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Worldview, 11-20-2009

Many of you think my talk of Christ irrelevant to the Dorean plan or outcome. I this blog, I am expressing my worldview. Your worldview is that collective view that shapes your character and your entire frame of reference to life. It is the set of rails your will runs upon. Our nation was formed by the worldview of deists. The revolution could not have occurred and our Constitution could have been written by another worldview. The world no longer accepts this worldview and has fallen into naturalism or post-modernism. Both embrace science as the educator and only source of truth. Relativism varies slightly between the views. These worldviews are shaping every important aspect of our culture. The Christian worldview which has absolutes inherent within it rebukes these other worldviews as false. False is not an attribute of the other worldviews. Under these views Alsup has no accountability nor do the lenders. The cultural norms of accepted practices are the laws of the moment. Lenders to not have to be lenders in a classical sense are only so in name and function. Truth doesn't have to be truth in a absolute classical sense, but only relative to its functionality.

I would think learning that my will has been bound by absolute moral certainties in a classical sense in the development and execution of Dorean would give you hope. Your moral expectations are based upon what? What is your worldview? Do you believe absolutely that one should not steal or lie? Where do you obtain these absolutes? If they are absolute, can you give license to economic, political, and judicial institutions that differ from what you hold your neighbor and yourself to? You call me a liar and a thief. Okay, what of the lenders? Do they pass your absolute standard of honesty? How about the prosecutors and courts who use relativistic rhetoric to establish truth instead of investigation to uncover real truth. Do you hold them accountable to their judgment?

Why do you not delight in the fact that I lay life down for the battle for truth and have a worldview that makes truth important? Would you rather have trustees with the popular worldviews that make functionality the basis of choice? What choices would I have made already with this view that would have offended your absolutes? I tell you this truth; it is better to have men with this Christian worldview as your trustees in this epic battle than any other option, bar none. So stop complaining about my religious talk and analyze how it benefits you. Then pray the Lord strengthen your servants and your cause because it is true in a world of falsity.


sopsback said...

lou minotti send the world a massage:

time fo everynone to get relgious.





sopsback said...

loo minooti send his massages in a subtool way.

by making the aints win the SB.

the vaticum set to take cuntrol of thins.

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here we are it almost grundhog day and the blaaaagh entries are not even past thanksgiving yet?

at this rate, it will be next thankgiving before the entries reach this past thanking...????

this bog is all blaaaaaaghed down.

habakkuk said...

Job 34:16-30

16 “If you have understanding, hear this;
Listen to the sound of my words:

17 Should one who hates justice govern?
Will you condemn Him who is most just?

18 Is it fitting to say to a king, ‘You are worthless,’
And to nobles, ‘You are wicked’?

19 Yet He is not partial to princes,
Nor does He regard the rich more than the poor;
For they are all the work of His hands.

20 In a moment they die, in the middle of the night;
The people are shaken and pass away;
The mighty are taken away without a hand.

21 “For His eyes are on the ways of man,
And He sees all his steps.

22 There is no darkness nor shadow of death
Where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves.

23 For He need not further consider a man,
That he should go before God in judgment.

24 He breaks in pieces mighty men without inquiry,
And sets others in their place.

25 Therefore He knows their works;
He overthrows them in the night,
And they are crushed.

26 He strikes them as wicked men
In the open sight of others,

27 Because they turned back from Him,
And would not consider any of His ways,

28 So that they caused the cry of the poor to come to Him;
For He hears the cry of the afflicted.

29 When He gives quietness, who then can make trouble?
And when He hides His face, who then can see Him,
Whether it is against a nation or a man alone?—

30 That the hypocrite should not reign,
Lest the people be ensnared.

judge allslop said...

Of course they'll get their way, there is no integrity left that isn't for sale.

ALERT – Florida Banksters Move to Dramatically Speed Up the Foreclosure Process by Changing FL to a NON JUDICIAL STATE

If bankers get their way, Floridians facing foreclosure could be kicked out of their homes in as little as three months. The Florida Bankers Association, the 400-member-strong lenders’ lobby, has presented state legislators with a bill to upend decades of Florida law and establish “non-judicial” foreclosures in Florida by July 1.
What’s a non-judicial foreclosure? Banks would accelerate foreclosures against defaulting homeowners by bypassing the courts. Judges would no longer rule on foreclosure cases.
Some states — 37 in fact — already grant that fast-track foreclosure authority, including California, Georgia, Alabama and Texas. But Florida, with its plethora of vacation and retiree homes, has always been big on homeowner rights.
If you’re a financially strapped Florida homeowner — 62,719 Tampa Bay properties got foreclosure notices last year — the 53-page bill contains worrisome signs:
• Non-judicial foreclosures must conclude in no less than three months and no more than a year. Most Florida foreclosures take a year to 18 months to work through the courts these days, longer if a lawyer fights a successful rear guard action. So in 90 days banks can theoretically auction the home out from under you. • The Florida Supreme Court’s newly endorsed mandatory mediation for lenders and homeowners would effectively go bye-bye. The bill provides only for informal meetings between creditors and debtors. Even after homeowners are evicted, banks can still pursue them for unpaid mortgage debt. But banks will waive that right if homeowners avoid trashing or stripping the house before the new owner takes over. The bankers association has titled the bill The Florida Consumer Protection and Homeowner Credit Rehabilitation Act. Association president Alex Sanchez views the bill as a way to break a foreclosure crisis partly caused by mortgage fraud.

sopsback said... they say....

"life is just a bowl of slop"


sopsback said...

so eat it while it hot!

sopsback said...

too funny!!!!



Posted: 12:57 AM, January 29, 2010

Score one for deep-pocketed bankers with time to kill.

After one of Wall Street's highest-paid bankers sparred with a teacher at his son's liberal Texas school, a principal has resigned.

The former Lehman Brothers investment banking boss Hugh "Skip" McGee penned a strongly worded, five-page letter complaining that a teacher at the posh Kincaid School in Houston referred to bankers as "sleazeballs."

McGee, now head of global investment banking at Barclays Capital, called for the dismissal of Upper School Principal Michael Saltman, Headmaster Donald North and the teacher, Leslie Lovett.

On Wednesday, North issued a letter announcing that Saltman would retire at the end of the year. McGee was one of Lehman's highest paid bankers, raking in eight-figure annual salaries, according to one source. His son, John Edward, is an 11th grader at Kincaid. School officials could not be reached by press time.

sopsback said...

teacher at the posh Kincaid School in Houston referred to bankers as "sleazeballs."


judge allslop said...

"The banks are f***ed, we're f***ed, the country's f***ed." -- British Cabinet Minister

Vast fraud, theft, and counterfeit lies inside Freddie and Fannie books. The criminal aspect must be hidden, while the mortgagor of last resort role has been approved and instilled. An impression has been made of creating a professional executive staff, when coverup is the prime objective. The executive roll resembles a turnstyle or revolving door. The previous Freddie Mac Chief Financial Officer was suicided in his Virginia home less than one year ago, a fact omitted consistently in the press. Strong assistance was given to see David Kellermann hanged by the neck in his own home. He knew too much, wished to resign, and wanted to come forward with information. "Kellermann was a behind the scenes guy who never showed up on anyone's radar until he was appointed (acting) CFO last September. He had a reputation of being a straight shooter with high ethical standards," said Guy Cecala, publisher of Inside Mortgage Finance, a mortgage trade publication that covers Freddie Mac. Ethics are a liability in a syndicate.

Decided on January 25, 2010
Supreme Court, Allegany County
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, As Trustee for FFMLT 2006-FF13, Plaintiff,
Terry A. McRae a/k/a Terry McRae, et. al., Defendants.

By way of the September 8, 2009 Order, this court previously determined that Plaintiff lacked standing, because it failed “to submit evidence of proper assignment/delivery of mortgage and note.” Thereafter, Plaintiff submitted a second copy of the Note, which for the first time contained an endorsement by First Franklin, a Division of National City Bank of Indiana, to First [*4]Franklin Financial Corporation, and an endorsement in blank by First Franklin Financial Corporation. The endorsement in blank, however, is undated. In stark contrast, the copy of the Note attached to the complaint bears no such endorsements. Obviously, the endorsements were made in response to the September 8, 2009 Order, which post-date the commencement of this case (in January 2009), and are ineffective. [MERS v. Coakley, at 674; see also Kluge v. Fugazy, 145 AD2d 537 (2nd Dept. 1988) (absent assignment or delivery of the note, the assignment of the mortgage is a nullity)]. There being no evidence that the endorsements were made prior to the commencement of the action, Plaintiff failed to establish that it was in possession of the Note at the time it commenced this action.
A plaintiff seeking judicial redress must have standing before this court. “If standing is denied, the pathway to the courthouse is blocked” (Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. v. Pataki, 100 NY2d 801, 812 [2003], cert denied 540 U.S. 1017 [2003]). “Standing … requires an interest in the claim at issue in the lawsuit that the law will recognize as a sufficient predicate for determining the issue at the litigant’s request” (Caprer v. Nussbaum, 36 AD3d 176 [2nd Dept. 2006]).
Today, with multiple and (and often unrecorded) assignments of mortgage obligations and multiple securitizations often related to the same debt, the courts should carefully scrutinize the status of parties who claim the right to enforce these mortgage obligations. For the unrepresented homeowner, the issues of standing and real party in interest status of the foreclosing party are never considered. Without such scrutiny, there is a risk that the courts will give the judicial “seal of approval” to foreclosures against unrepresented homeowners who have little, if any, understanding of these issues, much less the legal significance thereof. To quote my colleague in Kings County, “[a]llowing this case to proceed on behalf of a plaintiff without standing at the commencement of the action would [also] open the door to potential fraud and place in jeopardy the integrity of title to the property to be foreclosed.” [Bowling, supra at p. 4].

judge allslop said...

"VETERANS TODAY" nails these assholes. Stop the BS, It's become too obvious


The new audio tape from “Osama bin Laden” taking responsibility for the idiotic and childish incident in Detroit where moronic Nigerian armed with a useless “bomb” is simply too much. Now using audio tapes because, supposedly, nobody in Al Qaeda got a flash drive video recorder for Christmas is even more of a joke. Please, with the hundreds of millions our Saudi allies have given to terrorists, a video camera the size of an Ipod might have been a nice touch. Even funnier was releasing the audio, using algorithm software probably illegally downloaded off the internet, and giving it to Al only thankful that the duped terrorist, or as Lee Oswald had said, “patsy”, was the moronic son of a long time Mossad business associate in Nigeria. Mr. Mutallab, banker, but mostly head of Nigeria’s defense industry, DICON, managed almost entirely by Israelis, may have much more story to tell other than the one he told CIA Chief of Station on November 19, 2009. Do we want to follow former Homeland Security director Chertoff, not only a Jewish activist but currently representing companies selling body scanners to airports and the mysterious ability for someone on worldwide terrorist watch lists to be escorted onto a US bound airliner without passport or search? Billions in profits were realized almost instantly after this incident. Companies tied to Chertoff, Israel and India were on the receiving end.The second possibility, one designed for the “spiritual” crowd is this:

“I am Osama, the ghost of Tora Bora. Please give more money to Israel, vote to extend the Patriot Act and buy new airport scanners from the companies listed on my weekly newsletter distributed by SITE Intelligence. Watch for more insane threats coming in the future and have a nice weekend. Remember to stop eating pork.”

sopsback said...

can the dg remdy be far behind?


From: sam kennedy
Sent: Fri 1/29/10 4:32 PM

sopsback said...

look like the "final solushin" is at hand.

sopsback said...

yo got mucho $$$$$$$$ cumming to yo!!!!!!!

sopsback said...

hear ex miltry talk about yemen stargate and planned upcumming false falg opertions filmed 1-27-10

Mortgage free said...

Sopsback -you are no longer funny with your broken English. It is also IN VERY BAD TASTE. Are you trying to make fun of African Americans? That is what it sounds like!

sopsback said...

moron free said...

Are you trying to make fun of African Americans?

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sopsback said...

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Mortgage free said...

sobsback- what an asshole. At least everyone can understand that. Unlike your garbage and gibberish you think is funny!

habakkuk said...


judge allslop said...

Fraud is generally defined in the law as an intentional misrepresentation of material existing fact made by one person to another with knowledge of its falsity and for the purpose of inducing the other person to act, and upon which the other person relies with resulting injury or damage. Fraud may also be made by an omission or purposeful failure to state material facts, which nondisclosure makes other statements misleading.

Is asset backed securitization the transformation of a single note into multiple pieces? Do these pieces act like a waterfall of cash flow? Are they then distributed as investments, structured finances, accruals, accretions and cash flows set forth into many classes of offerings? If you take a dollar bill and slice it up and distribute it piece by piece, then ask the receivers to go cash in their piece what would happen? Doesn’t the US Treasury only accept greater than 51% of any legal tender to make the payer honor the bill?
How about this… That bill you cut up… What if it was a promissory note that went bad?
Perhaps that note that was given to the “lender” (depositor), the “lender” (depositor) did own. But perhaps the “lender” (depositor) sliced it up and sold it to many investors. Maybe, those investors, the holders in due course, are the losers as the certificates they hold are only valuable as a whole, not the pieces?
Is the note now worthless?
If you’re a (JPM) stock holder and lose on the stock you purchased, would you get far attacking JPMorgan? Can you seize the company assets? Yes? No? The assets are still JPM assets and you lose right?
Ah, JPM still owns the assets!
So the lender (JPM) owns the note that is secured by the mortgage after all and they can foreclose… Correct? Can they? Were these registrants offered pass through certificates? Were they portioned out and “passed through” from the “lenders” beneficial interest to the investors? Maybe, the (investors) have an abundance of insurance they can attack related to the security instead? (allot of money here) Maybe that is the only thing they can attack? Remember that note you cut up that went bad? Is the investor really going to foreclosure on a 5.4% share of a home? So, did the “lender” (depositor) tear the LEGAL “TENDER” into pieces which in turn caused the note to be lost forever to the securitization that they created?
Is the note really gone, meaning that they cannot evidence the note?
But what if the The “lender” came to court with the note? How could they? Didnt they book the transaction as a sale under FAS 140-3 instead of debt on their balance sheet?
Isn’t that what we call securities fraud, even under FAS revisions 140-3 and for servicing arrangements under FAS115?
Is it FRAUD?

judge allslop said...

The major manufacturers of OTC derivatives (REMEMBER THE CUT UP DOLLAR BILL EXAMPLE) outside of the US banksters is UBS! The swaps with the Swiss National Bank were primarily to bail out UBS, but it comes at a price.

Swiss warn UBS bank could collapse

GENEVA — Switzerland’s justice minister warned in an interview on Sunday that top bank UBS could collapse if sensitive talks with the United States over a high-profile tax fraud investigation fall through. "The actions of UBS in the United States are very problematic. Not just because they are punishable but also because they threaten all of the bank’s activities," Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf told Le Matin Dimanche newspaper. "The Swiss economy and the job market would suffer on a major scale if UBS fails as a result of its licence being revoked in the United States," she said.
Switzerland and the United States have negotiated an agreement under which UBS would hand over information on some 4,500 account holders to US tax police. But a Swiss court ruling earlier this month put the deal in doubt.
Many in Switzerland, where banking secrecy is a source of pride and a key part of the economy, have accused the government of failing to protect UBS.

sopsback said...








near the end said...

A friend of a friend told me he had a friend who new he was going to lose his house so months before he called the bank up and told the lender that he was pretty sure that he had a leak inside the walls of his house.

So when he poked a few holes in the pipes and patched up the drywall he was covered; the bank got a ruined house and alot of debt to fix it. That was low but it was on record he warned them.