Friday, March 25, 2011

Where is God? 2-6-11

Unfortunately for this nation this question is not being asked. Like Israel in Jeremiah chapter 2 we have whored ourselves out to every seduction available. Imagine how few generations are included in our short 200 years history. So quickly the children have lost the revelation that this nation appeared on the scene as a divine appointment and revelation very much like the Israelites exodus from Egypt

Where is God? Is He someone we call on when an enemy kills 3000 in a tower’s destruction? For days, weeks, or months He becomes our chant or bumper sticker. Forgotten again soon enough, the world hates God and always will. They hate the fact that tragedy can make them aware of their feebleness and that they have a reflex to call to God out of their fears. As soon as they calm themselves that reflex will be dismissed as an emotional vain imagination.

But we are not like the world, for we know the answer to this question and ask it for very different reasons. We desire to know the answer for affections sake. Our question resembles more “Where is my darling?” I long for their presence; we are comforted by the answer found in Eph. 2 13-22. He is near! Regrettable this nation has been lost to her lust. Like the wild ass in heat sniffing the air trying to find the first available mate. America is known now as the cheap whore without virtue. Within her borders though is a remnant, a small few, who are near to God, who are being built up for a kingdom not of this world? Fortunately for this nation’s sake God has prophesied her restoration to sense. She will be led back to God by the few who are near to God. Not through tragedy but by our love example. So when you here the question “where is God?” Boldly proclaim your answer that His love has taught you “He is Near!”

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Don’t Want…… 2-5-11

I must admit over the years of this blog I have portrayed certain desires, but with the help of a simple book sent to me by an anonymous source I think it’s come time to change my course. I thought I would take you through all the things I don’t want. Perhaps this will make it abundantly clear to those who still follow this blog what my intentions are.

I do not want to pay all the clients back their Dorean fees. Neither do I want to assist them in obtaining a victory over the banks/lenders who plundered them. I don’t want a good marriage. I don’t want Judge Alsup to repent of his wickedness. I don’t want him to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I don’t want a relationship with my children who have forsaken me. I do not want to get out of prison. I do not want to see God’s prophetic word fulfilled in my life. That means I do not want to bless the people of God with money. I do not want to have a marriage counseling ministry; I do not want the wisdom and knowledge He promised to give. I don’t even want for good friends as I languish forgotten. No matter how I look at my circumstance I don’t want the ability to overcome them and reach victory. All I want is to be left alone. I don’t want joy, peace, or love. I want the feds to be my source. Let my healings come by their physicians because that is what I want. I don’t want God’s healing; In fact I don’t want anything from God. I am done wanting, my spirit is broken. No longer will I live in want. If you are disappointed by what you read and want me to want what you want then I must refuse you. I will not share in any of your wants.

To understand what I’m saying and have always said, go back and reread this blog exchanging the word ”want” or “wanting” with lack or lacking. This is how faith works. And it always works; it calls those things which are not yet as though they are. The Lord said I shall not want. The imperative command I will heed. My cup runnath over Psalms 23.

Monday, March 21, 2011


My entrance into the SHU began a couple of weeks before I arrived. Someone at region read a couple emails of me requesting some fantasy football stats. He called to this institution investigative branch to put me in the SHU for running a gambling operation. When they looked into it they discovered it was just a game.

Not satisfied by this result region looked at another email where I was helping someone buy $60.00 worth of gun parts. The inflamed accusation this time was I’m working with Muslim terrorist in weapons acquisition. As they looked into both our backgrounds and saw that was impossible then it morphed into Montana Freeman working with the Cripps. All said and done the facts ferreted out to be a gentleman needing some outside assistance to buy some gun parts he was looking to improve upon to patent ask me to help and I attempted to. Now that region’s retaliation and fables have been exposed and we were sent to the SHU without provocation instead of getting an “I’m sorry” we’re told we might have to take a shot to make this go away. A shot is a disciplinary act for violation a policy. A 100 series is most severe and stays on your record for 10 years. A 200 series stays on your record for 2 years and a 300 series on your record for a year. This is the series they want me to take even though it is factually false. This is why I hate this government because some asshole abuses his power by un compensation of property or time all the rest instead of sanctioning the offender and apologizing find some method of accusation to put you on the defense and impaired from bringing attention to the real crime. Our indictment was the same tactic. If this government continues in this same unrepentant spirit I shall be its enemy for life. God opposes such fraud and I am honored to be called to this battle at any time. As this Lord has already turned this battle into a victory He will do the same with Dorean. More on this later don’t want that retard at region too informed of the mass he started.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Christian soldier is not boss of himself. One of the reasons I recommend a regular regiment of fasting is that it keeps you turned for battle. What I’ve discovered in the service of the Lord is that it is good to be prepared because one day you are meandering through life and the next moment you are in battle. This is where most people panic but it should not be the case with the saint. Battles are a joy once you see them as God does.

Your first assurance is that the battle is the Lord’s He brought you to battle and the battle to you. It is a high honor. Victory is never in question and your fears are never justified. Dorean was merely Scott and I meandering through life executing upon the knowledge we were give. Suddenly we were at the apex of battle. To the moment it even appears we are getting our asses whipped. But any who know the Lord never allow their doubts to give way to such appearances. God is far more cleverer actually His battle pattern is to set a hook in the enemies mouth so they peruse you and bring their booty with them. They always arrive arrogant and at the height of confidence like they will spoil you. Even this trip to the SHU was instigated by an old enemy who is still reeling from the pains of our last battle. He brought me a prize I didn’t see coming as I was meandering, but each battle brings hidden trophies that the Lord delivers to His children. Be bold and courageous, winning really is fun!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Paul spoke well of the warring of the flesh with the spirit inside a man. It is amazing to me how deeply rooted my carnal nature is in evil and for a spirit made alive in Christ how it can soar to the heavens. Being now upon my 30th day on this water only fast the voices of my flesh is adamant and boisterous. The wickedness is far more subtle than perversity of lust, hatred, greed or conniving. Even food is not fueling a raging hunger. No the battle is all in the mind. My mind’s imagination is on a rapid fire and on constant.

Whether cooking, law, work, Dorean battles, marriage, relationships, hopes, disappointments, or just plain minutia the truth of it all is to distract from my thoughts being upon the Lord. Isn’t this the purest form of wickedness? How many “good” people have led an entire life without any grand displays of wickedness except their spirit never pondered the Lord. I battle with my spirit against this selfish ignoble flesh by praying by spirit. After a season the mind comes along and joins and I am liberated for the moment. The other tactic I use is to sing and worship. Somehow entering His courts with praise and thanksgiving serves the selfish root and the spirit soars. If you are like me perhaps these methods will help you. Do not neglect to fast for the battles of practice will yield victories when it counts. Training is good for every soldier.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


The older I get in the Lord the more the simple things confound me. This institution is treating my fast as a hunger strike. The only similarity is the restraint of food intake. Though they know I am practicing my Christian faith without political agenda they have no policy for fasting so I am punished inappropriately. It seems obvious to me that policies are written for general guidance when the correct set of contemplated fasts appears. They can never have the advantage over human reason to adapt to an unforeseen set of facts. Yet within our government this is precisely how it functions. What confounds me in this situation is how quickly society changes. When I was a boy those who showed reverence and devotion to God were respected. They were looked to as a measure of righteousness, Wisdom, and integrity. Now nothing but perverts of truth holds positions of trust. Their wisdom is foolishness; there kindness is hatred; and their benevolence criminal. I am in a dry observation cell because they are looking out for me. (health and safety) I have to beg for water I would provide myself in a regular cell. I take showers now Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of everyday in a regular cell. My skin dries out but I can’t have lotion because on a hunger stride you are punished. Now they want to take my blood to look out for me. The hypocrisy is evident. So I told them you may keep my lotion I’ll keep my blood. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “I’m from the government I’m here to help” you understand the sarcasm. Love cannot be faked. Any service offered outside of love will effectually` offend and cause pain when will wisdom return?

Monday, March 07, 2011

God’s Promises 12-15-10

I have been given the opportunity to read the book of Josher again. The text covering the same content as the Pentateuch, what I enjoy of this book is the details that add humanity to our biblical patriarchs. An example; Esau had just killed Nimrod and was in fear of his life when he sold his birthright to Jacob. This added fact filling in the course of human behavior. What touched me the most and I hope is transferable to you, is the response of Abraham’s family. Many times they found themselves in circumstance that at first look put the promises of God concerning them in peril. Yet at every time they prayed the promises back to God and He heard their prayers for deliverance. History has confirmed God was always faithful to His promises. Now we are more knowledgeable than they. We have had God’s own incarnate appearing and resurrection to confirm His love. Yet we flounder in mistrust unable to even rise to the courage of the patriarchs of the patriarchs. Shame on us.

Scott and I have put on display what God requires of us all. Not as a boast personally but as an appropriate response to a perfect love. We laid down our lives no matter the cost for the promise of the Lord. Can a perfect love which is a life giving spirit be trusted with loss, of course!

Joseph in his book goes to prison but with added detail you see angels of the Lord and other miraculous events steering him there. Human logic makes no sense of God’s ways but the heart that trust His love journeys in joy and peace. Tears come but the heart is not moved. Are you so certain you were a dupe or is God enough for a friend to perhaps be up to a happy ending? What do the promises say over your life? I would trust the as the patriarch did and you will discover the same results.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Westside Story 12-15-10

In England they used to have a soap opera called the East Enders. The show focusing on the seedy part of London, human nature and human wisdom has mankind functioning like East Enders. Their thoughts always on the east, the sun rises in the east and men only want to judge a thing by its beginning. They seem to forget that the sun also sets in the west. Rarely do we ponder the setting of our lives, our mortality. The habit of judging by first look and first impressions permeates East Enders.

I feel like most have used east ender logic to deduce Dorean and the facts. They are certain by the way it began that they know its substance. I hope that they way it sets shock all you East Enders. I think England suffered from east enders ignorance when dealing with the colonies of the west. God encourages us to look at the full measure of a thing to count the cost. Further His promise that may appear upon the eastern horizon always focuses our faith toward the west and how they will set into reality. The course of hope and the circuit the promise rides to its accomplishment steers our hearts away from just the beginning. Christ was proclaimed by a star in the east but that was hardly the complete story. If those Wiseman did not travel west to see Christ Himself how could they have judged rightly?

Dorean has a finish that cannot be known by its beginning. If you have refused to travel with the wisdom of God the finish will surprise you. Only a vigilant ear and a keen eye working in unison with a supple spirit discovers God’s wisdom confirmed in the west end of a thing. East Enders has long since turned their backs to the west and never sees truth until it hits them in the back of their head.


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jupiter 1-13-11

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Because its orbit is outside ours it's gravity serves a very useful purpose. It bends space enough to attract the majority of all meteors and asteroids. It is like a giant vacuum cleaner protecting us from harmful debris. In our battle the federal government served the same purpose. Its gravity prevented all the other states from being relevant. The bad side is they are more wicked than all the others combined. The good side is defeating the words is the best victory. So since God established the players and the battlefront we find ourselves pleased to enter the Frey. Was it not God who put Jupiter in its place?

This set of events could change down the road soon for the next battle. The Supreme Court is ruling on a federalism case called Bond in February. The essence being that the 10th amendment is an individual right to choose the jurisdiction you to face. Meaning Scott and I could have chosen Utah and the feds would become irrelevant. They haven't touched this subject for a century so let's hope they reduce the reach of this over bloated tyrant. Do you think they have cross the line of their design in the last century? To me by a million miles, this would be the first reverse and not very far backwards. But it’s a direction change and I think the spirit of the Lord is for it. In the heavens Jupiter's days are numbered. May it be so on earth as it is in heaven. Amen!