Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Turn For The Worst (10-10-08)

It certainly appears that our economy has taken a turn for the worst. When in our lifetime has there been such a great transfer of wealth? Notice I didn’t say loss of wealth. Wealth is a constant. The equity of this world has not changed. Only the percentage used changes over time, but the same gold of Alexander the Great’s day is still here. When your IRA is depleted your loss is someone else’s gain. Why we feel the collected pain is because the greater number of losers in proportion to the fewer number of winners. The less hand to possess the wealth the less opportunity for others to expand. Project and businesses never get started because of the practical limitations of less eyes to review and less I’s to decide. Most of all is the brainwashing perceptions that blindfold us to walk us into the loser’s camp. Many of you have prayed as I that God bless this nation and it appears He’s doing the opposite. But ask yourself this. Are people more likely to turn to God when things are going great or going bad? Is there any hope of blessing without turning to God? I think not. God is answering your prayers. Now think on this. It appears God has not delivered you, you have lost your house, the promises I made to you appear to be false, and your net wealth has gone down. Now look at it from the spirit. God had you enter Dorean at the near cap of your houses value. If Kurt is God’s man and not a crook then he has preserved your liquidity at its height. If God is in this plan then God will return to you a dollar with four times the purchasing power. Let me give you this example. A client had a 200K house with a 100% mortgage. They have no equity. Through God’s provision their 100% mortgage becomes 100% equity or 200K cash. The house is now 100K which can now be purchased. The other 100K can be used to buy stocks at 60% the value of the value when you thought God ignored your prayers and brought you trouble. What if God did not bring you this trouble called Dorean. Then you would have most likely lost your home soon after by market conditions without a hope to become liquid in a cash is king market. Ask God if I am lying to you or if you have been totally blind to God’s brilliant plan to bring you through the refiners fire better than you entered. That’s the God I know and trust. So perhaps your turn for the better is being misinterpreted by your perception of the turn for the worst. Only God can enable you to see this because it is spiritually discerned. If you see it by faith here first you will discover the function of my strength and will see it with your natural eyes in short order. Do you know the scripture where Elijah saw the armies of the Lord but his servant saw the armies of man? This is what I’m speaking of. Now I want you all to see what I have seen all along. My prayer is as his “Lord open their eyes.” Once you see the truth of the provision then join me in Hosanna. Save Now! I think it is our turn. Amen?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Why do I Pray (10-9-08)

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Knowing the answer would be good for you.

For me I pray for the joy of communing with the one who has loved me so well. It is where I can hear the sweet voice of fellowship. Prayer for me is easy to initiate but difficult to complete. It is easy to approach someone who loves you but the difficulty arrives when you stay for the relationship. Like Forrest Gump would say “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get.” This is a prayer life. What most call a prayer is a wish. Prayer has a life because it is the language of relationship between two personalities. Not everything is known which makes the experience tentative. Not tentative like an abusive relationship where one never knows what causes the explosion but one where one cannot presume oneself on the other. Removing the presumption with a desire to please leaves you in a state of trust. Prayer naturally creates faith in the prayer.

The hope of prayer is that God exists and that He will answer. Why pray if you have no interest in the answer? Why engage a personality if you do not want to fellowship with them? What makes prayer a unique form of communication is that one personality is God. All is the potential in prayer because of the extent of God covers All in all. Prayer takes you outside any comfort zones of your personality because you must always be in a stretch to comprehend superiority.

Prayer gives voice to the moves of the spirit. It has an assignment desk, a consolation, fellowship, and all your hopes. Have you ever found any one thing that assures your faith better than an answered prayer? I think of the Sampson story. Sampson gets the answer to prayer when he uses the jawbone of an ass to destroy a thousand of his enemy. Before that victory is even appreciated his exhaustion and thirst has driven him desperately to prayer. What if God left him to die after his victory? Would that not be strange for God to lovingly dispense victory in one breath only to destroy you in silence by the next? Prayer is able to find the consistency of love that is inherent in the personality known as God. For this reason water comes from the hollow of this very same jawbone to refresh. I know from fasting without water for 10 days what maddening thirst can be. Only those who have experienced the strength of thirst can understand the refreshing of the first drink. This had to be the satisfaction of Sampson in two ways. In the healing of his flesh his spirit learned again by the answer to prayer that the relationship with God is real. Do you want to have a relationship that is real with God? Well, prayer is the only method.

Prayer is the only way I can find the evidence that the retards are liars. Since one discovers through prayer that the personality God is not a liar when His words and the retards are in opposition you have measured truth. They have circumstances as fact. I have fact as a friend. Through prayer fact even if it be a future look can capture it and bring it back to the present. That is the benefit of relating to God. The ultimate fact is your reality. Though there is an uncertainty about what’s inside the chocolates created by our inferiority the fact that God has given us the gift of the box that with all certainty has chocolate. That is the sweetness of prayer; it has the consistency of chocolate.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fate (10-6-08)

As fate would have it I’m back in the SHU again. I am told they are full and awaiting a bed to open. I personally think it’s a line of horse crap. What they haven’t figured out yet is that I like the SHU. Fate doesn’t allow for thought. In this I think is a lesson. If one should take the time to really reason through one’s thoughts on fate they might actually change their belief system. Fate permeates our culture. Almost all have resigned themselves to this belief in one force or another. Call it karma or predestinationalism it amounts to the same thing. I can remotely see the childlike comfort in its acceptance. As a man I suspect I am suppose to give up childish things. The world is a great big scary place and refuge is sought but what is the fortrace of fate? I think it a trap. Many on this blog give away their confidence in fate by their comments. All of life with a sense of our insignificance. We continue to gather evidence that the world goes on with or without us. Under these circumstances a God is better equated to the Force. No matter what we do the Force being greater than our will always gets its way. We can be angry about our lot but also relieved by the benign impersonal Force. A true God with a personality is far more scary. Though He would be equal in force the complexity of personality creates relationship. Relationships do not allow for the resignation of “Cey Sera Sera.” A relationship comes with accountability and cause and effect. Fate is without relationship. In relationship especially with a superior being can be much like dancing on egg shells. Think of your dog always eager to see you but also the object of your wrath without understanding. It constantly searches for cause and effect clues in your relationship. If you are senseless and unpredictable the dog will ultimately resign itself to fear and become shy. Since fate is a ruse to keep us from the faith it must be viewed as doubt. Paul says that when we pray we must first believe that God exist. Belief in the Force a God neutered of personality is not this belief. How could you have a relationship with a spouse if you merely thought of the as a force you resigned yourself to be subject to? In my marriage love has changed over time but never diminished. If the bars quality of love has always been present why should I have to keep telling her and showing her of my love? Fate has us together and in love. It shall be so no matter what I do. This is foolishness because our love is both cause and effect within our relationship. In a relationship with God words and actions matter. God told King Hezekiah to get his house in order he was going to die. If anything comes close to fate it is having the Master of life and creation terminating your existence. Did Hezekiah resign himself to fate? No he had a relationship with God and on that basis argued and cried for relief. God was moved to repentance and extended his life 15 years. God as the Force cannot be moved but as a personality of power can be solicited on the basis of relationship. The Bible as a whole is the story of God’s relationship to man. The ebbs and flows depicted to guide us into an understanding relationship ourselves. The Force is a myth. God is a personal relative. Relative to every choice one makes. Fate does not have me imprisoned but God desires me to go through this. Relating becomes our best hope for truth and understanding. Maybe you can relate to what I’ve said. Fate would have me and all you clients as losers but I can’t relate to fate because I believe in God. He relates victory to me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kurt's - New Address

KURT F JOHNSON 13177-081
P.O. BOX 800

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I’m a reject (10-10-08)

In a very strange course of events I am back at Dublin. I spent 10 days in the SHU at Lompoc until an emergency decision was made to reject me. Perhaps my E-harmony file did not match. I was so eager to enter a new relationship. Now the question remains as to why am I here. I have my spiritual suspicions but I will confirm these in prayer before I repeat them. Three out of three prisons don’t want me. I’m starting to get a complex. Could I be so unlovely? Perhaps the retards are correct.

I have heard that many are complaining of how terrible things have become out there. Let me offer an explanation of why I take joy in these reports. First it is God’s plan. Secondly it increases prayer and man’s focus for deliverance. Finally this moves God. Good news is this is when deliverance comes. It is like that Hosanna moment of the triumphant entry. “Save Now” being the import. There has been enough time of crying out for mercy but circumstance has steadily become more desperate. The pressure has squeezed us until the only words we can pull from our guts are “Save Now!” Now, Now, Now” I will add. I cry tears along with you when I hear of your suffering. The fact that God has risen from His attentive but seated position upon His throne to take action brings me endless hope. Now the mighty arm of God has flexed and who or what can resist Him? Join me in a prophetic view and prayerful thankfulness that Christ has mounted to enter into our situation triumphantly. Praise the Lord for He is Saving us Now, Hosanna in the Highest! Amen!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good-bye GSE's 9-16-08

Well now that the wonderful businesses of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have left the marketplace what happens next. First you must realize that all the propaganda is spin to dissuade you from using your brain. Fact is the fraud was too dangerous for public review. The wizard had to bring his bad children back behind the curtain where he could work his magic. Now that they are part of the government secret remedies can be devised. Socialism condemnations are meaningless. No one truly understands what kind of government we have. If one actually understood how things really worked they would be glad Paulson did what he did. His ability to manipulate has been exponentially increased. No more economics review, no more business commentators, or policy hack to comment on his ideas. The books are private now. You can comment on the results of my decisions not debate in their development. I hope some of you took my advice and rode their stock down with the put leaps I recommended. The jury is still out as to whether they are going to save us or crush us economically. The chances just got a whole lot better for salvation. We as a nation need to pray that the wizard being embarrassed by his bad children wants to express remorse over greed. God can move the hearts of men. Let's pray for God's abundance. Not just for us but for our retarded neighbors also. A lot will happen before Bush leaves office. Do not delay in your fervent prayer. Now is the time.

Now is also the time for my next move in wonderland. Watch for a post on my new address. This could take awhile. I'm still trying to get Phase One up and running but all these moves have been detrimental. God knows the right time. I'm doing great in the spirit and excited about what God has planned. Talk to Him and see if you don't get excited.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kurt's Temporary Address

KURT F JOHNSON 13177-081
5675 8th St. Camp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Heal Our Nation (A Prayer) 9-13-08

Oh Lord God what great promise you have laid upon the heads of this people. Yet we have squandered it away with dissipation. Our rulers are all whores and wizards. There is no substance within them except hocus pocus and naked revelry. The nations mock us for we have become arrogant in our sins like them. Where is there God and why should we fear them. How great a calling it is to be set apart as your people and to be your testimony in this world. Lord our hearts have failed us and we have lost our way. Still Lord you are proven true and faithful. Your long suffering and tender mercies have not failed us. We have failed you. Look at what we publish and what rhetoric we dispense. We have become a stupid people. We need you Lord. Who else has the power and the love to save us from our wickedness. We have passed through your punishment and still we did not turn our faces completely towards you. Now we are turning away again. Soberness and wisdom are strangers among this people. Still Lord there is a small remnant who love your ways. Rent their hearts that they too will pray that you heal our land. Flood us with the tears and anguish of repentance. Do not let us rest until we have moved you with compassion. Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on us. Your ways are not our ways but make it so. Do not let our glory be a great start but rather a great finish. Crown us again with thy favor and thy presence. We are dullards and ungrateful. Renew us and put a right spirit within us. Cast far from us our stony hearts. Do not let us raise this generation in sin. Cause us to raise a holy generation whose lips are full of your praise. Save now dear Lord save now! We are in desperate peril. Our enemies are perched like vultures as they watch us stagger and stumble. You have raised the dead are you not able to raise the fallen in life? Humble this people. Cast our haughty eyes to the dust until we recall our origin but raise our spirits until we live in our destiny. Bring us to our knees in pleading, in agreement, aware of our need then answer our prayers. Cause us to be a wonder to the world a light of your glory. For thy namesake heal our nation. AMEN

Monday, October 06, 2008

A Change of Mind 9-13-08

I want to tell you about a set of events that occurred to me. I had felt the unction of the Holy Spirit to pray and fast. It was to be 7 days for the salvation of Alsup and 14 for other issues. Well on day 4 I found out I was leaving. Fasting is somewhat impractical when traveling shackled on a bus or plane for bowel reasons. This left me in a bit of a quagmire. There was a divine appointment to fast and pray and a physical reality making it impossible. Now I know there is a high minded spiritual thought here to follow the spirit and damn the circumstance. I am tempted by this more than most. This is where my strange lesson enters. The importance of the prayer targets is without question. The justifications to continue are without number. I had one problem. What if God changed His mind?

Part of me wants a God that is not a moving target. It simplifies my life. I know if I look through certain truths I will always see God. Another part of me wants a God that is flexible enough to hear my prayers and change His mind if necessary to answer them. Is it possible to have both? They seem mutually exclusive. Now the prayer could continue but the fasting had to stop. As I discontinued the fast I was surprised that the unction of the Holy Spirit also ceased. My first thought was did I sin. God fell silent in the succeeding moments which reinforced this thought. Finally in my frustration I asked Him "What is it you want?" This apparently was a profound moment. I was praying for the salvation of Alsup fervently and had all the scriptural support for God's mercy. There is just as much scriptural support for wrath but I felt mercy was the preeminent and predominant choice. Here is the subtlety "I felt." It was subjective. Also there was the real unction of the Holy Spirit in support and then its disappearance. Had God changed His mind? This question posed a few others. How do I relate to a God who is a moving target? Does this moving target rob from me the comfort of a God omni in all aspects? As I analyzed this I found they were not mutually exclusive. I was reminded of when my son Ethan began to walk. I was always just outside his reach as a moving target which inspired him to grow in his walk. I was always saying "come to Papa" with my face towards him and my eyes upon him. If he should stumble I would catch him before he fell. I was sensing God had shifted His intentions, He had moved, but this new revelation I was gaining was a "come to Papa" call.

One thing I've learned from this battle I'm in is that events change your mind, your course of action. They don't change your motives or goals. Now this is where I began to perceive the congruity between these opposing perceptions of God. God is changeless in His motives, will and goals but flexible in His course of action, adaptive. In a freewill environment it must be this way. Did something happen on earth or in the heavens that changed God's course? If so the "come to Papa" unction of the Holy Spirit would redirect the course of my walk. Maybe God needed to redirect my attentions to a counter attack that was mounted. There certainly were some manifestations of this occurring in the flesh. The administration here has gotten very nasty. This required immediate action to preserve interest that would have been a serious distraction to the fast and probably could have been devastatingly draining on me in my weakened state. Only God knows. The things these lessons and my study of prayer are teaching me is that God's actions might change but He is still a target to affix our hopes upon. What is prayer if it is not truth and heart reality in the pursuit of God Himself the ultimate truth and heart reality?

How can I lead God to Mr. Alsup or to my needs by argument, pleas, and the need itself if I can't find Him? This is why God has to be the sole desire of our prayers with our whole being. Any other prayer is vanity. Isn't really all answered prayer the summation of the one all important question "Does God exist?" Isn't every answered prayer the irrefutable answer "yes"? Therefore prayer has to be a vehicle of public relation in which God controls His testimony. Now God can perfect His testimony by the actions He takes toward Mr. Alsup but I must align my personal interest and prayer to the overall campaign. Therefore I urge all of you in your prayer life concerning your personal affairs and Dorean interest to keep your focus on the campaign Manager with obedience. Go with the unction even over reason and revelation will bring understanding soon enough. All this is another lesson that God is in control. Let us not practice the vanity of any other relationship. I do not yet know where my captors will take me or where the unction will take me. I do know comfortably that God is in control of both moves.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Authority (9-10-08)

In the Scriptures Jesus enters the temple and overturns the tables of the greedy money changers. These people never asked Him why because they knew their works evil. What they asked Him was by what authority did He do it. His answer is quite revealing. He spoke of laying down His life. On many occasions this was the authority He claimed. His house was to be a house of prayer and His redemptive death and His resurrection power was and is the authority to make those demands upon men. Yes Jesus is a King of Kings and Lord of Lords but His greatness He displayed in humble weakness.

When I began this 21 day fast it was by a divine appointment. My only hope of victory was God's house of prayer under the authority of Christ. I was facing robbers of a very high magnitude. Actually I felt a little overwhelmed by the task of prayer set before me by the Holy Spirit. This reminded me of Paul. He was a man of exceptional talents and a wonderful calling but he never viewed himself as a one man show. Almost everyone of his epistles has him petitioning the brethren for prayer that he might prevail.

This institution is losing its mind like Dublin. They are heaping insults and injury upon me and isolating me in anyway they can. Now God's purpose in this is like the solitary Island of Patmos where one gets his revelation. Though the sufferings and tortures sting the revelation is a precious reward. As the revelation comes I am troubled. This territory that God has His sights on is very well defended in spiritual terms. Even with importune prayer, fasting, and faith I felt no assurance the enemy could be displaced on my efforts alone. Sure one can imagine Christ performing the task of which He is potent and competent. Power is not the issue. It was more "do the people really want me, want this territory, or victory?" This is where I felt overwhelmed. I knew I could count on Christ for the strength to battle but did He have His saints praying. This was my prayerful concern all day. Call it measuring before one commits to battle. This is only the 3rd day of my fast but as I look at the enemy's camp I knew I might make a dent spiritually but more was needed. I received 4 letters in the mail this night. John & Monyah, Karen, Marilyn, and Winnie. They all had this in common; they said they were praying for me. Well I can't tell you what a timely answer to prayer that was. Thank you all so much for strengthening me with the revelation that Christ has provided all needed to storm these gates for victory. These 4 confirm the many others God has commanded and are obedient. Thank you all!

Now none of the retards are dumb enough now to question why since the mortgage industry has answered a thousand times over that it was evil. Their question is by what authority can two guys out of nowhere make a claim to resolve this issue. My answer should be as the Lord who challenges their authority into silence. I will say that because Christ died for mercy's sake and rose again into new life under the law of prayer and the many children who have received His call I am authorized to throw out the money changers. Throwing over their tables was just the beginning. Watch what this fast and praying accomplishes. Saints, together we approach a God who answers prayer. Think big, unite as drops forming an ocean and lets flood our enemies with the sovereign will of God's kingdom. "AMEN!" Pray with authority it has been given you!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kurt's current address

KURT F JOHNSON 13177-081
LOMPOC, CA 93436