Friday, April 28, 2006

A Prayer (4/10/06)

Heavenly Father I call upon you as a weak child. Needing your strength, wisdom and understanding. I pray not for myself but for all those who have set their hearts toward truth and suffer. Encourage them as you have me. Open their eyes to see your provision. In mercy nurture them, shore up all their weaknesses. Bring them soon to their promised restoration. Confound our enemy and expose the folly of their wickedness. Deliver us suddenly in a way that can only credit to your honor, glorifying the Son. Establish the work we have done as a testimony to faith and to your faithfulness. Let this generation know that the God of ancient renoun is alive and well, is unchanged, remaining the same, and still has His word forever settled on earth as it is in heaven. Convert our accusers into witnesses, let them boast of the amazing work you have done. Give us our property and our liberty that we may bless our legacy and our neighbors. Create in our hearts a state of honor and thankfulness that we may never forget the source of our victory and blessing. When the curious question us let us proclaim it is the Lord. Many oppose this work and say hateful things, change their hearts before you change the circumstances that they may not be blind to your ways or your power. Give us all courage and endurance to finish. Give us justice even with these evil men for you rule and reign in righteousness. Thank you dear Lord. Amen

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lessons of Defeat (4/9/06)

There is an interesting story in Judges 20 where all the tribes battle against the brethren. They inquire of the Lord to fight and He responds to send Judah first. Judah is equal to praise. Now imagine you get God’s blessing and go forth with praise, would you expect defeat? No and why should you but that is what happened. This is why I love God. He is too wise to fathom. He exceeds all my reason and imagination. His vastness and greatness are risk to me and precisely why He is God. On March 21 I was told to complete a delivery of messages to the court. I did what I was told and had God’s blessing upon it. The side effect was the mental competency and a temptation for doubt. I’m certain these people had the same temptation. I was stimulated by this as a new and deeper opportunity to trust God. In this battle story God used defeat to bait the enemy so on the 3rd attempt they would prevail. God was always in charge and always wiser. Hindsight made it clear. Faith = to trust is using your hindsight as forethought. I don’t truly understand what happened on the 21st or what it means in the big picture but I’m certain of one thing; God caused it to happen for a profound reason. We all may discover this together. It was an important day in this battle and may be just what is needed to prevail. You too may have to lose your house, marriage, friends, or family an apparent defeat before you see God was always in charge and sent you down this path to bring you victory in the end. God is not as obvious as these adolescent naysayers have reasoned. Find opportunity to trust Him individually and let the crowd be damned.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ziklag – Bitter loss to Victory (4/9/06)

In 1 Samuel 30 there is a story you all can relate to. Before we get to the story let’s first look at the back story. Saul was ordered by God to kill all the Amalekites. (chpt. 15) He presumed he could please God without obedience. He failed and had to pay a heavy price. His rebellion did not only cause him to suffer but is a core to our story. David and his men return to their camp Ziklag to find the Amalekites have taken all they loved. If Saul would have done his duty we would not have the Ziklag story or the suffering of innocence. David was in danger because the bitter people wanted to blame him for their pain. (Where have I seen this before?) The blame belonged to Saul but none of these men cared to know history or do their homework. Those who have lost home, family, reputation or anything of value understand their bitterness of soul. David was not absent of suffering he had lost all in the same raid of the enemy. What he did though to separate himself from those in pain was (v.6) strengthen himself in the Lord. He besought God and His will. An answer was available. Pursue, overtake and get everything back plus some. David asked the priest for the ephod-breast-plate of righteousness. Today it is Christ the King of Righteousness and High Priest that supplies this need. All of you who think you know my righteousness study an irrelevant subject. You blame me for the sins of another because you suffer and ignore mine though I battle beside you and when I go to be strengthened by the sufficiency of Christ you ridicule me like it makes a difference. If all my shortcomings were true than Christ is even more sufficient and magnified.

Now on the journey to victory out in the country is an Egyptian. Egypt has always been symbolic of bondage in scripture. All David’s and David’s men have all they love under bondage at this meeting. Notice though that this Egyptian fell sick 3 days. This is the number that represents resurrection. Resurrection is new life. Victory is new life and can easily be considered new life when compared to the tragedy of theft, bondage, and pain of our journey. These tears were real as are yours and no discount of your pain is justified. The question is can you learn from their lives? This Egyptian was a slave to the enemy who only exist because our predecessor failed to kill him. The Egyptian brings aid in knowledge and direction. Upon reading this story we asked God to send us an Egyptian. This should be part of your prayer life. The Egyptian we imagine is someone sick of his master (The Banker) who sees us pursuing and gives us what is needed by way of knowledge and direction to prevail. You disgruntled clients who wish to stone me because of your pain, don’t you think you would be better served by this prayer and soon victory? David did get his victory and nothing was lost of that which was taken and spoils of abundance were added that blessed all his neighbors. This is the promise but faint not. If you are exhausted don’t curse your champions but man the supplies and pray. Your part returns with the strong. Ziklag is real today in Dorean and so is your restoration.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Work of Birth (4/08/06)

Part of the complaint here is that I just took money as a cheat. It is like I did no work and the public record is non-existent. You acknowledge the banks rebuttals but not my work. Even Stewart Gerstecker of fame when cooperating with the FBI gave them documents that showed I worked. Wheat and tares look alike as seedling but show their true nature at maturity. How do you judge wisely when the question of my documents is not settled? I said long before I was arrested in a television interview that aired that the worst thing the government could do was bring criminal charges. I wasn’t talking about it being the worst thing for me but for them. They are trapped now to settle my claim verses the banks. The odds at worst are 50 / 50. I have already survived their 95% conviction rate which is the breaking of a man to accept a deal. I didn’t break and will not deal. Now we get to trial statistics which are much better for the government’s victim. I’ve moved all your claims to better conditions all the time. I wonder how many mothers in childbirth when the contractions begin adamantly say in response to the pain “I will not give birth?” As we try to give birth to truth in the mortgage industry and the pain arrives it seems strange to me how you fight the one thing that will stop the pain and bring enough joy to make you forget it. Just breathe, you’ll make it!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dressing a Lie (4/06/06)

A successful lie if there is such a thing is one that is substantially true. The blatant lie fails because it is not subtle enough to fool the reason. The Zodiac which is the 12 signs from antiquity that are on the equatorial belt. They do tell a story and a destiny in truth. If I desire to hide the truth I keep the method but change the object of the story. This is how our legal system is designed to perpetrate a lie. Form and procedure are a mask or a dress to give the color of law. I was stalled at the Faretta until we could deliver God’s message. This is a hearing to determine if one is competent to represent oneself. Of course this is not true but it looks good. Now inserted as a precursor is my mental competence. I am much more happy with this issue because it is at the core of the conflict. Mental competence is the heart of a man’s identity or his truthfulness to himself and is also at the core of the presumed power exercised under the color of law by this court. Here is where we can draw the line as to what is reality and what is fiction. This is no child’s game because truth and reality being subjective can open a man to some of the greatest deceptions. Beyond subjectivity there are real truths, timeless, and greater than a man. If I dress in robe and gavel, have clerks, stenographers, marshals, guns, and jails I could be very convincing that my point of view is truth. Only one trained in truth with courage could survive all the temptations to enter wonderland with all these fictions and subjection to the colorful animation of law. Real law is nothing like this. There are no fictions and truth is the goal. The current farce is about decorum, banking, and public policy. Which is a term that simply means whatever is expedient to rule the masses. What works is exchanged for what’s right. Justice becomes Just-us. Now face to face, core to core, man against machine, truth verses a well dressed lie, all the presumption will be destroyed by settlement. Here is the strange way truth works in this wonderland. If the world is fiction and I am not than to become competent I must succumb to some form of fictional interface; Pro Per, Pro Se, Attorney, or standby counsel. If I wish to stay at truth and reality I must remain incompetent to truly be competent. Think of it like this. The black sheep of a black flock would appear white as snow. One must check his premise to find truth in the formal masquerade of “American” Jurisprudence dressed for the kill.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trial (4/4/06)

All the defendants are posturing into position and this jockeying will take a little time. Our next hearing is on May 9th. Because of the diversification of many varied interest the delays will become greater and there could be a myriad crossfire motions to complex things further. On the 4th we had procedural ideas that God put in check immediately. It’s like having your footstep lit just as you need to take it. Even though it’s a direction change it is clearly illuminated and obvious. There is a peaceful pleasure being led faithfully by our gentle shepherd. This complex and possibly scary transaction with your life as the wager simply unfolds with no anxiety or fear. I’m certain this is noticed by the court. 98% of all their customers are crapping themselves even though their lawyers are doing all the talking and here we are two nobody’s moving easily with every change of current. They want us to really have a lawyer so he can make a deal. That song comes to my mind “If you don’t know me by now…” In my strict liability securities fraud case which was much more difficult to win I turned down 4 months credit for time served, get out in 2 days, plead to a misdemeanor. I did not accept and did 5 years 8 months, with no regrets. I’m not nor are my principles as cheap as time. What if I took that deal? I would probably have been respectable to the naysayers this time. Nah! I would still be the villain who didn’t spin the world the opposite way to stop all the bad things that could happen to them. I guess we’ll all just have to face our trials.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Last Validation:

Here is the impossible hurdle for Judge Alsup and Keller. There are 27 banks and 30 something transactions as the foundation of our crimes. Because of the nature of the elements of the crimes validation of the debt cannot be awarded. There are 10-year enhancements for a FDIC institution as victim. The claimant cannot be properly identified without scrutiny of the claim. What they were afraid to do in the civil arena they must now perform to convict. Do you think they are suddenly now going to find the courage to expose their underbelly? They themselves are exposed to criminal prosecution. When they can’t validate the judge and prosecutor are going to use them as the scapegoat for their sins. This is easy. Our damages to these 2 men was caused by the banks lying about a loan, “We had no choice based on the information brought to the court.” They will charge them with perjury, sanction each lawyer and refer them to the bar. What they can’t validate they never can. It is one thing to be called a liar because of things outside your control and quite another when you control all factual matters. The victims in this case are all lawbreakers, liars, and without clean hands. The last validation will come as a validation of our process because they still cannot validate their claim. There comes a time when every great bluffer finds an opponent whose hand does not allow him to fold and validation must occur. We are here, calling, all-in, and the cards must be displayed! Get ready for a windfall of chips!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Full Circle

Our case has been moved from Oakland to San Francisco with Judge Alsup taking the case. It is only fitting for the loud mouth that started the government’s assault to be where it all comes to an end. We are more than happy with this development. There have been many court appointments for early staging issues and we have been moved to various facilities until we’ve settled in the Federal Detention Center in Dublin California. This is where we will finish out the exercise until we get it in the end. (That was for you tcob247) likewise I see you’ve not taken advantage of my Dad’s proffer after all your posting about how and why you were bowing out, like usual all talk no action! If this were to go to trial you could expect a case like this to last 9 months on pre-trial issues and one year in trial. Hope you all won’t mind if I don’t take this to trial, and get it over much sooner. I said the 21st was an important day, and it was for a number of reasons. All the events on that day and since were in our favor. Although you would think we are to be scared of the big bad invincible government threatens us with 2000 years of time with its best resources. HA! HA! It still remains impossible to fear this paper tiger.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I’m Incompetent (4/4/06)

We had a hearing on the 4th with a hurdle placed in front of our Farretta hearing. The Judge wanting to be appeal cautious wants us evaluated by a psyche. We have refused this offer and it will create some interesting issues to deal with. Especially because I am willing to admit to my incompetence. Not a mental incompetence but rather a factual incompetence. I have asked the court direct questions like what is the jurisdiction as to subject matter and they answer a venue question. I ask the prosecution who I am in his eyes as a defendant and he says we’ve had discussion when asked to state our agreement. Imagine your child asking you which ball we we’re going to use obviously trying to identify the game he was about to enter and your response being “the red one.” You answer his question technically but deceptively. This is what we’re getting. How can one claim competence in honesty? Like signing a 30 page mortgage contract in the 5 minutes they give you. You are agreeing to things you have no comprehension and it will later be used against you. I cannot fall for this tactic. There is no presumption I’ll tolerate. They will not be able to get me to declare I’m competent at golf and then take that as acceptance to enter a tennis match. Like banker doublespeak these guys talk out of the sides of their neck. Just paying attention is enough to prove your wits about you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Did you hear? (By Scott 4/1/06)

I’ve read many comments posted on this blog by those who purport to be followers of Christ and are Dorean clients. I thought I would relate a personal story in an attempt to help those of you who may need help with discernment and commitment.

In 1995 I was approached to invest in a project. I performed the best due diligence I could to determine whether or not this was a good investment. Then I took it before the Lord. Within 24 hours I received my answer from heaven and it was a resounding “NO.” Not being satisfied with that answer I forged ahead only to discover the reality of not listening. I did manage to recover about 15% of the investment only by the grace of God. I could not bring a charge against heaven because I was warned. I learned a valuable lesson on obedience which travels with me always.

So I ask those of you who purport to be followers of Christ, believed to have been scammed and continually spew your poison, did you prayerfully enter our process? If the answer is “yes” you did prayerfully enter and did receive a “go” from heaven and you went, then why do you complain? If the answer is “yes” you did prayerfully enter and received a “no” from heaven and went anyway, then why do you complain? If the answer is “no” you did not prayerfully enter, then why do you complain?

An honest assessment of why you find yourselves here with us appears to be necessary. Perhaps those of you who were obedient to the “go” are missing the true blessing which is being a vessel poured out for the masters use. Fear not my brethren God is with us. Faint not but pick up your cross and follow. Those of you to whom God said “no” and decided to “go,” well take it from me obedience is better than sacrifice. I can only hope that you have learned to be better listeners. Those of you who did not prayerfully consider participation all I can say is let this be a lesson you will long remember otherwise you are destined to repeat it.

I have met several of you who prayerfully considered entrance and continue to pray and support us in this important fight. You have our undying love and respect for remaining strong, God see’s your devotion and will reward it. It is our intention to refund the entrance fees to all clients and bless the clients who through all of the morass remained faithful and supportive.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Introducing My Great God (4/1/06)

God is part of the subject matter of this forum because He is at the core of life. The mortgage is at the core of just about everybody’s financial life. Here the two meet for a lot of people. Some men enter large battles foolishly but most prayerfully consider their path. Many of you detractors ridicule my reliance on God and think I use it as a front. Some have even said I didn’t talk of Him before jail. Well to this there are a couple of thousand witnesses that you are wrong. Your retorts are that you know God and I’m a liar. Let’s examine your Great God. He has not taught you love, but that might not be one of His traits. He has not taught you caution otherwise you would not have fallen prey to a cheat. Perhaps He can’t overpower the will of a man. Maybe He doesn’t know the future and can’t forewarn. Your God appears to be no more powerful than your reason. But then again if you are His creator what more could you expect. A mental idea or a wooden idol is still a dead God that doesn’t exist. My God whom you claim to know which name you slapped on your idol is not my creation. He has already defeated 10 felonies. Given me wisdom and courage. Forewarned me of perils. Taught me love hope and courage. Shared and gave me opportunity to use His model of victory by shame and weakness. Now the Feds who thought their play book of breaking men (99% reliable) would bring them sure victory, (they never imagined it not working because the man was already broken) are now trapped by their own folly they don’t know the cure to continue their fraud. They have to convict which is impossible and I won’t quit. Perhaps your idol is not that clever in dealing with His enemies. Maybe He is just sleeping. Hang in there He’ll prove Himself in the end.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Free Gift (3/30/06)

I mentioned the cheap grace being the cancer of the church and got the dumb-ass retort of this “ME” generation to prove it. “It’s not cheap it’s free.” I bring this up not as a church lesson but rather as a human lesson applicable to this blog in that “ME” is the blindfold robbing you of wisdom necessary to obtain victory. The me generation measures every cost and event from themselves outward. There is never any consideration of others. Grace is a good example here to display their ignorance. Grace is defined as unmerited favor but that is not synonymous with free. “FREE” is merely the perspective of the benefactor. Christ sold His entire estate to pay the price to make the offer of Grace. It was not free to the giver. His price was high! Secondly it was unmerited but not unconditional for it was attached to faith which is not free. Faith is an action of trusting which is not synonymous with the noun to believe. Actions require the will which is engaged after mental wrangling. Mental wrangling is not free and very much measures the cost of actions taken. Faith in Christ always demands courage which at the very least will cost you your fears and doubts. “By grace through faith” binds these two gifts together. The me perspective never contemplates the cost, thoughts, or intent of another party. You “ME” idiots always rant about your sorry life which is the only truth you can muster. Truth arrives from the consideration of others. You can’t fathom my good will intent because I have to go through a jaded path of peril to deliver it. You don’t like it because it requires a little trust. It may not be fee which is what you are used to and all you think you’re worth. Unlike you I am aware of the suffering of others and always seek the best and fastest remedy not putting my pain above all as a self-centered adolescent. But let’s not talk about me for you are so important.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Discovery (3/28/06)

Our discovery is 150,000 + documents of which we have about 66,000. It is an insult to have even filed this case. As we look at what they possess we find our intent spelled out in writing. Legal memorandums and public explanations to clarify misunderstandings and mischaracterizations of our process. It takes a bank purchased judge and rookies to even have the foolishness to attempt this prosecution. Of course my conversations of logic are not legal strategy. Does it make sense to argue with a bully how much of your lunch money is his? Of course not! He has no claim, rights, title or interest. This tyrant wants me to justify his claim by a retort. I personally don’t give a damn about his opinion he is no relation to me. I have no contractual dealing with or ever would entertain one. American jurisprudence is the only fraud more complex than the fraud of the banks. They are mutually beneficial like the mob and labor unions. We as a people need to stop participating in this farce. Stop being a juror or grand juror. Stop going, stop suing. Handle all your affairs privately and you will no longer be subject to public policy. That nebulous gray cloud that is always morphing and riding the winds. Let us retreat to the peaceable place of honest dealing among men. Find your own way, stop working for corporations. The people are all the power and that is why these bloodsuckers leach onto us. In mass “No” would be the shout heard round the world. Let’s try that for a discovery.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another Ending (3/28/06)

We have closed the office. This was a disappointment because we viewed it as a faith trophy. You learn in these times that trophies are not as great as the giver of faith. On the good side we have seen 1/3 of the discovery and the feds have done a great job of digitizing our office. We can easily get files in order, know which trust were seized etc. 17 is the biblical number for victory. Scott and I have begun our victory fast. No longer are we called to pray and fast for our enemy. This season and their opportunity is past. God once told Jeremiah “Even if Moses or Samuel prayed for these people I would not listen.” That is kind of where we are now. God knows we poured ourselves out until God was done listening. This fast is for you and your victory.

Personal Note: For those of you who truly understand the fraud of the mortgage industry but do not like my person or approach I want you to know I still think of you as brother. We fight together even if on different fronts. Your success is as desired as mine for we all suffer under fraud. Thank you for your efforts and if I offend you remember how I truly feel about you. Keep up the good fight because our coward enemy is dismayed by our persistence.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Minus the Sidetracks (3/27/06)

We are now before the troublemaker. Utah was not an originator, the feds created that. They were a scout that failed. I have done my best to give us the best chance of prevailing. There are no more delays of any substance. Every appearance accomplishes something even if it appears only to be a continuance to you. Judge Alsup has an agenda, which is smarter than the prosecutions. Each time we wrestle or grapple for preeminence. Now that our message from Christ has been completed the transversing can cease. It is all brass tacks from here. I do not have a vain imagination they will say “uncle” willingly so I must ever be present for tactical advantage. I am certain of this one thing. I will not be passively lulled into an argumentative discourse taking years. Those of you who pray and have the ear of God I thank you. I am certain your faithfulness has been a large measure of my strength and wisdom. Know that He who hears your prayers and has delivered in part will finish the work and bring you the deserved reward of victory. Imagine this temptation: I accuse you of fraud and all the discovery I provide proves me wrong. Would you argue? Wisdom is different than common sense. Remember Satan’s temptation of Christ, He never argued even though there was obvious reason to, but merely stated fact. Think on this when the fraudulent judiciary and their bar hacks accuse you in the future.

Monday, April 03, 2006

We are Grasshoppers (3/27/06)

Men of faith and the faithless will always be severed by their perspective. Some will look at the Federal Government as a giant too great, making them grasshoppers in self-thought. Others can see a promise making the giant appear as grasshoppers. Few it can be said can find the courage to stand against the forces of evil. Even if you are honest with yourself you will recognize how you vacillate even as a spectator to this battle. Try standing in front of a Federal Judge who is intent on your peril and staying on your feet. Think you can do it? Ever tried it? Would you pay someone $1,000 to do it for you? Every time I go before this beast your claim is present. They are always trying to quash it and I am forever attempting to sustain it. This is battle and one claim will perish in the end. Tell me is it more crazy to tell a man his house is on fire and to be glad God extended his mercy or to defy the principle of your agency who happens to be the living God? How can one explain the tactics of warfare to civilians? Just know soldiers who knew the cost took the trustee job without ever feeling they were grasshoppers to any foe.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Call Me Insane (3/26/06)

Judge Alsup wants to question my sanity but how can a man willing to defy the living God have the appropriate discretion to look into any other life. He hates his own life, how can he fathom love, wisdom, patience, suffering or any gifts of the Spirit. His offer has been refused. I’ll admit that the life of faith is insanity to this world but he who lives not for this world does not entertain the opinion of fools. Many who post here must be frustrated by their prolific rants of folly making no impact on people who know more about them than they know themselves. To you as the bankers and government we shall all be insane. Even our victory will not change this opinion. It will just become your reason to except defeat. "If they were sane we could have beat them easily but because they were insane we never could control the battle." That is the truth, you were never in control and even your foolish discourse was a tool for the living God to teach and use you as sport. In the same way you were baited and hooked by your nature the judge, prosecutor, FBI and bankers were all baited and hooked for this insane display of God’s providence over history.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Message Delivered (3/26/06)

March 21st came and it was a special day of faith. God had given a season of testing that was completed on the 20th and asked Scott and I to juggle or transverse in contracting to buy the time to get to this moment. We were faithful and delivered the message larger than our lives and the corrupt mortgage industry which is in the matter of the heart that would be evil enough to entertain such corruption. The only cure is a submission to Christ. The offer was made 5 times and on the 21st it was made clear that their defiance was no longer tolerated by the heavens. What does that look like in the eyes of man I know not but with the eyes of faith we know God rules and reigns. At present we are led now to begin our course of resisting their bogus jurisdiction. April 4th Keller will not be present so who knows if we will get anything done. They are still hiding information and we will still insist upon its revealing. I’ll end with this message. Our victory is your shortest path to recovery of damages. I cannot prevent them for the entire system is beset by a proposition of presumption, which will evaporate upon a factual finding. When all these judges and bankers discover that the bridges they erected from the middle to the ends will not be completed because they had no rights, title or interest in the land they were aiming at. Then the folly of their endeavor will be fully exposed.