Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Psalm

I stand before my worldly accuser
precluded from words of exoneration
My Mediator deals with them
They have supposed they could practice law
without the law's fulfillment
They created a hybrid, a mutant,
deformed from its inception
a lawlessness called justice
Now I know I stand here not for my deliverance
but to see theirs which is far more important
Give me the grace Lord to carry out Thy will
Twin their hearts as the Ninevites
do not harden them as pharaoh
My heart aches because I know them
they are a proud stiffnecked people
whose contemptible heart is blind to truth
Let them fall upon the rock
before it fall upon them in crushing weight
Deliver us all to Your righteous way
and have us delight n Your statutes

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Visitation

On Friday January 6th, I received a visit from Larry. I had just gotten off the phone where I was discussing with my wife that I must be willing to sacrifice our relationship for this call. Though there is as much promise there as resided in Isaac, I like Abraham must raise my knife. The pain he felt was heavy on my heart at that moment. All pain is accompanied by the question “is it worth it?” Larry appears, one who has suffered by our association, and has answered his question “yes.” He also spoke of others and the many supporters. Well Larry and all you represented you appeared with my question and made the answer simple, “yes.” No matter the cost, the value or hope of my promise I have no moment but the now and it is worth it. Thank you for keeping your divine appointment!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Strictly Business

Don’t concern yourself with the UCC’s. They are no threat to you. If you don’t understand what I’m doing and why, trust I know. I can’t get into detail. You are asking me to raise my head to address your every concern when I’m surrounded by snipers. I know your concerns better than you and they are factored into the choices I make. Staff infection is being treated. It was mentioned, painful, caused damage, but is not fatal. I shall recover and live to finish. We are closer to the end than the beginning. The lungs burn now, the lactic acid stiffens, and the will vacillates but the finish line bids us come and for the joy of it we do not quit. Bail is not beneficial to our cause. Now is the time to settle the matter.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Dietrich Bonhoeffer talks about discipleship as othersidedness. Like the turn twin towers of the former World Trade Center, it is a location. Most of you have never seen the actual towers or been to New York. For you it is just a spot on the map, a smoky image, an idea formed merely on hearsay. For those who inhabited them there are facts only they will know and those whose perceived knowledge having no experience will have no basis with which to relate. I have seen some of you call this location Christian fanaticism, cultish, or delusional. I can only claim you right. For having no experience or having ever been transported beyond your hearsay idealism no other response is possible. Don’t expect though that your unfactual musings will be persuasive to those whose feet have walked beyond your imagination. Only those who hear the words “follow me” know of the journey. Those who refuse the offer have their own map to follow. But I will let you in on a little joke; those who have been to New York can very quickly tell who has not. Those who have not have no way to verify if the New Yorker is a fact or a fraud. For my fellow New Yorkers, it might be prophetic the Giants lost.

Dear fruit inspector: I see you know one verse but do you know the Christ? Let me test your skill if I may. David bedded another man’s wife then had him murdered. She bore him two children, one killed by God, one King Solomon. There is his fruit, give us your judgment on the man. Share with us that we may all partake of you wisdom.

Friday, February 10, 2006

We're Home

Scotty and I are officially back in California. I will post our address as soon as I know what it is.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Half Way Home 2

On 2/3/06 we left for Oklahoma bound for Oakland. It is my estimation to remain at Fed ex hub for a week to 10 days. This should place us in California middle February. Your letters in transit will be returned and can be sent to the listed address. Utah was a stupid exercise judicially but was used by God to get me more prepared. After victory we will be venturing into a new world; it would be wise even now to seek wisdom as to your role. Let us not hand it over those who fought so hard to retain the old but rather assist them in the transition. Being correct was a gift not a badge of honor. All your love of truth was against you true nature. How much better will it be if we redeem our enemies than ridicule them? As we finish this race contemplate a wise path. Thanks again for all the support. May it be rewarded beyond your capacity to contain. We also may be going straight to San Bernandino rather than Oklahoma. Writing should wait until our Oakland address is posted. Contacting the US Marshall’s transportation department may be helpful.

Cry Baby

I want to talk about cry babies. If the shoes fit wear them and then get them bronzed. My hope though is that you will outgrow them. Babies are not mature in morality, the will or the conscience. The first two syllables spoken by every baby before “mama” or “papa” is “I want.” Our nature in its pure unrestrained essence is blatantly displayed in the baby’s demanding cry. You have to ask yourself if you have matured past this selfish tirade or just become more sophisticated in you wailings. Do you now use more words and paragraphs to say “I want?” If it was not for the joy of the child that demanding, unyielded selfishness would have any parent throwing them out with the bath water within a week. That is why it is not well received in a society that did not birth you in love. I want to be out of jail. I want to look out for number 1. I want pleasure. I want no responsibility or accountability to the clients or society. I’m not a baby anymore and I have been matured far beyond this self desires. I hear you want money back. Want me in jail. Want me found criminal. Want me to quit. I hear your crying but even your selfish demands are incompatible. Why can you not mature to a desire for truth? Patience to collect facts, or wisdom to judge properly. Look at your own selfish acts and ask if my actions really parallel yours. Stop and think about your charge for a minute. Would I make the choices you have seen me make if I was selfish? Look to see if “I” and “me” are not at the center of all your arguments. Be honest and be mature and put away the baby cries.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Love is a varied word in our language and the many different aspects of its nature are muddled in the minds of this self-absorbed generation. Eros or affection can easily be unfolded into the fabric of a selfish heart. The very fact they are needed can elevate them to that God-like status where they become demons. Friendship is not needed to survive, to be recognized or to enhance a community. It is a detractor from the demands of the many, it is very undemocratic. Friends do not make congregations nor do congregations make friends. There is the companion, the comrade that lays the foundation for friendship but is not the friend. The companions share an idea or goal but when that light goes on “you see the same truth” is when a friendship is born. Many of you share an idea with Scotty and I and some will certainly become friends but not until you see the same truth. This to me is the strength behind Dorean. Many came to us with the idea of injustice but none could hang with our truth. Both of us know this truth and that is bigger than even our friendship which binds us to it. It is an unselfish love. Scotty is hanging tough because of our friendship and yet his hanging tough strengthens our bond. We do not serve each other because we need to. I am not elevated by giving to him or him to me. In fact, it’s a mere nuisance that sidetracks as a distinction away from the friendship. I am as he, way more interested in how he’s getting along than the mere details of his life. Jail is just an incident in life but not at all the life of Scott. His vision, his soul’s dedication, his unwavering integrity are the truth we share. It is obvious his “Evil ex” is not his friend or his son. They are too lofty. They only have that God-like righteous indignation love which behaves like a demon. He’s no good as a husband, a father, as a Christian. This creeps in here also as a no good trustee. This is why true friendship is rare and friendship is true. No marshalling of the feds can destroy it. It is larger than them. David and Jonathan knew this and it was bigger than any inconvenience of state. Some claimed to be friends and were trusted as such but could not sustain the shadowy attempt under the brilliance of the truth. In all likelihood Dorean was birthed out of a truth that bonded men to create and it will be this same bond that delivers. It is what’s being attacked because all enemies recognize its strength. Only we who live in this strength can see the futility of these attacks. If you have a good friend you’ll understand why I am so comfortable in this battle.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mighty Man of Valor

In the Bible, Judges 6, there’s a judge named Gideon. I mention his story to make an important point about victory. Gideon had an army of 32,000 to face an army of 135,000. Not great odds but doable. God in a proper translation was the mighty men of valor the strength of Gideon. He told Gideon the odds are too good, Israel might take credit for themselves. He took his army down to 300. 450 to 1 are not probable odds except with one powerful God who is mighty in valor. Today’s story is a mere repeat. Who would send two undereducated men to face down an army of bankers? Judges, politicians, and the alphabet soup? Only a mighty man of valor would hope to win. I share in His confidence, he’s done it before. Some of you mistake my confidence as arrogance, but by doing so you displace my hope. I don’t believe in false humility; I have great skills. At their peak I still don’t’ like my odds. Like you need a champion, so do I. Mine is mighty in valor and is a proven victor. Is there a glory to call my own in this victory? Only if I was the imagined scoundrel thief of my naysayers. For any honest man who understands the odds God will receive His just glory and we will merely share in the spoils. Consider this at our federal dismissal.

Monday, February 06, 2006

A New Hope

I could see many of you delighted by the news of Utah. Even I said “YEAH! 10 felonies down, 46 to go.” Enjoy this new hope for what it is but realize I just survived a knife fight to enter a gun fight. The best part of this is the funnel of crap which was broad in accusation now focused us down to that fulcrum where history pivots. Our enemy is just as aware of the severity of this battle even though they expose their naivety to the actual pain that is involved. Like these modern kids who brandish weapons like videogame heroes they have no concept of blood, pain, death or life. They have brought their best weapons to the game because the token has been dropped, the rules understood, and they are ready to play. Our greatest weapon is their oblivion to the real life that will explode the realities of their fiction. It is a very tough thing to keep your head about yourself when standing in the full blown euphoria of Disney Land. All the colors and animations are about to sweep over us and it is one thing to be stained and quite another to change your character to the environment. Here is where truth and its resolve separate true hope from grandiose idealism. We have wrought a small victory, not by battle but attrition. The weapon will flail from this point. Vigilance in prayer and faith is not relaxed but increased at this time. My level of preparedness is appropriate for the battle conditions. Nothing about Utah is relevant. The phalanx which absorbs and destroys by the natural behavior of the enemy has been displayed. All I need is government to be itself. What do you think my chances are? Can a leopard change its spots?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Half Way Home

Scotty and I are no longer in Salt Lake City. We are currently in Oklahoma awaiting transport to California. Once we are there, we can finish our fight with the Beast!

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Brass Ring

The merry-go-round of this persecution has almost completed its full circuit. The brass ring is approaching and is ready to be seized. “In the mouth of two witnesses let a thing be established” is a quote from the Bible. This maxim of law has made it into American jurisprudence. Though not adhered to much, it was designed as a protection against perjury. On the reverse of a charge is testimony to innocence. Utah brought a charge similar to the fed but had the nuisance of the insurance industry, the conjoined turn to banking. The feds focus solely on banking and our presentment offer. Between the two, our entire process has come under the fire of trial. The bonding more by Utah, the contracting, agency by the feds. Utah is my state’s jurisdiction witness and then I will have the federal endorsement. Once we receive this dismissal we will have that brass ring to quash all the hostilities and entice our international suitors. Dorean will have the endorsement of two very credible witnesses to the soundness of our process and the innocence of our intentions. You see people, sometimes you go around in circles to get the prize. Is it fun? No. Is it worth it? Yes! In less than a year my ardent enemy who sought my destruction has now sanctioned me to the entire financial community. Not all suffering is vanity. Do you see why I said in my fax news interview that the dumbest thing the government can do is bring criminal charges? Like Haman, they have built their own galloo in their unreasonable blood-lust. Can you see the brass ring nearing our grip? I DO!