Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I am not out (5/25/06)

People, the plans the political hacks and bankers have for me is drawn out. I will tell when their plans have failed. Stop guessing, you will know. It will not be hidden. This has been an interesting week. Kenneth Lay got 45 years. His only crime being he didn’t run Fannie Mae. If he had been in business with the government there would be no indictments and a small fine. How do you hide a multi-trillion dollar problem? Make a 500 million dollar fine your remedy. Enron is small potatoes to Fannie Mae so why the disparity? Those who know this answer know how Judge Alsup earned his place in history as a cheap man who sells his integrity for mere trinkets. I am fortunate to be the man called to face these toothless roaring tyrants with truth. They have destroyed millions with their unlawful conversion. Christ has had enough! They cannot hide their plans or execute them. He who made them laughs at their folly. If we all listen to His words and say AMEN we will see His deliverance come suddenly. Call now your friends and neighbors while it appears we’re losing so that our boast in Christ might be full. I will keep the voice alive and do my part. I’ve developed some typing calluses trying to keep them on their toes. Let me add just a little color to your life as someone did for me. I received a card of a Karen Nevis at that radiates joy. Take a look because if one trapped in prison gets the freshness of outside how much more will you. Thanks for that kindness! You know who you are.


wantobefree said...

Im noticeing the comments are starting to dwindle could this blog site slowly become obsolete its been about 2months since ive been on here and still nothing is happening hmmm

~~The Swami~~~ said...

wantobefree said...
Im noticeing the comments are starting to dwindle could this blog site slowly become obsolete its been about 2months since ive been on here and still nothing is happening hmmm

Dwindle? Maybe the best is being saved for last, kind of like licking the cake mix bowl - that's the best part.

oksurewhynot said...

The only licking will be Kurt licking another inmates boots!

tcob247 said...


You've been on here two months and nothing has happened?

The blog has been in existence since JUNE of 2005.

It's the same ol same ol.

Kurt rants about how he has everyone right where he has them and how it will be over soon, throws in a few Bible stories as related to him.

His followers come on and drool all over him about how much they love him

His detractors get on and point out how he hasn't done anything.

The followers comdenm them with more Bible verses

It's a merry go round

Want to jump on for an even longer ride?

son of a prophet said...

from siujuirs....

Here is your Proof about "Money"

Want to see the Federal Reserve bank president of New York admit that there is no "money"? On June 12th watch the Travel channel and see for yourself! get your VCRs, Tivo, and all other recording devices ready!!! RV

More information and videos on the subject can be found here: ve.htm

Its all about faith and what you believe! The same principle with being sovereign, that why sovereignty is priceless!

son of a prophet said...

more innocents arrested; put thru psyche evaluations....seems to be a trend going on here....

Missouri Man Harassed By Corrupt Officials; Arrested For Walking Across Railroad Tracks And Then Charged With Bogus Felony Assault
The charges against political prisoner and former candidate for sheriff, Jeff Weinhaus, have escalated to felony assault, as he also has been held in custody for 13 days for psych evaluation, being called delusional by local judge for questioning authority.
8 Jun 2006

full story here

WillToFight said...

Good Stuff SOP!

Problem is the naysayers on this site have a conflict of interest.

They won't care about these facts until it directly effect them. At that time though it will be too late.

Good Stuff though!

I know where to go when it all comes crashing down, due to the many that don't see or won't allow themselves to see the facts as they really are!

WillToFight said...'s Paul Watson joins guest host Jack Blood to cover the irrefutable evidence that Al-Zarqawi was a US agent provocateur used to both sell the necessity of the war in Iraq and as a patsy to take the fall for numerous suspicious bombings which only had the effect of realizing a long-held US and Israeli goal to deliberately foment civil war in Iraq and break up the country along sectarian lines.

WillToFight said...

Very Interesting

Nexus Points Emerge For Potential Summer Attack
All indications suggest uncomfortable season of fear ahead

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 6 2006

Flying Gringo said...