup refused to put my name on the indictment as a natural man because that would move us into law. Law is men under oath. No fiction can take an oath. Judge Alsup is precluded from being an article III judge because of the contracts he is under. He pays taxes meaning he has been revenued to article I under admiralty by contract. He has accepted private Federal Reserve Note that diminish his compensation and capacity to remain in article III. He’s been revenued. He is no longer paid by the people under US Treasury dollars and has lost his unbiased quality at law. He can only mediate contracts. They respond to these challenges with a smirk and chuckle but no fact. The best way to hide evil is to accuse your enemy of the same thing. These guys have no law, just force. I challenged him on this point and he pointed to force, not capacity. They have a slick game but I won’t play. Christ in me knows the truth and has no fear of their force. Even to my own destruction I desire Christ to show Himself strong. There is but one more chance for truth to appear voluntarily or it will be forced upon the liar. What happens in this fed court is no different than any other judge across the land. They are all frauds outside the 4 corners of the Constitution. Only by your acceptance can they justify their behavior. This is a wicked folly Christ abhors. This one case Christ in me says no more. What does He say in your cases across the land? I don’t think His voice changes.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Dark Cloud

It is only a sliver of a window but I could see the ominous dark clouds forming heavy in the sky. I realized that rain is a necessity of this world even though it must come from darkness. The cloud of evil that approached from a distant horizon got larger, darker and more heavy with its own substance. Today it hangs straight over my head in its fullest potential. It is so heavy with its own intent it must now dump. Dumping is not fun and scary but could be looked at as the death of all this stored up evil. That’s kind of what I’m sensing. Now I do feel the atmospheric change of their presence, see the light being blocked out from my view, and feel the temperature creeping to cruel coldness. What I also sense is that this is their dying breath and also the cure for the parchness I’ve acquired in battle. God uses evil to bless the righteous. Uses their very plans and nature to deliver resource, nourishment, and life. I never liked this cloud and wanted it to never enter this season of my life but the Master of all creation made me stay put while this blew over and restored unto me a hope of reaping greater harvest from my toils and labors by sending my enemy to bless me. All I had to do was obey, stand, and let the enemy be itself. The brightness of God was always above and unaffected by these clouds. My view was all that was being tampered with. I now see blue (eternal) sky on the horizon. Hope you do to.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


When I talk of quitting it is always from a teaching angle. It is not a possibility in reality. I got this assignment for this reason. Not because I’m great but the opposite. Any man who stands against evil is as great as another. Every man should be great but most sell themselves cheap. Those of you who encourage me to stay in the fight know I will. My life is not my own and my desires for it are well noted with one who is powerful, compassionate, and aware. My promise is ultimately beyond the threats of the feds and their keystone cops. I only address the naysayers for teaching content. I don’t take them serious. How could I? They tell me about God’s ways and condemn themselves in the same breath. Tell me I’m motivated by money and they have dedicated over a year to pissing and moaning about $3,000. They tell me I am outside Christ yet they only curse me without offering hope. That is just like Christ! Who wants to serve the Christ of their own making. I’ve studied the word 30 years. If their knowledge of scripture were wax they couldn’t hold a candle to what I’ve learned. I’ve learned to respect my pears, keep my mouth shut around those wiser, and to call out and expose the foolish pride of the adolescent. Truth is subjective by our experience but objective when it is the Word of God. I can tell the difference and separate both realities. My detractor cannot. I can also separate people who understand the significance of history in the making and those who have the history of insignificance. I know who I work for and the job I must do for their interest. No pressure or opinion will change that. I appreciate you all. Spread the word, get people talking. Our boast is on its way. People who come late to history will not fully appreciate it.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I am not out (5/25/06)

People, the plans the political hacks and bankers have for me is drawn out. I will tell when their plans have failed. Stop guessing, you will know. It will not be hidden. This has been an interesting week. Kenneth Lay got 45 years. His only crime being he didn’t run Fannie Mae. If he had been in business with the government there would be no indictments and a small fine. How do you hide a multi-trillion dollar problem? Make a 500 million dollar fine your remedy. Enron is small potatoes to Fannie Mae so why the disparity? Those who know this answer know how Judge Alsup earned his place in history as a cheap man who sells his integrity for mere trinkets. I am fortunate to be the man called to face these toothless roaring tyrants with truth. They have destroyed millions with their unlawful conversion. Christ has had enough! They cannot hide their plans or execute them. He who made them laughs at their folly. If we all listen to His words and say AMEN we will see His deliverance come suddenly. Call now your friends and neighbors while it appears we’re losing so that our boast in Christ might be full. I will keep the voice alive and do my part. I’ve developed some typing calluses trying to keep them on their toes. Let me add just a little color to your life as someone did for me. I received a card of a Karen Nevis at that radiates joy. Take a look because if one trapped in prison gets the freshness of outside how much more will you. Thanks for that kindness! You know who you are.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

AMEN (5/24/06)

In the Hebrew there were 3 words for faith-believing-trust. They were progressive in nature. Bata was the beginning step or adolescent faith. One would tentatively trust here like placing your weight upon a cane. “I’ll test is but I’m not certain of its trustworthiness,” would be something you would say to yourself. You reserve some of your trust as cautionary. The next is Hasa, which is more committed. This is like a chick running to a mother hen’s wings, or you running to the shelter of a cleft or cave in a rock. This is not yet total trust but very involved. It’s now apart of your nature and predominant among your decisions. Last you have AMEN. This is an absolute courageous trust that will stand even to contrary circumstance. All these are relevant to a trust of God’s forever settled word in heaven. This AMEN does not let a man quit under fed pressure, lose hope in battle, or compromise for anything short of the Word’s intent.

Here are a couple samples of thousands:

The Lord of hosts has sworn:
As I have designed, so shall it be;
And as I planned, so shall it come to pass.

For the Lord of hosts has planned,
And who will annul it?
His hand is stretched out
And who will turn it back?

Now naysayers who don’t know God’s plan for me think they are a persuasive argument but not for AMEN. All of you should allow God to place words worthy of AMEN in your hearts. Foreclosure, loss of $3,000, friends and family departures, a long battle, and impossible odds all become moot. AMEN is established to see His word performed. Sound crazy? The entire world was formed by the word of God and His AMEN. The contrary evidence is shaky. Never gets more than Bata from me. Let God be true and every man a liar! AMEN

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Court of Honor (5/20/06)

Ken, Becky, and Dave and those finding the struggle more difficult. I offer you this comfort I gained. In the first chapter of Job bad news came in rapid succession. None of our bad news is as severe but painful nonetheless. Job had a response that blew me away. He shaved his head, tore his cloths and worshiped the Lord. I thought about this as a right response for me. One enters the courts of God with praise and thanksgiving in your heart. All the petitions of mercy and injustice arrive with you. I take your pains with me into this court where I find a God larger than all our enemies. Where justice is the standard and rebels can never enter. It is a place of peace because the Christ in me is home there. Here my burdens are lifted my courage increased. It did not change the bad news only mad it irrelevant. Here I’m touching eternity away from the timed influence of evil men. The Jurisdiction or law diction is only God’s voice. A voice full of power, truth, love and wisdom. Here I can see how really meager my foes are and how futile their intent. Honor is everywhere not a title to a fraud. I arrive with all the pain but depart with hope. I want you to know I share your pains, take them with me and depart with hope for us all. Soon He will say “it is finished” and we will have prevailed Shame on all those who fought against this.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

5/16 Court

It was a good day. We reached all our goals except stopping the ferretta. That in itself is not significant. Mr. Alsup has now been tested spiritually and failed. 5-16 was his procedural test and he failed. Our next hearing will be his moral test, which he is destined to fail.

If he had any morality he would not be sitting on this case. He already had conclusions about us from the civil case that would be prejudicial to an unbiased 3rd party trier of fact. A quote from his written opinion states “No greater evidence of bad faith could I find.” Add to this our referral for criminal prosecution by him and I’m beginning to feel railroaded. Now add his financial incentive to rule against us and that about says it all. You see it is very easy to call him a political hack. I’m just being honest a virtue not present in Mr. Alsup. Regardless I must give him one last opportunity to find it before I turn him over to his folly. Sounds like I’m in charge and that is true in that honest men are in all ways superior to evil men. Mr. Alsup serves a god of his own making a dishonest god like his creator but that is not a god at all. If this god can rip me from the hand of the living God and deliver me up to his sacrifice I want to see it. Christians must know of the power of their God. He is the living and only true God precisely because of His rule by power. I am safe even if Alsup mounts an army to enforce his fraud upon me. This is not to be so heavenly minded I’m no earthly good. I still have work for my hands to do but remaining obedient leads to deliverance. This is a truth for Kurt, Scott, or any who call Christ Lord. Disobedience can’t be disguised by a pretextual scriptural garment. Only those who live it can judge the fruit of those who do and don’t. You know who you are and that is why you are not fooled or your hope lost because we know the power by which God is able to effect His will upon the wicked and ungodly. They never had a chance once someone trusted God enough to confront them. We do, we have, we will continue to trust God until His Victorious end.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Crux (5/12/06)

On 5-9 we were to discuss the crux of jurisdiction. Instead we were handed a gift. The report of psychiatrist Dr. Misset. At that moment we felt we had to cross-examine this witness for the record. This happened on 5-11. Our next hearing is scheduled for 5-16 to do the ferretta hearing. This is where we will discuss the crux of the facts.

Foundation: Dr. Misset was a witness of exemplary credential. 4 intelligent, reasonable men had no choice but to agree with him; Me, Scott, Mr. Alsup and Mr. Keller. Mr. Alsup even spent 10 minutes testifying to the 9th Circuit on the record of Scott and my exceptional mental competency and verbal skills. Now the foundation is laid to prevent the courts normal exit in factual conflict “you are not competent”. Also I have an agreed factual base to challenge the presumptions that are causing all of us damage. Only men are examined by psychiatrist.

The Crux: KURT JOHNSON the defendant is not the man Kurt Johnson. It is a Cestui Que Trust functioning like a Strawman in commerce. The man is not capable of contracting with himself. He cannot be a representative of self. The ferretta is equivalent to judicial masturbation from a factual basis. A man can only present himself. I as a man have no duty to present myself until another self addressed me by charge. Mr. Keller and Mr. Alsup have not presented themselves as men under oath with charge for me to present an answer under oath. They are mere agents of some fiction called The UNITED STATES who is acting as a mere agent of some 27 other fictions who are under no oath because they are not men. KURT JOHNSON is a name under Idem Sonans that is being confused with me. I have made it clear by constructive notice in the public and actual notice when before these confused agents, that I am a man. I can only be reached at law by personum jurisdiction while the trust / strawman is reached in rem. That makes the nature, character, and identity so substantially different as to be prejudicial to any presumption otherwise. I know the trust / strawman as trustee a non-liability relationship. I am not a surety, a pledge, or accommodation party and do not or will not accept that presumption by the misinterpretation of my actions as adhesion contracts enforceable. I am competent to understand, create, and execute my contracts. It is why I was hired by clients. It is this skill, which makes me a good trustee. If I were to not perform this task for you I would be guilty of self-enrichment, breach of duty or negligence at least. Then all you naysayers would be hanging me for that. Nice world you offer me! Someday you will understand the value of this information and how necessary it was to prevail in a battle of this magnitude.

This crux / cross is going to be erected on 5-16 and truth like Christ will be exalted under shame as deliverance. This case is death on one side of the cross and life on the other. Passing through it into the better covenant happens by humility not pride. Truth never changes only the circumstances of its application. The truth of victory and new testimony are soon to be delivered. AMEN!