Monday, March 07, 2011

God’s Promises 12-15-10

I have been given the opportunity to read the book of Josher again. The text covering the same content as the Pentateuch, what I enjoy of this book is the details that add humanity to our biblical patriarchs. An example; Esau had just killed Nimrod and was in fear of his life when he sold his birthright to Jacob. This added fact filling in the course of human behavior. What touched me the most and I hope is transferable to you, is the response of Abraham’s family. Many times they found themselves in circumstance that at first look put the promises of God concerning them in peril. Yet at every time they prayed the promises back to God and He heard their prayers for deliverance. History has confirmed God was always faithful to His promises. Now we are more knowledgeable than they. We have had God’s own incarnate appearing and resurrection to confirm His love. Yet we flounder in mistrust unable to even rise to the courage of the patriarchs of the patriarchs. Shame on us.

Scott and I have put on display what God requires of us all. Not as a boast personally but as an appropriate response to a perfect love. We laid down our lives no matter the cost for the promise of the Lord. Can a perfect love which is a life giving spirit be trusted with loss, of course!

Joseph in his book goes to prison but with added detail you see angels of the Lord and other miraculous events steering him there. Human logic makes no sense of God’s ways but the heart that trust His love journeys in joy and peace. Tears come but the heart is not moved. Are you so certain you were a dupe or is God enough for a friend to perhaps be up to a happy ending? What do the promises say over your life? I would trust the as the patriarch did and you will discover the same results.

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