Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Promise

It’s funny to see you speculators presume you know how God doles out His promise. Of course the recipients of God’s promise has all the reassurance he needs. A nonparty’s opinion is irrelevant. Neo I’ll pick on your stupidity for a moment. I don’t know who trained you in your perceived Christianity but one of you was inept. The Old Testament (a unilateral contract) and the New Testament were terms of promise to the inheritors. There are enough promises to latch your faith onto that a specific, individual promise is not necessary to create a hope. The fact I have received a specific promise relevant to this battle is an extra bonus. It being specific to me was not intended to create a hope in you or anyone else. Find your own promise and your own evidence God is reliable. If you had put any effort in this you wouldn’t be such a blabbermouth of doubt and condemnation. Fruity was at least smart enough to recognize her stupidity did not yield her the fruit of her desire. There are a thousand Scripture verses that speak to God’s character about truth, fraud, politics, jail, punishment and other relevant points. Get an objective divine opinion instead of your twisted carnal subjective one. For all of you who use neo as your mascot this applies to you. None of you understand what happens in the Middle East is promised. Think of all the governments who oppose this promise to no avail. You truly think your confidence in the Feds is wise if they are opposed to God? If they are working on behalf of God prove your point and outline the promise that justifies it. We all know God does not lie, Balaam and his ass knew it, so stop guessing as tea leaf readers and find the applicable word and trust it. It will go well with you I promise.


Yetter said...

We live in a "wag the dog" world. Your head is being played with,so you ought to see the mechanics of serious spin wether it's the mortgage industry,finance or goverment.

kaz4541 said...

i really don't know much about god... i really thought this would be over by the end of this month. would this be over by the end of this year or never??

dgwondering said...

Kaz, what are you waiting to be "over"? Whether Kurt and Scott's trial goes on past the end of the year, what does that mean for you?

laughing lots said...

God this and God that, whats with all the religon? Why is everyone talking scriptures from the Bible and entertaing him with this? Quit trying to cloud everything Kurt its so,so boring. You call that defending yourself Kurt, you call that a defense, thats how your going to try and get people to believe your side of the story and regain your freedom this way? You are truly out of your mind, seriously man, your really nuts.

god said...

"God this and God that,"


god said...

"God this and God that,"


neodemes said...


God is the author of truth and there is nothing you can teach me about Him.

Its not that I don't trust God.

Its YOU I don't trust.

Have a nice day.