Thursday, November 30, 2006

Angel of Mercy?

If this is J I can’t believe what you said, or that you really believe that crap. Yes God used me to launch your ministry. The men you visited that I lived with all that time had a very different report about me and still do. Don’t you think they are better judges on quantity of time at least. Maybe you have already judged them below yourself so their opinions don’t count. If you really saw me as that delusional why did you invite me into your home to teach Bible study? You never objected to my views then. You know I love you and invested in your ministry and believe in you. Put away this foolish judgmental hypocrisy. I don’t need anymore of the friends of Job to show up on this forum. You are right I haven’t changed because the facts haven’t changed. Maybe you haven’t changed and I was just naive. I’ll be out soon and I would love to see you and S again but I hope you will have the courage to apologize and take a little Bible instruction on how to live by faith and not by sight. Your sight here is way out of focus. Don’t worry friend I have already bet my life to prove it to you. If you are still in touch send my regards to Big Jim, Fred, and Mark A. Let them know I’ll return to visit upon my release. Have them send forms to my father now and I will get right on it.

The Plea Agreements

Plea agreements are contracts. I’m the contract expert in this case not any of these yahoos. I know what has been endorsed, what it means at law, and the benefits to the parties. Contracts are the money of this world. It is why the UCC is so powerful. All law is contract. How many of you signed a mortgage contract without knowing what was really happening? Well two can play that game and he who knows always has the advantage. You have heard me mention our 11 attempts at guilty and finally they have heard us. A trial is only necessary to settle disputed facts. No such situation exists here. Imagine we are playing Monopoly as friends. Our friendship is real. Now in the middle of the game you claim I owe you money and I call you a cheat. The facts are absolutely irrelevant to the true substance of our friendship because in reality you are not a cheat and I owe you nothing. The confusion some of you are having is that you haven’t made definitive lines between fact and fiction. I have and my decisions always reflect the clear lines I see. I play in both fields but never confusing the two. You think reality has made an agreement with reality and what is said on that paper is in reality relevant. Even Keller thinks so. That is why you are free to complain and I was enslaved to deliver. Robin Williams once poked his finger through an empty eyeglass rim and asked “what is reality?” It’s a very good question.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is my Default

As the end of this battle approaches I fall back onto my default settings. Scott and I both signed our plea agreements. Our settlement conference is coming soon. As a man of faith I am driven by the forever settled word of God which is not seen. Most of you see two men up against a 97% conviction machine and with the sight of your reason easily place your Las Vegas wager with the house. I have not been trained to trust my eyes or my well developed reason. I see 2 guys up against a giant who boast too much in its weakness and defies the living God. Why sign the plea agreements you ask? That is an act of faith to end the charade and get to the finish line. How many of you would take a 20 year risk to prove God true in your life? I suspect very few and that is not a good commentary on our understanding of the true God. I’ve been ridiculed by people who think $3,000 is a risk. None of them could deliver on my promise or survive what I have suffered. Don’t think for a moment because I have a champion’s heart and a victor’s voice that I don’t have a bruised heart and rivers of tears. We are at that time where fraud and fact are separated. I hope I have maintained a faithful voice in advance that God can be trusted. Mortgages, foreclosures, disappointments, pain and Dorean are all merely the vehicle to teach the greater lesson. If you have learned it you have done well and more evidence of your wisdom is arriving.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back Where I Started

On Nov. 7th we went to court and listened to the BOP bitch about my contracting with them. They are all cowards and only know certain techniques to deal with legitimate threats. We of course are light years ahead of them and anticipated their actions. This placed me back at Santa Rita where it all began so long ago. I was already poised to end this trial as I began it with a 40 day fast. It is one thing to hope for your deliverance and quite another to obtain it. This is something I will teach you faithful hopers in the future. To be here again is good. I’m able to enter the ideal environment to push me over the finish line. Being with Scott these 8 months was part of God’s divine plan and God and I have left him equipped to trust in his own walk and spiritual ear. This was his destiny to enter this battle with raw courage but to leave a seasoned champion in his own right. I on the other hand know that blessing had to mature to this moment where each of us have to gut it out alone to the finish. God is a respecter of free choice. He has given all associated with this battle a chance to place their flag in the territory of their heart. As of this moment all have done so except Julian and Magoon. I believe they will have to do this by month’s end. After this God is free to judge and to enter in to accomplish His will. I wish I could of seen better results but too many have succumb to the cares of this world and set aside trusting their creator. Many call themselves Christian and see themselves better than they are. They are blind to their own fruit but proclaim to be wise enough to inspect the fruit of others. They condemn themselves with every word they utter. Many of you have seen this played out on this blog. Well time for truth has arrived. God Himself has decreed an end and the faithful shall see Him faithful who is the justification of what appeared risky in trusting Him. Never did I have to fear my enemy. They were always under the guidance of the Master. Objects of His wrath to display God’s righteous judgment, and forbearance for this generation at this moment in time. Likewise He increases His renown among the nations and those who serve Him as Lord. I could teach a thousand years on why God is trustworthy but none of these lessons would have the impact of your experience in this trial. If you know you’ve failed repent before God takes this whole selected mass over the finish line. Remember not how you ran the race but how you finished that matters. In that light fast and pray with me to see God glorified, His enemies scattered, and you matured by the endurance of battle that led to your victory. Our next hearing is another settlement conference with Spero and then before Alsup on 12-11-06. It is my hope that this is my last day before this scoundrel. He does nothing but lie and thinks himself righteous. Even if they slay me I would never stoop so low as to reach for the heights of their righteousness. My new address should be posted. There may be one more move.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Let Me Hear You

The prison thugs are tampering with my mail in hopes to disrupt this blog and legal process. It is a byproduct of their frustration. Remember these are cowards we are dealing with. I want to take this opportunity to learn from you. This is a battle of the spirit and the idiots here is only proof of this. Therefore I would like those of you who read but don’t post and those of you who are reluctant to do so as a direct communication to me. I will not be posting for a week so use this time to prayerfully consider what the spirit is telling you and tell me. We have one God with one voice and sometimes we feel like we are the only one hearing it. Let us witness and strengthen each other in God’s word. I don’t tell you all God tells me but I suspect He tells many of you the same things. Though we are the minority on this blog and in this world we have the majority voice with our trusting in God’s word. Pay no attention to the ridicule you’ll receive from the lost and dying and speak as unto a witness in God’s court. It is God’s job to shame His enemies and ours to do the Amening. Let me hear the voice of Christ in you while I get the mail thing worked out. Know that I am honored to share this important ground breaking work with you. Be well and let us bless each other. Upon my return the 11-7 hearing will have taken place. This is a pivotal day that we suspect will take a surprising turn. I’ll update you upon my return.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Panama Gets It (10/31/06)

The Panamanian government after watching the DVD has refused to extradite Mr. Julian. It became clear to them that there was no intent to defraud but a sincere belief that there was an injustice being addressed. They certainly don’t see the big picture but the surface was enough. Of course this government didn’t have a vested interest in being a patsy for the banker cartel. I wonder what they saw that you’re not seeing. Oh yeah you’re not watching it because it might corrupt your adolescent sense of justice. Thank you Panama it is nice to know government and common sense are not mutually exclusive.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Something You’ll Never Know

I have been a voice of challenge against a disease more dangerous than bankers and corrupt officials and that is the self-righteous. If you think your works are acceptable and your judgments wise then you will never know the truth of my hope and why my victory was assured. All of you have been exposed to a Mother’s love. It is tenacious yet still human. There were 3 great Mother stories in the Bible. Moses’ Mother, Jesus’ Mother and the sons of Saul’s Mother. One schemed to save her helpless son by the Nile, which was his destiny of destruction. Mary was rejected by Christ and He was rejected by all and still she was by His side. Last Saul’s concubine whose 2 sons were killed for their father’s sins with 5 other sons found this woman beating off the birds and animals for at least 4 months until David heard of it and gave them a honorable burial. She loved even these grotesque, decaying remnants of her sons. How much more does God love His children? People here have rejected, betrayed, libeled, wished me ill, delighted in the hope of my destruction. Still Christ loves me. Even if all their foolish judgments were true it does not annul the promises of one who helps the helpless, who suffered refection on my behalf, and who seeks my honor even though I’m grotesque. As we wrap up this journey those of you who know this God will learn more about the plan from beginning until the end. For the rest of you who serve a Christ of your own imagination you’ll never know the real one. Things are better than you can imagine. Judge Spero on the 16th made that very clear. The 7th was vacated so we don’t know our next court date at the moment. We may not need one based on the paperwork afloat.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Class in Session: Lesson 8 (10/13/06)

Origin or creation has inherent in it title. This is clear in copyright, trademark and manufacturing. In article 2 title is passed by a sale. Now the promissory note is a good that the maker has title in by creator rights. If article 2 conflicts with other law the other law prevails including other articles. So we now know Article 2 is not that potent in the full scheme of things. The next thing to consider is whether it is applicable at all. If the note is a security than it is clear Article 8 take subject matter jurisdiction and the title movement will be regulated by those terms. We can clearly tell this note is not a certificated security like a stock certificate or bond. It stands on its own and is not represented by a certificate. As an uncertificated security created by the maker vested with title the transaction begins. Possession changes hands most certainly but does title go with possession? I will answer that soon enough but first let’s ponder a few scenarios. If title does pass in a good faith method Dorean is a fraud. If it does not what is happening in the possession change? If one has possession without title it must be on loan or as an agent. Is the lender a borrower? Is the lender an agent on behalf of the maker and if so on what basis? The lender takes the note and securitizes it. As the maker’s agent or title holder? Duties and responsibilities are worlds apart here. Someone said “is it wrong for the lender to borrow money?” Of course not. So they borrow money against the note. If they have title this is their business. If they have agency this is the maker’s business. Are they going into the securitization market with the maker’s as principal best interest at hand? If not there may be fraud or breach occurring. Let’s hope article 8 makes it clear how title passed in the financial asset-uncertificated security-note. Then another look at the transaction’s handling of this note will simply be lawful or not. I’m certain honesty-in-fact and fair dealing has set the standard for full disclosure so that all parties understand except for 2 poor deluded men in the pokey forever.

Scott From Vineland (10/13/06)

Wow, what a surprise. I can say I have often thought of you fondly and ask mom about you. You can get my address from her. I would love to hear from you. I could tell from your post that the intelligent kid I remember still has his wits about him. Don’t be too quick to judge. I too came to know the Lord in 76 and as I’m sure you are much wiser than at the beginning of your journey you can imagine what my extra years under the great master have yielded. I hope this contact is a restoration of our friendship. Don’t worry or fear for me. It would be hard for you to find out the actual facts I operate with on this forum or anywhere else on the internet. I’m about to shake-up your industry so you might prayerfully seek the Lord for guidance. Send your mother my love and may you and your family be blessed.

Scott I cannot comment without access so I had to make a post. I’m certain you would enjoy meeting my partner Scott who is a very courageous man of God. I’ll be out to Jersey soon enough. For some great teaching on the word look up He’s deep and a good stimulus for your intellect. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Address Change

Please send correspondence to:

Kurt Johnson ULF796
Santa Rita Jail
5325 Broder Blvd.
Dublin, CA 94568

Monday, November 06, 2006

Argue to your Demise (10/22/06)

What is the good news, the gospel? There is a fraud bantered on this site so let me see if I can make it clear. All men have sinned including the self-righteous blowhards who want to perfect the crowd here. By sin comes death. This is the decree certain from God and the fodder for the heavenly accusers. God’s integrity and righteousness coming into question. Christ before Adam’s creation volunteered as the kinsman redeemer to satisfy the price sufficient to ransom the creation He wished to love but was walled off by His righteousness. God knowing He could trust Christ passed out residency cards to those who trusted Him and Christ trusted God to raise Him if He died in our stead. That is the faith to be modeled. It cannot be separated from obedience. Men in their carnal nature think they can keep God’s standard of righteousness foolishly. Thou shall not steal, thou shall love God with all your heart, etc. They steal the Lordship of God when they set themselves up as judge and jury over themselves and others. Of course they don’t condemn themselves, offer themselves grace, and have no shame arrogantly imposing upon God to perform. Christ faced down all these fools and their father the devil when once and for all He presented Himself as the propititory the redemption substance behind all the faith currency used in all time. God having accepted the sacrifice now views us through the Icon of Christ. One worth more than all of us put together has raised us up to His value and that is what God sees. Those haters who try to make the work of Christ cheap towards you are frauds, false prophets, and the spirit of God is not in them. You will know them by their fruit because it is theirs and not the fruit of Christ.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Transition (10/22/06)

I remember when I was about 27 that I came face to face with a world that had ideas of what kind of man I should become. At that time I had to choose an individual path or lose my manhood to some collective amalgamation of society. There were some standards bred in me by Christ which did not tolerate compromise. The side effect was conflict but inner peace. I’ve learned since then that many if not most men never choose this personal integrity path. 30’s – 70’s men still behave like the self-center teenagers they were supposed to leave behind. They are more sophisticated but of the same spirit. This one man’s stand worked for a season but appears now to be inadequate. As I arrive at an age that naturally leads to accomplishment and responsibility I find these teenagers have entered positions of power. They are not content being self reprobates but want to take the misuse of power to impose their depravation upon others. Standing even to the point of surviving their onslaught has now become a selfish act. Once what was liberty would now enslave me. I must push back, expose these little tyrant brats for what they are. Not for my sake alone but for the few brave looking for some breach in this social morass of despotic morality. There are unjustified pedal stools that need to be dislodged from feet that march to evil. How about you? Have you become malcontent with being slimed? Start thinking about a counter assault verses a stoic resistance. That is what Dorean is about. Take from the takers.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Forgiving (10/21/06)

I recently received a letter from someone who thought my words were evidence of unforgiveness towards my enemies. Since this forum is my life expressed for a greater reason I’ll address that idea here. First I want to say the person who sent it is respected and loved by me and if this is for them only it is justified. I think there is a fallacy, or mistake bred into the church that is not consistent with the gospel. That is that we must endlessly dote upon our enemies. Quite frankly I think this is a corruptions of love that is selfish. It comes more from our fear of rejection and neediness than from a true love of our enemy. I have fasted and cried for my enemies and begged God to turn them from foolishness even knowing the whole time that I was called to speak to a people who would not listen. I am not like Jonah called to a people ready to repent. My ministry in this day is like Ezekiel who was called to rebels who will not listen to God more or less His agents. There have been thousands sent to tell them the kingdom of God is at hand, repent. They have not. Still they continue in their corruption of calling good evil and evil good. Ezekiel was made hard headed so he could din into these rebels that God was in charge. I don’t care if they repent or not. If they still wish to parade their arrogant ignorance as wisdom I will call them out, expose them, and declare boldly God is in charge. My forbearance and mercy are not greater than God’s. He will have mercy on whom He chooses. Though He wishes none to perish He still says “To Hell with you” to numbers far greater than “well done.” God has a work to do far more important than your personal finance which most of you don’t see clearly. Dorean is just the starting line in a much bigger race. Many of my comments have the whole race in context. My enemies on truth are not mine anymore than the truth is mine. I speak the truth of God and they condemn it. They are God’s enemies and fools to the highest degree. The one’s who call themselves Christian or saved being the greatest fools for their disobedience exposes their real master. What do you think the universe is presently but a battlefield of God and His enemies. The earth and the sons of Adam merely being center stage. God said by sin comes death yet He forgave and accepted the faithers such as Abraham, Jacob, David and others. The accusers challenging His integrity and righteousness calling Him a liar. His plan, gospel and work is to shut the mouths of these fools once and for all for all eternity. Don’t you think what happens on the whole happens in microcosms on this stage? I’m here to shut the mouth of fools. I taunt them, tempt them, and encourage them to be themselves. So at the end of their cutting themselves, doing their dances, and pleading to their fake gods, like as with Elijah, they will be exposed as frauds and destroyed before the people. Forgiveness is a unique expression of a very loving God but it has never been dispensed willy-nilly. He has objects of wrath like pharaoh and Esau and objects of grace who in obedience run to His word. Forgiveness is a face to face act. When these people keep showing their ass they only deserve the boot of truth to be firmly planted. Do I want to see them destroyed? They are destroyed already. Some have turned and I have embraced them look in the archive. Integrity causes my forehead to be like flint that strikes out against the lie.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The mail situation is still unresolved. If you would like to inquiry as to the reasons for holding or delaying mail please send letters to:

Ms. Schelia A. Clark – Warden
Mr. Bill Kubitz – Jail Administrator
Lt. Jillette – Special Investigative Services
5701 8th Street Camp Parks
Dublin, California 94568