Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Follow The Leader (7-9-09)

I received an order from a judge I have been expecting for many months now. Long since I have determined my tactical choice in addressing it. Even still it had a negative impact on my spirit. I think it was the constant assault of lawless arrogant men and the escalation of battle. What my wife calls her monkey mind bombarded me with thoughts of defeat. They were subtle and non persuasive but hung around like a stench. Under this climate I turned to my example: Christ. In Psalms 22 I imagined the constant ridicule of those who possessed power and presumed victory. He held out in hope of God’s promises. With His spirit under that type of grind He moves to praise. I had to follow His lead. As I praised the Lord my eyes of faith began to see this order as the blessing it was. I already knew this and could make that profession with support of scripture yet my spirit lacked the strength to really own it by faith. Somehow praising fortified my spirit with the knowledge of my advocate and what was a truism in thought moved to an “of course” or that state of “Amen.” There was a sound method to the practice of Christ upon the cross. It is the champions course to victory. A victory paradoxical yet profound. I am following my leader and recommend you do the same.


Anonymous said...

dis bog seem to have gutten blaaaaaaghed down.....

thays no relvant poosts anymo.....

it all just blaaaagheldyblook now....

mogel007 said...

Kurt: What Judges order are you referring to that brought some despair in the beginning?

Anonymous said...

ya no on kendys tapes, he tell of a way to resend ALL your pervious signatoors....

no matta wha yo singed or when, yo can resend it.

remvber, all sigs can be voided on da bases of NONDISCLOSURE!

his taps tell yo ho to do dis. resend all yo cort pappers dat yo singed earlier.

make da juge go crazey!!!

Anonymous said... jus' all irreverant postage now...jus like the post office....

Anonymous said...

"Please check back in a few days as the Phase One website will be live soon...


mogel007 said...










COMES NOW plaintiff John B. Thompson (Thompson), and moves this court for leave to amend his complaint herein as follows:

This court has already been apprised that the Chief Judge of this District Court, The Honorable Federico Moreno, has collaborated with the US Marshal, Christina Pharo, to deny plaintiff normal access to the federal courthouses in this District Court in retaliation for his hand-delivering a letter to the Chief Judge, per the instructions of the Marshal Pharo’s own Deputies.

In further retaliation for plaintiff’s request that the Chief Judge address the improper conduct of certain judges supposedly under his supervision, the Chief Judge and US Marshal dispatched Deputy Marshals to his home for the purpose of intimidating him and chilling his First Amendment petition activities, as well as his other constitutional rights.

The Chief Judge and US Marshal have ignored all requests, repeatedly submitted in writing, for a resolution of this matter, including properly submitted FOIA requests intended to obtain documents that might explain this bizarre abuse of federal power.

The Deputy Marshals who have been directed to harass plaintiff have apologized to plaintiff for their use in this fashion, calling this ultra vires activity “ridiculous.” It has become a standing joke at the Ferguson Federal Courthouse when plaintiff shows up to file a document with the court clerk, now under armed guard.

The Chief Judge has in fact placed Thompson on a “terrorist watch list” in an abuse of his power that enjoys no immunity and which exposes him, as well as the US Marshal, to money damages and other relief under the authority of the Bivens line of cases.

The harm and prejudice to Thompson is compounded by the fact that the Chief Judge now purports to be able, as a Committee of One, to mete out discipline against Thompson in what is to be a reciprocal disciplining of Thompson which the Chief Judge apparently would like to have mirror the state bar’s illegal and unconstitutional disbarment of Thompson. The Chief Judge must afford Thompson a full de novo review of his state bar discipline, by virtue of the alleged procedural and substantive due process violations by the state bar. This right of review by this federal district court is guaranteed not only by In re Ruffalo but by this court’s own Local Rules, which the Chief Judge is assiduously and illegal violating. The Ad Hoc Committee designated to deal with these disciplinary issues must address this matter, and yet the Chief Judge remains incommunicado regarding the Committee’s power and duty to decide these matters.

It is both discouraging and outlandish that a Chief Judge of a federal district court, in league with the US Marshal, would so brazenly violate Thompson’s First Amendment petition and other rights for the purpose of hamstringing his efforts to fully and effectively litigate and win his civil rights action filed in this same district court arising out of similar illegal and unconstitutional actions by state officials. Federal judges and other federal officials are supposed to help assure the federal constitutional and legal rights of US citizens, not thwart them. The oaths taken by the Chief Judge and the US Marshal are simple and eloquent indictments of what they have done and are still doing, out of spite, to plaintiff.

mogel007 said...

Finally, contemporaneous with this deprivation of Thompson’s civil rights by the Chief Judge and US Marshal, the extension of alleged “rights” to others by the federal government is precipitous. Thompson has never committed a criminal act in his 58 years of life. He has been disbarred for successful securing federal governmental sanctions against the two commercial porn entities who could not discredit Thompson’s message and could not defeat his efforts, so they sought to use The Florida Bar to shoot the messenger.

On the other hand, this federal government now seeks to provide due process not due enemy combatants now in detention at Guantanamo Bay. Our federal government lifted not a finger to stop the British government from releasing the lone man convicted of blowing a Pan Am passenger jet out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 human beings, most of them Americans. Our Attorney General, who served under a prior Attorney General who gassed and then killed innocent children in Waco, Texas, now has unleashed a federal Special Prosecutor upon heroic CIA officials who kept us safe from acts such as those over Lockerbie. Daily, criminals parade into and out of the federal courthouses in this District Court, unmolested by Deputy Marshals. The judges in this District Court, including the Chief Judge, routinely, as they should, afford these criminals all the due process in the world, all the courtesy that could be afforded, while the undersigned is treated by the Chief Judge as if he were human effluent.

The Chief Judge and the US Marshal of the District Court of the Southern District Court have thus made themselves collaborators and co-conspirators with the self-appointed and self-described “Guardians of Democracy” (see attached Bar brochure cover page) in denying Thompson his federal constitutional and legal rights. “We had to deny Mr. Thompson his constitutional rights to save the Constitution and ‘judicial independence’ in order to preserve both.” This echoes the famous Brave New World lingo of the Viet Nam War: “We had to destroy the village to save it.” The world is upside down, as the Chief Judge and US Marshal have stood the Constitution on its head just because they think they are above the law and that they can get away with it.

Justice Brandeis’ words condemn what these federal officials are doing here:

“Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”
in the case "Olmstead v. United States", 277 U.S. 438, 485 (1928)

WHEREFORE, plaintiff Thompson moves this court for leave to amend his already filed complaint herein to add Chief Judge Federico Moreno and US Marshal Christina Pharo as defendants herein. As this District Court’s Judge Jose A. Gonzalez, Jr., wrote in his 62-page opinion in 2 Live Crew v. Sheriff Nick Navarro, thanks to the undersigned: “Enough already.”

mogel007 said...

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."
~ UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden ~

Anonymous said...

Circuit court cites ‘trauma’ to 4 sent to prison
August 28, 2009

A federal appeals court upheld yesterday a landmark verdict for four men framed by the FBI in a gangland slaying, although the appellate judges said the $101.7 million damage judgment awarded by a lower court was “at the outer edge of the universe of permissible awards.’’

corse, yo allways no dat the fbi is a "criminal enterprise" jus like they alwasy akyooze the "mayfia" of being..

corse, yo aleady no they "works" for the usa govt. a;nther "criminal enterpreyes"

why?? coss they a Corp.©

an a crop© has no jurysdickshun over a "sovign"

Anonymous said...

why?? coss they a Corp.©

an a crop© has no jurysdickshun over a "sovign"

an a sovin has free right to contract with howm he want and the govt. shall not intafear.

cores, if yo listen to TNP, yo wood no dat.