Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boo! (8-10-09)

I imagine in life there are many things that produce fear. Hollywood has an entire genre dedicated to produce fear. In spiritual warfare there are roaring lions and every type of spectre, ghost, or phantom to tempt you into cowardice.

When Alsup appeared in my life he brought with him a myriad threats and spook. On every front were minions of shadow people taunting with their howls, growls, screeches, and boos.

When I talk of our champion it is not just for ethereal speculation. The contemplations are to bring reality into the world of spooks. The faith of Jesus is all about reality though it may hold onto truths beyond our five senses. Knowing Him and His ways has a way of shinning the light of revelation into this dark and evil world; Exposing the fraud of all their threats.

As I sit in a prison victimized by power used outside God's authority I am not afraid. Jesus is alive and an irresistible force of righteousness. No foe can escape His vindication of His rights. Do you really know the Lord, Jehovah-Saboath? Do you have any understanding of who came to dwell with you or who you solicit with prayers? If you still shudder when you hear "Boo!" like you did as a child then I would say you have not yet put away childish things. Mature to trust and fear not!


sopsback said...

ogel said...

This is a bad link:

yes, it is and i cant do anything to fix it. tahts the link that shows up in hte address box

so then, one would need to visit

go to the homeopathich remdies and find the swing flu rememedy.

the doctor who runs the joint is a dr. of naturopathy, ND and also a homeopath and ALSO a microbioligist...

surprising since the ptb have lately been doing in a lot of m/b's...fact is, they even tried to do her in many years ago but she survived. she has cure many terminal ill cancer patioents too

sopsback said...

looks like govt will continue fo one mo moth..

US House Passes 1-Month Extension Of Federal Government Funding


WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- U.S. House lawmakers approved a one month extension of current federal government funding levels Friday to allow Congress more time to complete work on must-pass spending bills that have to be agreed to each year.

The bill would extend fiscal 2009 funding through October, one month into the government's new fiscal year. The Senate must act next week to take up the measure, otherwise the federal government would be forced to shut down on Oct. 1.

The House attached the extension to one of the 12 spending bills that need to be completed - legislation to fund Congress itself.

-By Corey Boles, Dow Jones Newswires; 202-862-6601;

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For all you curious people out there here is a brief bio. My educational background was originally in microbiology and I attended Ryerson in Toronto, Canada. I worked in microbiology at a company called Extendicare doing various tests in the bacti lab. I was sponsored by Phillips Petroleum Co., to study, learn and run the electron microscope for pioneering research work, but realized that the "scientists" of the time were way over the edge with the genetic obsessions and I decided that this was not the career for me. I helped develop fixative procedures that are still in use today. (Highly toxic, but still used!) I also spent years in sales learning business as well.

In 1978 my son was born and he had severe gastro-intestinal problems that lead to hospitalization. He almost died at the hands of the allopaths and I checked him out of one of the best children's hospitals in the world and took him home against doctors orders. I began my quest for alternatives using my own intuition and learning everything I could. I began with an Iridologist and a health food store clerk who showed me how to help my son. The best medical hospital in the western hemisphere would have just watched him die. Natural foods, awareness, a great deal of prayer and learning about the body's meridians saved him.

I have been actively involved in the natural medicine field for 30 years now and have studied just about every religion and alternative therapy there is, taking from them what I needed and leaving the rest. I launched the Herbal Healer Academy in 1988 from my kitchen table with a $50.00 investment. Since, it has grown to a global company with hundreds of thousands of members. I was so passionate about the results that I saw using natural medicine and alternative therapies, that I just had to share what I had learned. I am continually learning and passing on the information. I have seen just about every incurable ailment helped with natural medicine. Not all were cured, but all were helped and we do have had some "miraculous" healings on a consistent basis.

I have written and published the Herbal Healer Academy newsletters, quarterly now, for 20+ years. I personally have written and created the correspondence courses. I have hosted my own radio show, done many seminars and hope to find the time to write the 5 books I have planned. (They are not all about natural medicine, by the way!) I would like to mention, that the last 20+ years would have been impossible to accomplish if it were not for the dedication and work of my husband, Stephen and son, Jeff.

I live on an Ozark mountain farm in our hand-built home with my husband. My son lives next door. We still heat with wood. We have many animals. Currently we have 3 horses, 6 dogs, 14 cats (humane society rescues), a goat, ducks, fish, rabbits and more...

Marijah McCain's Private Microscopy Research

sopsback said...

My hobbies?
I enjoy work and my personal spiritual studies.

My dislikes?
War, violence and allopathic medicine.

My favorite animals?
The Horse and the dog. I was a professional equestrian and you just can't beat a good dog for your best friend!

My favorite plants?
Burdock & Echinacea Angustifolia

sopsback said...

Marijah's Credentials & Herbal Healer's Credentials

* President, CEO and chief shareholder of Herbal Healer Academy Inc.
* Winner of the prestigious 1998 Seva Chakra presented from India
* ND - ANMCAB Board Certified Naturopath (documentation)
* ND - Washington D.C. Naturopathic Registration since 1994 (documentation)
* MD (AM) Medical Doctor - Alternative Medicine - Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (documentation)
* PHD - Doctor of Philosophy - International Academy of Culture and Political Sciences - Belgium
* DiHom - Fellow and graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy - 1994
* MH - Master Herbalist graduate in 1985
* Professorship - Honorary award for contribution of ecological values and achievement of scientific & educational activities. - Romania headquarters of the Dimitrie Cantemir Ecological Foundation.
* BRI - Bradford Research Microscopist Certification - Live Field/Dark Field (documentation)
* Fellow of the European Medical Association (documentation)
* Member of the ANMA (American Naturopathic Medical Association - U.S.)
* Member of the TNMA (Texas Naturopathic Medical Association)
* Member of the AANC (American Association of Nutritional Consultants)
* Member of the IFPNT (International Federation of Practitioners of Natural Therapeutics)
* Strathmore's Who's Who -1996
* International Who's Who - 1997
* Links to view actual Certificates

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now yo no, so go oreder yo hompathic swing flu remdies beffo it too late!

sopsback said...

check out hundreds of testmonals here:

sopsback said...

Out of Death Bed in One Week!
Dec. 2008
A few years ago I wrote Dr. Mccain & told her in my heart I knew within a week or two i would be dead as I was unable to even get out of bed & doctors had left me for dead as i had tumors and cyst all in my body (all caused by them giving me the wrong meds) instead of finding out what was wrong(celiac disease, candida, fibromyalgia among others) saying it was all in my head even though their test proved it to be in my body. ** McCain told me what to start taking when she called me (on my birthday). I started on her herbs immediatly & within one week I was out of bed and on my way to good health. I have been continuing since to repair what damage the doctors did to me. Thank The Lord Jesus Christ for ** McCain. We love you.

sopsback said...

Swine Flu Diagnosis
Sept. 2009
Tuesday night our teen came home from play practice with a sore throat. I immediately put her on Flew Away, my 2nd favorite product and placed an order(which was here yesterday-thanks!) The nurse practitoner diagnosed her with H1N1 but said to keep using our herbal supplements. She said our teen was the best looking person she had seen sick with this stuff- she looked great to be so sick. Our teen takes her supplements and believes in this approach to health. Thanks for what you do for so many of us!

sopsback said...

an on an on it go.....

sopsback said...

By LAURAN NEERGAARD, AP Medical Writer Lauran Neergaard, Ap Medical Writer – 2 hrs 9 mins ago

WASHINGTON – More than 3,000 people a day have a heart attack. If you're one of them the day after your swine flu shot, will you worry the vaccine was to blame and not the more likely culprit, all those burgers and fries?

The government is starting an unprecedented system to track possible side effects as mass flu vaccinations begin next month. The idea is to detect any rare but real problems quickly, and explain the inevitable coincidences that are sure to cause some false alarms.

"Every day, bad things happen to people. When you vaccinate a lot of people in a short period of time, some of those things are going to happen to some people by chance alone," said Dr. Daniel Salmon, a vaccine safety specialist at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Health authorities hope to vaccinate well over half the population in just a few months against swine flu, which doctors call the 2009 H1N1 strain. That would be a feat. No more than 100 million Americans usually get vaccinated against regular winter flu, and never in such a short period.

How many will race for the vaccine depends partly on confidence in its safety. The last mass inoculations against a different swine flu, in 1976, were marred by reports of a rare paralyzing condition, Guillain-Barre syndrome.

"The recurring question is, 'How do we know it's safe?'" said Dr. Gregory Poland of the Mayo Clinic.

Enter the intense new monitoring. On top of routine vaccine tracking, there are these government-sponsored projects:

_Harvard Medical School scientists are linking large insurance databases that cover up to 50 million people with vaccination registries around the country for real-time checks of whether people see a doctor in the weeks after a flu shot and why. The huge numbers make it possible to quickly compare rates of complaints among the vaccinated and unvaccinated, said the project leader, Dr. Richard Platt, Harvard's population medicine chief.


sopsback said...

Johns Hopkins University will direct e-mails to at least 100,000 vaccine recipients to track how they're feeling, including the smaller complaints that wouldn't prompt a doctor visit. If anything seems connected, researchers can call to follow up with detailed questions.

_The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is preparing take-home cards that tell vaccine recipients how to report any suspected side effects to the nation's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system.

"We don't have any reason to expect any unusual problems with this vaccine," said Dr. Neal Halsey, director of Hopkins' Institute for Vaccine Safety, who is directing the e-mail surveillance.

After all, the new H1N1 vaccine is a mere recipe change from the regular winter flu shot that's been used for decades in hundreds of millions of people without serious problems. Nor have there been any red flags in the few thousand people given test doses in studies to determine the right H1N1 dose. They've gotten the same sore arms and occasional headache or fever that's par for a winter flu shot.

But because this H1N1 flu targets the young more than the old, this may be the year that unprecedented numbers of children and pregnant women are vaccinated.

Then there's the glare of the Internet — where someone merely declaring on Facebook that he's sure the shot did harm could cause a wave of similar reports. Health authorities will have to tell quickly if there really do seem to be more cases of a particular health problem than usual.

So the CDC is racing to compile a list of what's normal: 25,000 heart attacks every week; 14,000 to 19,000 miscarriages every week; 300 severe allergic reactions called anaphylaxis every week.

Any spike would mean fast checking to see if the vaccine really seems to increase risk and by how much, so health officials could issue appropriate warnings.

Very rare side effects by definition could come to light only after large-scale inoculations begin — making this the year scientists may finally learn if flu vaccine truly is linked to Guillain-Barre, an often reversible but sometimes fatal paralysis. It's believed to strike between 1 and 2 of every 100,000 people. It often occurs right after another infection, such as food poisoning or even influenza.

But the vaccine concern stems from 1976, when 500 cases were reported among the 45 million people vaccinated against that year's swine flu. Scientists never could prove if the vaccine really caused the extra risk. The CDC maintains that if the regular winter flu vaccine is related, the risk is no more than a single case per million vaccinated.

So the question becomes, Is the risk of disease greater than that?

Mayo's Poland cites a study in Chicago that found the rate of preschoolers being hospitalized for the new H1N1 flu last spring was 2 1/2 times higher than that possible Guillain-Barre risk.

However the flu season turns out, the extra vaccine tracking promises a lasting impact.

"Part of what we hope is that it will teach us something about how to monitor the safety of all medical products quickly," said Harvard's Platt.


On the Net:


sopsback said...

of corse!

mak sho dat yo 'sets it up' so dat when ppls take da flew shoot, and then they dies, then yo can already say dat, 'well ppls dies everday' so wha?

they wood of dies anyways, it wsant frum da floo chit.

sopsback said...

and you just can't beat a good dog for your best friend!

even better than Puff...a dog will never leef yo!! be wit yo fo life!

mogel007 said...

The Navy ship that has been under quarantine for almost a month now is due to return tomorrow. All crew were given the H1N1 vaccine and everyone got sick which resulted in the quarantine. The captain of the ship and the chief petty officer are confirmed deceased and the ship is now under command of a new captain.
Crew are reported to have had fevers lasting 5-6 days with paralyzing fevers of over 104 degrees. There you have it. Our own military are guinea pigs for this. The innoculation works. It kills.

See link:

mogel007 said...

Data gleaned indirectly from anonymous testimony of Navy wives of the affected crew via the internet radio show A Marine Disquisition

1. Unnamed US Navy vessel put to sea in April with 347 man crew.
2. Entire crew was vaccinated with H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine shortly after they put to sea.
3. Crew sickened so severely that other ships had to respond to render aid. 16 Medical Dr.s put aboard from an unnamed aircraft carrier and other responding vessels. Total of 50 Navy personnel sent aboard to respond to crisis.
4. Two of the crew of 347 died - including the Captain of the ship (a Lieutenant Commander) and a Chief Petty Officer.
5. 50 personnel sent aboard to help are quarantined in Navy hospital in Balboa, Spain after 10 of them caught the flu from the ship's crew. Two of the 50 quarantined are in serious condition at last report.
6. Of the 347 man crew that were vaccinated, 333 contracted the H1N1 flu FROM THE VACCINE. Two died, as mentioned above, and 331 survived. Only 14 of the 347 vaccinated sailors did not show any ill effects from the vaccine.
7. Navy has threatened all the spouses of the ship's crew to remain silent - claiming all this information is classified. Some are whistle-blowing and that is where this information is coming from.
8. On the unnamed aircraft carrier that provided assistance, 415 sailors contracted the swine flu and are currently quarantined onboard.
PLEASE pass this email along. The truth is that the swine flu epidemic will be created BY THE VACCINE. If we don't take it, there will be no epidemic. From this one test it's apparent that the vaccine as tested on that ship's crew in April is 96% effective at infecting the recipient with swine flu. Such an infection rate is impossible to achieve by any natural means. Though it only killed 1% immediately, there is no telling what the long term effects on those injected with the vaccine will be. See the research on the long term effects of the 1976 swine flu vaccin e, and the Gulf War anthrax vaccine programs for more information.

Also note that mere contact with those that have been vaccinated creates a 20% chance of you contracting the swine flu even if you have not been vaccinated. Please pass this data along to anyone you care about!
Major Alert
At present confirmed 1 a/c carrier
2 destroyers
1 helicopter a/c carrier over 30,000 assorted Military, mostly USN & USMC
Some Coast Guard, National Guard & some Air Force.
Semper Fi, Drew Malone; Raines III
Master Electronics Engineer
USMC 1967-1977
Owner: H.E.A.R.T. & Associates
3423 Avery Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72209
SKYPE: drewmalone.rainesiii

Here is the link to the Navy Article:

Semper Fi,
Drew Malone; Raines III

mogel007 said...

The 1918 PI outbreak had a detrimental effect on the
U.S. military's ability to prosecute World War I. MORE TROOPS DIED AS A RESULT OF THE DISEASE THAN DIED OF COMBAT-RELATED INJURIES. One of the lessons learned from the 1918 Pandemic was
that the Army Staff's failure to act on advice from the Army
Surgeon General had devastating effects. Spread of the disease
was increased in troops due to close quarters and transit time
from Continental United States (CONUS) to the European Continent.
In the face of a future pandemic, advance planning will establish
lines of authority, support and coordination to provide for the
protection, and continuing operability of the force.

Notice the date: 9-13-2009:

The Navy is already preparing for this pandemic that is being created. They've already got their policies & procedures down.

sopsback said...

yes, better of yo take the swing flu nosodes from humble heeler .clum

its safe and makes your body build an immutiny to it unlike what the navey ppls went thru....

and ho wood no better than a former micronblogotist? like dr. mclean?

sopsback said...

taking the vasline is really a test...those ho trust the gvot. vs. dose ho dont.

ho do yo trust?

in god we trust??

i saw soemwherre where there are new coins being minted that have removed the words "IN GOD WE TRUST"

maybe they shoud say inted:


seem to be the case nowadasy...


sopsback said...

but i read that on a legit site, dont know if it was wrold net daly or where.

sopsback said...

and i listen to kendy! he said that your brith certfacate is worth get this....BILLINS OF DOOLAS!!!

not just mellons of doolas, but billins wit a B!

but he say that anynone ho gonna try to cash them in had beeter no patriot law as the govt will try to steal it form yo or trow yo in jail.

on wed listen to the taped audio when they put it up

sopsback said...

4. Two of the crew of 347 died - including the Captain of the ship (a Lieutenant Commander) and a Chief Petty Officer.

mongril, this stateemtn could throw all the rest of this story in doubt????

i happen to know, that the mininum rank that can commant an a/c carrier is not less than the rank of captain

captain in the navy = colonel in the army/af/mariens

hwover wrote that should know that offhand?

no way you make that mistake anyone any amt. of time around navy personell

sopsback said...

in the navy, next rank after capain is admiral one star or rear admiral lower half

like jug beans...he too a 'rear admrial"

sopsback said...

btw, mongol that was a good one, the navy pdf file.

many years ago i used to listent to the power hour when it was on local radio but all the good programs were gone for good once a new station (gov. front station?) bought them out

they use to have all the programs that rbn has now

alex jones

jack blood

pwoer hour

natioanl intel rerpot/statmiller


a lot of good shows gone...

mogel007 said...

The screaming demon of Mexico:

mogel007 said...

German station picked up this story:

mogel007 said...

i happen to know, that the mininum rank that can commant an a/c carrier is not less than the rank of captain

I happen to know that deathly sick people with temperatures of 104 don't command ships either. LOL

sopsback said...

including the Captain of the ship (a Lieutenant Commander)

i dont know what the situation on that ship was/is

all i was saying is that the "captian" of an a/c carrier cannot be a lite commander

now if you are saying that the real capstin was too sick to command, then that is anther issue.

is that waht you are saying?

sopsback said...

but still in that case, next to thte captain would be a "commander" not a lite commander

a lite commander is only one rank above a lootenant

theres no way a lite commander will be given control of an a/c carrier for even 5 minutes esp in or going to a war zone.

sopsback said...

rember mchales navy:

admiral rogers one star

captain binghampton


lt. commander mchale

lt. carpenter

lt. junior grade

ensign parker

sopsback said...

lsiting to last nites audio agian just now.....


birth cert worth $3.5 Billion.

upon redemtion of b/c and collapse of the trust it worth

$1.2 Trillion doolas


holey chit!!!!

a lot of ppls gonna get a lot more that they thought!!!!

all right kendy!!!!

sopsback said...

een mo dan berly baals hyips payout!!

jeeeez....with $1.2 B da chix be crawlin' all ova yo!!!

they make yo even forget about PUff..yo be able to find all new young dragon chix....

california dreeemin'.......dee da dee dee.....

yo can eeven buy a big house in malibu....go see dr. dose hot cali chix....oooh baby!!

sopsback said...

mogrel, you gotta listen to last nites kendy tape

i gave yo the url

sopsback said...

seriously now...go listen to the tape and tell me what you hear...

is this what he seem to be sayng??

the value of yo b/c and s/s cert

yo socal insecurity cert dat yo pay into FICA

yea, be gettin a lot of FICA with amt. of fica

fica is eye talian word begin with a c and end with a t...really, no other way to say it..just dun ever call yo girlfreind one...she will slop yo in da face...

sopsback said...

kendy also said that the worldwide debt is over -80- digits long and cnnot ever be repaid

the sun will burn out first

lsiten to it...

sopsback said...

Navy Ship/Swine Flu Vaccine Story is a Hoax

sopsback said...

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2009

Okay, I've been researching this story in between patients. I've found out a few pertinent facts.

1. Much of the wording of the story being circulated now as if it is current news (starting on September 24th) was stolen verbatim from a true CBS news story dated July 21st. The base true story was radically altered, with dramatic fictional elements added, and "rebranded" to make it appear it's happening now. It isn't.

2. Regarding the allegedly "dead" officers, given as simply "the captain and the master chief petty officer" -- Captain Mark L. Cedrun and Command Master Chief Petty Officer Ray Burrhus are both alive and well and occupy their posts, which they've occupied for over a year. NO change of command was recorded on the military websites (even though I found every other changeover going back 5 years) or on the USS Boxer's homepage, where Captain Cedrun is clearly listed as STILL in command (pretty good for a corpse, wouldn't you say?). There were NO death or funeral stories anywhere on the web (other than Ott, et. al's garbage story). One website I visited even had a comment from a sailor stating that the stories were fabricated and that, while a bunch of people got sick with flu in July (something we knew), everyone recovered and nobody died. He called the story BS. I was able to verify the sailor is who he claims to be. Captain Cedrun and the Master Chief would probably be quite shocked to find out that some vaccination conspiracy wingnuts are spreading rumors that they died of swine flu.

3. The Timeline: Was the ship ever under a 60-day at-sea quarantine? Answer: NO!

sopsback said...

with these stories and ANY otehr storys about ANYTHING you will have to have HS discernment to figure it out.

we are not in a tme period where i GURANTEE that you will see conflicting stories on every subject imaginable.

govt. gong claps
govt. not gong to claps

swing floo is pandemic
swing floo not pandemic

take the floo shot
dun take the floo shot

dg gonna pay
dg not gonna pay

butly baals hyips gonna pay
burly baals huips not gonna pay

left is right
left is not right

right is left
right is right

yo get the point, yo will not be able to count on anynone/anything for accurate info but the HS

dis is gong to seaparate dose ho dun they homework from dose ho didnt and let the "dawg chew up they homework"

without HS for guidance, yo will get lost at real!

sopsback said...

like gong into a big maze..a constant stream of yes/no logic desicions need to be made

sopsback said...

dis is gong to seaparate dose ho dun they homework from dose ho just wacth CNN or rely on handball with chirst matches

mogel007 said...

The story about the Navy ship in fact is a hoax.
Didn't do my homework on this one.

Still I wouldn't get the swine flu shot.

sopsback said...

neether wood eye...

sopsback said...

corse, yo must rrember...

hox dat it may be, still doenst change the fax dat the ptb of this world sometimes 'float' a ridiculaous story purposely so that they can later 'discredit' it as bs only to hide the true intent in the first place.

this is common practice fo them to do...

so waht i am sayhing is, that later on you may in fact see a ship or 2 come down with massive swing floo on it.

govt does this all the time

if you learn how to pick em', one can become prescient based on the disinfo that they purposedly put out.

good example is the planet x story.

they first have thier stooges float the px story giving an 'exact' date which they know will not occur.

then they discredit it as bs when it doesnt cum on that day.

however, they know that htere is such a thing cumming close to earth soon.

however, they can say 'see, all the quax said it wwas cumming on such and such a date and it didnt cum.

so there is no plant x

hwver, they know that there is and just dont want ppls to knwo about it.

just like they discredit the 2012 date as meaningless.

i dont think there will be a rapture by then, but i do thingk that someting signinfcat will happen and possible even a rapture/ascenscion as some call it

financial said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sopsback said...

i rote to burly baals.....i axe him if yo want to by my burth worth $1.2 Trillin...but coss i like burly, i give him a this count...i take 20% of...i sell it to him fo only $1 Trillins....

waitng to here furm him yet.....

i even tole him dat if he by it, then i will even put 1/3 trilin in one of his hypes so he make da commisery bak i wine up wit only 667 billins of doolas...oh, welll....baals a godd guy...

mogel007 said...

The problem with having someone buy your birth certificate monies is that if they were able to collect on their own birth certificate, they would have more money than they could ever spend or need, so why would they buy yours? It's like having a debt debt from someone that you can't collect upon. Would you buy another bad debt from the same entity? I did that once thinking I could collect on both, and the guy declared bankruptcy on me. LOL
Oh that's right, the US is BROKE & virtually bankrupt anyway. LOL

sopsback said...

did you listne to kendys tape that i gave yo the url fo??

let me guss?