Sunday, October 16, 2011


By all indications my exit is approaching me quickly. The bond case ruled on June 16, 2011 out of the Supreme Court completely changed the game. With record speed new developments are passing through the courts so quickly are the changes coming that I can honestly say the 12-18 months I’m seeing as a possibility for my release could be substantially shortened.

A man at my prison put in a bond brief on his appeal and was calendared for oral arguments in 48 hours. This normally takes 6-15 months, other examples are coming daily. A man out of New York filed a Bond brief on June 29 and by July 12th his indictment was dismissed. He had already been convicted.

Under Bond our conviction are deemed unconstitutional which can also be translated as illegal for all those so proud of your government in this case. The particulars your can discover from my briefs filed in the criminal case out of the Northern District of California 05-CR-00611WJA.

Our conviction and our wasted (stolen) appeal was nothing but bully pirates functioning as political hacks to protect the fraudsters from your legitimate complaint. They threw us as patsies to you with a propaganda placebo to get you to hate your friends while they broke the law and robbed you. Well soon our mighty God will deliver us and then it is my prayer by this same power He will equip us to bring His deliverance to you. That is the true Bond that made the difference.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Tell me in history where a government has lived up to the potential of goodness from its citizens, it is a sad report that all out institutions fail us. Still it is not vanity to hope that the virtuous heart would rise up to steer out nation.

This is an individual battle as much as the collective I know personally the rage within me from suffering injustice tempts me with promises of vindication. But can a jackass lead a bull? Both are stubborn and arrogant and neither can rise to the potential of this human master. When I think on the ills that now plague our nation I find nothing within myself that can cure. The failure of our institutions is a reflection of our own hearts.

I view myself as a better man morally than my accusers but that is not the measurement that can bring justice. The only reason I know better that them is not because I was endowed with better qualities but in honesty only because the Lord taught me. So as it is with man so it is with our institutions. If we will humble ourselves and trust in the Lord’s guidance then we will arrive at out best potential, a potential which includes justice, wisdom, truth, Love, and hope. A potential reality only found in Christ who is endowed with superiority over our personal weakness.

No vote, no change of parties, no constitution, or reasoned law will deliver us from evil. So when I cry tears under my suffering I also cry for mercy and a true deliverance. For only Jesus Save!