Friday, January 28, 2011

Winnie 11/22/10

There’s a lady named Winnie out there who has befriended me and I am the richer for it. Winnie has from cursory review a normal life. But one thing I believe was abnormal from her reports is that she has known love in her relationship. Many talk of love but only mislabel selfish agreement as love. Not so with Winnie as to detail her life was as full of the mundane task of existence as anyone. What I love about her is that she invest her love into the mundane. Faithfully writing cards (wonderful) and letters to a stranger in prison can not be more mundane and yet her genuine spirit and love gush from each writing.

Writing this blog can be very mundane. It is easy to justify quitting. My life is on slow motion compared to all my readers. Changes in my circumstances seem distant. Rarely now do I possess information relevant to the business of Dorean. All I desire to share I cannot because of the wicked eyes upon it.

Winnie told me God used my writings here to strengthen her during a time of trial. In this I am grateful! Her friendship a reward for exceeding my gift, she is a witness to the ways of God. He uses mundane task to convey His love in such a way as to strength your spirit. To encourage you to arrive at faith’s reward and to rest in a trustworthy love, God has been faithful to both of us, used both of us, and expressed His love through the mundane task of our lives. I love you Winnie as God loves you. How quickly you strength reciprocated.


judge allslop said...

US Goverment crime syndicate Don attempting to get some "love" can't. Bonne journèe.

Davos diss: JP Morgan head Jamie Dimon gets public smackdown from French President Nicolas Sarkozy
BY Corky Siemaszko
Thursday, January 27th 2011, 12:36 PM

JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon got a humiliating public slap down from the French president Thursday after he whined that bankers were bashed unfairly for the Great Recession. Nicolas Sarkozy told the Manhattan moneyman that bankers made moves that "defied common sense" and harmed millions of people around the world.
"Don’t be accusatory of us," Sarkozy snapped at Dimon at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. "The world has paid with tens of millions of unemployed, who were in no way to blame and who paid for everything."
Dimon drew the ire of the French president – and some of the other participants in the forum – by calling the persistent criticism of bankers "unproductive and unfair." (Au contraire asshole, its been a very good year doing "Gods work".)

Anonymous said...

pay attn:

get yo poopcorn reddy.

you are now witnessing the beging of the END of the usa zionist controled puppet govts. in he gypped and the rest of the muddle east.

and its gong to spread hear soon.

rites in the streets.

forget about da dg, it wont matter soon.

the riters in egypped freed all the pensioners from jial too.

when it goes down here, the riters here will let kurt and scoot out too.

a brakeout.

and they laff when somenun said that it is all cumming down by 2012.


Anonymous said...

if yo didnt already sto fool and waller, it will be too late very, very soon

Anonymous said...

end of the zinnoist control govts, mean the end of the zinnoisst themselfs.

when they realize that they end is cumming, wathch out, they will try to retailate.