Friday, January 28, 2011

Winnie 11/22/10

There’s a lady named Winnie out there who has befriended me and I am the richer for it. Winnie has from cursory review a normal life. But one thing I believe was abnormal from her reports is that she has known love in her relationship. Many talk of love but only mislabel selfish agreement as love. Not so with Winnie as to detail her life was as full of the mundane task of existence as anyone. What I love about her is that she invest her love into the mundane. Faithfully writing cards (wonderful) and letters to a stranger in prison can not be more mundane and yet her genuine spirit and love gush from each writing.

Writing this blog can be very mundane. It is easy to justify quitting. My life is on slow motion compared to all my readers. Changes in my circumstances seem distant. Rarely now do I possess information relevant to the business of Dorean. All I desire to share I cannot because of the wicked eyes upon it.

Winnie told me God used my writings here to strengthen her during a time of trial. In this I am grateful! Her friendship a reward for exceeding my gift, she is a witness to the ways of God. He uses mundane task to convey His love in such a way as to strength your spirit. To encourage you to arrive at faith’s reward and to rest in a trustworthy love, God has been faithful to both of us, used both of us, and expressed His love through the mundane task of our lives. I love you Winnie as God loves you. How quickly you strength reciprocated.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Principles of Skilling 11/22/10

In the Supreme Court case decided 6-24-10 the court interpreted the statute Title 18 1346. This is known as the McNally fix because it overturned McNally (1986) by adding honest service back into the mail and wire fraud statutes. In McNally the court interpreted these statutes not to include intangible property interest. Congress disagreed and passed section 1346. 1346 is a definition that basically said a “schema or artifice to defraud” includes honest service. The question skilling raised was, is this too vague to pass constitutional muster. The court said to save the statute they would have to confine the prohibited behavior to bribes and kickbacks. This definition has now been confined for constitutional reasons. Therefore it can now be read practically as a scheme or artifice to defraud includes bribes and kickbacks. This list is now the all inclusive list of behavior prohibited by the phrase “scheme or artifices to defraud” This phrase is in all the fraud statutes. At law the phrase now being defined must have the same meaning in every statute in which it is used. The problem you can already see is that even if Dorean the wicked scheme their rhetoric professed, it newer involved bribes or kickbacks. So Scott and I are convicted of a non-offense. It’s like raping mini-mouse they can write a statute prohibiting it but in reality my conduct could never violate it. They know this still it does not retard them from their malicious assault upon our innocence to the argument about truth in the mortgage industry. Call me guilty if you like but you become lawless in doing so.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whoring Around 11/22/10

Ezekiel Chapter 23 describes the northern tribes (Aholah) and the southern tribes (Aholibah) of National Israel as women God entered a relationship with. Their names each colloguialism of the day for loose women. Women who preferred to wear their skirts over their heads as opposed to their loins.

I know a little of this type of women. My 2nd love was a loose woman I was too stupid to avoid. As much as I desired to domesticate her I could not change the way she wore her skirt. 3 decades later she had not changed. My frustration and demise were certainties though I knew it not at the time.

God goes on to describe these women as chasers of every lover they could find. Even to the perversion of bestiality. Yet His love is professed an evident. Of course the parallels. Between these women and ourselves is easy to own. All of us have hated God desiring the promise of every lover we could see.

Today I am married to a virtuous woman. One whom love can be freely exchanged. I can entrust my love to her as easily as I can trust her love. I have known in type both the whore’s idea of love and God’s love. The one thing about human nature that amazes me is how much effort we’ll place in trying to domesticate the whores of our lives while with the same vigor we’ll repulse a true and genuine love. How much longer will we hate the Virtue of a righteous lover?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hired 11/22/10

Recently a good friend of mine hired someone I referred from this prison. This was a divine situation; this man is a husband with a lovely family. I knew instantly he had the call of God in his life. I did not get to impart much while he was here because of the influences he allowed into his life, but God is cleaver. Jobs are difficult to find especially in this economy as an ex-felon. Yet this man employed under my godly friend, now are all godly themselves. God used circumstances to change his influences. I’m certain that external fruit shall be reaped from this situation

I know this world lives in a hatred of God and themselves, but the few who do not get to witness God’s gentle wooing of His enemies into a love relationship. This man can’t see it yet or even fathom how rich a love is advancing upon him, but when he comes to that revelation he will see that God so loved him that he nurtured a business in a rough economy, developed some men to share there experiences under this love, and lastly ever sent a man to prison to make sure this lost soul was found.

As a witness to this type of love and to have this privileged to be a part of God’s work affirms the security one feels in the mastery of God in your own life. Scott and I are safe. We have both seen the hand of God lovingly moving through what must view tragic. I suspect this entire family will enter an eternal love relationship with God and that is a treasure Judge Alsap cannot steal from me.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Tracking with God 11/16/10

Isaiah 55:11 is a verse many can quote but few understand. This verse to me is the root of all man’s relation with God. This is just cursory thought from a book I’m writing to expound on the details that I hope to convey here.

The 8 virtues listed in 2 Peter 1:5-7 are not independent attributes acquired over the course of time. To me they are the rails that the emanations of God ride upon and that return to Him the harvest. They are the very substance of the bargain contracted between Creator and creation.

Faith or the Greek work pisteo (phonetic) is the turnabout when the effort of God’s love returns as the product of God’s desire. It is that point where we are entrusted with God and where we place our trust in Him.
God passes through these virtues chronologically or progressively from love to faith. We at the receipt of this expression ride the virtues back to love departing in faith. They are likewise chronological and progressive for the individual. But the work of God in the individual bargain between Himself and another also has a collective version called the bride. She historically rides these virtues until she arrives at her perfection. That brings returned to love of neighbor and love of God. Brotherly love to love, we’re not there yet but His work will not return void. He shall obtain His bride who will be virtuous. She chronologically has passed from the faith that began her journey during the Ephesians church age and progressed historically through time to the Philadelphian church age we as individuals currently live in.(see Rev. 2-3 ) It is no accident that our progression toward God are mirrored to His digression toward us. When His words of love departed they were destined to return with His bride. I wanted no less from the words of love expressed to my beloved. The gospel is a love story. The greatest love story ever told that rides these virtues between love and trust. All aboard!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Giant Brat 11/16/10

Many of you have no comprehension of the beast called the United States. The federal government has long since burst the bonds of restraint set for it. Funny money was the beginning. Once unteathered to economic realities, power became the un resistible temptation. Now the spirit is a spoiled child with endless resources no wisdom, and a corrupted character. Most of you cannot fathom what Scott and I stood for or what we’re standing against. My last few years incarcerated have nothing to do with facts or the law.

After a successful trial where they controlled the jury through sophisticated machinations and secure your convictions, then the higher courts collaborated to torture you with daily tactics. The law means nothing, the truth is irrelevant, and justice is only a confidence game. The only truth they know is self-validation. A spoiled child is not a good judge in anything. The game now is to present a public image sellable yet devoid of reality. I had no idea of the depths of perversion until I was forced to swim in it. You won’t know what I’m telling you until this rotten child’s desires force upon you. Throw out all your expectations of truth, kindness, morals, service, and constitutionality and imaging evil, vindictiveness, corruption, greed, and fraud and you will better be able to defend yourself.

I am hated by these men because I did not bow to their power, succumb to their fraud, or surrender my will to their lies. For this I must be punished. Not for a crime but for my arrogances. This is the sole reason I remain incarcerated. I could have won my appeal if I had one. Mine was stolen from me by systems tactics. Not employed on everyone only selectively. They know their confidence game would be exposed if they ever allow me to be heard. But until that moment arrives the games are played. I am not arguing any facts at their deaf ears only dealing with procedures. Issues at vindication most likely will not be before any court for a couple more years. This malicious tactic is known by God. If He wishes to shorten my time He can defend. If not I trust His purpose, my next act is a writ of cart, which I’ll make a blog for your reading. Its essence will be “Did the
lower court err in not hearing my issues?” The answer determines my next move.