Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Pretty Little Bow (01-02-07)

At the end of last year the American Public was handed two nicely wrapped packages. One a hero and one a villain. President Ford died. An unelected president whose only major political contribution was the pardon of Nixon. What was it that made him so great? He gets a special day of honor and we’re supposed to revere him. Inwardly we all know that the modern politician is a scoundrel that had to compromise his soul a thousand times over to reach the level he had. So we have in a nice package with a perfect little bow a man presented to us our hero. Next we had the villain Saddam Hussein. He was easy to hate and we laud his execution. Take a certain set of facts omitted by our mental keepers like Kuwait was stealing billions of his oil when he attacked. His crimes against humanity (whatever the hell that is) occurred in his sovereign territory. If he was a tyrant let his victims overthrow him. How did it become our business. Do you know how many laws in the law among nations we had to violate to deal with him? Bush had to violate the constitution to make war upon him. I do not think Saddam was a sweetheart or someone I would want as a leader but the package delivered to me has me suspect because it is so nicely wrapped. Saddam was converting his oil contracts to Euro’s. An act far more serious a weapon of mass destruction than the front story. It was a declaration of economic war worthy of retaliation but spare us all the false drama and tell us the truth. This is the sham behind these mental packages delivered to us by the Governments mouthpiece the “free” press. These packages are part of the epidemic of what we are fed to steer us into oblivion. Why have we so quickly given away the blessing of critical thought? Have we become so addicted to a nice neat packaged life that comfort and convenience are our only judgments left? It is why my detractors here beat the same old drum. People are hurt (owie) punish the villain. We know Dorean is bad the honest press told us. The government even confirmed it by pressing charges. I’ll put away my critical thought and enjoy the pretty little bow. If you study the subject matter you might just gain discernment. I’m reminded of a story that has a good moral for what I’m saying. 20 years ago or so New York garbage workers went on strike. It was a mess! A clever man wrapped all his trash as Christmas presents, since it was that time of the year, and placed it in his back seat of the car. You guessed it! It was stolen. The pretty package you are lusting for might just be full of trash. Perhaps the clever government knows our nature better than we know it ourselves. Isn’t that tragic? Diamonds and pearls, ribbons and curls, oh what a wonderful life.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Every Advantage (01-02-07)

Scott and I are separated, have no access to discovery, can’t file any motions, have no bail, no access to law books and have to sit while they play endless delay. We have given them every possible advantage to give them a fighting chance but we remain under whelmed. Even with every advantage they still need to cheat. Judge Zimmerman lied upon the record about an arraignment that never happened in conspiracy with James Keller, Judge Spero who was suppose to be a neutral party was nothing more than a raving mad, poorly executed histrionics thug. “Life, Life you’re going to get life” Blah Blah Blah their acting is redundant and obsolete. These men are so used to dealing with retards they have become a product of their environment. Spontaneously Scott and I could keep pace with all their drawn out plotting and scheming. I truly hope a banker of some report is paying some concern for those who are entrusted to protect their 10 trillion dollar mortgage fraud industry. I would be concerned by this neophyte trained into narrow mindedness prosecution. They’re all as bright as our expert rookie FBI agent Matthew Ernst. Everyone knows how to put on a show to impress 12 saucer-eyed idiots called jurors. These guys are pros at this little exercise and Judge Alsup is a pro at keeping the drama tracking to script but they are fools to believe God did not train us to make this antiquated weapon of no effect. There are a couple of surprises looming. I’ve begun work on them already in earnest. I’ll report on these when executed. Until then you be afraid for me and I’ll continue to yawn in boredom.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Suffering (01-01-07)

Suffering comes in many forms. In my new jail it comes to me in noise pollution and isolation. The TV comes on at 7 am outside my cell and the radio joins in around 11 am until midnight. They play a station called KMEL, which plays the same 20 songs over and over again. Most all being rap (my favorite) which to me is like Dr. Seuss becomes a gangster. They consist of a second grade vocabulary and a toddlers self-absorbed morality. The isolation is self-induced mostly because I have no community with the element surrounding me. Even with these tortures I am reminded that I have not suffered unto blood for the sake of Christ. Privacy is gone, my wife suffers, reputation is under ridicule but this is not violent like the passion. Mel Gibson brought a cinematic portrayal but reality was far more violent. To think Jesus as a man chose this course willingly for the sake of the integrity of God’s word should humble anyone who thinks God should honor them for their suffering. Actually part of the comfort I receive in my suffering is that I have the opportunity to share in some of the suffering of Christ when for His cause I am persecuted. Even in this God does not give me more than I can bear or ridicule me from my wimpy tolerance. Many have suffered for Christ in this thing called Dorean but take comfort in having a savior who knows suffering in greater measure and therefore can be full of compassion. After all this by His resurrection power He conquered, overcame, the tortures and their results so He could offer you a share in His victory. Enjoy the victory and know that the world not seeing it is evidence of its existence.

Friday, January 26, 2007

New Dawn Psalm (12-31-06)

You set the sun upon its course
And the dawn of every new day is by your decree
Those who are bent down by their troubles
Rise to a new day by the same decree
Early I enter your court to give you praise
I love the harmony of the voices there
Every creature great and small knows your worth
Anxiety bites at my heals like a snake
But the Lord lifts me up to a safe path
Though my eyes dart back and forth looking for my salvation
My heart is fixed upon your promises
Delight my God in the praise upon my lips
And give me place to sing them over my enemy
Proud and wicked men judge me without equity
They disguise their evil intent under the category “justice”
How many times have you saved, how many generations
Are they still so dense not to fear you
Humble them and show that you will not be mocked
Enter in to my troubles to work your good
For who is not overwhelmed by your steadfast love
Your mercies and loving kindness renew me
My strength comes from you casting my fears afar off
Like the fragrance of flowers in bloom
My life is sweet and full of your glory
Exalt the Messiah my Lord and King
Make my life a treasure for His pleasure
For He has awed me by His faith
And proved to me your word is trustworthy

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Farrel (12-30-06)

One of your clients has written me faithfully. I wrote them recently and asked them about their opinion concerning you. I very much liked their response. I thought I would write you the only way available to share in the same spirit of blessing you as they. You showed much kindness to Scott and I and your friendship seemed genuine. It would only be right of me to reciprocate the kindness. First I want you to know that I still love you and desire all that is good, noble, and true to fill your life. I know that the trial you face can crush almost any man. I do not know what motivates you or if you believe your choices wise. None of that really concerns me. As a loyal friend I can love you even if the choices are a damage to me. I have always believed this concerning you that the fire in your belly was placed there by the Lord to one day be used for His purpose. I don’t know if you are in a state of trusting God currently though I suspect you are not. If my suspicion’s true it hurts me not for fear of what that means to me but because I truly want the best for you. It is a very rare thing to hear God’s voice calling you but there is endless hope and promise in that calling. It is never too late to chase after the high calling. The man God wants you to be is one who will hear His voice and place your life upon it in trust. Only you know if you are doing this at the moment. I know this for certain there is no lawyer who is trained in the faith and none will offer you wise eternal counsel. They have sold out their souls to a system unholy based on the God of mammon. You can bet Christ did not use your lawyer as a mouthpiece though maybe as a test. If He is testing you He is loving you. In John 6 Jesus test Phillip who was handicapped by facts. Jesus was in the area that was where Phillip was from. Phillip knew all the prices and merchants and their supplies. Phillip knew the scriptures of 11 Kings 4 where Elisha fed 100 with insufficient supplies and now one greater than Elisha was asking him “How do we feed all these people?” (5000+) Jesus already knew what He was going to do. Phillip went right to what his eyes could see and not faith. Andrew went to half faith with a response like here is something to use but I don’t know how you will. Both were anemic of trust. You may have been tested in this way and Christ already knew what He was going to do but wanted to see where your eyes were focused. If you made a choice based on what your eyes see and not on trust that what He has planned for you is good than as your friend I want to encourage you to repent and allow God to show Himself strong. Feel free to write me though you’ve been instructed not to. I don’t need to talk or discuss the case with you but I would like the opportunity to impart some of my strength. As a friend I owe this to you. I have little concern for this case it is like a mosquito bite. My God has all the dangers and pitfalls already tagged with caution and detour markers. I truly have no fear and that is what I desire for you. Let God make us a circle of champions that we all may delight in the spoils of victory. Be well my friend and be wise. I know this is the moment of your opportunity and destiny.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Peace Beyond Understanding (12-30-06)

One of the promises in Christ is a piece that passes all understanding. I can say He has been faithful to keeping this with me and I can tell with Scott also by his writings. Some people may dismiss this gift nonchalantly but I really treasure it. It seems to increase proportionately to the increase in suffering my enemy heaps upon me. I would hope that all of you would discover this peace. It is allusive because it is hidden in Christ who demands Lordship. Most people become control freaks when trouble arrives because we have been trained to believe that calm and serenity are synonymous. In Christ serenity peaks with your trials. It is another one of those paradoxes. I have not had a deaf ear to your suffering and when you become wise to all I’m doing on your behalf you will know this with a certainty. How much more can God be counted on to hear and to act? Most of the complainers on this blog love their misery too much to submit to Christ where this peace resides. They lose the complaint they are in love with. Do not be like these whose words give away their malcontent hearts. Circumstance will always justify your fears and worries but the faith of Christ sees things that are not as though they are. And why shouldn’t He a creator has none of our creature limitations? Be at peace! I testify there is joy in the Lord no matter where this life takes you.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

December Psalm (12-30-06)

Praise the Lord!
I will bless the Lord all my days
On bended knee I will elevate Him
With hands raised I will be jubilant
Your mighty works of old are still revered
You were faithful to pass them on in record
Your renown is from generations to generation
I thank you Lord that your love is steadfast
And that your word is trustworthy
That your mighty right arm that does valiantly
Has not been put to rest in my day
My enemies are as great as those you’ve already defeated
Though they tempt me to fear I laugh at their folly
How quickly they have forgotten your power
Blindly and arrogantly they approach your severity
They have no regard for danger or recall
That no flesh shall ever be exalted before you
Even now in the enemies camp I celebrate victory
For you God have never been defeated
My hope is in you because you swear out by yourself
For there is none holy but you who keeps His covenants
You have decreed my well being who can annul it?
Hear my praise and keep my eyes lifted up
For you are worthy of all my praise and adoration
Daily the joys of your love overtake me
Show these men who you are, do not delay
For they mock me and say “Where is your God?”
Silence them and make me boast in you.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Brawl (12-29-06)

My pod consists of 18 two men cells. 20 of the 36 got into a brawl. Basically 16 blacks on 4 hispanics. Fortunately my celly and I were out of the frey. It was no accident one of the men at our table acted the ass so we left a little early. It is little events like this that make one think that the footsteps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord. These little incidents are really quite revealing because they shock you and speak about the character of the players. If violence turns your stomach these are not the best observations. Half my pod is here for murder so they don’t have the same appreciation of others. What is funny is the jailhouse code on ethics they fight over are so much more trivial than the standard they’ll ignore. Man of this generation is a blind self-absorbed creature. “ME” is the subject of every sentence or thought. This happened on a Friday afternoon which night they hand out commissary. Now a real thinker would take commissary, fight on Saturday, plunder the victims food and enjoy the lockdown retaliation. Thinking is not the abundant commodity. The guards of course cancelled commissary for all including my celly and I who were not involved. What I found an interesting study more than the brawl is the class maneuvers. First was the blacks an hispanics. Then it was the deputies against the inmates taking away privileges. Then it was the deprived and hungry responding to the loss of privileges. The logic in all this is dense. Men dependent on privileges with expectation of their uninterrupted flow. Punishing all by location like it will net you compliance though it never has. These behaviors seem reflexive like they have been planted deep in the psyche without a reasonable delay or review. I also noticed the victim minority did not offer any offense as a defense and suffered greater and more severe injuries. This also seemed reflexive. Do we really take the time in our lives to understand all the pitfalls, dangers, and battles around us? Have we ever checked our reflex responses in advance to reason if they are the best response options? A giant brawl is not necessary or a hostile milieu. It is your mind and soul, your decisions. You can give yourself a check-up anytime. Have you fasted to see how you might respond to a loss of food privilege? How about imagined or practiced physical responses to violence? What would I do if the bank makes a claim? I think most people live in a state of reflexive unpreparedness with the vain wish the brawl will never find you. I used this event and lockdown to question many things about myself. I do this in court and in this brawl called Dorean. I want to encourage you to do some introspection and see what you can do to better the odds. I have been very calculated in Dorean and not reflexive. My opponent has really been disturbed by this. They are very dependent on your reflexive responses to choose their course of action. Men are basically conditioned to please authority no matter how bizarre the statute is from those who dispense it to us. Maybe sometimes you should flex instead of reflex.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Trial Preparation (12-29-06)

This is kind of funny when one actually thinks about the game that is being played out. Originally they moved us to Dublin FDC to defend ourselves. We will skip all the procedural flaws to get to this place. Scotty and I are given computers to view discovery, a word processor, and printer. Not the BOP, US Attorney, and Judge don’t like the paperwork we prepared. Of course they don’t understand what we wrote and won’t until the end. First they took away the printer, then they took away the copy machine, then they took away the phones, and last started tampering with our mail. You would think they had enough advantage over two little old guys with their complete law library, the internet, staff and new equipment. Now that they have stripped us down to pen and paper I began contracting. This frustrated their plans to abuse us unimpaired. Well they soon got over their heads and scared so they split us up. Now we have no communication, no law library, no document production, no phone and a trial on the horizon. You would think I would be scared. Well quite frankly they are planning a victory around a future that doesn’t exist. All the histrionics is actually quite fun to watch. Grown men acting like children acting like adults. Can you believe these are the fools revered in our society? I think it speaks to the degradation of our culture. Even behind this suffocating siege of resources Scott and I prosper. Everything they do to hurt us somehow gets turned into an advantage. We will be changing up strategy shortly to trap them in their own nets.

I think one of the most amazing things I’ve seen to show me God is in charge has been the maturing of Scott. He has become an amazing champion of the faith on his own. It was a blessing to share space with him but in our separation I realize what a courageous man he is. Most of you can’t imagine the cost we suffer to obtain victory for we share very little of it. I know for certain that most men would have been crushed by what Scott endures. Having backbone, and integrity is most of the battle with this fraudulent judiciary and both of us have a full measure. I’m proud of Scott and many of you will be blessed to meet him and to hear his testimony. Dorean could not have succeeded without his willingness to be obedient to Christ. He is his own man not my lacky. Those who have met him or worked with him know how true this is. Timing seems the last mystery and both of us have resolved to just endure until it is finished whenever that is. We don’t want to go to trial it is an honor not yet earned by the opposition but just maybe God is looking for a very public display. We are open to His will. Keep us in your prayers that God strengthen and give wisdom. Thank you all!

Note: There was a couple that recently wrote me that I intended to respond. You wanted to discuss Revelation 12. Your last name began with “B” I recall. I accidentally packed your letter away in an outgoing envelope. Could you please write again so I can respond? Thank you and sorry!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Christmas Past (12-28-06)

Christmas is a holiday that has always represented the weakness of Americans. There is a ghost of all Christmas past that nobody wants to confront. My wife made commercials that sole purpose was to influence your mind. I only see the newspaper once a month and am never enlightened by the content. My grandmother was a General Hospital addict back in the Luke and Laura days while I was very young. I used to visit her and tell her what happened during the months of not watching with great accuracy. It used to amaze her but to me it was merely practical. Somehow I always had a sense about how the human mind works and how it is influenced. I’m not a bah humbug but this current trend of consumerism is like watching sheep bleeding on the way to slaughter. How many of you stop to analyze the things that are influencing you at Wallmart or the mall? There are engineers who know the smells, music, temperature, location, eye stimulus, vibration, subconscious, and other ways to reach you and get you to accept their agenda. Christmas is not sinister but reveals the epidemic of mental apathy that now plagues us as a nation. What is sinister is what the real leaders of the world can accomplish by this morass of easily manipulated flesh. They can have you fight over two puppet leaders who amount to the same thing as though different. They can make you desire an education and knowledge that make you stupid. People have committed suicide over taxes and statutes that didn’t apply to them. Marriages and families are destroyed by fantasy problems. Everybody slaves paycheck to paycheck and uses TV to relax. Hypnosis is very relaxing! Men who have the courage to take vengeance or obtain justice against the tyrants are vilified while endless tolerance is sanctified. We fight about imaginary rights none of us know how to defend. The hero’s of the past would be criminals today. Fat was vilified but skinny will soon be loathed. Do you have any original thoughts? Are you unique ready to brand the world with a special imprint or are you Mr. and Mrs. Jones? Look at this blog and look at the minds behind the comments. Is there any real debate or just worn out regurgitation? Does anyone truly want to learn? Sheepel just want attention and a pat on the back from other sheepel. Apple had a commercial where pc people were walking off a cliff and one lone mac user was walking against the crowd. If you are not experiencing that sense on subject matter far more important than products you need a check up form the neck up. People are buying gold, bankers are selling. People are buying Euros bankers are selling. People are voting bankers are getting representation. People are conditioned to be basically honest bankers are taught cunning. Are you starting to see the ghost lingering behind the holiday we have taken from personal accountability and soulish integrity. You are what you feed on. Give your brain some food for thought and try provoking some wisdom. Happy Holidays?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Confused and Possessed (12-27-06)

Dorean followed the self-help remedy of an aggrieved party to the letter. Even if the bank thought they had a legitimate claim they failed to assert it in a timely manner. In a world of credit promises are assets. In a real monetary world promises are obligations. You see many on this site using monetary definitions in credit scenarios. If you draw it like line scale where zero is the fulcrum and negative is to the left and positive to the right it is easy to figure out. A promise to pay in a real money world goes left but in a credit fiat world it goes right. Fiction is strange to us in money matters because there is exchange and commerce always putting real products in our hand. Though the results appear the same they are not. In a real money scenario you would obtain the product with an absolute title. In the credit world you only obtain possession and use by privilege. Only because the real title holders are not asserting their claim do you get the milieu to remain confused. The UCC binds all fictional actors to the fictional commerce. When Dorean executed it upon the bank they were bound to it. Funny how obedience became a crime. What’s even more hilarious is comparing my two criminal cases. My first case said a promissory note was a security to be convicted this time it must not be. Oh to live in a world where coins have heads on both sides. That of course is American De facto Jurisprudence. Why would anyone want to argue in a venue of rhetoric like this. It only took me once to comprehend the insanity of the idea. Why should I not accept everything they say a true. Though all they speak is lies they are telling the truth. That is what is so bizarre about dealing with these knuckleheads. Let me use the BOP dopes for a moment’s example. They interfered with my case by the assertion of their statutory policy. Inherent in this act is legal determination that I had liability to their statute. No one anywhere swore out my liability. No one ever will yet they presume it exist. Without liability they accept charges on my behalf. This is a fiduciary obligation with liability attached. I demand damages and they claim foul. Now they testify in court that they are not my counsel and that all the terms of the contract have been fulfilled. They claim they have no liability while proving they do under their own oath. What is gained by getting every detail perfectly correct when the mass makes the point clearly. This is the microcosm. Out of 60,000 documents probably dozens of witnesses, 7 judges, about the same in prosecutors and not one testimony under oath that I have any liability to USC 18, 1341, 1343, 1344, etc. Without that every opinion is a lie without meaning. Until liability is a fact argument is unnecessary. It makes for good blog fodder but nothing judicious is happening. A trial is a farce. Does that mean they’ll stop it? No probably not but guilty or acquittal are no different and meaningless without liability. Think about it. I’m guilty of no liability. I accept! You’re acquitted of liability. I agree! See any room to argue? I don’t! This is the fine art of using the UCC. It takes a certain kind of wisdom stolen from the masses.

Monday, January 15, 2007

He Stinks (12-26-06)

Many of you have the opinion of me that I stink. The only appropriate retort I can muster to this is “like shit I do!” You see I am not blessed with the virtue and holiness of you. I only know of my wretchedness. Quite frankly I am deserving of death. Even when missing of a faith target there is a hope that goes beyond our mistakes or our death in our trespasses and sins. Jesus had a friend Lazarus who died. He had two sisters whom Jesus also loved. They sent for Jesus when he became ill, but Jesus was delayed. These women had an idea of the right time for God to move. I’m certain it was based upon their prior experience of how they saw Him work before. Jesus had a different timing and understanding of how God would be glorified and how men would know that He was sent. In the end it will be the same with Dorean. God has His own timing that is to His glory. Lazarus has been dead four days when Jesus arrives full of compassion for their sorrows. Death seems to be the ultimate foe, tougher then bankers, criminals, defacto usurpers, or any other care of this world. For His glory Jesus was right on time. The desires of the suffering were still met just in a way they couldn’t imagine. Don’t lose hope resurrection power cannot be defeated. So though I stink of death and my deliverance seems late soon those words of life “Come forth from the grave” will hit this lifeless corpse and all will know God has always been in control and our hope was not vanity.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Dealing with the disappointment (12-25-06)

I think the toughest thing to deal with in a man’s trial to me has always been the disappointment of what is perceived as missing the mark in your faith walk. I say perceived because our understanding is so limited. A lady gave Scott and I a prophecy we would be out by Christmas. God never gave us a check in our spirit concerning it and many other confirmations appeared. All this caused me to set my heart on this promise. At first glance it appears an exercise that failed but God works in strange ways. My wife and I cried some real tears of sorrow but were quickly nurtured by God. The healing was very contrary to what I would expect. I was called to praise God for His mastery over our circumstance even though my eyes were at the moment deceived. What was revealed to me was a weakness in my faith I hadn’t seen before. God addressing this was a blessing to me and an edification of my spirit. It is one of those baffling paradoxes in Christ where you are lifted up by going down. In my frustrated brokenness God’s wholeness whelmed me. It kind of recalibrated my resolve and faith to a more peaceful enduring faith that no longer needs my hope set on a moment in time but is content just to rest in God’s control. One great example of His control was the Roman soldiers not breaking the leg bones of Christ. For 200 years this pattern was not broken. God has always been in control. Never has He been in a position where He is wringing His hands in concern. Why do we fret or dread what our enemies are up to? God whose wisdom and intellect far exceeding our imagination knows how to get us through our trials. Out of my disappointment I hope you will find our common ignorance and our common cure. Praise, Praise, Praise let us get lost in His magnificence. Our Big God automatically shrinks the size of our problems. I wish for you the new peace I’ve discovered. No the suffering has not ended and I should be crushed by its unknown termination but somehow God made this state more comfortable. Evil has an end and God has a plan and my opportunity to trust is grand. Seize your opportunity. Don’t let the cares of this world distract your eyes from the glories of God. One thing you will notice when this is over is that all the false prophets on this blog will not be honest in the end. Serving Christ is not the living in perfection it is the perfection of living. God knows your downs and ups, you strengths and weaknesses. You are known, not forgotten, and the plans He has for you are good for a future and a hope Jer. 29:11.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brainwashing Made Easy (12-24-06)

I am of the generation where technology rapidly changed things. As a small boy I remember my grandmother doing laundry with a washboard, clothespins, and sunshine. Then came the washer and dryer and the chore suddenly became a comfortable convenience. I remember reading 1984 and seeing old war movies about brainwashing and I think that technology has moved this from chore to a comfortable convenience. I am amazed at the levels of indoctrination that are now always present. I think it most obvious here in jail because this class of people is the target of the elitist agenda. More than half of my pod of 36 are on drugs. Like chicks frantically begging the mother bird for worms they make a fuss in the nest and open their mouths 3 times a day when the nurse comes by. They have animations or gesticulations that are an amalgamation of video, film, cartoon, and video game characters. Their entire thought processes are bought and paid for. Most grew up in welfare dependent environments. Then government got them addicted to narcotics, base level sustenance or below and then changed the funding rules. Now they had their addicts they supplied their alternative. Dope, gangs, sex, and violence. There are kids here for murder with bullet holes in their body happy to be in jail the rest of their life because they would surely be dead by now. They kill to live in a kill or be killed life. Politicians work every experiment upon them and they are used as the example through propaganda to lose our guns, and other intelligent rights. Perhaps every convenience comes with a price. Maybe mulling over each thought on the vigorous washboard of reason is better for us than the easy spin cycle.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Psalm of all things

Almighty God I stand in awe of you
though my soul bows humbled in shame
Mature wheat sways in golden adoration to you
While sea mulls over in repetitive waves your power
Newborn animals leap in glee for the gift you bestowed
As birds whistle and chirp our praise
I have been endowed with your lavish love
Have seen your hand tenderly guide me
Yet I am jealous of all your creation
Which effortlessly exudes adoration to you
Why must my soul be a stubborn mute
And my praise to you be such a sacrifice
I am the one displaying more of your worth
With every firing neuron reflexive or intended
Master craftsman, intelligent workmanship and design
Show off your handiwork and creativity
Create in me a clean heart and right spirit
Open the floodgates of my soul to your praise
Let me explode with joyous burst of thanksgiving
Strengthen my arms to be raised to you
And teach me to jump and sprint like a foal colt
I am excited about the life you have given me
Blessed that you are mindful of my life
Let heaven’s gift of honoring you be upon me
You, Master, are worthy of my life in praise

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Voice (12-22-06)

I have been thinking of terminating this blog since the delays are long and the important events infrequent. My wife said it’s your voice people want to hear it. I was not thinking of it from this angle. If there is any truth in this let me know. I can keep my voice flowing. Admittingly details of the case will be slim. We are rapidly approaching the showdown but there is tons of judicial masturbation I must still tolerate. I do think my voice has value to those who need a shot of courage and hope in their trials and to be inspired to say no to the thugs and the retards. I tried to analyze my voice after my wife’s comment and I can say it is like John’s as one crying from the wilderness that salvation is approaching. If you are not growing weary of this proclamation I will continue. If you are convinced I certainly am and we can quietly finish the race set before us. Don’t worry about stating you want it to continue even under this quagmire of ridicule for I have always been serving the few and opposing the moron majority.

Friday, January 05, 2007

He who laughs last laughs longest (12-22-06)

There are many jokers on this site who sport with laughter. I like a jovial fool who laughs against the plans of the Lord vainly. Speaking of them is Psalms 2:4. The Lord who sits in heaven laughs at them and holds them in derision. LMAO HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA x 50 In Psalms 37:13 He laughs at the wicked for He sees their day coming. ROTFLMAO HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA x 50 Psalms 52:6,7 I get to laugh at the evildoers because they refused to make God their refuge. LOL HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA x 50, God’s laughter is contagious. Though my victory is not yet appearing I laugh along with God who sees the end already. I chuckle, giggle and gafaw and enjoy the comfort of God’s laughter since He gets the last laugh, He and I will laugh the longest. It really isn’t fair; I get to laugh through my suffering and I get to laugh at the enemies of God once their laughter turns to tears. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA x 20, Join me in the hilarity of Christ those of you who trust in the Lord. It’s the blast that will last. Too funny!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Scott from Vinland II (12-21-06)

I had hoped you would have written me directly so I wouldn’t have to use this blog to ineffectively communicate with you. I do thank you for bowing out of a conversation over your head. What I can tell from your post is that you have grown into a man of integrity with a genuine conversion into Christ. I do not think it an accident God has crossed our paths again. I have no fear and am more than assured of the coming victory in Christ. You seem well versed enough in the scriptures to know David proclaimed his victories before they occurred. Only men of faith can do this with a true hope. If you wish to offer me any friendship this is what I ask. That you will approach the throne supporting me in my diligent trust in Christ. Don’t contend with me out of your ignorance but join me in what you know we have in common. That being that Christ is Lord of Lords, rules and reigns by power, and can certainly steer his disciples heart to truth. Trust that the God you know has me in His hands and does not have me on a wild and vain ride of trying to have Him sanction my crimes. You know that could never be a possibility in your walk with Christ. Why would you suspect it possible for mine? I’m appealing to Christ’s wisdom in you. Most on this site don’t know the God we know. They can’t understand my request to you but you do. We were fortunate to meet as children but eternity is our destiny and I want you to view me with those eyes. God knows that is how I now view you. I know you are sincere in your faith and that delights me more than you can imagine. Neither of us was given a heritage that guided us to the Lord but here we are products of His steadfast love. Trust that evidence concerning me. You did not find me here on this blog boasting in my own strength or professing an untrue gospel. This revelation can only come by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Does God lead you into trials and temptations too great for you to bear? Me neither. Does He not constantly extent his mercies towards you and keep you walking in the way. He does for me also. I’m certain your wife can testify that God guides and directs you as can mine. Brother this is what we have far beyond mortgage knowledge. You should give me credit on this alone that when I say the mortgage industry is replete with fraud that I am not lying or manipulating. There is much you do not know or understand about my calling or the knowledge I was given to accomplish the task before me. Certainly though you must know whom God calls He equips. I look forward to seeing you again which will happen and to boast in the great work of God in your life. I only challenged you brother because you got caught up in mire that was far below you. I know God has great plans for you. Write me, there is much more to share.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Bread of Life Anyway you Slice it (12-19-06)

I have warred on this site to make a simple truth clear. Jesus is the power, purpose, and planner behind victory. It is not my righteousness that causes God to owe me a favor. It is not my sins that guarantees the feds prevail. The only thing I can hope in is Christ. He is the victor and I am wise if I come along for the ride by obedience. In the Old Testament the manna was another shadow and type of this truth. Men ate the sustenance of heaven without any toil on their own part. Their labors were irrelevant. God supplied by His word and men were enriched. Christ is the ultimate supply of this Bread of Life as a pure gift from heaven. Dorean was a God breathed plan, a God sustained ride, and a God glorifying victory. God has made this manna sweet to me and satisfying to my desires. I do not toil to win or toil in my suffering. I merely accept the gift by obedience. How about you? The other option is to weary of this bread and cry out for strange meat until you choke on it. Those who fight against this truth are not proponents of the true gospel and think themselves wise bakers. Don’t toil with them over their dough you will only end up famished. God broke the bread, blessed it, and gave to men.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Valiant Vacissitudes (12-19-06)

David was a very brave man and fought many a battles. What I love about the knowledge of him from the scriptures is his heart. You could always see his courage but he also had his fears. Though circumstance would justify his fear he would always talk with his soul to keep its eyes upon the promise. He would praise God in advance of the victory. He would act upon his spiritual sight and defy what his eyes saw in the natural. Every champion in faith would like to tell you once he has set his eyes upon the mark of the promise that is where they remained. I wish I could say that about this Dorean cause. I tell you this truth because many of you have a champion’s heart and are besieged by faith crushing circumstance. Vacissitudes are part of the journey. It is these vacillations that cause us to stay turned to His voice and to feed our spirit. How you finish is the key. Just keep a small grip upon the promise and God will do the rest. As the suffering mounts and evil seems endless our hearts faint. Yet will I praise Him! I preach to myself. If my eyes grow dim with doubt I praise to change my focus and see the big picture. He promises strength and a way of escape. Endurance will become a boasting piece for Christ in our lives. You will make it. Faith is the evidence of things not seen but they will be soon. Hang in there champs.