Friday, January 12, 2007

Dealing with the disappointment (12-25-06)

I think the toughest thing to deal with in a man’s trial to me has always been the disappointment of what is perceived as missing the mark in your faith walk. I say perceived because our understanding is so limited. A lady gave Scott and I a prophecy we would be out by Christmas. God never gave us a check in our spirit concerning it and many other confirmations appeared. All this caused me to set my heart on this promise. At first glance it appears an exercise that failed but God works in strange ways. My wife and I cried some real tears of sorrow but were quickly nurtured by God. The healing was very contrary to what I would expect. I was called to praise God for His mastery over our circumstance even though my eyes were at the moment deceived. What was revealed to me was a weakness in my faith I hadn’t seen before. God addressing this was a blessing to me and an edification of my spirit. It is one of those baffling paradoxes in Christ where you are lifted up by going down. In my frustrated brokenness God’s wholeness whelmed me. It kind of recalibrated my resolve and faith to a more peaceful enduring faith that no longer needs my hope set on a moment in time but is content just to rest in God’s control. One great example of His control was the Roman soldiers not breaking the leg bones of Christ. For 200 years this pattern was not broken. God has always been in control. Never has He been in a position where He is wringing His hands in concern. Why do we fret or dread what our enemies are up to? God whose wisdom and intellect far exceeding our imagination knows how to get us through our trials. Out of my disappointment I hope you will find our common ignorance and our common cure. Praise, Praise, Praise let us get lost in His magnificence. Our Big God automatically shrinks the size of our problems. I wish for you the new peace I’ve discovered. No the suffering has not ended and I should be crushed by its unknown termination but somehow God made this state more comfortable. Evil has an end and God has a plan and my opportunity to trust is grand. Seize your opportunity. Don’t let the cares of this world distract your eyes from the glories of God. One thing you will notice when this is over is that all the false prophets on this blog will not be honest in the end. Serving Christ is not the living in perfection it is the perfection of living. God knows your downs and ups, you strengths and weaknesses. You are known, not forgotten, and the plans He has for you are good for a future and a hope Jer. 29:11.


yudili1981 said...

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son of a prophet said...

" A lady gave Scott and I a prophecy we would be out by Christmas"

chalk up another false prophet(ess)

guess the bibles record is still intact for no female profits, oops, prophetesses.

dont want to say that i told you so, but i will.

i still think that the dg will win, but k should go by his inner feelings which will be guided by the HS and no more false prphetesses.

son of a prophet said...

will the next female prphetess please sign in and fill out the apllication at the desk.

", we are an equal opportunity employer without regard to gender, etc...."


son of a prophet said...

"ok, if you cant join 'em, then start you own site..."


neodemes said...

sop said:

"i still think that the dg will win"


Is that a prophesy?

mogel said...

Nemo: Here's a prophecy for you, being the sign seeker that you are: "One thing you will notice when this is over is that all the false prophets on this blog will not be honest in the end." :o)

Course, it stands to reason if the false prophets can't be honest now when it's easier, how can they be honest later when it will be much more difficult to be that way! That might even be a "no brainer". Course Nemo, prophecy's don't come in the form of "I think", or "I believe". Don't you THINK? Prophecies don't come to man in the form of his thinking process alone, they come from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to a prepared man that has the ability and character to listen and respond to that revelation and prophecy. A prophecy given is a gift and it's not a right.

Nemo, if you were God, would you give a prophecy to a wavering man? Has Kurt or Scott wavered in their confidence of an eventual victory? I would have to EMPHATICALLY say, no they haven't, not even at all. Kudos to Kurt & Scott for that!!!!!!

Course who of the naysayers like yourself are recognizing and even complimenting this character ability that inately they have? How would you fare in a storm they have endured? Even a man of little faith should sometimes give credit where credit is due as in a case like this. Course, maybe even that is asking too much of you to recognize, and if so, I apologize for asking too much based upon your perception and ability to recognize such a great gift and trait. Maybe I should just say to you and your ilk, "Father forgive them for they know not what they say or do."

We all share disappointments from time to time. That is part of being human and we can't escape these human emotions and feelings that we have to learn to deal with to increase our faith. It's NOT ENOUGH to be right sometimes. The Dorean cause has always been a righteous cause no matter how the spin has been put on it to discredit it's purpose.

Do you really have to ask SOP a profound question like that when he prefaces a comment with "I think". Or maybe you're just being sarcastic as usual? But then again, maybe you need to ask that question to SOP, I can't say for certain. Either you're being incredibly sarcastic, or you are being incredibly dumb as usual. It has to be one or the other. So which is it? You have your questions, I have mine.

The Freedom Club is talking about their offshore party of victory already to take place soon. Should be interesting to see what develops there in the near future. They too have been "date oriented" and have come up short due to their over exhuberance and needed new knowlege to fine tune their process to fit a successful outcome, but there seems to be a more reassuring air and almost a newer confidence that didn't exist to the degree it does now. Again, it's a wait and see thing.

All successful people are first successful in their mind and see their success privately first, before they have their public victory. It's just one of those trueisms in life. Dorean's public victory is coming. The private victories have already taken place for some. It doesn't really matter if it doesn't fit the parameters of others or the expectations of others, or even the expectations of those that have guessed improper dates. We don't always know the timetables of life, even though we all guess and are wrong sometimes, but HIS promises are sure. That's what we should dwell on, not our own human frailities and weaknesses, for if we do, we always see reasons to fight amoung ourselves and may even miss the big picture.

mogel said...

I thought I would share an experience that happened to me today. This morning I was awakened by a phone call that I needed to pick up a friend to take him to the hospital since he now had no transportation, because his fiance & two of my closest friends were involved in a car accident. The roads were extremely icy and even difficult to walk anywhere without almost falling on your butt with each step, the ground was so icy and slippery, so it was like an accident waiting to happen anyway, due to the weather and road conditions. All we knew is that they were all taken by way of ambulance to the hospital. And secondly we were told by a 2nd hand source that the car rolled 4 complete revolutions and the car was totalled. Now the first reaction for most people is to panic and think the worst. Some people might envision death, or even serious injuries, or losing the ability to ever work or walk ever again.

I decided to listened to my Spirit and my Spirit told me there is no reason to panic nor to let my mind screw with myself to think the worst. I left the house not knowing what to think, since I didn't exactly know, but felt that they would all be home from the hospital that same day and this day would be chalked up to just a slight inconvenience for me, not worthy of my own possible fears and imaginations. All I could think about is all of the perceived tragedies in my own life that were in reality, not a tragedy at all, since I survived them all. Perceived Tragedy + time = humor. That seemed to be the thing I was most thinking about.

After going to the hospital, we waited for a half an hour. Obviously, we even beat the ambulance to the hospital, which on the surface didn't quite look good either because I must have taken at least a half an hour to wake up and get dressed in the first place, even though on the surface this looked like an emergency, I shouldn't have cared about combing my hair, but I did anyway & didn't even feel the overwhelming need to hurry to the hospital. I only had about 4 hours of sleep anyway so the phone call wasn't too welcomed anyway, and to think I almost didn't answer the phone.

Again, we could have thought the worst, thinking that maybe they couldn't get them out of the car quickly since the car was so messed up, or something like visualizing they needed the jaws of life to even remove them from the car to the ambulance which could have taken some time if that were true. I thought of different scenarios, but tried to throw out any fears or perceptions of being a drama queen by perceiving the worst possible scenario, remembering how I really hate that trait in other people when I see it.

Eventually all three of them showed up in 2 different ambulances at the hospital. Two of them were in such awe of being alive after the ordeal that all they could do is comfort each other & express praise and gratitude and comfort to each other. The third person true to her form, could only see the worst. She exclaimed, "I'll probably get a ticket" because I lost control of the car & I can't afford to buy another car" and then she started crying like a child that couldn't be comforted. She was more concerned about her totalled car than her new lease on life; and the miracle she had just experienced. Again her perspective was out of whack and out of kilter, and totally perverse to the miracle she had just experienced.

Visually nothing was wrong, no cuts, no bleeding, no visual bruises, no broken bones, although 2 of them were taken to be x-rayed to be sure.

As it turned out, one of them wasn't even wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the middle of the SUV into the far back of the SUV when the car was rolling. He didn't even get a scratch. One would have thought that at least his glasses he was wearing would have shattered or been broken, since the windshield and windows of the vehicle were shattered with broken glass everywhere. One of the persons even carried a piece of glass in her butt which she pulled out of her panies since she said "it wasn't right to be laying on glass in a hospital bed as she was laughing as she was reaching down her pants smiling pulling it out."

The point of this whole story is that God is in control of our lives. If it isn't our time to die, or our test to have serious physical injuries, it won't happen. Obviously, they were protected by divine means to go through all of that without a scratch.

One can liken this story of my friends to the Dorean story and saga too. With the Principals being arrested and indicted with 68 fraudulent counts, Brokers being indicted too, and the news hype, etc. one could liken both stories to a car wreck too that looks serious on the surface, but is it really? Should one let their imagination take control and think the worst and emotionally break down, like one of my friends did in the hospital? Two of the Dorean brokers fled the country only thinking the worst. It's human nature to do that. One can't really blame someone for that need to preserve oneself. Fear of the unknown has a way to break down even the best of people and the best in people.

It's so easy to miss the miracle and not experience it by letting the beauty of an experience pass you by with the things of an experience you are suppose to see and feel.

Our perceptions are not God's perceptions, our ways are not His ways, our thoughts are not His thoughts. God is in control and he will find a way to bring victory in his own due time & he protects his chosen servants too, where even a perceived horrible car wreck will bring no injuries and long term damages too to the protected.

Sometimes our worst perceived accidents, end up being a blessing in disguise in the end. When your life is out of control, you still have control of your thoughts and that's the most precious and valuable real estate there is between your two ears.

son of a prophet said...

neodemes said...
sop said:

"i still think that the dg will win"


Is that a prophesy?


is dg gong to have a victroy party?

fier up the girll!!

son of a prophet said...

i never make propecies, just say what comes to me, sometimes right and sometimse wrong.

if i was a prpet, i would never be wdrong, right?

but i am used to listening to the HS for guidance.


suppose i was a govt planted agent here. would that make any difference???



because as long as i lead someone to the HS, thats all that is important in yeshuas eyes.

it wouldnt matter if i was a govt. agent or not.


so the issue is ONLY wheter one leads another to the HS. not his type of employment.

i am not a govt. agent, but nor can i prove it, and nor does it matter as i stated above and nor is it important whehter or not anyone beleives me.




son of a prophet said...




son of a prophet said... this board will be closed soon, as there will no longger be a need for it, i fugured i have done my job.

when i first came to this board, no either knew very much about, much less talked about the HS.

for all the relgion talked aoubt on this board in its very early stages, i dont recall EVEN ONE POST speaking abuot the HS.

now, at least, i got it into everyones vocabulary.

i figure, like k, my job is done here. its been fun, but there is still much more work to be done.

will have to see where the HS leads me to his next project.

but i will still be around until the board is closed completely.


son of a prophet said...




jews think that they can know GOD without knowing HIS SON, YESHUA

christians (99.9% of them) think that they can know yeshua without knowing the HS


neodemes said...

sop sez:

"fier up the girll!!"


mogel said...

What’s There To Hide?

By Ron Branson, CIC National J.A.I.L.


In 1960 California was the first state to came up with the idea of creating a special commission just for judges. It was then called the Judicial Qualifications Commission, and later changed to the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP). Its supposed purpose was to oversee the discipline of judges. Since 1960 all other states have followed suit under various names.

It was thought that in order to preserve the privacy of judges and to protect the integrity of the judiciary, all matters should be held in strict privacy. Such privacy policy, however, has continually come under fire over the years from all quarters, arguing that privacy fosters hidden corruption among the judges who are operating in secrecy. Nonethless, the idea of secrecy among judges has prevailed under the theory that secrecy preserves the integrity of the judiciary. Thus, the public is called upon to blindly accept the argument, “We’re judges, we do it right – just trust us!”

In Los Angeles , complaints against judges tops all other complaints asked to be investigated by the County Grand Jury . However, the Grand Jury has now been specifically precluded by statute from investigating judges. Since the creation of the CJP, all complaints against judges must now be directed to the Commission on Judicial Performance, where they are quickly sand-bagged and hidden forever from the light of day. The result is that the CJP has tons of indicting information on judges which are safely concealed away in secret files, and those offending judges can go on doing what they’ve always done as if nothing ever happened. If the heat gets too hot for any particular judge, the CJP will shuffle the judges around to another judicial district where they can start over.

As if a monkey wrench had dropped into the judicial secrecy gearbox, an Arkansas Appellate Court Judge named Wendell Griffen has specifically waived his right to privacy and the protection of his identity during his disciplanary proceeding, and has demanded that his case be made public, and open to the light of day, rather than conducted in secret.

His demand for openness has caused quite a stir in the judicial system, which raises the question as to why the court should continue to conduct proceedings in secrecy when the judge has waived his right to privacy. This question is now before the Arkansas Supreme Court with the State’s Judicial Commission arguing that despite the waiver of his privacy, they must keep the disiplinary proceeding secret in order to protect the integrity of the judicial system. Hence they deem privacy to be a systemic issue, not a personal matter. In other words, the Commission doesn’t waive “its right” to privacy, presuming it has that right in the first place.

This raises the issue of whether the conduct of any official on the public payroll would properly be a matter of secrecy at all from the public that pays him. It has been said that open sunlight is the best disinfectant. The Bible tells us, “…men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest…” John 3:19-21. Varmints such as rats, cockroaches and creeping things, as with judges, love darkness, and abhor the light of full disclosure. By nature, judicial commissions choose to proceed in secrecy because they, too, love darkness for the same reason.

“What’s there to hide?”

Click on the below URL and check out what is going on in the courts.

Griffen tells high court discipline hearing should be open
http://www.wmcstati story.asp? s=5925306&ClientType=Printable

son of a prophet said...

OK. now you got you dg money. where you gonna put it?

govt. thiefs wont get it?

January 14, 2007

Military Is Expanding Its Intelligence Role in U.S.


WASHINGTON, Jan. 13 — The Pentagon has been using a little-known power to obtain banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans and others suspected of terrorism or espionage inside the United States, part of an aggressive expansion by the military into domestic intelligence gathering.

The C.I.A. has also been issuing what are known as national security letters to gain access to financial records from American companies, though it has done so only rarely, intelligence officials say.

Banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions receiving the letters usually have turned over documents voluntarily, allowing investigators to examine the financial assets and transactions of American military personnel and civilians, officials say.

The F.B.I., the lead agency on domestic counterterrorism and espionage, has issued thousands of national security letters since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, provoking criticism and court challenges from civil liberties advocates who see them as unjustified intrusions into Americans’ private lives.

But it was not previously known, even to some senior counterterrorism officials, that the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency have been using their own “noncompulsory” versions of the letters. Congress has rejected several attempts by the two agencies since 2001 for authority to issue mandatory letters, in part because of concerns about the dangers of expanding their role in domestic spying.

The military and the C.I.A. have long been restricted in their domestic intelligence operations, and both are barred from conducting traditional domestic law enforcement work. The C.I.A.’s role within the United States has been largely limited to recruiting people to spy on foreign countries.

Carl Kropf, a spokesman for the director of national intelligence, said intelligence agencies like the C.I.A. used the letters on only a “limited basis.”

Pentagon officials defended the letters as valuable tools and said they were part of a broader strategy since the Sept. 11 attacks to use more aggressive intelligence-gathering tactics — a priority of former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld. The letters “provide tremendous leads to follow and often with which to corroborate other evidence in the context of counterespionage and counterterrorism,” said Maj. Patrick Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman.

Government lawyers say the legal authority for the Pentagon and the C.I.A. to use national security letters in gathering domestic records dates back nearly three decades and, by their reading, was strengthened by the antiterrorism law known as the USA Patriot Act.

Pentagon officials said they used the letters to follow up on a variety of intelligence tips or leads. While they would not provide details about specific cases, military intelligence officials with knowledge of them said the military had issued the letters to collect financial records regarding a government contractor with unexplained wealth, for example, and a chaplain at Guantánamo Bay erroneously suspected of aiding prisoners at the facility.

Usually, the financial documents collected through the letters do not establish any links to espionage or terrorism and have seldom led to criminal charges, military officials say. Instead, the letters often help eliminate suspects.

“We may find out this person has unexplained wealth for reasons that have nothing to do with being a spy, in which case we’re out of it,” said Thomas A. Gandy, a senior Army counterintelligence official.

But even when the initial suspicions are unproven, the documents have intelligence value, military officials say. In the next year, they plan to incorporate the records into a database at the Counterintelligence Field Activity office at the Pentagon to track possible threats against the military, Pentagon officials said. Like others interviewed, they would speak only on the condition of anonymity.

Military intelligence officers have sent letters in up to 500 investigations over the last five years, two officials estimated. The number of letters is likely to be well into the thousands, the officials said, because a single case often generates letters to multiple financial institutions. For its part, the C.I.A. issues a handful of national security letters each year, agency officials said. Congressional officials said members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees had been briefed on the use of the letters by the military and the C.I.A.

Some national security experts and civil liberties advocates are troubled by the C.I.A. and military taking on domestic intelligence activities, particularly in light of recent disclosures that the Counterintelligence Field Activity office had maintained files on Iraq war protesters in the United States in violation of the military’s own guidelines. Some experts say the Pentagon has adopted an overly expansive view of its domestic role under the guise of “force protection,” or efforts to guard military installations.

“There’s a strong tradition of not using our military for domestic law enforcement,” said Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker, a former general counsel at both the National Security Agency and the C.I.A. who is the dean at the McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific. “They’re moving into territory where historically they have not been authorized or presumed to be operating.”

Similarly, John Radsan, an assistant general counsel at the C.I.A. from 2002 to 2004 and now a law professor at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, said, “The C.I.A. is not supposed to have any law enforcement powers, or internal security functions, so if they’ve been issuing their own national security letters, they better be able to explain how they don’t cross the line.”

The Pentagon’s expanded intelligence-gathering role, in particular, has created occasional conflicts with other federal agencies. Pentagon efforts to post American military officers at embassies overseas to gather intelligence for counterterrorism operations or future war plans has rankled some State Department and C.I.A. officials, who see the military teams as duplicating and potentially interfering with the intelligence agency.

In the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has complained about military officials dealing directly with local police — rather than through the bureau — for assistance in responding to possible terrorist threats against a military base. F.B.I. officials say the threats have often turned out to be uncorroborated and, at times, have stirred needless anxiety.

The military’s frequent use of national security letters has sometimes caused concerns from the businesses receiving them, a counterterrorism official said. Lawyers at financial institutions, which routinely provide records to the F.B.I. in law enforcement investigations, have contacted bureau officials to say they were confused by the scope of the military’s requests and whether they were obligated to turn the records over, the official said.

Companies are not eager to turn over sensitive financial data about customers to the government, the official said, “so the more this is done, and the more poorly it’s done, the more pushback there is for the F.B.I.”

The bureau has frequently relied on the letters in recent years to gather telephone and Internet logs, financial information and other records in terrorism investigations, serving more than 9,000 letters in 2005, according to a Justice Department tally. As an investigative tool, the letters present relatively few hurdles; they can be authorized by supervisors rather than a court. Passage of the Patriot Act in October 2001 lowered the standard for issuing the letters, requiring only that the documents sought be “relevant” to an investigation and allowing records requests for more peripheral figures, not just targets of an inquiry.

Some Democrats have accused the F.B.I. of using the letters for fishing expeditions, and the American Civil Liberties Union won court challenges in two cases, one for library records in Connecticut and the other for Internet records in Manhattan. Concerned about possible abuses, Congress imposed new safeguards in extending the Patriot Act last year, in part by making clear that recipients of national security letters could contact a lawyer and seek court review. Congress also directed the Justice Department inspector general to study the F.B.I.’s use of the letters, a review that is continuing.

Unlike the F.B.I., the military and the C.I.A. do not have wide-ranging authority to seek records on Americans in intelligence investigations. But the expanded use of national security letters has allowed the Pentagon and the intelligence agency to collect records on their own. Sometimes, military or C.I.A. officials work with the F.B.I. to seek records, as occurred with an American translator who had worked for the military in Iraq and was suspected of having ties to insurgents.

After the Sept. 11 attacks, Mr. Rumsfeld directed military lawyers and intelligence officials to examine their legal authorities to collect intelligence both inside the United States and abroad. They concluded that the Pentagon had “way more” legal tools than it had been using, a senior Defense Department official said.

Military officials say the Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978, which establishes procedures for government access to sensitive banking data, first authorized them to issue national security letters. The military had used the letters sporadically for years, officials say, but the pace accelerated in late 2001, when lawyers and intelligence officials concluded that the Patriot Act strengthened their ability to use the letters to seek financial records on a voluntary basis and to issue mandatory letters to obtain credit ratings, the officials said.

The Patriot Act does not specifically mention military intelligence or C.I.A. officials in connection with the national security letters.

Some F.B.I. officials said they were surprised by the Pentagon’s interpretation of the law when military officials first informed them of it. “It was a very broad reading of the law,” a former counterterrorism official said.

While the letters typically have been used to trace the financial transactions of military personnel, they also have been used to investigate civilian contractors and people with no military ties who may pose a threat to the military, officials said. Military officials say they regard the letters as one of the least intrusive means to gather evidence. When a full investigation is opened, one official said, it has now become “standard practice” to issue such letters.

One prominent case in which letters were used to obtain financial records, according to two military officials, was that of a Muslim chaplain at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, who was suspected in 2003 of aiding terror suspects imprisoned at the facility. The espionage case against the chaplain, James J. Yee, soon collapsed.

Eugene Fidell, a defense lawyer for the former chaplain and a military law expert, said he was unaware that military investigators may have used national security letters to obtain financial information about Mr. Yee, nor was he aware that the military had ever claimed the authority to issue the letters.

Mr. Fidell said he found the practice “disturbing,” in part because the military does not have the same checks and balances when it comes to Americans’ civil rights as does the F.B.I. “Where is the accountability?” he asked. “That’s the evil of it — it doesn’t leave fingerprints.”

Even when a case is closed, military officials said they generally maintain the records for years because they may be relevant to future intelligence inquiries. Officials at the Pentagon’s counterintelligence unit say they plan to incorporate those records into a database, called Portico, on intelligence leads. The financial documents will not be widely disseminated, but limited to investigators, an intelligence official said.

“You don’t want to destroy something only to find out that the same guy comes up in another report and you don’t know that he was investigated before,” the official said.

The Counterintelligence Field Activity office, created in 2002 to better coordinate the military’s efforts to combat foreign intelligence services, has drawn criticism for some domestic intelligence activities.

The agency houses an antiterrorist database of intelligence tips and threat reports, known as Talon, which had been collecting information on antiwar planning meetings at churches, libraries and other locations. The Defense Department has since tightened its procedures for what kind of information is allowed into the Talon database, and the counterintelligence office also purged more than 250 incident reports from the database that officials determined should never have been included because they centered on lawful political protests by people opposed to the war in Iraq.

partysecured said...

Hang in there Kurt you truly are a hero to me . I'm sure if you wanted out youd be out by now ,,why you stay in there doing battle is one of the most remarkable things I've seen.

Im sure the battle is getting tedious and old and if you decide to bag it I'd definitely understand.

It will be nice however to see what two men with fatih and a passion to eliminate a corruptious blight , can do ......I can't wait for your victory.

I know this post may seem trivial and trite but I mean it truly and can't wait to see you out again

provb1022 said...

Sometimes our worst perceived accidents, end up being a blessing in disguise in the end. When your life is out of control, you still have control of your thoughts and that's the most precious and valuable real estate there is between your two ears.

Mogel thanks for an excellent sermon .. You really impress and encourage me with your knowledge and experience. You really are a blessing to me and Im sure many others.

son of a prophet said...

Scenario of "24" Parallels Real Plan!


Scenario for new season parallels real plan - to use domestic terrorism as excuse to suspend Constitution, imprison people with a wide net, and end liberties as we know them

Premier Episode of '24' Very Disturbing In Light of Current Erosion of Personal Liberty and Freedoms Lost Since

Sun Jan 14 2007 18:14:34 ET

As Washington continues to raise concerns about terror threats on The Homeland -- a recent CIA report outlined a scenerio of possible "series of explosions using 'low charge' nuclear weapons" -- Hollywood and FOX-TV are set to up the ante with the new season of 24!

Few outside of the 24 set know the exact details of the new season unfolding, but studio sources claim producers are pushing hard to take it radioactive this time -- and keep it there.

"Time to wake the country up!" a top FOX source told the DRUDGE REPORT over the weekend. "I do not think there has ever been TV done like this, the viewer is going to be completely riveted."

The source claims executives are prepared for any fallout from local municipalities that may be on the receiving end of plot turns and twists. How many cities 24 puts on 'nuke alert' is unclear.

FOX has set a highly-controversial espisode of 24 to air Monday night, opposite NBC's GOLDEN GLOBES.

In 2002, White House officials questioned the timing and release of PARAMOUNT's action movie SUM OF ALL FEARS -- a movie which depicts a nuclear bomb unleashed on an American sporting event!