Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trial (4/4/06)

All the defendants are posturing into position and this jockeying will take a little time. Our next hearing is on May 9th. Because of the diversification of many varied interest the delays will become greater and there could be a myriad crossfire motions to complex things further. On the 4th we had procedural ideas that God put in check immediately. It’s like having your footstep lit just as you need to take it. Even though it’s a direction change it is clearly illuminated and obvious. There is a peaceful pleasure being led faithfully by our gentle shepherd. This complex and possibly scary transaction with your life as the wager simply unfolds with no anxiety or fear. I’m certain this is noticed by the court. 98% of all their customers are crapping themselves even though their lawyers are doing all the talking and here we are two nobody’s moving easily with every change of current. They want us to really have a lawyer so he can make a deal. That song comes to my mind “If you don’t know me by now…” In my strict liability securities fraud case which was much more difficult to win I turned down 4 months credit for time served, get out in 2 days, plead to a misdemeanor. I did not accept and did 5 years 8 months, with no regrets. I’m not nor are my principles as cheap as time. What if I took that deal? I would probably have been respectable to the naysayers this time. Nah! I would still be the villain who didn’t spin the world the opposite way to stop all the bad things that could happen to them. I guess we’ll all just have to face our trials.


son of a prophet said...

freedom fighter said....

"Because of the diversification of many varied interest the delays will become greater and there could be a myriad crossfire motions to complex things further."

gee, i hope for all the clients that the delays dont take too long, as it appers that the apocalypse will be here soon...or the rapture, fo those of us who believe, like me...

i know that peenut gagme will make a comment now about me not quoting any scriptrual references, but there are many, pg just chooses not to find them or interpret them which i put my chips "all in" also.....


and anticipating pg's questions....the HS trumps what ever is siad in the bible, because to borrow form the DG argument, i would ask pg to 'validate the debt' so to, pg does not have the origianl text from Yeshua, so the bible can be falsified, thus one cannot 'prove' with 100% certainty exactly what is origianl and what may have been altered....however, i can say with 100% certainty that the HS told me that there will be a rapture of which i cannot prove to anyone that i was told this by the HS....then again, i am not seeking to convince anyone is up to them to find standing pat with the hand that i was dealt....perhaps only those who believe will be raptured and those who dont, wont be, as they do not trust Yeshua to "keep you from the hour of temptation that shall come to try to whole earth..."

which is about to happen very very soon......testing the faithful is about to begin.....

son of a prophet said...

so its simple pg, as the HS trumps the bible for the foregoing reasons, just state that the HS told you that there will not be rapture....knowing the 'penalties' for "perjury" that ananias and sophira suffered from lying to the Holy Spirit....instant death

so what about it pg, are you willing to go 'all in' as i have???

i have state that the HS has told me that there will be a, now all you have to do to go 'all in' is just state that the HS has told you the opposite....

tcob247 said...


You really went out on a limb there


We dare not question you because the Holy Spirit is in direct communication with you

Did the Holy Spirit tell you that there was going to be a terrorist attack at the Super Bowl?

Peanut Gallery said...

Sop said

knowing the 'penalties' for "perjury" that ananias and sophira suffered from lying to the Holy Spirit....instant death

The HS just told me that that whole thing did;nt really happen.
Please from now on SOP. do not quote Scripture(oh yeah you can't because you don't know it)do not nention it because according to you and YOUR HS it means nothing.

Hilter said the same things , that the Holy Spirit told him to exterminate the Jews. How do you prove that the HS you supposedly listen to is not maliciouse(SP?)

You are so foolish and will be so suprised when Yeshua comes back and you are still here and you did not get a cosmic hall pass

son of a prophet said...

i guess that you have 'folded' up you hand and backed out of the pot...or maybe you just 'checked' me to see if i would raise you....but i already have, so come on....go all in....state that the HS has told you that the correct interpretation of "keeping you from the 'hour of temptation' that shall come to try the whole earth' means that there is NO rapture?

come on now....everyone always telling kurt to put up or to just answer a simple question... well, you have now been called....what you holding...pair o' deuces....not good enuf....c' ya....put all my won chips in a bucket....thanx.....


son of a prophet said...

two things have now become apparent....

1) the HS is not giving you wisdom; if the HS was, then you would feel no discomfort in stating that the HS has told you that there is no rapture of the saints....

2) a) that the HS has given me the wisdom of the correct scriptural interpretation to discern that there will be a rapture...or

b) i am a raging lunatic with no fear of the HS and am mocking the HS (fear of the Lord IS the beginning of wisdom)

whichever is the case, 2a or 2b, is for you to decide, BUT in either case, if you do not have HS wisdom, what makes you think that you can interpret anything that the bible says???

without the HS, you may as well be reading the code of federal regulations, you would get the same out of it....

having said all this, i am just trying to teach, to those who will listen. we all have different gifts and it is not wise to sow discord.

and to bring hitler into it is nonsense. i am talking seriously here, no games. tahts why i state that the HS has given me that wisdom on the rapture. if you were serious, you would be able to confidantly state the opposite and 'notarise' it, ie. state that the HS has told you.

and if you are lying, you already know what the penalty for 'perjury' is....

tcob247 said...

two things have become apparent to me

1 You are an idiot

2 You are a raging lunatic

Nobody here buys that you are the only one that the holy sprit speaks to and that you speak only the truth

One only has to read your laughable cut and paste drivel.
Laughable because you believe it all (superbowl attack, hurricane directing, Bush child molesting)

So much for "discernment"

You've made a fool of yourself


Stillwaiting said...

Kurt or anyone else, where is the trial being held? Street address, city state would be nice. I will be in CA and plan to attend. I also plan to speak (face to face) with Kurt/Scott and Dr. Fred. Any help with the venue would be nice.

son of a prophet said...


go ahead, keep talking.....

you are a BIG gambler my put Kenny Rogers to shame.....

did it occur to you that if the HS has given me this wisdom, then I am speaking for Him on this particular issue??

AND if I am, then you are blaspheming the HS??

so if i am, you are a REAL gambling man!....

go ahead, keep may well be digging a deep grave for yoself.....

son of a prophet said...

and as you well know, i never said that the TOLD me about the super bowl or the attack on texas....i said that is what i had read....i AM saying that the HS HAS TOLD ME ABOUT THE INTERPRETATION OF SCRIPTURE REGARDING THE RAPTURE.

tcob247 said...

"did it occur to you that if the HS has given me this wisdom, then I am speaking for Him on this particular issue??

AND if I am, then you are blaspheming the HS??"


YOU are speaking for the Holy Spirit?
How dare any of us question you
Give my apologies to the holy Spirit for ever doubting his mouthpiece

I bow in your presence

son of a prophet said...

corncob said....

" 1) YOU are speaking for the Holy Spirit?

2) How dare any of us question you

3)Give my apologies to the holy Spirit for ever doubting his mouthpiece

I bow in your presence"

How do you think the HS speaks??

thru christians my friend, of which i am one. pay attention to exactly what i say and EXACTLY what i DO NOT SAY...i never said that i had sole access or the sole mouthpiece for the could to if you just listen to HS better...

you may question me all you like; no problem with that at all, and i will tell you areas which I DO NOT KNOW (the rapture is not one of them)

the HS has many christians who are HIS mouthpiece; i have no copyright; i never said taht i spoke for HS©

I never asked you to bow to me nor anyone else on this planet. there is only one for whom all knees shall bow and all lips confess....and He is not here yet...but soon......

imbigo said...

Hay stillwaiting...

Why dont you call Dr. Fred and ask him yourself doe the info?

How do plan on talking to Kurt or Scott face to face, are you some kind of u.s. marshall or something?
Do you have a bone to pick?

imbigo said...

***for the info****

WillToFight said...

I think JRB is Saying

Government+Judiciary+Corporations= Fascism.

So the GOvernment/Judiciary brings the suite against the people for the questions or actions. The bank stands back and tells the court how to decide the case. The people lose and Fascism gets stronger!

And although the banks are not a party, they do not have to prove anything, because they don't act as plantiff. But they are called as witness, but as witness would have to produce facts!!!!!!

The Judiciary says that the people are bringing the suite against Dorean. Trying to pull the wool over our eyes

But in the end the JudiciaryGovernment/Banks/Fascist still loses. Still have to back up!
This is not some case where some poor kids gets railroaded because he can't afford a good defense!!!!!!

Or all hell is going to break loose!

People we'd better start standing up for ourselves!!!!!

6:26 PM
WillToFight said...

Fudge Roy Want To Be Judge

Caught up in the scam himself that he can't see truth!

6:30 PM
WillToFight said...


Who ruled that this process was a scam?

Again you must know what the fascist would like the turnout to be. Keep it under rap. We can't allow the ignorant to learn of our fraud. We must not bring charges. We force the courts to bring charges instead. So the truth never has to get out.

And another thing. This is not just about TILA! It is way beyond that!

You have ZERO Courage for Truth/Justice, look that up in Blacks law!

6:35 PM
WillToFight said...



All can be corrected in time. That's why you say (lack of surety) "It doen't matter how the case turns out"

I beg to differ WantToBeJudge!

6:43 PM

whyudothat said...

WillToFight said...
And another thing. This is not just about TILA! It is way beyond that!

that much is true ole judgey roy, the contract is fraud and null from the start, your kind like to wrap all that into TILA and say oops, we'll pay a fine. wrong.
but yes you will be paying something to offset the damage, which despite your civil case history rhetoric, banks have paid out. thats what the banks love to keep out of civil case history. why do you think they settle out so there is no record.

neodemes said...

This isn't a civil case.

Its criminal and the defendants aren't the banks, your dream team is.


complainers suck said...

Here is the real Judge Roy Bean, which means this person is a "knock-off" Curiousity got the best of me when Tony Soprano said this name in this past weeks episode.

Judge Roy Bean

Of the many colorful characters who have become legends of the Old West. "Hanging Judge Roy Bean," who held court sessions in his saloon along the Rio Grande River in a desolate stretch of the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas, remains one of the more fascinating.

According to the myth, Roy Bean named his saloon and town after the love of his life, Lily Langtry, a British actress he'd never met. Calling himself the "Law West of the Pecos," he is reputed to have kept a pet bear in his courtroom and sentenced dozens to the gallows, saying "Hang 'em first, try 'em later." Like most such legends, separating fact from fiction is not always so easy.

Western Ramblings
Roy Bean was born in Mason County, Kentucky about 1825. At age 15 he left home to follow two older brothers west seeking adventure. With Brother Sam, he joined a wagon train into New Mexico, then crossed the Rio Grande and set up a trading post in Chihuahua, Mexico. After killing a local hombre, Roy fled to California, to stay with his brother Joshua, who would soon become the first mayor of San Diego.

There, Roy developed a reputation for bragging, dueling and gambling on cockfights. Mayor Josh Bean appointed Roy a lieutenant in the state militia and bartender of the Headquarters, his own saloon. In 1852, Roy was arrested after wounding a man in a duel. He escaped, and after Mayor Josh was killed a few months later by a rival in a romantic triangle, Roy headed back to New Mexico where brother Sam Bean had become a sheriff.

Roy tended bar in Sam's saloon for several years while smuggling guns from Mexico through the Union blockade during the Civil War. Afterward, he married a Mexican teenager and settled in San Antonio, where throughout the 1870s, he supported 5 children by peddling stolen firewood and selling watered-down milk. His notorious business practices eventually earned his San Antonio neighborhood the nickname Beanville.

West of the Pecos
In 1882, the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railroad hired crews to link San Antonio with El Paso, Texas across 530 miles of scorching Chihuahuan Desert, infested with bobcats, rattlesnakes and scorpions (locally called vinegaroons by local Texans). Fleeing his marriage and illegal businesses in San Antonio, Roy headed to Vinegaroon to become a saloonkeeper, serving railroad workers whiskey from a tent. As his own best customer, he was often drunk and disorderly.

But with the nearest courtroom a week's ride away, and County Commissioners eager to establish some sort of local law enforcement. They appointed Roy Bean Justice of the Peace for Precinct No. 6, Pecos County, Texas. Roy was just crazy, or drunk enough to accept. He packed up and moved north from Vinegaroon to a small tent city on a bluff above the Rio Grande named Langtry in honor of a railroad boss who had run the Southern Pacific's tracks through it.

The name also happened to belong to a beautiful British actress, Lillie Langtry Roy had read about and become enchanted with. Roy built a small saloon, he named the Jersey Lilly (Lillie's moniker) which also served as his home. He hung a tattered picture of Miss Lillie behind the bar, and above the door, posted signs proclaiming "ICE COLD BEER" and "LAW WEST OF THE PECOS." From here Roy Bean began dispensing liquor, justice and various tall tales, including that he himself had named the town for actress Lillie Langtry.

Dispenser of "Justice"
Roy Bean's justice was not complicated by legalities; it was characterized by greed, prejudice, a little common sense and lots of colorful language. "It is the judgment of this court that you are hereby tried and convicted of illegally and unlawfully committing certain grave offenses against the peace and dignity of the State of Texas, particularly in my bailiwick," was a typical Bean ruling. "I fine you two dollars; then get the hell out of here and never show yourself in this court again. That's my rulin'."

One of Bean's most outrageous rulings occurred when an Irishman was accused of killing a Chinese worker. Friends of the accused threatened to destroy the Jersey Lilly if he was found guilty. Court in session, Bean browsed through his law book, turning page after page, searching for another legal precedent. Finally, rapping his pistol on the bar, he proclaimed, "Gentlemen, I find the law very explicit on murdering your fellow man, but there's nothing here about killing a Chinaman. Case dismissed."

In legend, Judge Roy Bean is a merciless dispenser of justice, often called "The Hangin' Judge." But that title goes to Isaac Parker of Fort Smith, Arkansas, who sentenced 172 men to hang and actually strung up 88 of them. In his book "Judge Roy Bean Country," Jack Skiles says that although Bean threatened to hang hundreds, "there's no evidence to suggest that Judge Roy Bean ever hung anybody." One or two were sentenced and taken to the gallows, but allowed to escape.

Despite his self-serving antics, Roy was duly elected to the office in 1884 and often reelected, so that between 1882 and 1902, most of Roy's bizarre rulings were the law. Except for an occasional murder, his cases consisted mostly of misdemeanor counts of drunkenness and the crimes of smalltime con men like himself.

Roy spent most of his days sitting on the porch of his saloon, with rifle handy. In his spare time, he served customers. His favorites were railroad passengers, desperate for something to drink while the train took on water. Bean served them quickly, then lingered before giving them their change. When the train's warning whistle blew, customers swore and demanded their change. Roy then fined them the exact amount and sent them cursing back to their railroad cars.

Birth of a Legend
In 1898, prizefighting had become illegal in most Western states, as it was in Mexico, and promoters could find nowhere to hold the world championship title bout between Bob Fitzsimmons and Peter Maher. On February 22, the Jersey Lilly was packed with 200 fight fans who, after a few rounds of drinks, followed Roy to a bridge he built to a sand bar in the Rio Grande River. While Texas Rangers watched the makeshift ring helplessly from atop the bluff, Fitzsimmons decked Maher in only 95 seconds. After returning to the saloon for more drinks, the fans and sportswriters headed for El Paso, where news stories were filed to papers throughout the U.S.

This event launched the birth of the Roy Bean legend, which burgeoned after continued newspaper and dime novel accounts of his exploits, many fabricated by Roy himself. The myth of Roy Bean eventually became part of Texas folklore. In 1936, the Texas Centennial Fairgrounds displayed replicas of Roy's saloon and office. In 1940, Walter Brennan received an academy award for his portrayal of Roy Bean opposite Gary Cooper. In 1956, Edgar Buchanan played him in a weekly TV series, and in the 1972, Paul Newman portrayed him in the movie, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.

Miss Lillie
For years, Roy boasted of his "acquaintance with Miss Langtry," and promised locals she would one day arrive and sing in Langtry. In 1896, after his first saloon was destroyed by fire, Roy rebuilt the Jersey Lilly and constructed a home for himself across the street, which he called the Opera House, anticipating the day when Lillie would perform there. Roy never met Miss Lillie, but he often wrote her, and she is purported to have written back, even sending him 2 pistols, which he cherished till his dying day.

Contrary to the Larry McMurtry novel and movie Streets Of Laredo, Roy was not gunned down by a Mexican outlaw on the steps of the Jersey Lilly. In March 1903, Roy went on a drinking binge in Del Rio and simply died peacefully in his bed the following morning.

Ten months later, the Southern Pacific stopped at Langtry and finally disgorged Lillie herself on the way from New Orleans to San Francisco. She had decided to take the judge up on his invitation. She visited the saloon and listened as locals told her how Roy Bean had fined a corpse, freed a murderer and lined his pockets by shortchanging train passengers. "It was a short visit," Lillie later wrote in her autobiography, "but an unforgettable one."

Langtry Today
These days, almost 100,000 sightseers visit Langtry each year. Tourists from all over the world arrive by car, train and tour bus, seeking the romance of the American West. "Where's your hangin' tree?" is their most common question. But from the steps of the Jersey Lily saloon, one can only see the remnants of an old mesquite tree, a dozen sad and dusty buildings and the hot, unforgiving Chihuahuan Desert all about. The nearest courtroom is in Del Rio, 50 miles away.

son of a prophet said...

" peddling stolen firewood and selling watered-down milk."


son of a prophet said...

gee, gotta be thousnads of judges who could play like roy beans!

but, he gets credit for being the first corrupt judge.

complainers suck said...

My how this sounds like our very own JRB!!!!

Despite his self-serving antics, Roy was duly elected to the office in 1884 and often reelected, so that between 1882 and 1902, most of Roy's bizarre rulings were the law. Except for an occasional murder, his cases consisted mostly of misdemeanor counts of drunkenness and the crimes of smalltime con men like himself.

WillToFight said...

Check It out yourself TACO!

Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack
Guide the planes in, then destroy the crime scene

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | April 21 2006

Former Helmut Schmidt cabinet member, 25-year German Parliamentarian and global intelligence expert Andreas Von B├╝low says that the 9/11 attack was run by the highest levels of the US intelligence apparatus using WTC Building 7 as a command bunker which was later demolished in order to destroy the crime scene.


son of a prophet said...

...and not only that, to this day, if i am correct, no one (eyewitness) has actually seen one of the planes hit the one with say 5 miles of the wtc complex was looking up that day, of all the '000s of ppl in nyc each day....were all the buildings imploded and the plane crashes just a 'film', like a hollywood the film of the faked moon landing????......

WillToFight said...

I believe there were plans that hit the Towers SOP.

They were remote controlled from bld 7. Thats' what the article talks about.

Now there was no plan that hit the pentagon.

son of a prophet said...

WillToFight said...
I believe there were plans that hit the Towers SOP.

They were remote controlled from bld 7. Thats' what the article talks about.


that may be true, but nonetheless, i have never heard/read about anyone who was actually a 'live' eyewitness on that day that said that they saw the planes hit the buildings.

it really is not that imp;ortant, as we know that whatever was siad officially about it was and is still a lie.....who was it tht said that the govt. is the terrorists?

neodemes said...

And, of course, all the TV networks, and I mean ALL, were in on the charade, right?

I wasn't a 'live' witness, but I turned on the TV and saw live coverage of smoke billowing out of the first tower and was still wondering what that was all about when a plan (sic) slammed into the 2nd tower.

Pretty good trick if there were no plans (sic) at all.

Remote controlled? Can't say, but I daresay you can find all kinds of real, live grieving loved ones of all the passengers on all the manifests of the alleged 'remote control' planes.

And what of the plane that hit the ground?? Was that a fake, too?

Life is a conspiracy. We don't exist.

WillToFight said...


If you researched the issue you might find that there is plenty of unanswered questions.

Your the one that runs from questions.

Your a robot status quo idiot!

neodemes said...

And what kind of idiot are you, lunatic fringe?

I notice you ran from my questions.