Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Your Christ is my Devil (10-18-11)

I heard a quote from Wesley “Your Christ is my Devil”. I could relate to his sentiment The Christ of the gospel message is completely misunderstood by the corrupt human heart. When a true Christian has a relationship with God through Christ he is easily criticized for his obedience which is foreign to all they know as righteous. It is why so many clamored to have Christ crucified. He knew that His true professions of the Godhead would be reflected by those who garner their righteousness from the devil.

What is so despicable about the judicial system Scott and I faced and still fight is that it borrows the righteous credibility of God’s righteousness buy follows the tenets of the devil. Christians foolishly allow themselves to be duped by the profession of righteousness and presume in their ignorance that God’s will is being performed. I tell you the fact by the knowledge of Christ, The true Christ, that our judicial system is akin to witchcraft and none who practice its art can know the Lord. If they profess a relationship with Christ their Christ is the devil of the true gospel.

I have had friends and I will use that term loosely who have studied the word of God with me. Yet when the institutions of law merely make the cursory claims of God’s authority they ignore the witness they have of me and condemn me as unjust. This is the work of the devil and true Christian love cannot practice it. So when you make the profession of Christ I am not easily moved and I will judge you by whose report you believe before I call you brother.

As for the judicial system it has made an enemy with Christ in me. I have no fear of the quantity or the size of the giants God throws at my rock. They will be defeated as Goliath because the true Christ of the gospel is more than a conjurer and is not deceived by the devil’s false righteousness.

As to the battles I face I do not grow weary and have always seen the victory inherent in Christ. So if you cannot understand my determination against or contempt for all things labeled lawful fear not it is easily understood: Christ is my devil.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


6 years of incarceration has now passed. It seems like a long time. But time is a very different measurement for God who is diligent about making all things work for the good for those who love Him. This delay from my perspective is where I find patience the stalwart friend of trust that escorts to the promise of God. Patience and trust are the reasoning partner with the faith of Christ that assure hope it is justified. How great it is to have a beloved with immutable integrity concerning His words. Where would these friends be without such character?

It is very difficult to convey into words the comfort in times of trial God’s love brings. So very few people discover the best in human love and yet even fewer have come to the knowledge of God’s love. You would think that my hope is to just get out of prison but that motive dies under God’s perfect love. One touched by God’s love sees his trials differently. The self and all its desires get lost is the desire to please and magnify the Beloved. His victory and triumph over wickedness is what hope has latched onto.

The GOOD NEWS has proclaimed this victory as a historical fact. News whether good or bad is only the report of something historical. When Christ brought the Good News of the gospel it was of a triumph over wickedness. All wickedness of all times including what I face in my Dorean struggle, a struggle that can wear out any human fortitude, which it has.

The revelation received through Dorean was the fraud crippling Americans with bogus debt and lawless power. What God added to this struggle was how insurmountable our judicial system is to the average man. What crimes we wrought upon our brethren and deceive ourselves it is just and righteous. I can honestly say without God’s gifts I would be trapped with a 25 year sentence for my good effort with Dorean. Most men are not possessed with the gifts I’ve received from God. Must they suffer or do we as God fearing Christians to resist evil? I am sickened by what the true righteous have allowed the wicked to institutionalize. We should all be shamed. I entered prison with a large Dorean battle I’ll exit with an even larger mandate. I cannot tolerate an American where perverts of justice like Alsup and Christians behave as acolytes of the devil perpetuating evil. A man in love with Christ must give himself over to this love and bear whatever cost associated.

Anniversaries are generally times to remember and recall love. I do this day and surrender myself in trust of the love I recall. No matter how long the delay or how difficult overcoming evil remains the devil and all his agents have picked on the wrong fellow because a man who will give himself over to Christ will advance His kingdom into evil’s territory..

Oh when the saints go marching in I want to be in that number. Until God gives me advance I will patiently collect anniversaries but I know evil’s day days are numbered.

Might men with their fake righteousness and the devil’s guidance bother me none, every temptation that arrives in my flesh and emotion as a response to this prolonged assault is soothed by a moment’s communion. To know God settles all matters. I know my words cannot comfort those who do not commune. If you walk and talk with Him He will confirm my witness of His victory is true. History will catch up soon enough. Until then He gives patience, peace, and love to overwhelm and subdue my fears.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Bully Pulpit

I know many of my critics are enamored with judge Alsup. Like sheep they presume I am the lawless and he is the just.

When I sent in my 2255 he insisted I supply a memorandum of law (A very unusual request) after he received this he denied my motion. He accused me of meritless and frivolous claims. He is entitled to an opinion as a man but in his office he is suppose to be ruling according to his laws.

Something he probably doesn’t know I know exposes him as a mere tyrannical bully who wants to crush me because I won’t honor his creep show. A man on this yard copied my argument and sent it into Alsup the week after me. Alsup granted him a hearing with out a memorandum of law. All’s fair in love and war but not courts. I’m not complaining for I still feel called to defeat such wickedness. But for critics to condemn me under a standard they will excuse him for reveals to me they are not principled just break winds of opinion. Seem like there’s a lot of this going around but few have the power of Alsup to give their injustice the power of law.

I submitted a rule 59c motion to reconsider asking him to follow the law but my expectations are that a leopard doesn’t change his spots once a bully tyrant always a bully tyrant. More to come soon, the law is on our position.