Monday, October 03, 2005


I would like to inform you of all my strategies to defeat my enemy. However the little comfort you gained would be lost in the tactical awareness given to the enemy. My foe is not as smart as you presume and I don’t want to educate them. Do you really think an FBI agent on his first major assignment in his first year of duty is there because of his knowledge or his blind and ignorant faith to believe the lies he is being fed? Use some common sense people! Where is the seasoned banking expert who can speak about surety, accounting, reserves, economics, and monetary policy with some authority? No the best man for the job is a gun toating yahoo rookie. I could shred Matthew Ernst on the stand in my sleep. I could spend $200.00 to find an expert witness to embarrass him into retirement. So why is he there? Think people! Perhaps prosecution is not their goal. Could it be propaganda and confusion is the weapon of choice? Why is it any wonder they have gained so much territory in our lives? All they have to say is “BOO!” and we run for the hills. I proffer an entirely different set of problems, in that I have no fear. This is a good time to answer another fool on the Blog. “Why would God send an innocent man to prison for 5 years 8 months?" Stupid question since just about every hero in the Bible was imprisoned innocently but here’s my answer. So 15 years later when he is faced with a bigger battle of greater importance he has no fear. But for those of you who think that sets a precedent for a con man what do you say of Scott who never spent a day in jail before this? You complain of your trustees who stand face to face with every foe who has set themselves up to steal your house because we can’t run customer service from jail. Can you excuse me for not being overly concerned? Every one of you if you would educate yourselves could discover that half the things you cry about could be solved by you with about $2.00 worth of word processing effort. People who complain and blame deserve their fate because the resolution remains locked inside them. I chose not to live that choice on your behalf and continue in the constant pursuit resolution and victory. Stop looking at you and your problems and start observing the enemy and you might get a chuckle at the vicious goons that are growling at you. To be continued…


Elmer Fudd said...

I'm sorry Kurt..Should have known better. Please i'll email you my Bank account number take whatever you need it's all yours. Lmao Hey enemy i'm giving my money to Kurt so you better watch out you better not cry you better not pout i'm telling you why Scamo artist is coming to town..We'll Scott get used to it cause you gonna be there for a long long time..Hey Solvo you still suck.

WillToFight said...

That's what I'm talkin bout Kurt!

Here is a regular goon just waiting for your lastest statement.


Many of us are learning and still in the fight as well!

Hang in there Kurt & Scott

Ace said...

partysecured, That was some piece of info from Lynn Smaltz. It's reached a point in America where you have to have a PHD to understand why you got a traffic ticket!

neodemes said...
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neodemes said...

Judgement Day

(Good luck collecting)

imbigo said...

I've been quiet for a long time,but this elmer fudd cartoon guy has really lost it. I've said it befor and i'll say it again WHERE WILL YOU BE, WHAT WILL YOU SAY "WHEN" THIS BATTLE IS WON!!!!! Please make sure you still post on this blog, because I will be here to tell you "I TOLD YOU SOO"......



GR82BMOI said...

Mogel wrote: It wouldn't take that long at all to answer the affidavit of truth & collect on the Dorean bond.

How would the bank collect on a worthless bond? Besides, as I wrote earlier, the law provides remedy to borrowers who believe a loan transaction was fraudulent or that the lender did not disclose the terms properly. No where in the law does it say the borrower can simply present a bond, worthless or otherwise, and move on.

Mogel wrote: He didn't even have jurisdiction to rule once the case was dismissed. The Judge was OUT OF ORDER. His rulings don't apply to the Dorean process anyway & specifically the affidavit of truth was never even mentioned in his Court rulings also. The problem with Judge Alsup's decision is that the legitimate bond that was tendered, & the right to take title, due to the "agency by estoppel" legal theory, was never even addressed or debated, so the piers of the process were never really discussed at any time. When the heart issues are never discussed,or debated, or ruled upon, any rulings become "fantasy island" rulings.

Sorry, the Plaintiff (Dorean) doesn’t get to dismiss the case. You may not recognize Judge Alsup’s decisions, but the rest of the world does. What he decides goes, whether you agree with it or not.

tcob247 said...

What happened to the "moment of truth" on Friday.

Neo...very interesting document.

By the way there are 10 days left for Kurts promise to pay everyone back.

Who is Lynn Smaltz and why is she in jail?

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son of a prophet said...


link --->

Devices capture everything you ever type, then can send it via your ethernet card to the Dept. of Homeland Security without your knowledge, consent or a search warrant each time you log onto the internet!
Freedom Of Information Act Requests For Explanation From DHS, refused.

I was opening up my almost brand new laptop, to replace a broken PCMCIA slot riser on the motherboard. As soon as I got the keyboard off, I noticed a small cable running from the keyboard connection underneath a piece of metal protecting the motherboard.

I figured "No Big Deal", and continued with the dissasembly. But when I got the metal panels off, I saw a small white heatshink-wrapped package. Being ever-curious, I sliced the heatshrink open. I found a little circuit board inside.

Being an EE by trade, this piqued my curiosity considerably. On one side of the board, one Atmel AT45D041A> four megabit Flash memory chip.

On the other side, one Microchip Technology Interrupt Controller, along with a little Fairchild Semiconductor CD4066BCM quad bilateral switch.

Looking further, I saw that the other end of the cable was connected to the integrated ethernet board.

What could this mean? I called the manufacturer's tech support about it, and they said, and I quote, "The intregrated service tag identifier is there for assisting customers in the event of lost or misplaced personal information." He then hung up.

A little more research, and I found that that board spliced in between the keyboard and the ethernet chip is little more than a Keyghost hardware keylogger.

The reasons a computer manufacturer would put this in their laptops can only be left up to your imagination. It would be very impractical to hand-anylze the logs, and very CPU-intensive to do so on a computer for every person that purchased a laptop. Why are these keyloggers here? I recently almost found out.

I called the police, as having a keylogger unknown to me in my laptop is a serious offense. They told me to call the Department of Homeland Security. At this point, I am in disbelief. Why would the DHS have a keylogger in my laptop? It was surreal.

So I called them, and they told me to submit a Freedom of Information Act request. This is what I got back: .

Under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) the only items exempt from public disclosure are items relating to "law enforcement tools and techniques" and "items relating to national security."

The real life implications of this are plain: Computer manufacturers appear to be cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security to make every person who buys a new computer subject to immediate, unrestricted government recording of everything they do on those computers! EVERYTHING!

This information can be sent to DHS, online, without your knowledge or consent, without a search warrant or even probable cause! That's why this device is hard-wired directly into the ethernet card, which communicates over the internet!

I am not certain how long this information will be permitted to remain online for all the world to see before the government takes some type of action to attempt to have it removed from public view. I URGE you to take copy of this page immediately and spread this information to everyone you know immediately! The more people who find out about this, the more can protect themselves and raise a HUGE outcry to force government and computer manufacturers to immediately CEASE installing these devices in new computers!

-- Hal Turner

Elmer Fudd said...

WillToFight said...
That's what I'm talkin bout Kurt!

Here is a regular goon just waiting for your lastest statement.


Many of us are learning and still in the fight as well!

Hang in there Kurt & Scott

Goon I resent that statement. I was only being nice, but since you posted that remark he cannot have my money now. :P Hey Imbigo i will still be here and still paying my mortgage and you will be living in a shelter somewhere kicking yourself in the ass saying "Why did i get myself into this."

mogel said...

Gr82bmoi: YOu wrote: "How would the bank collect on a worthless bond?" Show me one institution that tried & failed. Tell me why the OCC has not gotten involved due to "fictitious instruments" being passed, or why there has been no indictments of the Trust Company. Prove to me beyond a shadow of doubt that the backing for the financial bond is not there. Show me why the real surety is not charged with bank fraud TOO if your assumption is true that the backing of the bond is worthless. Your assumptions make no sense.

As far as you saying the Plaintiff has no right to dismiss the case, this is not true. This is done all the time due to settlements, or other reasons. What crap to say the Plaintiff doesn't have that right to dismiss a case, and there is a legal doctrine called "subject matter jurisdiction".


Clueless Fudd said...

elmer, on the contrary, you suck, and literally. You were seen sucking you know what on "seen it in utah".

Elmer Fudd said...

Clueless Fudd said...
elmer, on the contrary, you suck, and literally. You were seen sucking you know what on "seen it in utah".

Did daddy touch you in your no-no place again.. Run and go tell someone Clue= getaclue. Don't harbor those bad feelings. Get help please. I would tell you to join your brother kurt in prison but then your no-no place would be everyone's not jst your father's Clueless..

Clueless Fudd said...

elmer, "I am your father"!!! A little Star Wars for you.

livinginxs said...

Kurt tells us to stop looking at ourselves and educate ourselves. Where are we to get this education? As we have seen in here, you cant believe everything you read on the internet.

As anyone recieved their DVD's yet??

What happened to the big news on Friday??

What do you know about the Morrow's Admiralty Law Program?

heyguysitisme said...

What did I tell you -

Contact one of my clients again about this and I will sue you for EVERYTHING you own!


F***** J. Le******, Jr.

complainers suck said...

Subject: Fw: Hello from the Morrow's
Just thought we would say hello and see how you are doing. We do not know exactly what’s going on with CCR/Dorean except that they have a Temporary Restraining Order and can’t call or email any of us until November.

i received an email from the morrow's and here is how it started out. i like the way they lied in there opening statement. anyone know where this "november" statement came from. fle and guy have been answering calls and emails the entire time. now I know why they were banned from ccr.

GR82BMOI said...

Mogel: As a Dorean broker, shouldn't you be doing the "proving without a shadow of a doubt"? Which raises the question: what are you getting paid for?

I apologize for my earlier statement in which I identified Dorean as the Plaintiff. I misintrepreted your comment. Let's start over on that one: The Plaintiff doesn't get to dismiss the case without the court's agreement. If it was dismissed, why did Alsup rule on it? Which leaves us in the same place: you may not recognize Judge Alsup's authority, but the rest of the world does.

newyorklife said...

Did anyone happen to buy a kitchen sink from the Morrow's? They seem to be selling anything else they can get their hands on.