Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Red Carpet (12-30-09)

Red carpets are used to usher in guests of honor. This type could never be more true than for the Sons of God. One thing is clear about God's love is that it is stained with the shedding of crimson blood. Anyone who has had the privilege to be an invited guest has walked upon this precious treasure of a carpet satiated by an immeasurable love.

Though the course of this gauntlet called Dorean has been precarious my feet have ever been guided by this honor roll laid before me. Direction was enhanced from the certainty of His word to the Absolute of His love. It was impossible for me to get lost in this trial.

As a father one could only hope to prepare their children for life with such a confidence and understanding of love. It is true perfect love cast out fear. No matter the dangers feet standing upon such perfect love cannot falter or become concerned. the witness of this love forever settles that it is superior to any threat and soothes by its existence.

Dorean began for me by a promise. A promise larger than my life. I had to stretch and grow so I launched off with a 17 day fast. Jail was the next major change so I launched off with a 40 day fast. The trial was next so I constantly fasted. A 25 year sentence was the next stage so I fasted 21 days. Now as I write this the path of this carpet makes it clear that what all this expansion has been leading up to is right before me. The man called to exit this trial is a greater man than the one who entered. I do not boast of my fasting but since God chose to make my life public I choose to use it publicly. This current fast which will be completed by this post was to expand my intimacy and to allow myself to walk naked as it were through the transition made obvious by this course of love. God's plans definitely want me to be made a treasure of His love to all of you. I see a red carpet being laid out for all of you and to this I want to be a party.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Atlas Colony - 11/27/09

This story comes to me of myth and legend. As to the historical truth, I have no way to verify, but as to the truth taught by the story I am convinced.

There was a great leader in a colony of ants whose name was Alsup (mere coincidence). He was a judge considered very wise and authoritative. All the ants revered his opinion. He reasoned one day that ants as a species were too divided and that under a unification, they could dominate the world. The key was to inspire all to a hope of gain. "It is true that we ants are of all creatures the greatest in number and in strength," he began his speech. "I am convinced if we united in a common goal nothing can stop us. Even God would take notice of us and we can change our station. No longer shall we be viewed as the insignificant, but as a will that must be recognized. I believe if we combine our strength and numbers to move the continents, who could stop us?" One of the other leaders interjected, "Did man not attempt something of this import with the Tower of Babel?" "Our plan is not the same; they wanted to become God's master and we only desire to become our own and to convince God by our feats that we are worthy of a status change. They are weaker than us physically and in that their wills cannot remain unified as ours. My proposal is that we all migrate, under earth to avoid detection, to the San Andreas Fault just north of Simi Valley. There we will use all our combined strength and effort to push the continent apart. We will push west until a new continent is formed and dominated by us. Men will fear and respect us because they will recognize our power to change their lives. God will see all we accomplished and treat us as we deserve."

God did take notice of their pride. Their plan were stealthy to every other creature. Soon all were amassed into what became known as the Atlas Colony. With one accord they began to push west with all their might on the west side of the fault.

In the heavens God was seen laughing at their foolish endeavor. An ant was in the station of being an ant based on superior will and knowledge they could never comprehend. They were not the first creatures to proudly make demands upon God, nor would they be the last. God laughed, but was also offended and decided a course of action. He commanded that the fault part.

On earth, or in earth I should say, the movement was immediately assumed a sign of success. A great cheer went up. The ants were changing one of God's laws and He would honor them for their joint efforts. The earth moving caused more than half the colony to fall down into the new crevasse. It was no issue for the ants who were master of this domain. They simply remained pushing from their new location. At that time, God commanded the fault to close. Violently and rapidly it closed, crushing all that fell within it. A horror shook the colony and destroyed their resolve. Alsup was forever shamed and the ants swore never to join their colonies again.

God laughed because His laws are irrefutable and irrevocable and because every attempt to annul one is as insignificant as the proud ant. Regardless of the humor, justice will always prevail and those who want to put the world on their shoulder will never avail. On earth a small quake was felt but in heaven only the rumble of laughter.

Monday, February 01, 2010


Gossamer and lace curtains lay placid

slightly toasted from years of denying the sun

This was a secret room

and what took place here could not come to light

Washington was a buzz

but there was no fresh breeze

that could carry a butterfly or a whisper

Nothing to pierce or match the barometer

of the stale and guilty air within this room

Connected to halls of justice

to halls of congress, to halls of administration

but completely removed from the public

the assembly was banished

No mention except for the sting and twitch of shame upon a brow

or the blush of deceit, perhaps the snickers of the cabals

They would die slowly but they would die none the less

Ladies, fiduciaries, trustees know by name and deed

Madam Mercee, Lady Liberty, justice, Truth, Respect

each now with twisted, gnarled hands bent from endless nurturing

and hair made silver with the spinning of concern

The fabric of America was their endowment

Like the Queen of Hawaii they would quilt a record

of the intrigue and death of sovereignty

This testimonial tapestry would weave their indictment

square by square they would tile their complaint

there would be moments to darn the democracy fraud

and stitch by stitch they would thread the failed dream

On occasion knit the knots of hypocrisy and babel

until the fabric of America was folded into this quilt of the lost Republic

This was not a perfect quilt in form

but in substance made perfect with blood and tears

a final gift to be put away in the cedar hope chest

of the scorned betrothed whose vows were never consummated

wounded, abused, and hated, perhaps someday she'll be comforted

by this quilt of the lost Republic and remember the joys of real love

and find a legitimate suitor properly suited

in the quality fabric that made the fabric of America great

These ladies were dying with no family left among men

their names were used with no memory of their being

mere cameos of language for the shadows of speech

Their life would be sown into this parting gift

and their memory, their history, left for just one woman to resurrect.