Monday, February 01, 2010


Gossamer and lace curtains lay placid

slightly toasted from years of denying the sun

This was a secret room

and what took place here could not come to light

Washington was a buzz

but there was no fresh breeze

that could carry a butterfly or a whisper

Nothing to pierce or match the barometer

of the stale and guilty air within this room

Connected to halls of justice

to halls of congress, to halls of administration

but completely removed from the public

the assembly was banished

No mention except for the sting and twitch of shame upon a brow

or the blush of deceit, perhaps the snickers of the cabals

They would die slowly but they would die none the less

Ladies, fiduciaries, trustees know by name and deed

Madam Mercee, Lady Liberty, justice, Truth, Respect

each now with twisted, gnarled hands bent from endless nurturing

and hair made silver with the spinning of concern

The fabric of America was their endowment

Like the Queen of Hawaii they would quilt a record

of the intrigue and death of sovereignty

This testimonial tapestry would weave their indictment

square by square they would tile their complaint

there would be moments to darn the democracy fraud

and stitch by stitch they would thread the failed dream

On occasion knit the knots of hypocrisy and babel

until the fabric of America was folded into this quilt of the lost Republic

This was not a perfect quilt in form

but in substance made perfect with blood and tears

a final gift to be put away in the cedar hope chest

of the scorned betrothed whose vows were never consummated

wounded, abused, and hated, perhaps someday she'll be comforted

by this quilt of the lost Republic and remember the joys of real love

and find a legitimate suitor properly suited

in the quality fabric that made the fabric of America great

These ladies were dying with no family left among men

their names were used with no memory of their being

mere cameos of language for the shadows of speech

Their life would be sown into this parting gift

and their memory, their history, left for just one woman to resurrect.


sopsback said...

To my friends, fellow patriots and lovers of freedom worldwide,

Some time ago I promised a final remedy to enslavement at the hands of corporations posing as legitimate government. Well, the time has finally arrived. This is the most important email I have ever written and it represents an end, once and for all, at the source, to the swat teams, arrests, foreclosures, garnishments, seizures, tax prosecutions and hardships which result from failing to pray to corporate institutions or exhibit evidence of subject-class citizenship.

This Sunday night at 8 PM on TAKE NO PRISONERS (Republic Broadcasting Network), I will be joined by the leaders of the freedom movement for the high honor of bringing you – without commercial interruption - an end to economic warfare and political terror by March 31, 2010. In two months, we can, and will, be free, with your assistance.

The Restore America Plan is not a patriot scheme. IT WAS PROPOSED TO US BY THE MILITARY MORE THAN A YEAR AGO. Having developed the necessary tools, we are now ready to execute the plan beginning Sunday night.

If you truly desire to restore the posterity and end your problems once and for all, I invite you to tune in Sunday Night, and more importantly, to contact every one on your freedom email list. Sunday night we begin the methodical process of reinhabiting the original de jure institutions (which never ceased to exist) of the free American republics quickly, quietly, efficiently and peacefully, and without the need for re-educating the unconscious public or loud proclamations that are sure to evoke resistance and violence.

Very simply, the Restore America Plan will reverse the wicked deeds of 1933 and 1865 BEHIND THE SCENES, with the same cleverness the bankers used to remove money, law and dignity, and without disturbing the peace. We, the sovereign People, will be in charge as the ONE AND ONLY LAWFUL AUTHORITY ON THE LAND. Not just in name, but in reality.

Even if the plan had not been proposed by the military, the very nature of re-inhabiting the lawful de jure institutions of government is itself the victory we have all been seeking. Actors throughout the United States Federal Corporation understand they must ultimately defer to the de jure authority on the land when properly assembled and credentialed in sufficient number.

sopsback said...

And so does the military –which is why they made the offer. The responsibility is enormous – and so are the risks if we fail. THE MILITARY HAS CHARGED US WITH THE HIGH RESPONSIBILITY OF ENDING THE SPIRAL TO WORLD WAR III being orchestrated by the Rulers of Evil. Never have men borne such responsibility. We are the last best hope for mankind. Essentially, we have been asked to provide the military with an alternative to a corporate CEO as their commander, and to re-inhabit all the de jure institutions that have been pre-empted from governance.

And…we…will. Folks, it is time to step-up to the plate. It is time to be part of the solution instead of the list of perpetual victims. Your future and the future of your children are in YOUR hands. A line has been drawn in the sand. If we fail to come together and accept responsibility, there will be no one else to blame. There will be no more excuses. The future IS ours to create. Either we seize the brass ring or slink away into obscurity.

That is what we are bringing you Sunday night on TAKE NO PRISONERS at 8 PM Eastern time. No less than a moment of epochal importance in the history of mankind. That is why the network so graciously dropped commercial messages. All of the details and materials have been planned, worked-out and implemented from first presentation to enforcement. We are ready to close the deal. I hope you will join me and my very special guests for this live commercial-free broadcast.

TAKE NO PRISONERS is carried live every Sunday night at 8 PM EST on FM stations around the nation, on Shoutcast (using the free Shoutcast application on iPhones and other handhelds), and live on the internet at:

Wishing you a blessed day and tomorrow.

Sam Kennedy


Republic Broadcasting network

The Save America Crusade


sopsback said...

or go listen to the recording of last sundays nites broadcast as in the last entries post

sopsback said...


so dats why the nylon calinda end in 2012?

thats the date theat the feral reverse end too!

A grim report given to President Medvedev today by Finance Minister of the Russian Federation Alexei Kudrin is stating that the private European banking conglomerate known as the United States Federal Reserve System, that basically rules over the finances of America, has given a “shock warning” to President Obama that they do not intend to renew the charter granted to them in 1913 by the US Congress and is set to expire on December 21, 2012, which (coincidentally?) is also the exact date that the controversial Mayan Calendar predicts will be the ending of our present age.

sopsback said...

they do not intend to renew the charter granted to them in 1913 by the US Congress and is set to expire on December 21, 2012





sopsback said...

sopsback said...

this sunday morning on MEET THE PRESS should be fun.

gregory will be interview 2 fromer chefs of THE FED.



maybe he will axe them...

"...btw, ho much did each of yo rob while yo was there?"

sopsback said...

an he shuold also axe them if THE FED is prejus agans anynone?

beecoss all the chefs of THE FED are juice?

judge allslop said...

Consider what has happened so far: The U.S. economy is still grappling with the consequences of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression; trillions of dollars of potential income have been lost; the lives of millions have been damaged, in some cases irreparably, by mass unemployment; millions more have seen their savings wiped out; hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, will lose essential health care because of the combination of job losses and draconian cutbacks by cash-strapped state governments. And this disaster was entirely self-inflicted. This isn’t like the stagflation of the 1970s, which had a lot to do with soaring oil prices, which were, in turn, the result of political instability in the Middle East. This time we’re in trouble entirely thanks to the dysfunctional nature of our own financial system. Everyone understands this – everyone, it seems, except the financiers themselves. there was nothing accidental about the crisis. From the late 1970s on, the American financial system, freed by deregulation and a political climate in which greed was presumed to be good, spun ever further out of control. There were ever-greater rewards – bonuses beyond the dreams of avarice – for bankers who could generate big short-term profits. And the way to raise those profits was to pile up ever more debt, both by pushing loans on the public and by taking on ever-higher leverage within the financial industry.
And on and on it goes. Where it ends nobody knows.How it ends we know.

US Congress sends Obama bill to hike debt limit

WASHINGTON — The US Congress on Thursday sent President Barack Obama legislation allowing the United States to borrow another 1.9 trillion dollars, hiking the national debt ceiling to a historic 14.3 trillion. An angry election-year debate over soaring government deficits was on full display as the US House of Representatives signed off on the increase in a 217-212 procedural vote before a final ballot on the underlying bill.
All of President Barack Obama’s Republican critics and 37 of his Democratic allies opposed the move, which came one week after the similarly divided US Senate approved the increase.

Mortgage free said...


Sure people are going to listen to your crap rather than watch the Superbowl.

judge allslop said...

If there're meeting in the Artic circle what's coming can't be good.The crap mortgage document you signed and the the financial criminals that sliced them into a million pieces of shit and sold them for for a kings ransom to school teachers pension funds are likely dealing all those illegal foreclosures that are being held off the balance sheets (to sell more shit stock to share holders)to our Chinese lenders. Brush up on your mandarin. Where's the next meeting,the space shuttle?

By George Lekakis and Fleur Leyden
February 06, 2010

THE world’s top central bankers began arriving in Australia yesterday as renewed fears about the strength of the global economic recovery gripped world share markets. Representatives from 24 central banks and monetary authorities including the US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank landed in Sydney to meet tomorrow at a secret location, the Herald Sun reports. Organized by the Bank for International Settlements last year, the two-day talks are shrouded in secrecy with high-level security believed to have been invoked by law enforcement agencies. Speculation that the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Dr Ben Bernanke, would make an appearance could not be confirmed last night. The event will be dominated by Asian delegations and is expected to include governors of the Peoples Bank of China, the Bank of Japan and the Reserve Bank of India.

judge allslop said...

quotes of the day.

"You just can’t fix stupid."

From Erik Nilsson, an economist at Scotia Capital: “Let me get this straight: investors are getting out of the euro zone (2010 deficit/GDP 6.7 per cent; debt/GDP 88 per cent, according to OECD) because of its poor fiscal situation and flocking to the U.S. (10.7 per cent and 92 per cent, respectively).”

sopsback said...

stick it!

just like i sayed...

Lou Minotti turn the 'Aints into Saints and let them win the SB

refs in they packits....

sopsback said...

why dont all yo patrits sign up for sam kennedys and become a "guardian"

instead of just complainin' do sumting about it will ya?

judge allslop said...

What? Will tungsten Timmy call in air strikes on Moody's personal.

Geithner Says U.S. Will ‘Never’ Lose Aaa Debt Rating (Update1)
By Rebecca Christie

Feb. 8 (Bloomberg) — Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said the U.S. is in no danger of losing its Aaa debt rating even though the Obama administration has predicted a $1.6 trillion budget deficit in 2010.
“Absolutely not,” Geithner said, when asked in an ABC News interview broadcast yesterday whether a downgrade is a concern. “That will never happen to this country.”

台灣 said...


sopsback said...

you wont be hearing from kirk and scoot anymo, so mite ass well just close down this blaaaaaaaghhhhh...

they alreddy assended up↑ on anther plant...

kirk: "scooty, beem me up↑ NOW!!

scooty: "i cunt cap'n...i alreddy bemmed up meself...yo haf ta let mr. spook do it for ya! or mr. zooloo, or lt. a'hua, or checkoff if you want to checkout! "

kirk: "dammit scooty, yo f**king drunk scootsman....IM STILL IN CUMMAND"


sopsback said...


Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 11:11 PM

Subject: End of the World

Today my 13 year old daughter asked me if the world is going to end on Dec 2012. This is the first that I have heard of this. Is there any historical background on this prediction, or is this just a rumour started to scare children? Thank You a concerned parent.




DATE: Feb. 11, 2010



Thank you for your letter. Your daughter's statement is based upon the most accurate prophesy of our world's future thus far, the Mayan Calendar, the dating of which ends on December 21, 2012. Much has been written about this, which you can find on the Internet, as well as on Fourwinds.

I will probably blow you away with this statement, but due to the Photon Belt energies, which our earth is now passing through, time has been speeded up, which shortened the second. This has changed time, as we know it, so we passed the date of 2012 in 2006. This means we are in "over-time", and our earth may move into her major cleansing cycle at any moment, as she does at the end of each 10,000 to 12,000 year civilization.

At that point all, who choose to do so, will be evacuated from our planet by the starships presently surrounding our earth, and who have come in friendship, sent by Creator God for that very purpose.

Much is known and has been written about this. If you are new to this information, you have much to learn to become knowledgeable about these Truths. Phoenix Journals numbers four and five contain some of this information, as well as my writings and that of many other spiritually enlightened writers in recent years.

Your daughter is an example of many young people, who are now awakening to Truth.