Thursday, June 30, 2005

My hope

I have been to battle now in over 4000 mortgage transactions and never once has the bank put forth evidence of an admissible kind that verifies their entitlment claims. They are always looking for a third party to cover their ass as it were. This number and consistent pattern amazes me and speaks for itself. Fraud can never be uncovered and prevail so now we understand the huge coverup. Under these conditions it is niave to think one man can change a system replete with contempt for your welfare to honesty. What I do hope is that I can wake up a million Americans to the scam and give them the courage to say no to fraud. If this can be accomplished then these bankers and their government goons don't have a chance. Use some common sense here when looking at the landscape. The bankers have moved the majority of average Americans out of equities with loose monetary policy, accounting scandal, and tax incentives into property. Now we change the monetary policies to strangle the people and foreclosures will go through the roof. There will be a mad dash to bankruptcy which has recently been modified to protect the bankers and whala you have the 21st century criminal kickoff celebration. Get informed and as a people we can stop the madness and keep the wealth in our hands for another generation.


firefighter said...

Can somebody please help me?? I entered the Dorean process approximately one years ago. To this date, I have been issued my re-conveyance, but unable to get re-financed. Due to circumstances surrounding my job, I need to sale my house immediately. However, I am unable to locate the appropriate party to convey the property back to me from "The Trust". Dorean has been no help in this matter. I have contacted on numerous occasions Tela and Becki Holtzer, with no resolution. According to my contact, a injunction has been issued against Dorean's process forbidding them to issue my Quit Claim Deed. In summary, my life, my job and my entire future hinge on the quick resolution of this matter. If anyone can help, please contact me @

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