Thursday, August 31, 2006

Change Is Good

August has proven to be all I suspected in the spirit. God has completely changed course on me, but change is good. It keeps you in that state of trust, which is life. My life is always at risk it appears but again I am reminded that risk in the approach of God is safety. Imagine the man Christ reading Is. 53 and knowing intellectually that this applied to Him. Still He had to trust through the suffering that would make Him own those words in experience. That is the model Scott and I are following. We have our words from God that we know apply to us but still we must suffer a bit longer to own them personally. All of you have been here if you have any revelation of Christ. Don’t be surprised His ways don’t change. What is good enough from the master is good enough for the servants. It is our carnal nature that runs from suffering that never gains the experience. This results in a bunch of talking heads arguing about opinions without experience like on this blog. God had been preparing our hands to swing a sword and this week gave us a slingshot. Immediately one begins to wonder about all that training if it was a waste or if a slingshot will be effective. This is why we will win; we trust God and love Him more than anything in this life including a winning plan. God owns our victory and can deliver it anyway He chooses. You like us can find comfort in trusting God and His word. In the end you will have the experience of a victor. God’s message has changed with the strategy and I have no idea how it will play out, but He has been brilliant to date. I still know we are marching closer to victory even now. The 5th of September will prove even more monumental than July 18th our best day so far.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Alsup’s Steady Diet 8/12/06

Judge Alsup is apparently one who impresses himself with his own speech. He has no problem spewing his aggrandized opinions for all to see. This character defect is one that comes back in a steady diet of having to eat his words. ***It is what got him recused from our case and there is a great example of this pattern happening again. In San Francisco there is a young reporter named Josh Wolf who Judge Alsup has placed with us here in Dublin for civil contempt. You can get the whole story at his webpage I want to focus only on the ignorant opinions of this jurist who has no problem holding men hostage while he entertains his stupidity. The elements around this reporter’s case is jurisdiction and the role of federal government in daily life. The feds argue that money given to SFPD gives them rights, title and interest in the police car that was burned in the protest Josh supposedly filmed. This is a local crime with local parties on local property. Judge Alsup says, “this case is a slam dunk for the government.” Where have I heard that before? Fortunately California is jumping in the mix to defend their rights. This is still a pansy response. The state should kick these federal bullies out and let them practice this totalitarian agenda from Nevada. Josh Wolf will win and Alsup will again eat his words. The young man had enough moxy to suffer the assault of abuse of power to expose again this great federal judge is a loose cannon. Seems Alsup’s career may very soon become all he says it will. An embarrassing statement!

***This blog was written before the recusal hearing.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Suffer me a look

There are many detractors on here claiming they know the voice of God and sit in judgment of us. I want to make it clear to you who are looking on that truth easily divides the arguments. Neo, TCOB and others are convinced that because people suffer God is not in it and we are scammers. These are the prophets of circumstance who trust only their eyes and old-wives tales logic. Using one good example let’s see if God’s history justifies this mental midgetry. Moses the famed deliverer had to go against the big bad government of that time. He went before pharaoh and said let my people go. He was being obedient to God in doing so. Pharaoh sent him away and increased the punishment upon the people. Men who failed to keep pace even under the harsher demands had to use their children as bricks in the wall. Now losing a house or divorce is suffering but continuing to build a wall while your child cry’s entombed in it seems more severe. Where is God? He must not be in it otherwise there would not be this pain. Moses is a nut, a kook, a false prophet and false deliverer. It was two years of this before God sent Him back to pharaoh with the ten plagues you all know about. Another reason you can tell these people are false is their lack of endurance and vacillating. Fruity is the good example here. She said she was appointed by God to expose our fraud. Where is she now? She got wore out by my arguments or just tired. If Christ started her faith He apparently doesn’t have finishing faith and His word that says He does is a lie. God doesn’t lie and those whom He calls He enables, including endurance to finish. Quitters are fakers. You will know them by their fruit. Moses trusted God in the midst of the suffering and he had the finishing faith to wear out pharaoh in the end. How about you, are you a moaner and a whiner like the fools on here or do you want to see more than what your eyes can see? You have not seen me waiver under this harsh trial once in over a year. I am not a better, stronger man than any of you. The same living God who gives me a hope bigger than my suffering circumstance also says to you “Follow Me.” Once you start that same power will cause you to finish and not even the gates of hell can prevail against that power. You think the feds are tough, Scotty and I laugh. They are so incredibly handicapped we can’t even use our best game. You guys with eyes as trusted advisors could never see what I see so don’t bother looking. Everybody has faith but those whose object is not God’s word fade out in the heat of life. One object is eternal and the other temporal.

Monday, August 28, 2006

It’s More Than Money

Shortly before the hearing on recusal I sent a letter to Mr. Alsup. The work of God is the paramount claim on a man’s life. Suffering and loss are not justification for an exemption. Am I about protecting your damage claim? All the time, more than you know. It is important to me but is a subjugated claim. Our offer to the courts as agents of their master to set aside their fraudulent righteousness and follow Him had to mature. They have defied Him. Like the mighty ant screaming up to the shoe its demands God now makes His will and counter offer against its will. This work is near completion and God having found us faithful gets His chance to experience a “YIPPIE” moment (for you Karen) that arrives at the end of your faithfulness. Yippie is when He can show off His power and faithfulness to His word. The shoe falls as it were. Below is the letter. Perhaps it will help your understanding.

Dear. Mr. Alsup, 8/11/06

I’m sorry to hear of your recusal from our case. I want to thank you for your civility. I honestly suspected that you were the only one in the courtroom intelligent enough to understand my strategies. My hope for you has been and will remain that you live up to your potential. The offer Christ gave you through His agents was a rare and honorable one. To dismiss it as an ignorant philosophy of Metaphysics is not wise. Our prayer, Scott and I, is that you will be won over as a brother and discover true righteousness. What you accept now is a fraud that possesses none of the necessary elements of truth, love, and justice to form its amalgamation. Christ’s intention for you was to set you up as a light upon a hill for this generation. There are thousands of fools in your position who can sell their souls for the treasures of this world; your opportunity not to be one of them may not come again. Christ is not a beggar in need of your assistance, He is more than content to say, “To hell with you” to the masses. Narrow is the way that leads to life and few that find it. Wide is the path to destruction. As we approach our coming victory over these ridiculous accusations and criminal abuse under color of law I hope you will see the powerful hand of God in our instance and find confidence in the offer made. Christ has already designed a hero’s exit for you that will free you from all the liability you have accepted on behalf of your presumptions. Perhaps if I tell you in advance you will trust me to outline it for you. Be well and of good cheer until we see you again in the civil case. My public critique of you is not an assault on the man, which I value, but on the cancers that are destroying you. Hopefully by now you have figured out that a stupid lawyer like Thomas Spielbaurer is not a reflection of the clients. You ability to advance the banker’s fraud past his ignorance will not happen in our case. As it is true with us it is true with you, when God calls He enables.


***I have written a blog on recusal that will be posted soon.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

You can fly above the lie

I see a lot of posting about the hope of remedy in the courts. These officers of the bar are highly trained into obsolescence. There was the old folk song of John Henry who was highly trained and the best in the business with a set of tools that were being made obsolete by the invention of the steam shovel. You need to step back a little and get the focus on the big picture. The Uniform Commercial Code is the seizure weapon extraordinaire created by the bankers to enslave the world. This code is the underlying foundation to more than 150 countries. Now the best way to get the public to use the rope we created to hang themselves in to license and control their counselors. Argument is a dishonor, which is a loss. Silence is a dishonor, which is a loss. Tardiness is a dishonor, which is a loss. Performance is acceptance, which is the paramount duty of the lawyers as officers of the court. Why on earth would I find a remedy in anyway with those who are highly skilled and trained in only one point of view? That is like being overweight and going to the butcher to trim the fat. I say they are trained in obsolescence because they are only trained in the laying of traps. Imagine them digging the pits, cutting the spikes, covering it with branches and then dirt. This is great for the normal prey who are oblivious to their environment because their life is a mere regurgitation of propaganda, from media, education, and licensed experts, but one alert who knows the scope of the land can see the traps and avoid them. Even better he can teach himself to fly. What good is one trained in traps that are useless? Defense attorneys, US attorneys, judges and politicians all have the same training and mindset. Those who created the environment of puppets are on the other side of the strings and not subject to their restraints. You need to start thinking like bankers and you will always be superior to puppets. Bankers don’t need a pardon from a president. The president needs their permission to perform. Judges legislate from the bench by their decree. In fact they fly above the ground of traps. If the UCC is their weapon of choice and all the bar members are confessed ignorant by design, study the weapon not the ignorant licensed commentators. Use their tools to lay traps and fly above them. Don’t get this confused with common law remedies either. You as men cannot submit to the UCC without becoming its prey. You must have a token representative in this monopoly game we call commerce. There is nothing more silly than a man standing on a monopoly board claiming to be a car, cannon, or hat. In fact it would be evidence of retardation and a need to become a ward of the state. You would be so incompetent it would be best for you to remain silent and have a highly skilled mouthpiece to negotiate all our contract offers for you. In the end a judge will have to use his discretion to handle your affairs and make sure his opinion is consistent with public policy with a check and recheck called appeals and Certiorari. Bankers are not retards, subject to the discretion of inferiors, they can handle their affairs just fine. How about you? Some of you are still whining about a decision you made two years ago. You haven’t found a remedy or action towards one yet? Sounds like you need a lawyer, lawsuit, of judge’s decree. Don’t worry they are highly skilled at providing a remedy for you. For the rest of you study the banker, his contracts, the UCC and learn to fly. Get my DVD for starters and help each other. You do not go down by lifting a brother up. Find truth and unite around it. You will not find truth in the opinions or courtroom of judges unless you are skilled at reverse engineering a lie. Our prayers are with you and our hearts are steadfast upon the goal.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You Have a Better Option

I’m willing to set aside my resolve to settle the Dorean debate as an all-stakes poker match upon a presentation of a better plan. Agreeing I’m a fool let the wise men speak their peace. Surely some of you have better options. Go to your keyboards and enlighten us all. In the ancient days men could go before kings and find honor through their wisdom. Think, of all you could help if your concern showed some actionable evidence. You would easily find honor and be a hero to many of the suffering. When Alexander the Great came to destroy Jerusalem wise men came out and reasoned with him and saved the city. Think of how many opinions brought no hope. Don’t be like the numbers of insignificants who are the blank pages of history. Your knowledge of God and His ways surely has netted you His favor. Use this favor to do something to honor Him. Love your neighbor as yourself and God with all your heart. How would you change the mortgage industry to be more honest? Do you have a political solution like TILA or RESPA, a judicial remedy, or a consumer solution? Help us out here. I know I have tested many of you wise guys with truth from both sides of a debate and you ridiculed without reason. Don’t expose yourselves as talking heads make us proud to be associated with you. I’m all ears as are others the platform is yours.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Promise

It’s funny to see you speculators presume you know how God doles out His promise. Of course the recipients of God’s promise has all the reassurance he needs. A nonparty’s opinion is irrelevant. Neo I’ll pick on your stupidity for a moment. I don’t know who trained you in your perceived Christianity but one of you was inept. The Old Testament (a unilateral contract) and the New Testament were terms of promise to the inheritors. There are enough promises to latch your faith onto that a specific, individual promise is not necessary to create a hope. The fact I have received a specific promise relevant to this battle is an extra bonus. It being specific to me was not intended to create a hope in you or anyone else. Find your own promise and your own evidence God is reliable. If you had put any effort in this you wouldn’t be such a blabbermouth of doubt and condemnation. Fruity was at least smart enough to recognize her stupidity did not yield her the fruit of her desire. There are a thousand Scripture verses that speak to God’s character about truth, fraud, politics, jail, punishment and other relevant points. Get an objective divine opinion instead of your twisted carnal subjective one. For all of you who use neo as your mascot this applies to you. None of you understand what happens in the Middle East is promised. Think of all the governments who oppose this promise to no avail. You truly think your confidence in the Feds is wise if they are opposed to God? If they are working on behalf of God prove your point and outline the promise that justifies it. We all know God does not lie, Balaam and his ass knew it, so stop guessing as tea leaf readers and find the applicable word and trust it. It will go well with you I promise.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Clear the Confusion

I have seen some bantering about my motivations for the guilty pleas. 5 times now they have refused to accept it. Of course there is a condition attached of honesty, which is apparently, too difficult for these seekers of truth. The judge’s last condition is that we come and confess upon the record point for point on the indictment. Of course this was already done in an affidavit of felony confession twice before his request. I am just exposing the farce called justice before me. It amazes me that these people can take themselves serious. “Thou shall not steal.” How hard is that to explain, execute and reform a violator of this law? Could a parent effectively teach a child not to steal by giving him volumes of rules about it and simultaneously being a kleptomaniac in his presence? The system if it were at law would still be a mockery. Some of you are beginning to know me by now. I will not quit, cower, or falter in my pursuit of the truth. Line up nations or infidels before me and I will not be moved. I have already vested my life willingly what can they use to entice me to quit? These people have already realized they stepped in shit and now they are looking for a jury to acquit them. The jury is their remedy to escape liability. I will not give them this out. I am better at this commerce game than all of them put together. This revelation is quickly approaching all the parties involved. I won’t say they are quitters either. Keller is just running his standard playbook, which wasn’t designed for the game we are playing. Alsup knew the game but wanted to and persisted in his psychological drama to dissuade us from our creditor rights. ***He having departed has failed his mission. The new judge will be at a disadvantage here. I can tell you that the reason I do things is much more tactical than these guys can imagine. I am systematically dismantling them and they are doing all within their power to assist me. You might say there is a method to my madness. The judge understood this but the slaphappy lawyers are laughing their way to poverty. I join them in this quietly and find my own personal delight in their gayety. For those of you who have a healthy relationship with the living God you will understand my awe at how He has prepared us, equipped us, and sustains us. I do not want to make light of the task before us but with God’s assistance it is like their actions are in slow motion. The reaction times are beyond my needs, can be well thought out, and easily deciphered. I can tell you I would not want the job of accepting lies as a premise of truth, use a system of fraud to enforce, and coercion of witness testimony to confirm my lie as a truth. I could not live with myself. The very fact these guys do this day after day is evidence they are of the lowest quality of humanity and should not be feared. If I never see truth vindicated in this lifetime I will still trade my life for the justice of eternity. These types of morons never learn and will come screaming by me of the red-hot express. Oh by the way that will be because of what Jesus did and not what Kurt did for the idiots. You should all be glad I am just a man of no divinity because I would surely have not erred on the side of mercy with you thick skulled, belligerent rebels. So whatever you hear remove from your context that Kurt is quitting. Even if it is published opinion of the fraud team that I am quitting, making a deal etc. know that I win even if I quit or it’s not an option. I can handle the high stakes poker game for all the chips. If the other players didn’t come with that intent they are going to find this game a little over their heads. Everyone keep your chins up the 18th went better than I could of hoped for except for the extended delay created by a new attorney playing catch-up. September 5th will be the next great event. I can promise there will be much more interest in our opinion that day.

***This blog was written on July 27, 2006 before the recusal hearing. Judge Alsup was not recused from the case.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Contract, The Interloper, The Justice

There was a stranger passing through a foreign city. Unable to find lodging a local took him in. The foreigner had two treasures with him that the local agreed to place in his safe, a purchase contract and a deed. The next day when the foreigner ventured to leave the local bid him to stay and take comfort as his guest. This was the pattern 3 days until the foreigner insisted on taking his leave. Upon this the local’s wife said to her husband 3 days now we have given this man and he leaves giving us nothing? The local attempted to send the man away without his treasures. When he spoke up about them saying “I am leaving give me my purchase contract and deed. I will surely give you your hire for hospitality but I must go.” The local responded, “Here is the interpretation of thy dream. The purchase contract you have seen is a great opportunity that approaches you shortly and the deed is evidence of the great possessions you will leave your children.” The man said, “I was not dreaming nor were my eyes shut when I gave you my treasures.” The local got mad and said, “I have interpreted thy dream properly now give me $40.00 which is the custom for interpretation.” The men began to wrangle in front of the local’s house. At that time a wise man from another place was passing and intervened. The foreigner aired his complaint, which the wise man knew to be true. He said, “you ought not treat thy brother this way.” Just then the local picked up a stone and hit the wise man in the forehead. Blood gushed out and the local said “give me my hire for this day I did rid you of bad blood, “$40.00 is the custom.” The wise man said, “This is foolishness I will do no such thing.” Then the man seized him and took him before a local Judge. The local aired his complaint and the local Judge agreed this is our custom and you must pay him the fee. Upon this the wise man picked up a stone and hit the Judge in the forehead and blood gushed out. “Very well,” he said, “it is thy custom and you have decreed it so take the fee that you owe me for my service and give it to this man.” He then left this corrupt city.

For those of you who understand this story you know what Dorean is doing. For those of you who don’t you never will. We have a strange custom in this land and the wise will depart from it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Keller the Goat

James Keller the prosecutor in our case seems like an intelligent young man who probably had a promising career. Unfortunately he has made the most unwise career choice possible when lining up with unrighteousness. In the Passover ceremony everyone is familiar with the Passover Lamb but few know that there was also a goat. The goat became a colloquialism in the term scapegoat. The scapegoat had the function of symbolizing the sins being cast away. The priest would lay hands upon this animal as transference of the sins of the people for that year and then have the animal cast away from the city to the wilderness. In the New Testament we get this picture of having our sins cast as far as the east is from the west. As this trial winds down and God's ultimate plan of victory is executed these evil men with their false righteousness will look for a scapegoat to lay their hands upon as transference of their sins and to have him cast far away so that they remember their sins no more. I'm afraid I already see this scenario developing for the rookie prosecutor. If he were wise he would seek the Lord while He may be found and look for a glorious exit. He has shown no signs of wisdom as of yet but we would still be kind to keep this man in our prayers so that the evil that is intended for him may not come upon him. Do you remember how children used to do these things in their petty squabbles? Well that is exactly what it is like dealing with these immature grown men. When they reason as children they will behave as children and Keller will be the target. If he remains blind to this inevitable event I put this on the record as a hope to him that the Lord does grant wisdom to those who seek Him and has proven it by telling you in advance what you are precluded from seeing in your rebellion.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Message to a friend

A man does not have too many friends in a lifetime and even fewer opportunities to offer wise counsel. I have that moment now so I want this moment not to pass by. As a man we are given the opportunity to choose eternity or to choose the temporal cares of this world. I know you are trapped in this matrix at this very moment. I can only advise you as one having been in this predicament many times the success I have obtained by choosing eternity. Logic and reason will betray you because they work against God in these moments. The choice you are struggling with is reasonable and right in that context. In Christ faith is the requirement. Faith is in direct contrast with logic and reason because it will have you at risk. Risk is shunned automatically by our nature but should be carefully analyzed when approaching Godly choice. Faith is the action of taking God at his word. If there were no apparent risk to our carnal nature trust would not have to be exercised. It is precisely in these moments that God's way appearing risking is the safest choice. God is not a man that He should lie, nor the Son of Man that He should repent, whatever He says He will do He will do. Your fist clue is to know that God is honest. You having your personal integrity compromised cannot be from God. Any voice promoting this behavior is not from God either. No matter how loved or respected this person is in your life Satan as a tool to dissuade you from a proper choice is using them. My friendship with you in not comprised by your choice but that is the least valuable commodity at risk. How will you raise your children to trust eternity's voice if you do not? What will you have gained if you keep them but lose their souls? If you knew what I know your choice would be easy, how much more if you go to your prayer closet and ask the living God what He would have you do? Obedience is a safe place for you! No champion of faith in the Scriptures did otherwise. All wrestled with the choice and viewed the risk as men but all said in one way or another at such times I am afraid I will trust in the Lord. Your damage by disobedience is one way. It will not be effective as a device to hurt others. Your integrity, your eternity, your destiny is what is being wagered. Scott and I are diligently praying that your faith fail not. This is all we can do as your friends to show our care for you. I know the choice is not easy for you but be encouraged that God is creator of Heaven and Earth. What sense does it really make not to trust the almighty over the voices of the blind, ignorant, and ungodly? Know that God put you in this position not to see you fail but to see you prevail. I have seen the champion in you and so has God. Come out swinging properly girded with the weapons of the spirit and your faith will be rewarded.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Righteousness in three parts

In the Coptic language there is a word for righteousness that is very clever in its design. It contains the three smaller words for Love, Truth and Justice. I found this interesting as I face some display of righteousness before me that has none of these elements. In fact I would say that righteousness absent these elements is not righteousness at all. Why as Americans do we believe otherwise? Our codefendants are being enticed to lie. Does that sound like Truth or Justice? Love is also absent because they have no care for our codefendants or us. Who would raise up a child and teach them to seek themselves first at the expense of any other, lie, cheat, steal, and devour all who get in their way? If this appears absurd as a parent why do we as the parent of this child called government accept this? My child would be severely punished, as should this child. Having no standard of ethics what will we moor our hope to? I know that my ethics are superior to the display in front of me. I will not be convinced otherwise. You detractors mock me for what? Have you any truth to offer that can be incorporated into righteousness? Is your advice mixed with love, truth and justice? You think because people are hurt you figured out what is truth, justice, or loving? Katrina, devastated, pained, and hurt people. Some have a better home now and on the other side of pain have a better life. Kids get whipped but on the other side of pain have a lesson that is good for their soul. Pain is no measure of truth, love, or justice. How can you administer justice without pain? One will always perceive the controversy as a victim. How can you say the mortgage contract was just when it was absent truth? You think I am a liar because promises were broken? Because promises were broken my process of seeking truth was flawed? These are adolescent childish arguments. All of you acknowledge my risk of 30-years to life, with quotes like "he'll never see the light of day" or "he doesn't have a chance, he's toast." What risk have you invested in truth, love, or justice? Do you offer me a righteousness I should envy? Show me how these elements exist in your version and many will be converted. Trusting in a system corrupt and flawed by design to have no integrity or ethics is mere foolishness. Call me an unreasonable fool because I think more highly of my clients' interest and myself, than the so-called reasonable men before me. I will take that kind of mocking all day long. My case is on a grand scale but each of us has opportunities everyday to administer justice in truth and love. Choose to be righteous for your own sake and perhaps in the future we will be rid of these idiots who think their amorality has value. In reality learning the ways of God will lead to a true righteousness that is not tainted with our perceived ideas of Truth, Love, and Justice that this blog has already exposed as flawed.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Courting Continues

Sept 5 is our next court date. 5 times now we have plead guilty and had it refused. Mr. Alsup said we have to confess. We already submitted an affidavit of felony confession that accomplished this task. Still it is refused. They are merely interested in getting a buffer called a jury to protect them from the havoc they have created by their crimes. This is not going to happen. You want to play games with peoples lives you're going to stick around until the finish without shelter. These wimps know how to dish it out but they don't want to feel the heat of a scorching retort. I wish all of you would do some study so you too could see how futile their claims are. You would know that you have your fraudulent lender by the balls and no purchased crony judge can protect them. You would know that the pain you have suffered is proportionate to your reward. You would know that all along I was the best trustee you could hire for the job because even beyond personal suffering, your ignorance, and displaced blame I finish the fight for your benefit. The government plants as detractors on this page are not knowledgeable to even offer reasonable debate. This should lead you to truth easy enough. We are still in the battle and working hard to make Sept. 5 another glorious day to remember. One of you will be informed of our strategies and can post your opinion without exposing the mechanics. Let this person be a witness to you that we are in great command of our faculties and battle plan. Let his confidence affect yours. He is a suffering client as yourselves and is not looking for vanity or puffery.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

To Tell the Truth

"We're interested in the truth" was spoken from the bench. It's funny how this lie makes them feel better about themselves. They have no interest in the truth. The FBI raided our office and seized our work product. From that day forward we copied our daily work product and mailed it to them. They opened the first one and refused the rest. They emailed a client and told him our blog was illegal. This scared him off. Later he returned again and received a threatening phone call. The guys are obviously confident in their case and honest. A natural trait in every bully. (Sarcasm) The indictment has 22 alleged bank victims. Title 18 section 20 is what they use to qualify the institution for bank fraud. 14 of these 22 don't qualify. Do you think they would amend the indictment or inform the grand jury? No that would be honest and truthful. Of the 8 remaining 2 that I know of, and there may be more, have told the SEC they have no mortgages. Are they perjuring the SEC or this court? You think "we're interested in the truth" cares to know? Well they don't. These alleged victims have not sworn out they were damaged by us. How did the US Attorney become their agent without a controversy? Oh this must be political the last great venue of TRUTH. (Sarcasm) 1 of the alleged victims is out of business and no longer exists. Do you think that would get them off the indictment? No these claims are greater than death or extinction. This grandiose dramatic display of "you shall not steal" is the most adolescent fraud on righteousness ever attempted. Their great amoral example does nothing to move a heart towards righteousness. It's a sham, a farce, a ridiculous scheme to steal my commercial value while pretending my honesty was criminal. Thought you might be interested in the truth.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The movement of a note

The Promissory Note enters into the transaction as a financial asset of the maker. It is to be maintained and retained by the alleged creditor. Under the current practices though the so-called lender places the financial asset of the maker into a deposit account without any disclosure. This simple act changes the nature of the transaction from a normal creditor/debtor relationship to a principle/agent and beneficiary/trustee: a fiduciary relationship by the deposit and agent by the taking of the maker's asset into the commercial paper arena. The deposit account is liquidated without consent, a breach of fiduciary, and becomes the funding source for the wire or cashier's check used in the real-estate transaction. The alleged lender now takes the asset separate from the deposit and securitizes it by endorsement into the commercial markets. This happens on the back of the instrument/note or on an alonge attached. It is a sale of the asset of the maker without knowledge or disclosure, a breach of agency. There is a presumption of purchaser that the agent owns this asset. Agent has also become a servicer in most instances creating a conflict in that he now has two masters with opposing interest. The maker as principal should have been represented as to his assets, compensated, and informed. Now as servicer the same agent has an allegiance to a party/purchaser that is contrary to the interest of maker/principal. These would be crimes if the government were not the sanction of this huge conspiracy of fraud. Fannie Mae being the clearing house, guarantor of last resort, and purchaser now enters into the world of securities fraud in that the assets obtained through false representations do not come with any rights, title, or interest, and cannot be used as assets of their own to justify equity for their stocks and bonds.

This is all regulated by the uniform commercial code sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 9. A clear presentation of the movements via this code shows rights, title, interest, and conflicts; substantiating the current practice of fraud because the presumptions are factually false.

The note being the maker's property is exchanged for a security interest is the current misunderstandings in public perception that believes a loan occurred. If this were true the note property should be returned when satisfied either by payment or foreclosure. Where is your original? This is the hide and seek question the fraud perpetrators refuse to answer.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Judge Alsup

As all of you know Judge Alsup was the Judge who heard our civil case. He made the mistake of listening to the banks Attorney and questioning ours. From that dual dose of misinformation and his own prejudicial handicap he issued an order that railed us and referred us for criminal prosecution. On this track he thought he found himself some stupid criminals. He arrested our criminal case from the Oakland venue and Judge Jensen thinking he could put the villains away. I filed a Writ of Mandate a common low remedy to the 9th Circuit that Mr. Alsup construed as a motion for recusal. It was not that or intended for that purpose. Regardless it is going to prevail as such and Mr. Alsup on August 15th will be recused. I actually like this guy. Christ made an offer to him in answer to his prayer "so help me God" in his oath of office, that gave us hope for him. We kept giving him opportunities for redemption and honesty. With his recusal we are forced to accept his damage without an opportunity to extend grace. It appears what his wife says ingest "you are beyond redemption" is perfecting into fact. This appears to be a living example of the scripture "seek the Lord why he can be found." Keep him in your prayers that he will come to his senses before it's too late.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Faith is Fading

My faith is fading but do not be concerned it is only natural. On the 18th we went to court and successfully ensnared these tunnel vision lemmings into two traps. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. In the beginning my faith had to latch onto God’s word as a distant beacon of my destination beyond this trial. As faith tenaciously stays focused the distance is diminished and hope will obtain and posses its promise. Faith fades naturally as fact replaces hope with substance. September a year ago we were finally exposed to the rat in the woodpile of our business. God’s promise of extermination of these arrogant rodents is now turning to fact. They are so ignorant of the Uniform Commercial Code and contracting in general that they can’t see that our bait is always connected to a trap. I can now confidently say beyond a faith statement, that we are going to win. I don’t care what venue I enter we have now gained control of the factual evidence. He who controls the evidence wins. Creditors have the facts of a debt that is why they win. We have proven our creditor claims absolutely without question. It is only a matter of time until a reversal of fortune takes place. Time is their last useful weapon because damages increase with every extension. This tool will soon be our friend. Every extension will be painful to them. These guys laugh with Haman’s laugh in court and we laugh inside as we continue to feed them rope. Fading is a good thing especially when it is justified. Kind of like Fannie Mae’s stock.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Team Effort

I know that this blog has been my voice but this victory is the credit of many others beside myself. First and foremost Jesus trained me for nearly 25 years to be ready. He gave me recognition of truth that could pierce through all the rhetoric. He taught me faith which is the active obedience of taking Him at His word. He reassured me before my arrest that my promise of victory was intact by bringing me the promise of a wife with steadfast love and faith. He gave me a partner to die for. Scott's courage cannot be explained in words. I was and remain in awe how he joined my faith with great risk, peril and heartache. Dr. Gene Scott taught the word of God to me with such precision that it was impossible for me to become confused. Clients who knew the truth made their support known in many ways. Some supporters sacrificed their time and resources to assist us. Every time they arrived at the perfect moment to meet our need. The faithful brokers and agents set truth before their lives. There are plenty of champions. May God measure your sacrifice and bless you accordingly. Some of you bloggers were reasonable defenders of truth against those who had the agenda of deception. You made me proud to champion this cause. I respect you for standing on truth when its victory didn't appear obvious. May history be kind to discover you all so that the next generation has a model of hope for their character. Thank you all sincerely. This was not a one man job and could not have been done without you. Pray now that God gives us continued wisdom to manage the victory in accordance with His will.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rare Breed

Sex is bountiful love is precious. Clay is abundant gold is sparse. Self-righteousness are prevalent holy saints are few, lies are prolific truth is quietly steadfast. Credits are voluminous value is considerate. Opinions are loose wisdom is chaste. The point being made is that the crowd is a mass headed towards destruction. If you are in opposition and rare you have a better chance of being in the precious valuable truth. Numbers lend to evil hearts and evil ways. Justice finds few hearts to reside. If you are suffering for your choice to follow God in the narrow path know that a wide expanse of rest awaits you. All the treasured thing of this life are in proportion to extinct. God views the warrior champions of this world as His treasures. What would it benefit a man if he gained this whole cheap world and lost his soul and God's honor. I know in love, true love, it is easy to spot a counterfeit. Once tasted one would only find a fraud bitter. I want to encourage you to seek after the treasures in life. Wait for real love, listen for pure truth, embrace wisdom and cast off folly, and find wealth instead of a good credit rating. I suffer because I demand these things and oppose those who wish to steal them. I can say my joy is full even in my suffering because value means something to me. If you lost your house but have your family you are blessed. If you discovered true friends and true lovers you are blessed. If you learned truth behind the lies you are blessed. Though it appears you are being reduced you are increasing your treasures. From this place the rest comes easy. Your rewards are seeking you be patient and faithful and they will find you.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Destiny's Twins

There are two famous Bible characters, twin brothers, named Jacob and Esau. There birth was recorded and is symbolically significant. Esau was born first and Jacob was birthed crabbing his heal with his hand. Now the end of a man is his heal and the beginning is the hand. Esau was a rebellious lawless man and Jacob was a lover of God's ways and promise. Neither of these were blessed with virtue only different hearts. Their differences make them icons of different ages. When Esau passes as an age Jacob will begin. There is no gap between them. The heal of Esau ends in the beginning hand of Jacob. This statement is prophetic so you understand. As quickly as the rebellious Esau nature that is protecting the banker's fraud ends the beginning of truth and blessing will be revealed. A new age is about to appear. Esau's clan in an instant will become insignificant. God himself has set the times and the seasons for this change in the age and no man can resist it. The time of Jacob's troubles and Esau's prominence pass without a moment for mourning. Judges will be afraid to execute injustice, politicians will see their irrelevance and bankers will see confidence eroding. Currencies of smaller nations will be completely rejected and an attraction for the dollar will grow again. Here is the sign of the change a red country will have a violent shaking of 7.7 to 8.0 and the hand of Jacob will lend help. At the end of this help God will help Jacob by giving truth to his people. A voice of freedom will begin to rebut the evils of democracy, like our independence brought change to France there will be ignitions in various places. Wars the media condemns will be holy and just. (This is not a reference to the Jacob's trouble of the great tribulation.)