Monday, August 31, 2009

The Son Balance (7-15-09)

Abraham was given two promises that appear to be allegorical synonyms. One was his descendants being as the dust and the other as the stars. I see them as a duel revelation. The dust being a numberless lineage of fleshly or earthly descendant and the stars being a spiritual or celestial numberless lineage. The National Israel and the spiritual. The National had the call to ultimately become the spiritual but in rejection of their Messiah ultimately selected the dust promise. Man is a unique creature of flesh and spirit. Therefore Christ had to be of dust and spirit to fill the all in all of these promises. To National Israel He has to be a King reigning upon the earth as the Son of Man. To spiritual Israel He has to be the King of all reigning from a heavenly throne as the Son of God. There is a true balance of both in Christ and why Immanuel is such a fitting name. God with us. Whether of dust or spirit God dwells with us. His final revelation to mankind is the feast of tabernacles which celebrates man dwelling with God. If you will notice in every trial one faces their is the flesh with its complaints and the spirit warring for supremacy. Christ is intimately associated with us and this war. If you read Psalm 22 you see the Son of Man living the faith that will bring the Son of God all He's been promised. Likewise we as Sons of Man must use this faith gift to transition from dust to stars. Being God's eternal habitation is a future promise with a present indicative to our current actions. Abraham in Hebrews is said to have lived looking toward the city whose foundation were laid by God. John Bunyan's pilgrim's entire journey was the same. Dorean was a gift to address the issue of the house of dust and most of the warring is over the dust. But the truth of another dwelling was and is always present in this war. Christ is the King and deliverer of the dust and the stars. Don't let the brightness of your countenance get dusted by the lessor promise. Abraham and Christ were examples to this contrary.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Good Shepard (7-13-09)

Psalms 23 is a celebrated text quoted in every feel good book, promise box, or even secular literature. It was penned in great hope and a mature experience. Yet I find it no accident it follows Psalm 22. Here is the mind of Christ, and my defense against all my critics. Faith we know sees things that are not as though they are. Faith and prophecy are hand in glove relationally. All prophecy is of the Lord for Christ is the spirit of prophesy. Prophecy liberates while simultaneously restrains. Once the vision of faith sees what will become in the spirit of Christ it restrains the will to choices consistent and yet liberates the spirit from reasonable predictions. It is an easy thing to predict that a powerful government bent on the destruction of Dorean, Scott and Kurt will prevail. Who can resist their machinations? Their system is a well designed meat grinder and once in there is no exit. Prediction is reasonable but it is not faith. Who could argue with the reason of my critics prediction? They are sound. But I have never tried to argue reason only express the vision of faith. Faith is not guided by reason but by Christ. Here in the Psalms is a great example. Christ had the maturity to see Psalms 23 while hanging on the cross of Psalm 22. No reasonable man could predict the cross a victory, only faith saw this. I have shied away from predictions in this trial. They have very reasonable advantage over me. Somethings were obvious to know and others came by surprise but could reasonable be understood in hindsight. What many have failed to understand of Scott and I is that a very mature Christ within us was expressing the peace of Psalm 23 in the midst of our Psalm 22 trial. It is my prayer that this spirit of faith will overtake you so you can experience the Joy of Psalm 23 prophetically with your faith before it appears reasonably. Much has tried to robe me of this joy but just a little praise will bring you back to green pastures and still waters. I don’t predict our ultimate victory Psalms 23 declared it long before Alsup showed up. I see it with faith, a gift Christ has given me. A gift He used Himself on His cross.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Follow The Leader (7-9-09)

I received an order from a judge I have been expecting for many months now. Long since I have determined my tactical choice in addressing it. Even still it had a negative impact on my spirit. I think it was the constant assault of lawless arrogant men and the escalation of battle. What my wife calls her monkey mind bombarded me with thoughts of defeat. They were subtle and non persuasive but hung around like a stench. Under this climate I turned to my example: Christ. In Psalms 22 I imagined the constant ridicule of those who possessed power and presumed victory. He held out in hope of God’s promises. With His spirit under that type of grind He moves to praise. I had to follow His lead. As I praised the Lord my eyes of faith began to see this order as the blessing it was. I already knew this and could make that profession with support of scripture yet my spirit lacked the strength to really own it by faith. Somehow praising fortified my spirit with the knowledge of my advocate and what was a truism in thought moved to an “of course” or that state of “Amen.” There was a sound method to the practice of Christ upon the cross. It is the champions course to victory. A victory paradoxical yet profound. I am following my leader and recommend you do the same.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Pelican Brief (7-1-09)

Karen Nevis a fine watercolor artist sent me a copy of her Brown Pelicans at harbor. They used to be endangered but are now making a comeback. How defenseless is a pelican? What could it have done to preserve itself or change its decline. It took the mercy of a superior being to preserve it. I wonder why we have become so proud that unlike this pelican we believe we can make that change. Michael Jackson had 50 booked concerts. He was unable to change his circumstance. My faith has been ridiculed but my hope in the mercy of a superior being will net a positive result. I may not be as stupid as a pelican but I hope I can be that wise.

I haven't seen a real pelican in quite some time but Karen's representation is enough to appreciate God's majestic creation. How can one not look at a creature like this and garner hope from the power, mercy and creative intellect that fashioned it. Thank you God and thank you Karen for this brief but important pelican truth. Surely if God can arrange for a pelican comeback a Dorean comeback is surely in the making.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mr. Big (7-1-09)

I have learned a lesson long ago that a man who magnifies the Lord with praise simultaneously shrinks his problems. There are so many great examples from scripture. Moses, Daniel, the three Hebrews, Deborah, Elijah, David and others. If I had failed in this exercise alone I would find myself in despair overwhelmed by my problems. Yet there is something about seeing the bigness of God that gives you hope. I can dwell endlessly on Alsup and his many vicious weapons but he is very small to God. I know I am not the first to face impossible odds and life threatening trials. How many have gone before me as champions of faith proving God faithful over and over again? I consider it a special joy to be called worthy of this great company of saints. God is still seeking testimonial witness today. Their stories are great and strengthen my faith but God is still alive and working. Testimony must continue and not cease with the dead. Faith is for the living not the dead. Every saint who has been battle tested that I know would not trade their new found wisdom obtained through suffering for comfort. My vote agrees with them. I may have lost my reputation, client’s trust, friends, money, time and other joys but I’ve received a larger measure of Christ. If this is God’s wrath and punishment as my critics contend then I say God’s wrath is sweeter than love. Why can’t God use my little trial as a big show of His glory? Is not my generation entitled to a relevant witness. If not me who? Like that donkey in Shrek “Pick me, Pick me.” Pick me as a testimony to your glory. Pick my Dorean plan to bring truth to the mortgage industry as a model of what you can do with the weak of this world. Repeat your pattern of bringing down the proud and demanding justice. Show your resurrection power can pierce any sealed tomb of man’s making. Rebuke those who claim all hope is lost. Reward all those who trust in you. Be God and let us be your servants. Use us wisely. Cause us to dance the dance of victory on the necks of those who opposed you. Take my name off of Dorean and make it your sovereign gift. Let those who contend with me contend with you. Show the world that Dorean was your origin and not of men. As the womb in kindness delivered your savior to this world deliver Dorean. Show them who Mr. Big is.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Imagination (7-1-09)

First I want to express my faith belief that God always exceeds what I can imagine. Still if I share my imaginations with you this might be helpful to some. Also it might help us to pray accordingly.

I imagine someday that ultimately Alsup will be found lacking jurisdiction. This makes every judgment of his void including the original civil suit. Most of you don’t know that Spielbauer sent in a report to Alsup under seal calling Scott and I criminals. He was not informed on all our business and was being schooled to deal with the foreclosure issues alone. Based on a one sided phone conversation of mine he declared I was lying to clients. All this was given to Alsup without our knowledge in violation of Attorney professional codes. Armed with this Alsup issued that crazy Frances Kenney opinion. No biased can be imagined on his arresting our criminal case from another judge so he could preside over it. (Right!) You can see what I’m up against. A federal judge roars like a lion, sanctions our lawyer and he feeds us to the lions. We do our best to keep any more animal feeders from tampering with our case and go to trial on our own. Most won’t understand how crucial that ultimately was toward our victory. Now we have appeals lawyers trying to steer us to a pack of lions. Yet I imagine two average men with faith will have the faithfulness of God to guide them and the discipline to listen.

The first hurdle is to get the incarceration risk down to manageable. This can be done by my filed habeas which points out that they violated the speedy trial act with the 27 counts of our first indictment that carried over to the superceding indictment. That includes the 20 year conspiracy. If this prevails Scott is sentenced to 20 months and I 5 years. This would put us out to finish the battle from the streets. Another way to deal with this is on appeal raising the merger issue which contaminated the trial and sentence. The appeal most likely will not be ruled upon until late 2010. If they want to take longer they can. The system is trying to force me by waiver to lose many of my prevailing arguments. Under these stealthy attacks I have to be keenly aware. Somehow we haven’t made a fatal error yet. To this thanks belongs to the Lord. Next is to get a reversal with no new trial. The variation of this is a new trial. Then legal maneuvers get harried. They will never let us represent ourselves again and would probably appoint their best animal feeder. The hurdle and evil tactic are no joke. Still I imagine God will make things go better for us than my worst imaginations. He controls the hearts of men including evil men. I can’t imagine how to deal with all this malice but I know Christ can manage it. I imagine ultimate victory with Alsup ensnared by the trap of his own making. I do not imagine this forum being the vehicle for factual truth. Only a means toward that end. God of Isaiah 1 has the same character. I imagine it a good wager to bet on His justice.

Friday, August 14, 2009

No Chance (7-1-09)

I have seen the comments of hopelessness on the blog. Do not count me in on this. I can appreciate the waning fortitude in the wake of a very long delay. I hope the truth from the gospel would shore up your faith. I can’t use legal jargon to encourage you because my enemies have nearly every advantage. I am honest with you about my dire circumstance. I can appreciate Judge Alsup’s confidence in his plan and system. He is a formidable enemy. He does not have to obey his own laws. All he has to do is control the evidence, trial, outcome and the prison system will beat on the man while the appellant court looks to every possible angle to affirm. I have been sharing my dialog with the appeals lawyer with a few of you in hopes you can share in this blog that I am diligent, competent, and persistent at doing all possible to prevail. I hate this corrupt legal system and the foolish society that embraces it but I am not allowing my feelings to dictate my actions. I read constantly their bullshit opinions and reason with the best legal minds. I can say that God has faithfully supplied me timely with what I need. This is one of my best indicators my faith is steering me correctly. Seeing others talk of failure is positive for me also. Only those seasoned in faith battles will understand this logic. I want everyone to know I still see a path to victory. There is still a gauntlet to traverse but I trust God’s guidance. As soon as I truly believe our ship is sunk I am honest enough to say so. Being realistic these men could use mere tactic to keep me behind bars easily another 4 years. I have a word from the Lord I trust more than my pessimism. The evil appeals court could grant us remedy and we have great grounds for relief but what if they are political hacks like Alsup? Only God can defend one against evil. I rely heavily on this confidence. That is the importance of all my spiritual blogging. If there is no truth to Christ I’m in a mere crap shoot with more crap on my side of the table and the wrong end of a barrel staring me in the face. Hopelessness is easy. Reason can make rational calculations to justify it. Faith is difficult because one has to trust in an unseen God who is unreasonable to us. Children live like this but we have become too wise for our own good. Many of you are wise to say Dorean is hopeless but in my faith I rebuke your wisdom as a senseless lie. May God be proven true and every man a liar. I’m taking no chances and you’re claiming no chances. Let’s see how this all pans out.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Retrospective (6-28-09)

I Psalm 22 the Lord again teaches us wisely to find strength for our current trouble with a little retrospective. Even looking into the infancy when you had no understanding with today’s reason you can recollect God’s mercies. When I did this I could find 7 times already in my life where death was a possibility that missed me. It does not have to be a life or death equation to be evidence of God’s mercies. There are births, loves, promotions, victories, among others that shine as God’s favor upon you. The benefit of recalling these milestone moments is they concretionize a spiritual fact that the current trouble is trying to rob you of. The trial says “you are not God’s,” “He does not love you,” “He will not deliver you.” All lies and your history proves it. Even Christ upon a cross looked to His infancy and how God showed His favor. The escape to Egypt, His mother’s care, the temple teachings etc. His early life proved the cross not a rebuke but a continuation of God’s favor. Are you in foreclosure, unemployed, divorcing, doubting God? Take a little retrospective tour of your life and find where God’s favor rested upon you. It still rests upon you. Though your current troubles may blind your eyes to your future they can still see the past. The truth hidden there will carry you through this trouble until it likewise joins the past as further evidence of God’s favor. Like crossing a street it is wise to look both ways to guard your steps.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Poker Faith (6-22-09)

I have always enjoyed the game of poker long before it made its resurgence as a current fad. I’m actually not surprised by its popularity because I saw it germinate for decades in the spirit of people. Now I’m not talking of the poker face with a lisp and pronouncing it poker faith. I’m talking about faith but not the faith of Jesus I’ve spoken so much about. This faith is not the uncommon faith of Jesus but the prolific practice of the majority. Poker faith is that faith which has bluff inherent within it. It makes stabs at the pot without the cards to earn it. Its hope is that deception will go undetected. This was the faith of Judge Alsup. He even openly declared this upon the record. I knew right then that when he came to the table wagering his poker faith and I came wagering the faith of Christ I was going to win. I am not confused or bluffed by the persuasive weight of chips he can stack before himself. In fact the more he uses to convince me to fold is the more ultimately I will collect. Most of the world is like him. Unfortunately, most of the church is also. They have a faith they know to be deceptive but if they put on a poker face they hope the bluff will prevail. God can never be bluffed. He knows Christ holds all the aces. In historical fact the acea was the King of Kings. What nerve and what folly to try and bluff God into an answered prayer. Here’s one tell you can take away from the table of life, God always has the best hand and He never lies. Mercy is your only hope.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Peace (6-19-09)

There is not one drop of injustice in all the sea of my sorrows
There is no complaint in the wind of my storm
There is only comfort of the bosom of my Savior
Where the cold realities drove me to keep myself warm

His peace He surely gave me
with His smile and embrace
No dark clouds were able to hide
the bright shinning, glorious, love upon His face

Who can be against us to cause us fret or fear
Who can deliver us from His mighty arm
Even if all hell should join them
Is there enough force or power to bring us harm

Bless you my prison, bless you my enemy
with friends like you I could never have a foe
without your pressing afflictions
so much of my beloved Savior I would never know

Mighty waves or charging torrents
vicious beast or evil hands
have their ideas but are none the wiser
God has used them for His plans

So this truth is settled for all eternity
and for all to see; Your peace you have given to me.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Developments (6-15-09)

I have completed my habeas filing. If the role of law means anything Scott and I will lose 20 years off our sentence. Also a major legal question was raised that could expose all these crooks to their folly. When God send you to battle keep your eyes peeled to find the spoils your enemy is delivering to you. It will cost them dearly to confront God’s elect. They attacked me with 5 statutes. They will lose these weapons and more when God secures my victory. I am beginning to see the signs of victory on many fronts. Even with all the defeats along the way there has been a preservation of all our interest.

The appeal is filed absent my satisfaction. I am about the business to use this tool to its maximum. I am certain of a complete reversal. This is not to say they will not do all within their power to complete the corruption but I believe God has made me clever enough to box them into our remedy. Not for righteousness sake will they rule, it is only a matter of leverage. Injustice is being made too expensive. Economics is the supreme law of the land. No wonder fools reign.

I have copied many on my legal communications in hopes they can share upon this blog that I am not lying about my diligence to bring us a remedy. Total victory may take years but more is at stake now than just the clients equitable interest. When they went criminal civil was long gone. Many will regret using the color of law to injure. Follow the appeal for more info.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Sealed Indictment (6/14/09)

Let me begin with a quote from David Brainerd (1718-1747) “When I really enjoy God, I feel my desires of Him the more insatiable, and my thirstings offer holiness the more unquenchable… Oh, for holiness! Oh, for more of God in my soul! Oh, this pleasing pain! It makes my soul press after God… Oh, that I may feel this continual hunger, and not be retarded, but rather animated by every “cluster from Canaan,” to reach forward in the narrow way, for the full enjoyment and possession of the heavenly inheritance. Oh, that I might never loiter on my heavenly journey!”

It appears I was not the first to use the word “retard” to describe a spiritual state. How many in their own eyes find their hearts righteous and judge others so easily. Recently a “brother” told me I broke his heart when he saw me sitting at a poker table. In addition he quoted a proverb to rebuke me with the import… bad company corrupts. Later not satisfied by my response he pulled me over to remind me my life is an open letter to be read by other men. I found this a most telling confession and poignant to the retarded spiritual state I boisterously opposed. I am a man who lives my life as an open letter I neither hide my faith or my faults. I live honestly before men and God. Yet this brother like all my critics here carry a sealed indictment in their hearts ready at all times to bring another under their accusation and judgment. They are as much a fraud as judge Alsup. They apply the law to others they excuse themselves from. They hang around the like minded corrupted soul within the church. Like vultures ready to swoop down upon any carrion left over from the many wounds inflicted by their judgments. These types have done more than all persecutions of history to drive men away from Christ. They froth and foam to muster others into their religious rituals while excluding them from the humble love relationship they are called to. I hate the spirit that possesses these men. They profess themselves wise and are ignorant of how retarded they are. Can a man be so easily judged by outward evidence. Let me use my codefendant Bill in example. I personally think he chose cowardice instead of faith. My opinion is developed out of my experience and the choices faith fostered upon me. The opinion may be justified but the objective criteria by which I judge him is completely subjective. I have no real knowledge of the work of God in his life. Jesus sequestered himself away from the crowd (Lk. 19:10) as a coward or in obedient wisdom? Later He stood. (Jn. 18:1-8) Was Bill not called to this stand? God did not give me revelation by which to say thus sayeth the Lord and then to judge his response. That word came but only for self relevance. I could move to judgment of my brother and simultaneously move to self condemnation. If he failed he and God know. If he did not fail a harvest remains. If I love Christ I do not look to my brother as a failure that increases the light by which I see myself but rather as one who in league step seeks to bring glory and honor to our beloved in advancement of His kingdom. Everything else is a retarded fraud and a sealed indictment carried in your heart that will be unsealed by Christ and read as your personal accusation.