Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Remind Me (8-12-09)

Faith is definitely a gift that holds onto a future promise. But it is not limited in this usefulness. I have learned that faith has the eyes of eternity. It can look into the present or the past to see all promise at work. It notices life. If I take the Abraham and Sarah story from scripture I have a word picture of faith. A dead womb was given a promised life. One day life entered it. Then signs of life began. There would be kicking, expansion, hormone changes etc. Soon life and the promise could not be denied.

How many promises has God given you? Do you scour your life to find signs of life? The Psalm show faith’s many views. It looks to all God’s faithfulness currently or in the past. Signs of life should be speaking to you constantly “You remind me” of God’s word of promise.

Using my life as an example; I received a word of promise which has been showing signs of life for 20+ years. The seed was planted thought delivery is still to come. When studying the law and all the traps inherent within it, created by wicked men, fear and doubt can tempt you. I began to ponder just one “seed” promise from scripture. The first prophecy of the Bible in Gen. 3 promised a seed. Warfare began immediately to destroy the promised seed. In the Abraham and Sarah story right after the child promise comes seed warfare by a worldly King. All faith promises will come under fire by a worldly King of some kind. Yet God protected His promise. The worldly King had to surrender. I know my life is not in the genealogy of the coming Messiah but the promise is of the same source and of the same origin. God does not change. Every promise made has the same guarantee of fulfillment because He who spoke it is the most powerful being and does not lie. So in a sense the coming of the Messiah in my promise has the same emphasis as His appearing in the flesh the first time. Heaven is always watching and keeping record of every instance where Messiah must appear in human history. My promise is no less significant than Isaac because God’s credibility is intact. Therefore even distant promises of the past can be mined for relevant faith today. No matter the look faith will bring strength. I wonder how many of you when this Dorean nightmare developed stopped looking to all God’s prior blessings in your life. Did you allow fear and doubt to steal the great wealth out of your past?

Would you have made all the same decisions if you were watching all the signs of life. The promises change your life. Even a dead womb cannot stop the new decisions that have to be made. Diapers, crib, breast feeding, etc. If your faith is active you will not be blind.

I hope it can be said of me “You remind me” to look for signs of life in every direction. God always reminds me whiled the enemy tries to cause me to forget. Well forget it, it’s time to remember!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boo! (8-10-09)

I imagine in life there are many things that produce fear. Hollywood has an entire genre dedicated to produce fear. In spiritual warfare there are roaring lions and every type of spectre, ghost, or phantom to tempt you into cowardice.

When Alsup appeared in my life he brought with him a myriad threats and spook. On every front were minions of shadow people taunting with their howls, growls, screeches, and boos.

When I talk of our champion it is not just for ethereal speculation. The contemplations are to bring reality into the world of spooks. The faith of Jesus is all about reality though it may hold onto truths beyond our five senses. Knowing Him and His ways has a way of shinning the light of revelation into this dark and evil world; Exposing the fraud of all their threats.

As I sit in a prison victimized by power used outside God's authority I am not afraid. Jesus is alive and an irresistible force of righteousness. No foe can escape His vindication of His rights. Do you really know the Lord, Jehovah-Saboath? Do you have any understanding of who came to dwell with you or who you solicit with prayers? If you still shudder when you hear "Boo!" like you did as a child then I would say you have not yet put away childish things. Mature to trust and fear not!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jealousy of Honor (8-8-09)

Confession of love without jealousy of honor is unconvincing. One of the consistent qualities found among true children is their jealousy for God's honor. It infects their entire being. No sacrifice of suffering turns their hearts. The thought of the wicked taunts of "where is your God? and the like gaining evidence offends them. Faith rises up and prayers such as expressed in Psalms 25 : 2-3 pour out of their spirit. There is a difference between the righteous and the wicked. The righteous are in a marriage relationship where the honor of their groom consumes their being. Contrariwise the wick are whoring after their own personal last and seeking honor and glory for self.

My wife honors me and her love confessions are irrefutable. No doubt can grow under these conditions. I wonder if a man is not fooled by true love how we expect to bluff the Lord. He knows all mans hearts and the lack of jealousy for His honor is revelation easily exposed.

One thing I've noticed in Scott and I in this Dorean battle is an utter contempt at the idea that a wicked judge could prevail upon God's righteous intentions. I would die before I would faint at resisting evil. I know Christ as victor and as Jehovah-Saboath. No peon misanthrope can be allowed to make a boast upon my watch. You will see Christ glorified by this Dorean battle because honor drives my faith to victory. Let it do the same in you for love, true love, as the heart behind the faith of Christ would sacrifice all to see God honored. Those giant pearl gates lifted to receive a champion who jealously guarded the honor of God. His children enter the same gates with the same jealousy. To God e all glory, honor, and praise. To the wicked a taunts our God is the only God who lives and loves His own; bring it on and see your folly.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who is this King of Glory (8-7-09)

Psalms 24 asks and answers this question. Many people use the name of Jesus generically to identify the fictional deity of their imaginations. There is the cosmic Jesus which is the great spirit within all of us. There is the prosperity Jesus whose worth and blessings are apportioned for this temporal existence. Jesus the good and wise teacher and the many others . These are not the King of Glory discussed in this Psalm.

As I studied this Psalm I imagined the city to have 2 allegorical parallels to run with the actual city of Jerusalem topiced within. One is the New Jerusalem (Heaven) receiving this ascended conqueror. The other is the city of our heart. I began to imagine King David with the ark singing this song possibly in a round or a rhetorical between singers and a choir. The procession would be long, jubilant, full of pomp, and glorying in triumph. David being the shadow type of Christ. I could see the angels singing as Christ enters leading captivity captive. Likewise the majesty of who entered my heart to dwell began to fill my heart with awe.

Have you really contemplated who chose to enter and dwell? This is the Lord of Host. None greater or with more power. Regal in the highest order yet condescend in love to you. This contemplation was changing my views on prayer, authority, victory, and battle. Just at this time I received news of my sister’s cancer miraculously improving. This great King was invited into the city of this need and He proved Himself to be worthy of all the honor and as potent of reputation repeated.

There is no difference between sin, bankers, judges, or cancer. They all defy this King and speak of death but who is this King who defeats them all? He is the Lord mightily in battle. He is the real Jesus. Lift up your heads and be lifted up and let this King of Glory enter.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Appeal (8-1-09)

The government has requested until Oct.21 to respond to the brief. We are working on an amendment to strengthen our chances. The first brief was a collaboration of attorneys doing a poor job. One of the attorneys listened a little to my issues and substantially improved the brief before it was filed. Are arguments winning? I don't think so yet, I wish I could say this case was about the facts and the truth but it never has been. It has always been about the bully system intimidating its way to victory. As a man I should be afraid for my life if that were the whole story. Fortunately for Scott and I we were only predators dressed as prey. By God's design we were called to enter a very dangerous game of chess, but we are trained by the best. I want to reiterate for all of you who face overwhelming challenges in your life, it is not God's way to give you understanding and wisdom to prevail in the beginning. He creates the scenario for trust and then supplies wisdom and understanding as the spoils of war for the trust. He has been faithful to supply what I need to prevail when I needed it. I keep a few informed on the developing legal issues and I'm sure many will say God is equipping me for victory. We have solid hope for a complete victory using their very own over zealous efforts to come back and bite them in the ass. God had confounded them from the very beginning and in time He reveals the trap He laid at inception. He is great and the best trustee you can have. That is why Scott and I rely upon Him to bring you victory. The amended brief will be the winner or I will submit one myself.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Title Deed (8-1-09)

Because the Bible is in its root form a commercial document many of its truths overlay the Dorean process. In our process we captured title back from a bogus claim. This is never been an issue for God. He has always been the undisputed title holder. The two great seals upon the deed would be providence and creator. "The Earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof" Psalms 24. The little documents that are disputed by men are transient illusions. If your attachment is anymore than transient you are deluded. The Earth (land) rest upon the seas and been established on the floods. If you or anyone else takes God's title as moot you plant yourself firmly upon the waters. Forget the unstable sands chosen as a foundation by fools and consider the impossible foundation of water. Every man owes his entire being and existence to the gracious care of the Lord of all. The lands we fight over and stake our hearts upon are mere floats held up by God alone. Christ was speaking a greater truth when He rebuked the disciples for their faithlessness when He calmed the sea. The very fact we exist is because He is master and tamed the sea. If we forget our standing and significance by losing sight of who God is then we begin to fear what has already been firmly established. In fact far more evidence exists for our spirits that God is true than what we base our fears upon. What does God have to do with the title issues inherent within the Dorean process? He's the only owner to petition for privilege and the only thing between me and the floods that want to consume me. It is the same for you.

Scott has been release from the SHU and is now residing at Victorville FCI if you would like to write him.

P.O. BOX 5300

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Being Yourself (7-19-09)

I was reading the scriptures at I Chronicles 12. This is not one of the most moving blocks of scripture yet God used it to give me a sweet revelation. In the height of God's supernatural faith being imparted as a gift that can get you through any circumstance is this lingering person called yourself. Many times you seem to be a spectator to your own life. I was kind of in this place where my flesh is weary while my spirit is strong. In this scripture God chronicles the names of men who joined David in the wilderness. It lists some of their exploits as warriors but doesn't say anything of their prayer life, love, compassion, or any spiritual gift. I think the devil tries to beat us over the head with the ordinariness of our lives. Most of us are not healing the sick, moving mountains, or calling fire down from heaven. This band of men were skilled in war but that is a human exercise. This is a very flattering version of their alliance to David. In other text they are ready to kill him when raiders took their wives and children. They were loyal but with all the frailties of humanity. The one thing that stands out as a spiritual choice is that they aligned themselves with the word of God. Samuel spoke of David being King and these men chose to believe it and stake their lives on it before God made it obvious to the masses. They were men of flesh, ordinary in circumstance except for this one choice. They did obtain extraordinary victories over time in the ordinary course of being themselves only because they believed God's word true. If you like them can make that choice before it is made obvious that is a supernatural miracle. No greater miracle is needed in the ordinary life for this revelation is the gateway to endless possibilities in Christ. What you need when you need it to get to where God wants you is easy compared with the revelation steering you to choose God's way through his unrevealed King. Be yourself as God chose you when you arrived in the wilderness surrounded by a ragtag band. Victories and vindication will be ordinary to you.