Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eloquent Symmetry (9-10-09)

Eloquence is not the symmetry of the word smith. It is the ability to express truth in a pleasing way that entices the self-love of the hearer to take an interest. Alsup is a sophisticated writer but cannot be considered eloquent because of the absence of truth. In his Kinney order he categorically lists many fragments of truth but places them all parenthetically within a fraudulent premise, "words differently arranged have different meaning, and meanings differently arranged have different effects," Blaise Pascal.

What I've discovered in my short journey of existence is that T.S. Elliot observed what I have seen. "The majority of mankind is lazy-minded, incurious, absorbed in vanities, and tepid in emotion, and therefore incapable of either much doubt or much faith; and when the ordinary man calls himself a skeptic or an unbeliever, that is ordinarily a simple pose, cloaking a disinclination to think anything out to a conclusion."

I have been faced with this cloak adorned as a black robe with force. To the intuitive mind this is an enigmatic challenge seeking conclusion. To the dullard a mere triviality of surrender phrased "you can't fight city hall."

Being capable of much doubt in a battle as this also means I am capable of much faith. That faith has been expressed eloquently to the intuitive reader who for the constant and versatile application of truth entices their spirit to love themselves by trusting God. This is living the life you've been given. Everything else is just passing through.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Secret Success (9-10-09)

Psalms 25:14 states “The secret of the Lord is with those that fear Him.” There are many other Scriptures that talk of God’s mystery. It is a sign of intimacy when friends and lovers share secrets. What an honor when God reveals His mysteries to you. Dr. Scott used to say about himself that he found things in the word that were obvious to him that he thought everybody else saw. He soon discovered this was not the case.

As one who could easily get swallowed up with the doubt of my circumstance I find great comfort in revelation. If God loves me enough to share some of His secrets I am safe. I wonder if you can make the same deduction concerning your relationship.

Dorean was birthed out of the secret wisdoms of the Lord. Not in that accounting, contracting, and standards of trade are mystical, but the frauds and powers behind it are. Only those in whom the Lord confides can be empowered to challenge. The question of Isaiah arises “If not me whom?” Who else but those informed of secrets can find the courage to take a step. I have to remind myself that the first step of this wayward journey was a miracle of loving kindness. Proverbs 21:22 makes it clear that it is the wise man that prevails against the strongholds of the wicked. When God reveals His secrets to your heart becoming wise is axiomatic. It is why the enemies of God are truly fools. Do not fear the path wisdom sets before you. The fact you see it is the perfect evidence of prevailing. The very thing needed to complete the journey was the gift that started it. What pains of suffering could dislodge the joy from a man’s heart of knowing God has befriended him and shared some of His secrets? Success is in the secret and that will be your secret success.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pay Your Debts (9-6-09)

Many are acquainted with debts exceeding their ability to pay. Sin has also caused us a debt we can never afford to pay. Yet if you can ponder the antiquities of eternity as David did in Psalms 25:6 you’ll remember how God’s tenderness and mercies have flown from a majestic, infinite fountain of love.

Depicting this truth is an impoverished widow in 2 Kings 4:1-7. God addresses the need out of this fountain of love and like the oil supersedes the need. Likewise God can say to you sell what you need to satisfy your debts and live off the rest.

I have been living off this abundance a very long time. Even in a prison of misfortune I am out of debt. No sin hangs over my head. Can it be that what transpires in truth, in the spirit cannot manifest similarly in the flesh? In Luke under the exhortation not to fret or worry God commands us to strive.

Strive for His Kingdom. This may include going to and fro in search of empty vessels but oil flows as His effort. He is your source. His abundance will answer the need in this life as well as the next. As to the rest: live on it!

Stop listening to the rhetoric and opinions of dead men. Shut them out, close the door, and in private let God settle all your debt and more.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Appeal to Thyself (9-3-09)

I have been accused all along of a selfish evil intent. Dorean has been vilified as my tool of self interest. This is easy to profess but can it be proven?

I am about at that time in this exercise where the appeal is finalized as to content. There is a particular issue I can raise which guarantees me a loss of 20 years from my 25 year sentence. The Supreme Court precedent is convincingly clear. The problem with the appellant court is they have a primary goal to keep and secure the conviction. They have no requirement to address, examine, or rule on all the issues you raise. They are notorious at taking the path of least resistance to their goal.

That means I am faced with a serious decision. If I raise this argument I will win. Everyone else will lose. The conviction will be affirmed and I will be immediately released from prison. Any issue not raised in the appeal is forever waived. That includes this winning issue.

If I was as self interested as my critics condemn me, would I again miss such a great opportunity of self interest? How long will it take before enough contrary evidence overcomes the lie? I will not present this issue at great personal risk for truth’s sake and your sake. If I lose on my other issues I get the pleasure of wearing all 25 years. What would 20 years make you do? Until you can reconcile your choices with mine you will not know how to judge me aright.

Even as I write this I am so far removed from my past that my memories have blurred. So far isolated from my hopes that my imaginations are blinded. Finalized resolution is a temptation screaming into my hearing sense with such vigor “take the sure route.” Adding that weight I still shall not move from the course of faith set before me.

I am preserving myself but in love. In doing so I am free to preserve your interest which harbors in love also. Many will never understand a post as this. Only those who love a cross more than life itself can find the life they are losing. A paradox for sure and an uninterrupted parable to the soul that appeals to thyself.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Permission Granted (9-3-09)

There is a simple verse missed by many of its potency in the story of Jesus healing the demoniac. My prison is truly nothing compared with what bound this man. He was possessed of thousands of demons. He became so violent that he was chained by the locals. He was mad and having broken his fetters lived in the rocky wilderness, naked, isolated, feared, and alone.

Jesus arrives on the scene mild mannered but not impotent. He confronts this man’s problem directly. The demons have no ignorance of Christ authority or His power. They know Him as Lord of all. They for reasons not discussed here know they are going to be forced by one greater to make their exit from plaguing this man. They seek permission to enter a herd of swine. Permission was granted.

What amazes me about that simple truth is how it can speak to any situation. Imagine the devils seeking to cause you to lose your home. They have to address your Lord. Permission granted! A Judge wishes to misuse his power upon me. What say ye Christ? Permission granted! Nothing befalls us excepting the Lord’s permission. For His good pleasure and reason to His delight He allows. Fret not over your troubles. Remember who granted permission. Our enemies are not superior. Only tools in the hands of authority. Trust Him who values you enough to liberate while destroying the pigs around you.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Redemption By Power (8-22-09)

The actual Christ can be identified by His significance as a Redeemer. His first advent was for the redemption of sin and death by blood. If redemption was not a factual need then the Christ of history was an irrelevant figure. If on the other hand our guilt is factual then His vicarious sacrifice is pivotal.

Power can be measured in a couple of ways; expression and restraint of expression. E may fear the burst of an angry man but we respect the restraint of a prudent man. All of us know how much more power it takes to tame our souls as opposed to abandon to its wild expression.

Christ Second Advent is the expression of power everyone expects from a superior power. There will be flaming swords, glaring eyes, and annulations of His enemies. This is the redemption by power on a good scale. We should not lose the significance of the intimate dealings of the Lord with His children by thinking His major plans for redemption vary from His minor. The redemption by blood is a historical fact for all believers. The personal trials the purchase redemption that gave Christ a property interest in us should be understood. Likewise factually it should be understood that a party of interest axiomatically is vested as an interested party. He concerns Himself with you. Because of this interest His redemption by power is a relevant promise. He is a delivering redeemer.

Recently I read Robinson Crusos who based his entire hope on a sole scripture that promised deliverance. It came many years later but his hope was not vanity. We have a much more sophisticated faith based upon comprehension of more scripture. Yet this should not abate a childlike trust for deliverance.

Alsup as a man is possessed with too much power to be held absolutely. He is nearly untouchable for his criminal acts. Yet he cannot comprehend the power of restraint or of real authority. Christ who will express His power ultimately does not ignore or neglect individual opportunities to express His redemptive power expressed by force of will. He will enter into my confrontation with a powerful man and show Himself strong. We have no fear of being ashamed for hoping in our deliverance for as Christ wraps up history He wraps up our troubles and woes.

Noble men hate more than anything to have their faith in Christ ridiculed because they know the integrity of their God. Yet we must all suffer fouls until they discover our redemption by power at their destruction.

WE have the redemption purchase as evidence our hope in redemption by power is not vanity. Put your hope in God. He will deliver you!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Possible View (8-13-09)

The view of faith will never see itself as pride does.  Faith will always look to God for grace because it judges God's word faithful.  And the only merit it seeks is that belonging to God.  There are many like Scott from Vineland, Nemo, and Fruity who are always trying to measure a man by some righteous standard.  Faith abandons this exercise long since.  It knows righteousness is a gift.  That good works are assigned and empowered by the Lord.  A man living by faith has footsteps ordered of the Lord.

When our many critics express our shortcomings it is impossible for these judgments to be an expression of faith.  That is why they condemn themselves by their words.  They judge us faithless sinners while they sin faithlessly in their judgments.

Do you really think God is fooled?  Have you ever thought that God’s prohibition against judging others was because it can’t be done in faith?  All things not of faith is sin.  Now I do think God possesses us with spiritual discernment but that is faith based.  Faith recognizes the qualities of faith in many variations.  It’s not judging the person only itself.  It looks at faith’s expression then judges itself internally within your life.  Anytime it comes up short it does not condemn but reaches to God’s mercy and asks for an increase.  It nurtures itself.  When it judges faith in another misguided in does not condemn.  It encourages, prays for strength, and guides with truth.  The body through faith edifies itself.  Any measurement from pride is man to man.  Any measurement made from faith is God to man.

Faith is a difficult journey because it is like a six sense that rebukes the other five.  We should all be there for each other who are brave enough for this walk.  The journey has enough suffering inherent that senseless and added persecution only increases a burden.  Do you hate yourself so much that you can’t love another even if weaker?

I know most of you don’t understand the pains of my journey.  Perhaps because you perceive me a cause of your pains you might partially delight in my suffering.  I do think of your pain and always make decisions to sooth it ultimately.  Until God gives me that victory.  I’m not tearing you down for your sins.  No faith in me is reaching to faith in you to encourage your .look to be faith based on what God ordained to you.  Not what men have created.  Be lifted up and not cast down.  By faith all things are possible.