Monday, October 31, 2005

A Few Quotes from Common Sense

It has been over two hundred years since Thomas Paine penned common sense and I thought history was deserving of another look. We are no longer faced with the bright red coats of a distinguished enemy. Now they wear bright red power ties, have seats of honor at our banquets, hide their theft behind tokens of benevolence and are the puppet masters over our spineless bureaucrats who are bought for simple bobbles. The danger more serious and the allegiance more resolved, they give us the phrase “American Dream” as the promise at the end of a rainbow of colorful deception that enslaves us to a myth of hope’s end; and that promise is penned to paper worth less than the exchanged confidence. Is it time for the call again “Oh ye that loved mankind! Ye that dare oppose, not only the tyranny, but the tyrant, stand forth.” “As parents, we can have no joy, knowing that this government is not sufficiently lasting to ensure anything which we may bequeath to posterity; and by a plain method of argument, as we are running the next generation into debt, we ought to do the work of it, otherwise we use them meanly and pitifully.” “The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth; ‘tis not the affair of a city, a county, a province, or a kingdom, but of a continent of at least one eighth of the habitable globe. ‘Tis not the concern of a day, a year, or an age; posterity are virtually involved in the contest, and will be more or less affected, even to the end of time, by the proceeding now. Now is the seed-time of continental union, faith and honor. The least fracture now will be like a name engraved with the point of a pin on the tender rind of a young oak; the wound will enlarge with the tree, and posterity read it in full grown characters.” He was a master wordsmith and there is much more of that time relevant. How is it that men like him could see a moment of destiny where the laws of nature were being ignored by a few who want to suck all men through the keyhole of their vanity to the chambers of debt, and we have only the voice of self-pity and discord. You see the continent that they rose up to fight for and deliver to us is still here and her wealth is still present. All that has changed is that the gun they faced has turned to pen and because our enemy was kind enough to drain us of life slowly we agreed without a retort. You do not have to callous your hands to pamper them in their palaces, take your pen and fight for your posterity. Keep the wealth and give them back their paper and have confidence in only that which is true. Join, teach, and redeem your neighbor, neighborhood, town, city, county, state and then union until these few have only their paper to keep them warm for they shall no longer know the embrace of community. Dorean only made a clamoring noise out of a stealthy evil plan as a test to see who would hear it. Even at my demise the accountability rests upon those who heard.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Maybe I'm a Dreamer

I have a hope that two men with courage can face down the full frontal assault of a government that has lost its identity and is conflicted. Have men been crushed by this enemy before? Absolutely! The fear of this to me is not a justification to forego effort. In my dreams, America is not the domain of tyrants but a place where the joys of liberty and the honor of integrity are gifts in the possession of every man. Equality is not a social disease of calibrated assets but of nature and right. Where men who are not the giver or gifts, the makers of law, or the creators of their peers respect God’s distribution. Where the government of man is extended out into a collective representative government for man. Who is selling this tyrant who makes more burdensome regulations than itself can keep and selectively prosecute any who dare question its impure motive. Apathy of the masses who know more about baseball stats or television characters than economics, legacy, contracts, their neighbor, law is a tool engineered by your masters. Will the newest pair of Jordans help you outrun the poverty they have planned for you? I think not. Can a dream be real or is the fraud only disguising the reality that the dream was design. I have but one life to test this with but no tyrant will find me complacent when he tries to sell his wares of theft to me. As a man or as a movement I stand on truth.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fasting and Prayer

For those of you who have no faith or can easily condemn those who do, you can skip this one and we’ll see you at the next one.

We are coming down to crunch time just me and my big mouth accuser. I had begun a regiment of prayer and fasting in anticipation of this event over a year ago. The battle has always been larger to me than the American Mortgage Industry. That is a victor’s conversation shared with those of like faith in the future. I encourage all who understand to ask God what role as an intercessor you can play. In Esther, all prayed and fasted just three days to obtain their victory. What will history say of you? I know I have given my all and so has Scott. He too is fasting and praying continually. Most of you won’t recognize my new Ethiopian appearance but there are seasons of joy and feasting and seasons for diligent prayer and fasting. The key is to be alert and responsive to the season. I will deliver you all to the merriment of victory and excess but that season is soon, just not now. If the sun comes out too soon the harvest is lost for the blossom is early. The timing is the Lords and He has proven a master at it so far. Join me in this last preparation to triumph and let’s make it known at the throne that though this house is not our home in truth we’re the only entitled to own. When this is over let’s all go get something to eat, my treat!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Back to Cali

The federal court in Oakland has issued a Habeas to bring us there on the 26th. If this judge has more pull than Alsup, whose Habeas were ignored, we are on our way to California. I think because these are criminal and Alsup was a madman lost in the euphoria of presumption that they may be recognized. Utah, the federal ass kissers, are acting sheepishly which is another indicator. It’s too bad because the false witness Doug Ledeax would have been fun to publicly humiliate. I will just have to resort to my private remedy for those who misuse their office. This just leaves me and the Big Mouth between you and your victory. On the table (realistic) is 30 years for me and 3 trillion fannie mae fraud, congressional embarrassment and scandal, 10 trillion of voidable bank contracts, a setback of 30 years of progressive theft. I have little at stake in comparison so I like being at this table. Knowing the odds of my cards has me even more excited. I said on T.V. that the worst thing they could do is bring criminal charges. I wasn’t joking or blinking. The blind lust of people who are used to their roar making people turn and run never stopped to think about the consequence of running into two men with courage. Now that cards are dealt, the chips can’t be taken off the table. They only go to the victor. Bring me my plane ticket, I got a game to play.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Rats in the Woodpile

Clients, this blog is a great venue for you to learn to be accountable for your own well-being. I can do my part and face my giant on our behalf but only you can guard your mind. There are rats in the woodpile. The FBI has plants, other companies have plants, and then the stupid world has plants, misinformation and disinformation being their only weapons. Can you see why education can protect you? I only harped on this because once the truth resonates with your soul their tools are powerless. Like seeing one of those disguised pictures. Once you finally see it, you can’t remember how you didn’t see it before. My part in getting the webpage up has been hampered by more incompetence and an utter contempt for ones service but they have been fired and new people are hired tomorrow. Any diligence I get from the new webmaster will be better. I’m demanding speed and no excuses. Hopefully results will appear shortly. I truly wish people would consider my situation as an opportunity to perform better more than a justification for incompetence, but this generation is deprived of anything not selfish.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Yellow Jersey 10/05/05

The Tour de France of prosecuting the big bad Dorean Group is progressing fast. I am so far ahead of schedule I’m wearing the yellow jersey. Utah came by and served me the fed indictment and made it clear they were going to drop the case. Whether I drop it will be the question. If they think they can bust out months from my life as lawless crooks and let me go they are mistaken. I was kicking their ass any way. The feds only gave them a save of face. I’ll bet the feds rushed so fast because Utah had fucked it up so bad. All said, it is still a victory and now I get to the final course way ahead, wearing the yellow jersey confident that all my years of training have eclipsed my competition. Mr. Keller is already winded and can’t comprehend how well I know the course and my abilities to finish this race. I have trained for this destiny longer than he has practiced law. Pay attention bankers, your hired gun is about to make a big dent in your empire. Let’s get ready to rumble!

A Simple Solution 10/05/05

I’m going to address tcob247 directly in hopes it helps those similarly situated. I read one of your comments about getting a quit claim deed. While you’ve been pissing and moaning, others have managed to get remedy. Be a little pro-active and pay attention. I have access to a notary in the Utah jail. If you mail in a deed I will sign it. Utah is dropping their case so my time here is short. You have the need for speed like it better be in the mail right after you read this. I’m also sorry you didn’t know about my jaded corrupt thewing criminal past. Apparently you are not a very diligent person. I only said it on the radio, television and dozens of recorded conference calls. This big liar also posted it on this page. As for your $4,500 fee, I am working on a refund. I would love nothing better than to shut your stupid mouth. I have much incompetent help at the moment which causes me delay but I will reach my goal of returning every dollar collected. You guys who think 5 million is a lot of money couldn’t comprehend what motivates me. I will be a debtor to no man. There are certain conditions from a legal perspective that must be in place. The monies are already set aside.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Indictment Equals Victory

I once said in a television interview with Fox News in South Carolina that the dumbest thing they could do was to bring criminal charges. Well, thank your government for being patently stupid. The bankers would have been better off playing the hit and miss of civil jurisdiction using high priced lawyers and every kinky trick in the book to stall our success. Having moved to criminal they have guaranteed us victory. This will be a little lengthy and you should get a copy of the indictment for your reference. It was filed as CR05-00611 DLJ in the Northern District of California Federal Court. I shouldn’t give the prosecution such a heads up but I am confident his case is un-winnable and besides I want to expose him to his corrupt self who having knowledge of innocence will still prosecute for job security and political demand. I want him to realize evil has a high price on all participants. Remember they can bluff you uneducated clients out of your rights but not me. So let the games begin. The indictment has 46 counts but only 1-12 really matter. These are the criminal elements and the rest is the overt acts. The acts are listed merely to create a presumption that 1-12 occurred. If 1-12 fail, 13-46 fail automatically. I will focus on 1-12 for this reason. Pay attention Mr. Keller!

1. Yada Yada! Foundation agreed to in most part.
2. More foundation.
3. Foundation for conspiracy and artifice means nothing without scheme.
4. First meaty accusation: line items 22, 23 are the key proofs “falsely alleging” did or did I not have authority? Can prove I did hands down. “repaid” wrong word and can’t prove. Accurate description is prepaid. “appearing” fluff word to make them feel good. If real there is no appearing about it. They will have to bring the witnesses who can swear out they did not authorize. There are only few in each corporation who qualify. Of these I can get all to admit to felonies by cross-examination. What felonies you ask, Mr. Keller? Do your homework. I’ll do my job. This will impress the jury when proceedings have to stop so the state’s witness can be informed of his rights not to incriminate himself. Will they continue? Most executives will not. Oops! What if this happens to 2, 3, 5 state’s witnesses what would you think as a juror? Mr. Keller is going to put Dorean on the map as the most innovative layman legal theorist of modern time and personally should shock the mortgage industry whose fraud was exposed through the reverse engineering of a federal criminal trial. Thank you!
5.6. More foundation for wire fraud. All means nothing if you can’t prove the basic elements.
7. “Debt Elimination” This is an important mis-characterization in that it does not truly reflect our mortgage challenge process and when a debt cannot be proven what happens to your “debt elimination scheme theory”? The trust is a typical estate planning and will draw no real energy in trial.
8. “Claim” Line 15 easily supported by documentation. 16: “Demand the lender prove the validity of the loan” Oh what a crime! 17: “unilateral satisfaction of Dorean” Now here’s the big heap of poo poo that the prosecutor steps in. If the satisfaction has sound legal basis completely outside of the Dorean psyche, lender’s become the bad guys. 18: “Purport” if the offer is real what then? 20: “Holds no substantial assets” Here another dead end. They would like to prove the bond had no substance. Impossible! Save that bombshell for later. 22: “Borrower” not going to be able to prove that nature of the party. Oops! No borrower? What’s that do to loan theory or debt theory? 26: “Tacit assent and default” I think he means tacit procuration and fault based on performance. Which when proven means the government is trespassing on contracts. If I can find the law that justifies these elements, why can’t he? Because truth is too good for these evil rat bastards. 27: “In accordance with mortgage agreements” First off, this agreement is superseded but if it comes into play I will use it to prove the elements of fraud in the loan and again states witness is the bad guy.
9. “at least 10 days has elapsed” Hey finally a free testimony. We did what we said and bound ourselves to the contract. I hate it when that happens.
10. “Acting purportedly on behalf of the lender as its agent” I can prove I was no problem if they knew anything about contract law they would fold this hand. These cards are a loser. Line 16 “when such loan has not been fully paid” can prove it was paid 3 times and was not a loan. Another big problem. “Signed and recorded fraudulently” This requires intent even if I was legally wrong. Pay attention every corrupt county recorder because my prevailing here makes you all liable for commercial trespass, practice of law and punitive damages. Thank you feds!
11. 22 “appearing to be free and clear “28” not fully paid” reiterations of unprovable claims. Wouldn’t want Mr. Keller’s job. Do you think a rookie FBI agent Matthew Ernst who doesn’t know shit about banking and commercial paper even knows the questions to ask in his collection of evidence?
12. This is the meat and their biggest problem. “knowingly conspire” and “well knowing”. Who and how are they going to prove an evil mental state? I’ve been publicly speaking on this subject for almost 2 years, wrote memorandums of law, educated lawyers, and documented my intent in thousands of public records. Even with corrupt trial practices and deliberate orders from an evidence controlling judge they will still not be able to keep this out. All said and done, “Make my Day!”

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Prayer Request

A Prayer Request 10-20-05

I have been working on a legal weapon for nine months that is now ready to deploy. It would surely guarantee a victory but that like a stalemate versus a checkmate. My request is for wisdom since I have no peace in using this tool. God knows the path to take and a man’s soul can always be tempted by peace and comfort. Therefore ask that I be guided for the best possible outcome for all. I have about two weeks before I have to decide. Again, for those who do not have a relevant prayer life ignore this post.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Not Neglected In My Thoughts

A client brought up a good point that I address the lazy critic client and not the faithful. It is true and I think not to address you in word since I do my deed for you. I suppose though it is time for me to address you with the heart of thankfulness I have for you. I appreciate you few who have taken the time to educate yourselves and to let truth find its safe harbor. If all were like you, this arrogant bank-ass-kissing government would fear the request of the bankers for the power of the people being of one mind. I know you are out there and have received many a letter from you. To finish the race is all I know I can do to show you how much I adore you. There is no equality of reward. I promise there will be a large disparity between the murmerer and the valiant truth seekers. Our relationship will not be severed at the end of this story. Friends are hard to find and courage even harder. Friends with courage and truth change the world for the better though they offend all in the process. For your sake I find the added comfort to the joy of a justified battle for truth. Thank you all again, it is my pleasure to serve you.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Four Months to the Day 9/28/05

Well I finally saw Scotty and was delighted to find him full of courage and ready to fight our foolish foe. God has taken him through his doubts and now will take him to victory. We were taken to court but never left the holding cell. They told us our lawyers rescheduled. Funny, I don’t have one. I actually like this action since it appears to be separating us from the defendants, which is all I try to accomplish when present. Now I can just not go and have the same effect. I have put all on notice I will not attend court without an order of a judge demanding it. Now some common sense... Utah case is over. The feds can’t let them prosecute on the chance I win and it effect their case. Besides the 1500 years I’m facing in the feds should be enough to hold me. The next way you can tell Utah will drop the case is the feds said they were going to let them prosecute in their press (lie) release. How do you know government is lying? Their lips are moving. Hey with good time I can be out in 1200 years. Will somebody tell me what the millennium was like? The bigger the numbers the bigger the bluff. Welcome to the World Series of Poker folks.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fear, Trepidation and Trembling

The Feds, friends to all law abiding citizens, have said they will prosecute us first but will look at the clients also. BOO! You scared yet? Perhaps one day you will see the value in your trustees. For a mere $1500.00, you get our challenge process, a family trust, and a hedge of protection from our asinine government. They will never get through us to ever look at you. Maybe I should be that guy you all think you know and cover my own ass, look out for me and let you deal with this over-zealous government. God knows, you’ve done so much to prepare yourselves; I’m sure you’d be fine. Just keep bitching, blaming, complaining; I’ve got your back regardless.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Questions and Answers

I received a few questions from clients that I thought I’d address here for the benefit of all.

Q: Did I use or pledge client property as collateral for my bond?

A: The bond clearly states what is being used. You granted your property into a trust. I had fiduciary obligation, not ownership interest. Your assets never made it to my balance sheet.

Q: Do I keep my property in trust?

A: There will be lots of opinions here and you should check the motives of all. I say of course, the bank wants it out because they fear your trustees. You can add trustees and keep us non-voting until we can be effective again. Don’t let those who have an equity interest influence your legal decisions.

Q: Am I bothered that copies of Dorean are appearing?

A: No, I wished that all of you understood the power of our process and duplicated it. Believe me, the bankers understood.

I have a question for you concerning my incarceration. Does it take more power to get off the cross to save yourself or to stay on it to save many? Let those idle babblers ponder this.

Q: Will the settlements I’m making pay off the mortgage?

A: No, the bond and your promissory note did that. I will not be persuaded by the illusion. I know what legally happened and will enforce my contracts.

Q: Can I stop all judicial actions with some paperwork?

A: No. The best I can do is make them ineffective by preserving contractual rights. If you don’t make mistakes, I can unwind their apparent success. You are the weakest link. That is why I encourage and invest in your education.

Q: When settlements reach the client are they responsible to pay brokers or agents?

A: I was not a party to those contracts, all I can say is that I hope you are honorable.

Q: When will I be getting out?

A: I guess that’s the 64 million dollar question. I should never be in, but I’m certain of one thing…Utah cannot convict. How soon until they stop pretending? I don’t know. Now that I am here, I will force their hands quickly. My gut and experience tell me about 60 more days.

Q: Why don’t I bail out?

A: It’s a two-fold answer.
a) Legally, it would undermine my legal strategy.
b) King Hezikiah was punished by God for exposing his wealth to the enemy
c) Bonus. The warrant was already settled and the bail set was a violation of public policy and public law 73-10.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Concert of Corruption

I was informed the Federal Government indicted me on 9 – 22 – 05 though I have not been served. It is clear what I’ve been saying all along Utah never intended to prosecute hence the ridiculous charges and fugitive game. The concert of corruption between Utah and California as ass kissers to the FED is clearly heard. Only they forgot the porcupine factor. If you touch me there will be pain. No one toys with my life or your interest as a bully criminal without the feeling of wishing they hadn’t. I always said the best thing for us and the worst thing for them is to bring criminal charges. If they want to place their confidence of hiding 3 trillion dollars of Fannie Mae fraud on a rookie FBI investigator named Matthew Ernst I’m more than happy to oblige them. Finally I get to face the big mouth. Utah will drop their case and we will be back to California. I wonder if there is such a thing as frequent felony flyer miles?

Monday, October 10, 2005

A Little Business Cleanup

I recently made two time guesstimates that must be corrected. The DVDs are truly in production. This is about a 2 week adjustment. The settlements with California and Utah are going through a mediator who has not been as diligent as I expected. This should delay progress by about 3 weeks. I also need to now factor in a mediation provision that was added. This should add another month. I hope these are accurate. I do really want you Earlybird DVD students to report your honest opinions here. I think people and even scrambling clients will find revolutionary transformation in your understandings and may be persuaded to hope again. I have heard the good news that some of you are finding TILA help. Thank you to you providers. It’s still not too late to band together and support one another. I am still fighting the good fight, which will become obvious soon enough. Scott and I will be seeing each other for the first time in 4 months. I’m delighted. He is still in the fight. It did cost him his marriage and yet he is still eager to finish the race. That’s why he made a good partner – he has a champion’s heart. Earlybird special will run to the end of October. The webpage is nearing completion with some of its major content completed in about a month. Most of what you need to defend yourselves will be had here until I can complete this little ruckus. I finally met my accuser. That would make anyone feel better about their chances. I’m glad they keep underestimating me by the placement of these novices. In closing, ponder this: Do you really think the banks, Fannie Mae, Congress, US Treasurer or the Federal Reserve are going to entrust 13 trillion dollars of civil contracts to a Podunk prosecutor in a criminal case? This is all a bluff; they cannot possibly be that stupid…or you and I are the luckiest people in the world!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

We Are Close to the Finish

I have been in negotiations with the executives of the Feds, California and Utah. I am close to settling with all to put an end to this little charade. I would say about 85%. There are still a few terms left to come to agreement but I am very happy with the progress. Don’t worry, the prosecutors will be the last to know. They were just the puppets in a game way over their heads. Once finalized, they will be informed and have to act accordingly. The details of this settlement will appear on the disclosure webpage under the “client’s corner” section. Once you complete your paperwork, all credits supplied by you for our process will be returned. Please tell all clients to read this blog regularly for the future announcement. My gut feeling is about 2 more weeks to finalize the deal and 2 more weeks to set up the escrow account. This does not mean the immediate release since there is still the public propaganda version of the story, which is different than the private settlement. As I told you in my seminars, everything is open to negotiation. The reason I implore you to get an education is so that you will always be in the power position to negotiate your victory. For most of you, my service to you is short-lived and what you know will be what counts. For a few, you will understand the mystery of what I really did and will choose to pursue a longer relationship. I look forward to these friendships. I’m certain they will be the treasure worthy of all the stupidity I had to pass through.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Little Subject Matter

The Dorean Process was a contract process that met all the elements of contracting. Contracting is not a crime. Government, title companies, lawyers and bankers are all bluffing you. That is why I have no fear.

The offer:

1. We made an offer after having obtained an interest in the mortgage contract for them to give full disclosure.
2. They accepted the offer by a dishonor or performance. Performance is acceptance.
3. Intention: We spell out our intention and the bankers.
4. Sufficient and equal consideration: We offered a bond for twice the value, offered damages and the original accounting promissory note.
5. Mental and lawful capacity: The banker by their previous contract obviously has the capacity and so do we.
6. Legality of purpose: Honesty and disclosure is the foundation of all things lawful so our purpose was seeking truth, “a lawful purpose.”
7. Genuine consent: (knowingly, willingly and voluntarily) We obviously consented to our actions now what about the bank? This is the bone of contention but the banks are without excuse. We give them fair and reasonable options. Tell the truth or volunteer to our remedy. They are informed in advance and had remedy to avoid our action.
8. Certainty of terms in conditions: We were very clear and precise with full disclosure; it was impossible not to understand the terms. Now, will the seasoned Kevin V Ryan, who owes the bankers his career, please figure out how to make this a crime? Too big a puzzle for you, I bet. If you even attempt it I bet I can produce more evidence that you are a criminal. I suspect you already know this. Isn’t fun to be between that rock and a hard place. The bankers you owe your career to want you to violate all protocol to convict two innocent men which makes you a criminal who can lose his career. The choice would be obvious if you had any moral courage but you’ve already proven life will be tough for you. You may be able to scare my ignorant clients but I know contract law better than you. I also know how to preserve my contract rights and to enforce them on every judge, lawyer who have trespassed upon them which includes you, Judge Alsup, the farce in Utah, every political hack attorney general waiting in the wings and every bank ass-kissing kangaroo judge across this land. Now, my dear clients, will you please do all you can to get an education to help you see through the smokescreen? DVDs will be ready to ship soon and the web page is almost finished. This is what I can do to help.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Keystone Clerks and Musical Judges

The last Friday that I was in court with Judge Clay in California he declared I was in a statutory court. A court I refuse to contract with and where I am being forcibly presented to without consent or agreement. They are refusing to recognize my priority creditor claim and are being 3rd party belligerent debt collectors. Eventually they will be forced to succumb to the truth if I remain steadfast. Over the past month Open Door Documentaries has tried to get an interview but the clerks keep moving the paperwork and changing the judges so that no decision can be made. This is tactical to prevent a limited budget press too much expense and time delay to justify an interview. I am tired of the farce they call justice. I have gone to the principles behind these agents to settle these matters. I am delighted by the progress being made here. I’m confident that we will reach an accord in a matter of weeks. These agents have no power and are merely blind puppets. The stakes of the battle are too significant for their security levels. They are on a need to know basis and one day soon will be shut down without explanation. This game is taking a knife to a gunfight, and is laughable. Now that I am in Utah it means that my settlement is almost complete. Soon I shall make the announcement of the settlement, which will be good news to all you bleeding hearts. To be continued…

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Man to Man

Again I’ve had a chance to review some comments. Some of you are just plain stupid. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the simple package of “con men get their just reward”? It appears I could service that utopian idea better then most of you. Yes I am charging for the DVD with no apology. Yes I charged for my service. No apology! Yes people are hurt, welcome to reality, no apology. Where I differ from you idiots is that I understand the value of my labor. Your free keystrokes aren’t even worth that price. I am also proffering the DVD free playing on my website, which is not a subscription service. I am not looking for a double dip you fools. I have not gone into self-preservation focusing on my battles for me. I continue the fight for all even at my personal peril. Those of you who only understand the sacrifice of free opinion couldn’t stand in the shadow of a man like me regardless of my faith or not, just in integrity. Let one foe like a traffic ticket come your way and you couldn't deliver yourself more or less a client. I am taking on the largest cartel with the most powerful things and am not being persecuted for my failure but success. Some of you complain because of your personal loss. Should I owe you endless concern for the $1,500.00 that you paid me? Is that really your expectation? I owe no one except myself; I will do all within my power and skill set (which I am certain is greater than most) to advance a truth that is more important than my life, and all our comforts. The time to stand is now or never. As a sole man or in unity with those who will put away their petty squabbling I will stand against the menace. Will my stand lead to my death? I am promised death; life is what I am fighting for. Will this destroy a system and lead to depression? No that promise is for our children. My victory only buys them as a generation about 4-year retard, but for we who fought we can exempt our children from the certain peril of their peers. Get off your lazy asses and get educated for yourself. Stop blaming and listening to fools babble about a man's motives that clearly know nothing of my process or me or the nature of warfare. I am still tactically addressing every one of your needs under the most sever handicaps without complaint. Have you noticed there has never been a plea for money for support and legal expenses? Don’t question my motives you men who can only manipulate the minds of the incompetents. Any reasonable person can read the tea leaves better than you. Mogel, are you the only thinker out there? Read the enemies comments for lies if you really want to know the truth.
To be continued…

Monday, October 03, 2005


I would like to inform you of all my strategies to defeat my enemy. However the little comfort you gained would be lost in the tactical awareness given to the enemy. My foe is not as smart as you presume and I don’t want to educate them. Do you really think an FBI agent on his first major assignment in his first year of duty is there because of his knowledge or his blind and ignorant faith to believe the lies he is being fed? Use some common sense people! Where is the seasoned banking expert who can speak about surety, accounting, reserves, economics, and monetary policy with some authority? No the best man for the job is a gun toating yahoo rookie. I could shred Matthew Ernst on the stand in my sleep. I could spend $200.00 to find an expert witness to embarrass him into retirement. So why is he there? Think people! Perhaps prosecution is not their goal. Could it be propaganda and confusion is the weapon of choice? Why is it any wonder they have gained so much territory in our lives? All they have to say is “BOO!” and we run for the hills. I proffer an entirely different set of problems, in that I have no fear. This is a good time to answer another fool on the Blog. “Why would God send an innocent man to prison for 5 years 8 months?" Stupid question since just about every hero in the Bible was imprisoned innocently but here’s my answer. So 15 years later when he is faced with a bigger battle of greater importance he has no fear. But for those of you who think that sets a precedent for a con man what do you say of Scott who never spent a day in jail before this? You complain of your trustees who stand face to face with every foe who has set themselves up to steal your house because we can’t run customer service from jail. Can you excuse me for not being overly concerned? Every one of you if you would educate yourselves could discover that half the things you cry about could be solved by you with about $2.00 worth of word processing effort. People who complain and blame deserve their fate because the resolution remains locked inside them. I chose not to live that choice on your behalf and continue in the constant pursuit resolution and victory. Stop looking at you and your problems and start observing the enemy and you might get a chuckle at the vicious goons that are growling at you. To be continued…