Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Your Christ is my Devil (10-18-11)

I heard a quote from Wesley “Your Christ is my Devil”. I could relate to his sentiment The Christ of the gospel message is completely misunderstood by the corrupt human heart. When a true Christian has a relationship with God through Christ he is easily criticized for his obedience which is foreign to all they know as righteous. It is why so many clamored to have Christ crucified. He knew that His true professions of the Godhead would be reflected by those who garner their righteousness from the devil.

What is so despicable about the judicial system Scott and I faced and still fight is that it borrows the righteous credibility of God’s righteousness buy follows the tenets of the devil. Christians foolishly allow themselves to be duped by the profession of righteousness and presume in their ignorance that God’s will is being performed. I tell you the fact by the knowledge of Christ, The true Christ, that our judicial system is akin to witchcraft and none who practice its art can know the Lord. If they profess a relationship with Christ their Christ is the devil of the true gospel.

I have had friends and I will use that term loosely who have studied the word of God with me. Yet when the institutions of law merely make the cursory claims of God’s authority they ignore the witness they have of me and condemn me as unjust. This is the work of the devil and true Christian love cannot practice it. So when you make the profession of Christ I am not easily moved and I will judge you by whose report you believe before I call you brother.

As for the judicial system it has made an enemy with Christ in me. I have no fear of the quantity or the size of the giants God throws at my rock. They will be defeated as Goliath because the true Christ of the gospel is more than a conjurer and is not deceived by the devil’s false righteousness.

As to the battles I face I do not grow weary and have always seen the victory inherent in Christ. So if you cannot understand my determination against or contempt for all things labeled lawful fear not it is easily understood: Christ is my devil.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


We are now writing our 3rd Motion to reconsider because Alsup refused to hear our 2255 Habeas Petition. Most people would go to the court of appeals or find another judge through a 2241 motion. When God reveals an enemy to defeat, He also removes any cowardice from His servant. I insist on Alsup giving me what he refuses. This is not pride but a mandate at law. When he refuses to hear us he is violating his oath and his constitution at Article III where the word “shall” address the court’s powers. This was reiterated by Justice Ginsberg in her recent opinion on Bond v. United States, June 16, 2011. So Alsup is the one in his feelings and playing the obstructionist. I will say this as a matter of law, and you can watch the drama unfold upon this stage, he will hear us! Further we will prevail! God’s children never lose as long as they’ll allow their patience to wait upon God’s loving deliverance. This is where I see most abandon their trust of God is when the devil sends his little and I mean puny obstructionist who bark out the inconsequential threats.

The goal of these reconsider Motions is to lay down the law and bring Alsup to repentance or rebellion. He chose obstructionist now it is time to test his commitment to his choice. The delays do not bother me; the peace and joy of God do not depart from His warriors when they are sent far from their comforts. Alsup’s wickedness has always been a boon for us. Only people blind in the spirit can see otherwise. I will update you o this drama at each act.