Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Revolution VI (3-08-09)

This revolution is of the heart and I am a prime example. Today’s world is lost. They have no moral motion from the absolute of God’s holiness. This makes all men absolutely guilty. We are all lost. To comfort themselves philosophers, artists, sociologists, scientists, educators, religious and political leaders have courted men out of their significance and reduced him down to a zero. This did not have the desired effect. Guilty-feelings were medicated but the nag of true guilt continues to hum in the conscience. In this state man has lost all compassion or any justification for it. If man is a zero and there is no moral absolute justice, peace, love all become arbitrary ideas that the democratic mob amalgamate for self-preservation group think like in the book 1984.

Take my critics for a moment. Leave out God’s law and limit truth to their judgments. Nemo claims to be God’s agent. He judges me a crook, a moral failure. To him I am lost. He judges himself as not lost having answers. My “friend” Scott uses words like daggers to show me his compassion. To him I am lost, he is not, and he has the answers. What are their answers? I am to be like them. They don’t offer me Christ or know of His love. They will be judged by their own judgement. Even with this lower standard they will be guilty. That is absolute. They don’t see the lost and their significance to God because they are blind to their own lostness.

Here’s what God did in me. Though most of my clients are ignorant to the moral absolutes that required me to take a stand against the lostness being asserted through the bankers and the mortgage industry, I being informed of the absolutes had to act. When all hell broke loose upon me for the stand I took I had to remain standing. The reason this is so even at a huge personal cost is that I view each of you as significant. Regardless of your ignorance or your betrayals your lostness moves me to compassion. This is not a personal boast because I want to make it clear that in my lostness I personally desired self-comfort. But the absolutes of God gave me a vision outside myself, an infinite point of reference that gave the picture I was seeing perspective. The revelation of my lostness having a hope axiomatically transferred into a hope for all of you. Am I condemning you in your lostness through the comparison of my ability to know the answers? No I have not left my-kind, humanity, as some superhuman. My significance, God’s absolutes, and His hope through redemption to remain just and to love without reducing man or Himself down to a zero is a shared hope for all of us in our lostness. This love borne out from my heart for you is His. Only with His strength can I withstand the suffering I’ve had to bare to remain a voice of truth. Only because God has revealed His moral absolutes and man’s personal significance can I become bigger than our lostness. I love you as my neighbor. I love myself enough not to live a lie, and I love God because He has loved us all in our lostness with the absolute of His integrity intact. He is bigger than all the lostness of mankind which makes Him bigger than our enemies who wish to use wicked force to assert their lies. My hope is yours and my life is yours and our fight and truth is bigger and more important than the money or evil of the battle. To God be the glory forever. AMEN!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Proclamation Against The FBI (3-8-09)

What I have against you is that each and every agent I have been exposed to lacks a moral compass set to truth. Moral motion in any direction other than the true infinite absolute is amorality. You have orders to follow which you use to assuage your guilty-feelings without any concern for your true guilt before righteousness. Though most of you have shown an above average intellect you behave like morons. Without a true moral compass any wind of doctrine can change your coarse. You may be trained for certain battle scenarios yet individually you are supreme cowards. The personal cost for truth in a world of liars you can never brave. You can never embarrass the Bureau but shamelessly embarrass yourselves. Do you so easily deceive yourselves that a paycheck or the honors of amoral men will be a successful advocate to avoid the righteous judgment of our Creator? How can you become a cog in the machine without the personal loss of your significance as an individual free moral agent? I can’t fear you or your wicked moral choices. As God Himself laughs at the folly of men who think force will make wrong right I also laugh. I have known the Lord of All for a very long time and within my personal history and the history of all mankind I have seen Him destroy the arrogant in their pride. So keep attacking me with all you have which was robbed of its significance long ago by the choice that initiated your behaviour and I will call on my compass set to true morality to navigate through every trap you can lay. Since you’re still reading this blog!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Revolution V (3-8-09)

This revolution will effect all men. It is bigger than a race or nation. On two major fronts it will be fought. The truth will be displayed to the man without knowledge of the word of God. This is the man of Romans 1-2. The other front will be those who claim a knowledge of the scriptures and of the God who declared them. In each case it will be the bride of Christ that is used as the vehicle of the truth. Many will think that the bride is like a tool in the hand of a Master craftsman that is not a part of him but a vehicle of his expression. This is not the case with the bride. The bride is Christ in the truest sense of the word. It is Christ chosen expression of Himself at this time. In the same way He reduced Himself into humanity by putting on a tent of flesh He is limiting Himself to His bride. Not like a tool but like a wife. The two shall become one flesh. Though they each entered into the relationship individually that has now been lost into a new creation. Christ says that to be in Him He must be in us. This oneness is a true, though not complete, expression of our creator. To the world without the word it is the invisible attributes of God made manifest in the visible church. To the man with the word it is the invisible church being made manifest into flesh. To both it is truth. To the questioning world in despair the answer to the significance of man and the purpose of historical existence . To the church (loosely) the truth that there is no fraud in the marriage bed. That only faithfulness is tolerated in this relationship. To both a cross of hope or judgment. This revolution is upon us like it or not.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Painful Truth (3-12-09)

Most people of my generation have now equated kind words, well wishing, and accommodation as truth. An absolute desire for comfort, pleasure, and peace has stolen real truth away from us. Real truth has to be executed by real love. Even if the one speaking it is not fond of the hearer if he loves himself he will remain honest. Pain comes with truth but the wounds are not the detrimental kind but like the ones made by a surgeon for healing.

Recently the FBI, still in search of my money, stole my phase one web page. I brought this on myself by communicating too much information over this blog. I know better from a tactical point of view but I feel obligated to communicate with you the best I can the truth of the situation. Here is an example where truth can be painful. Have I hurt you with further delays because I wanted to encourage you to hang in there during the fight? I may have but are we certain you would have stayed in the battle with ignorance? Also we must concede God is in control of the timing and of the hearts of the enemies of righteousness. He steers them like a river. Those who ridicule and are absent truth or love continue to chide me with “just 90 more days” or “how many times have we been told to get ready.” Its funny to me how those who sit on the sidelines are such experts about the games they observe. Call it armchair quarter backing or any equivalent and that is their substance. I have revelation about the end of this battle and spiritual guidance on how to persevere in trial but this is not like the psychic who feeds you what you want to hear. I am not promising you in 90 days I will be victorious. I am living to keep my covenants with you though all hell has come against me. Most of my critics if they were honest would puss-out long ago. Their word and integrity are not more important to them than their comfort. Isn’t that what an armchair is all about? There is a sea of lies engulfing Scott and I, the Dorean process, the mortgage industry, and this government, but Jesus has calmed the sea before. In fact His question at the time was “where is your faith?” Faith will calm this sea and ultimately truth will prevail. There in a lot of pain in this process but in the end those who did not waiver will have a special joy of vindication. When the truth is known I want to be known and remembered for it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Revolution IV (3-7-09)

If one will study the nature of all my conflicts whether with Mr. Alsup, the banks, the clients, the critics, and the BOP it all comes down to my stand for truth. If you are at all familiar with the scriptures you will see every prophet or saint who stood for truth against a culture of lies was met with conflict and suffering. This is such a truth that it could be said that if you are not in conflict you are not in battle. Our founding fathers ultimately got to enjoy victory but most had to pay a high price to arrive there. Somehow history always will call into examination your courage or cowardice. Truth will always offend a culture bent on fraud. A culture bent on fraud is an effect of leaders long since sold out to fraud. This means those in power who benefit from the fraud will put on the hat of a tyrant and with fear bring the crowd with force. A fortitude of conviction will be the only thing they cannot overcome. If your convictions do not have the surety of eternal absolutes anchored to the unchanging attributes of God what will you stand upon when the ruthless world is against you?

The revolution 200+ years ago was an impossible task but because of divine providence success was assured and a fledgling nation was born. God’s providence is just as assured in our day. If you know of God as faithful your confidence cannot be vanity. Faith is an action word that will respond to God’s words of promise that make His providence clear for our day. Faith is a gift most often triggered by the word of God that most likely will be absent understanding. This does not mean a blind faith because the word of God is trustworthy. What it does mean is that the surety of the trustworthy word is sound enough to take a step without full knowledge of the path. For those who want reason to give them every assurance of probability before action this faith is nothing short of risk. My question though is if God gives you the faith and the word to initiate is it really a risk? The answer to this question will come from your knowledge of the God who verbalizes propositionally. The reason you have never seen me shrink back from the escalation assault upon my stand for truth is because real truth cannot be defeated by the lie. Fortitude and truth is a weapon wielded with strength and purpose.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Revolution III (3-5-09)

There are a couple of streams of prophecy to consider when trying to understand God’s current work. First there is the Israelite National stream and second there is the church as a bride. When Israel, speaking of the Northern tribes, was taken into captivity they were to be punished for 7 times according to Leviticus. That was 2520 years. This season ended with the signing of the Constitution in Philadelphia. The migration of the tribes and the forming of the western Christian nations is a subject worth study if you are ignorant of God’s control over history. There are many clues of why our nation is a product of promise. I will leave the large quantity of proof for debate another time outside this revolution discussion. The promises to Manasseh are fulfilled by the founding of this nation. Though God is very much about the perfection of His bride it is not at the expense of His promises to national Israel. If one reads the books of the prophets both major and minor the theme of rebellion – punishment – vanquishing – loss of identity – restoration – and relationship is clear. This stream is not in conflict at all with Christ work with His body. In fact when one is studied in both their symbiosis only confirms God’s control of history. In type of God’s work with this nation Hezekiah's son Manasseh was evil, punished, and restored. Manasseh the King is a shadow of Manasseh the tribe nation. This nation having lost its soul these last 3 generation has set the stage for God’s coming restoration as a side effect of His bride being glorified. The economic troubles have a two-fold benefit. One in that they humble a nation arrogant in its sin and two that out of suffering the liars will lie more and the people will become malcontent with the lie and the liars. This is an opening of the heart and eyes at the time a bride is loved and glorified. Though most will still hate God they will not lack a true witness and answer to their despair. We are being prepared by God both nationally and spiritually for a revolution of truth. Are you tired of living under the father of lies? If so what sacrifice are you willing to make for truth? Most want the status quo without change but the status quo is changing to be uncomfortable. When eagle chicks are ready to fly mom makes the nest uncomfortable. God is doing the same for this American Eagle. It’s time to Fly or die.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Revolution II (3-4-09)

If you put Dorean in a historical context it is more than two greedy conmen trying to steal a $ 1000 from desperately tardy mortgagees. It is simple for the majority who know very little of absolute truth to condemn because they have the assurance of crowd enthusiasm. Still they place their hopes in hypocritical leaders who lie with every breath without complaint or ridicule. These leaders without any absolutes are without wisdom and are attempting to spend us out of the inflationary credit burst. All this will do is spend us into hyperinflation. This is where the world is headed and the lie they willingly follow. Scott and I did our homework and discovered absolute truth about fraud on many fronts within the mortgage industry. Now we are knowledgeable that the mortgage industry is adolescent compared with the fraud inherent with government, especially the judiciary. This is a modern environment equal to the Boston Tea Party. Most people at that time did not want to upset the status quo of British rule but a few knew in truth that what was status quo was not compatible with the absolutes of divine sovereignty. Human responsibility attached to divine sovereignty will yield different choices with greater fervency than what man will do when trapped relativism. If we are at the brink of a truth revolution as I suspect then Dorean and the like should be appearing on many fronts. As Mordeci put it in the book of Esther “perhaps you’re called for such a time as this.” Where do you stand? Are you content with a status quo that is all lies or are you craving truth? Are you so desirous of absolute truth that you are willing to suffer the foolish majority? What I discovered within me is that the more I stood for truth the more hostility of the majority raged against me but the more it raged the more resolve the truth supplies rises to the challenge. Whether or not I truly want to be a revolutionary and I am merely along for the ride. My only exit from this war called to the surface of men's existence is death. Outside of this I must lie to myself that this truth is a lie to return to the ranks of the majority. This I cannot do, absolutely cannot!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Revolution I (3-4-09)

In the book of Revelation chapters 2 and 3 is a prophetic statement to 7 churches that existed at the time of the writing. Also though there is a double fulfillment angle in that these prophetic church statements are a type that reflects the course God would take His church through history. If that is the case then we would currently be in the church age depicted by the church of Philadelphia. Coincidentally (not) this age began with the signing of the Constitution in the city of Philadelphia. So what you have; I believe, is an age that began with a civil revolution but will end with a spiritual revolution.

The last 3 generations are very different from those that proceeded them. These current generations are post-Christian in their being. Prior, this nation in particular had a belief system that was inherently Christian in its theology. This is not a confession that we were a Christian nation or that many were true Christians in their relationship. What I’m saying is that though they were not Christians their psyche was Christian in thought. They still had a belief in a Creator as an absolute as their view of this world though they did not serve Him in spirit. When the world through the arts and sciences began to suggest humanism as a vehicle to sooth their conscience and rid them of the big Ogre in the sky. Man was eager to be unshackled. Philosophers said God is dead and offered capricious, arbitrary, circular reasoning to man for ethics but left man unmoored to the significance of his being. Despair took center stage and various and progressive forms of hedonism were used as escapism. The result now is that those who claim to be our leaders are all hypocrites and men have become hopeless and apathetic without answers. The state of affairs as tragic as it is, is not an accident. God has allowed men to exalt their folly and climax at the exact time He plans to display His truth in a glorious array before His return.

Revolutions are not a majority accomplishment but occur when the minority are possessed by a truth that exceeds the lies that subject the majority. We are here today.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Absolute Courage (3-1-09)

Battles and warfare call to men to unveil their weapons. This battle I can use the constitution, taxes, UCC, contract law, security agreements, liens, levies, intellect, and any others the imagination can entertain. The only thing lacking for most people is not an arsenal but the courage to wield them. Imagine unsheathing a sword without the strength to control it. Its sharp edge now becomes a danger to you. Where does one find the courage to fight regardless of the weapon? This cannot be a passing courage that could fail but must be an absolute unfailing courage. The only absolute available to man is God. Not a god of imagination or the no god of rebellion but the true God who is there. What you have witnessed from me is a courage of my own but one supported by the strength of God’s absolute strength. This is not something that can be faked. The battle automatically exposes if you have the strength to wield your weapons. Look at the difference between clients or codefendants. Human responsibility must be based upon Divine Sovereignty. In our world today truth has become an arbitrary, capricious, relative, subjective thought. There can be no absolutes because the God who is there has been rejected. Only He can give a command that is authoritative and absolute. Only then does it become a truth binding upon all creation. If a man recognizes the God who is there he will subject himself to the commands as absolute. Out of this relationship an absolute courage can arise that will wield weapons of warfare against all that defy these absolutes. Included therein will be a confidence that all the power of the Almighty is with you. Decisions are not measured by personal cost which is arbitrary but on the attributes of an absolute. I have seen more failure for want of courage and disregard of absolutes than by being conquered. If God is for us who can be against us? This promise is of no value if you don’t know it absolutely. If you do you will find absolute courage to face any foe with the power and confidence to wield the weapon you’ve selected for battle. Learn this and give it priority over the technology of weapons and you shall become a force to reckon with.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tears of Lament (2-27-09)

We are brave to use a judgment not of Christ. Are we such rebels to trash His adored bride? It seems to me that if our Hope is eternal unity we might at least make steps toward that goal in this life. Perhaps this poem says it best:

Weep, weep for those
Who do the work of the Lord
With a high look
And a proud heart.
Their voice is lifted up
In the streets, and their cry is heard.
The bruised reed they break
By their great strength, and the smoking flax
They trample.

Weep not for the quenched
(For their God will hear their cry
And the Lord will come to save them)
But weep, weep for the quenchers.

For when the Day of the Lord
Is come, and the vales sing
And the hills clap their hands
And the light shines
Then their eyes shall be opened
On a waste place,
The smoke of the flax bitter
In their nostrils,
Their feet pierced
By broken reed-stems…
Wood, hay, and stubble,
And no grass springing,
And all the birds flown.

Weep, weep for those
Who have made a desert
In the name of the Lord. Evangeline Paterson

Are you without tears?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Enough of the Retards (2-27-09)

Many of you have thought my adjective “Retards” to be too crass and an insensitive vocabulary choice. More than using it in the moronic intellectual capacity I was using it as a description of regression or being lack in speed to see the work of God. The word of God should make things clear. If you take the cloud between the Israelites and the Egyptians at the Red Sea it was light to one and darkness to the other. How is that we each claim the light without agreement? Is there really a true possibility of this kind of disunity within Christ? If you critics are truly brothers why have you decided to champion the causes of the wicked over me? Do the scriptures of not going to law against a brother, loving one another so the world knows we are Christians, or that God sent Christ into the world fall short of the commands you use to judge me? When I used retard it was to bring this folly to light. It was my hope that my sound presentation of the gospel would ultimately win you over. Though this has failed I do believe that I have exhausted any benefit of continued use of this word. For those I have offended I hope you will accept my explanation and my cease of use as an act of love and respect for you.

As to my critic brothers I’ll implore you to consider these facts as to who I am and not your ignorance about the legal system or the mortgage industry: that the things I know of Christ cannot be known unless Christ reveals them. Therefore you have the proof of Christ that I am His and that I am known of Him. Can you not accept this witness from one who knows all things and is devoid of your ignorance? If you are His as I am His shall we not love one another? I don’t believe in a compromise of holiness as evidence of love but just the opposite. There is a big difference between voicing a holy standard and making yourselves exalted at the expense of another. The goal of my words and heart is that even in the midst of a complicated and perplexing trial all would come to the full richness of the beauty that is in Christ Jesus. So with this I say good-bye to the word retards and hopefully hello to my brothers.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Rant (2-26-09)

With the FBI’s seizure of the Phase One website and their threats to the SSL certificate provider it now is realistically delayed. I have to make a few adjustments and consider a non-electronic remedy. Regardless I continue my pursuit. Bullies have force but that does not make them right. My disgust with the hypocritics that pontificate their wisdom of my expense is that they sound moral and righteous but don’t come from true knowledge.

Human responsibility must be based upon divine sovereignty. Anything other is wrong. Only the absolutes of a Holy God who is there can be an appropriate compass to moor our ethics to. What my critics and my enemies use is a relativistic, capricious, arbitrary standard moored to group thinking. The FBI thinks me a criminal yet my actions are accountable to a true righteous standard and their’s is self condemning. If their constitution is a righteous standard they bind themselves by I am innocent. Title 18 was never passed into law. There were two separate bills passed by two separate houses in two different years. These bills had the same number (3190) a violation. Truman signed the fraudulently presented bill in 1948. It is a fact this was done by the pro temp while congress was in recess. (another fatal flaw) There is plenty more just using their unrighteous standard. Next there are no implementing regulations to implement and give notice for title 18 section 1341 or 1344 and 1349 if it was a properly passed bill. I am not mentioning here the standards of a Holy God that would leave all my enemies and critics indefensible.

Many of my critics call themselves “Christian” and all my enemies think themselves righteous but what foolishness. How can any standard not be a brazen arrogant assault of an atheistic apostasy when clearly our use of another standard but God’s is an affront? How can my “Christian” critics keep the law of loving God, their neighbor, and their brother if they hate them all? Do you judge rightly if you do not use the judgment of God? If your standard were righteous you would hold Alsup, the FBI, and yourselves to it not just me. That is why I am justified in calling all of you retards. God is not fooled His standard changes not. The righteous and the wicked are not just divided by it at the end of the age but moment by moment. You may not know them by their fruit but they are all known by the JUDGE.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Bridal Season (2-24-09)

The book of Habakkuk was written at a time when Judah was about to be chastised by the Lord. Times were bad but not too far from the good old days. Very much like our day today. The prophet received the dreadful burden about the coming destruction and was grieved by everything God showed him. Worldliness had infiltrated the church, judges were corrupt, and the wealthy were stealing from the poor. Fraud was rampant everywhere. Sound familiar? The prophet was distraught yet God gives him a hope. Injustice was noticed and God was no longer going to delay. His rod of correction was coming swiftly.

The next question that is formed is how do the faithful live under this severe judgment. God is just we know and there is a distinction between the righteous and wicked. Yet famine and war and brutality can seem to cross over. God’s answer is the just shall live by faith. This was not just a promise and truth relevant for this historical moment but speaks to the appointed time of the end. The church age of Philadelphia has a little faith but it is the faith of Christ and this church will live by it. Sure judgment and God’s rod are coming swiftly but we in this bridal season are to live by faith. It is a sure hope in these trying times. The world and the wicked must obtain a recompense for their evil by God’s character but likewise the bride living by faith finds refuge, safety, and love.

In this world of foolish economic advisers, wicked courts, fraud in commerce, and betrayal from neighbors what is your hope? Do you think by throwing credit at a credit implosion it will be improved? What folly is exhibited by the wise. Are you losing a house, a job, or your reputation? Do fears creep in from every corner? I have a hostile FBI acting as a bully for a corrupt Judge trying to prevent me from bringing you truth and equity. Should I get lost in all the troubles, or the vanity of the wicked? No, I have advice from God “The just shall live by faith.” Our Groom does not let the wicked know Him but He bares Himself to His bride. We are safe in His bosom and our care is His constant concern. Let us live by faith and be a faithful bride bringing glory and Honor to our Beloved.