Thursday, June 30, 2005

My hope

I have been to battle now in over 4000 mortgage transactions and never once has the bank put forth evidence of an admissible kind that verifies their entitlment claims. They are always looking for a third party to cover their ass as it were. This number and consistent pattern amazes me and speaks for itself. Fraud can never be uncovered and prevail so now we understand the huge coverup. Under these conditions it is niave to think one man can change a system replete with contempt for your welfare to honesty. What I do hope is that I can wake up a million Americans to the scam and give them the courage to say no to fraud. If this can be accomplished then these bankers and their government goons don't have a chance. Use some common sense here when looking at the landscape. The bankers have moved the majority of average Americans out of equities with loose monetary policy, accounting scandal, and tax incentives into property. Now we change the monetary policies to strangle the people and foreclosures will go through the roof. There will be a mad dash to bankruptcy which has recently been modified to protect the bankers and whala you have the 21st century criminal kickoff celebration. Get informed and as a people we can stop the madness and keep the wealth in our hands for another generation.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Government gone crazy

Yesterday an agent for our company in South Carolina was arrested without being charged and released. All of the attorney generals for the states are on a frenzy to put the Dorean Group out of business. Too bad we are not breaking any laws! No matter to them, they have some big fat banker's ass to kiss and we are getting in the way. This is the type of frenzy they will all practice until we have embarrassed them into honest behavior. They have no moral compass and must be scared straight by the shear magnitude of the people waking up to their fraud. Our voice is getting stronger and our determination is too great for their shallow character to resist. The hardest thing for them to overcome is the truth. They love their banker buddies but they also know they are crooks; here lies the gentle balance of the corrupted soul for self preservation when both ends lead to your demise. Who would want that job? Everyday you look in the mirror it gets pissed off having to reflect such a worthless coward. I have asked for all the participant's names but none want to come forward, perhaps the law will not protect them. They proclaimed we are crooks involved in an illegal scam. This libel will not be tolerated. If you got the goods, put me in jail for breaking a law! Sticks and stones don't exist, only the words of a blow hard deceptive government gone crazy trying to balance the applecart with vain statements.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"Fraud" nobody wants to hear

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with a Martin Abad and investigator from Freddie Mac (818-710-3008) about why his organization (A Government Service Enterprise "GSE") had two mortgages on the same property. He was familiar with our process but couldn't understand why a second mortgage was taken out. I explained his confusion was that the prior mortgage company was paid off and that they defrauded you of your investment. I offered to explained to his superiors how the entire industry in one giant securities fraud. They didn't want to hear the truth. How is there securities fraud at the center of the American Mortgage Industry I can hear you ask. I will explain and hope you pay close attention. An Investor is entitled to full disclosure of all the material facts and risk associated with their transaction. The GSE's collect investment based on the idea that their bonds (securities) are mortgage back. The assumption is that this is a secure investment because it has collateral attached to it, i.e. a home with sufficient equity. The bankers via a huge network of agents (brokers, lenders, credit unions) create the mortgage without ever obtaining attachment. In order to obtain attachment to the collateral one must purchase an interest from the person with entitlement rights. The modern lender does not meet the minimum test within the Uniform Commercial Code UCC, to arrive at attachment. They do rise to an agency status for the alleged borrower but that is it. Agents have a duty to do what is best for the principal. This is where all the fraud begins. The Lender, (Principal's Agent) does not represent the principal but rather enriches themselves by a conversion of the asset and then enters into the secondary investment market brokering a security back by a stolen asset, misrepresented as to attachment and entitlement rights, and failed to mention its unilateral nature. All of these material facts are relevant to the relative security of the investment. Anyone investing in the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae are all being set up for a grand fall. Once the truth of the matter is surfaced those bonds will be toilet paper. Again in my profile I mention I went to jail for securities fraud. I learned the hard way what it is and how to spot it. Funny the two faces of government on a single issue.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Intro to the battle

I have decided to start this blog since people want to hear from the founders of the company what it is we are doing to make a change in the American Mortgage Industry. We formed the Dorean Group (Scott and I) in late 2003 as a response to our studies. Since that time we have been raided by the FBI on Feb. 2, 2005 and had $300,000 seized. On May 27th 2005 we filed a whistleblower complaint with the Federal Grand Jury in Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco. One hour later we were made criminal fugitives by the State of Utah. I am currently a fugitive as I write my first posting and my partner Scott remains in jail on a fugitive warrant without bail. This is the perfect example of the government abusing its powers to protect the elitist banker cartel. Both Scott and I have not committed any crimes in Utah, or been convicted of any, or fled any form of justice, from that state. (Scott has never been to Utah) Somehow we have in the imagination of a corrupt judge and insurance investigator (Doug Ledouex). This reaction by the state of Utah was a by a direct solicitation from the FBI after we filed our Grand Jury documents with the clerk's office and the clerk Rickard Weiking. As of this posting Mr. Weiking has withheld our complaint and the evidence therein from the Grand Jury Foreman and in essence has tampered with evidence before the Grand Jury.