Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Revolution VI (3-08-09)

This revolution is of the heart and I am a prime example. Today’s world is lost. They have no moral motion from the absolute of God’s holiness. This makes all men absolutely guilty. We are all lost. To comfort themselves philosophers, artists, sociologists, scientists, educators, religious and political leaders have courted men out of their significance and reduced him down to a zero. This did not have the desired effect. Guilty-feelings were medicated but the nag of true guilt continues to hum in the conscience. In this state man has lost all compassion or any justification for it. If man is a zero and there is no moral absolute justice, peace, love all become arbitrary ideas that the democratic mob amalgamate for self-preservation group think like in the book 1984.

Take my critics for a moment. Leave out God’s law and limit truth to their judgments. Nemo claims to be God’s agent. He judges me a crook, a moral failure. To him I am lost. He judges himself as not lost having answers. My “friend” Scott uses words like daggers to show me his compassion. To him I am lost, he is not, and he has the answers. What are their answers? I am to be like them. They don’t offer me Christ or know of His love. They will be judged by their own judgement. Even with this lower standard they will be guilty. That is absolute. They don’t see the lost and their significance to God because they are blind to their own lostness.

Here’s what God did in me. Though most of my clients are ignorant to the moral absolutes that required me to take a stand against the lostness being asserted through the bankers and the mortgage industry, I being informed of the absolutes had to act. When all hell broke loose upon me for the stand I took I had to remain standing. The reason this is so even at a huge personal cost is that I view each of you as significant. Regardless of your ignorance or your betrayals your lostness moves me to compassion. This is not a personal boast because I want to make it clear that in my lostness I personally desired self-comfort. But the absolutes of God gave me a vision outside myself, an infinite point of reference that gave the picture I was seeing perspective. The revelation of my lostness having a hope axiomatically transferred into a hope for all of you. Am I condemning you in your lostness through the comparison of my ability to know the answers? No I have not left my-kind, humanity, as some superhuman. My significance, God’s absolutes, and His hope through redemption to remain just and to love without reducing man or Himself down to a zero is a shared hope for all of us in our lostness. This love borne out from my heart for you is His. Only with His strength can I withstand the suffering I’ve had to bare to remain a voice of truth. Only because God has revealed His moral absolutes and man’s personal significance can I become bigger than our lostness. I love you as my neighbor. I love myself enough not to live a lie, and I love God because He has loved us all in our lostness with the absolute of His integrity intact. He is bigger than all the lostness of mankind which makes Him bigger than our enemies who wish to use wicked force to assert their lies. My hope is yours and my life is yours and our fight and truth is bigger and more important than the money or evil of the battle. To God be the glory forever. AMEN!


judge allslop said...

“Debt is the prolific mother of folly and of crime.” – Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)
The majority of US citizens are unaware of the dimensions of the financial sector criminality and collusion, let alone its control tentacles to the USGovt. The nation lacks proper information in order to form motive toward required reform on any grassroots level that would put the nation on sound legitimate footing. The teeth of financial sector influence cannot be adequately extracted without public awareness and institutional participation. Evasive half truths will triumph. Empty slogans will foster the hope. The shreds of freedom will gradually be removed, thread by thread. The disaster that besets the nation is a massive cyclone of high pressure from monetary inflation pitted against low pressure from debt destruction. It was the wish of Bernanke to oversee such a flood of inflation. We are witnessing the bursting of the massive 25-year debt bubble that enabled USEconomy to be captured and raped by a cancerous financial sector, which will result in financial loss and depleted liberties. The magnitude of debt bubble is in the tens of trillion$, difficult to calculate, given the hidden vaults of credit derivatives that strangle the nation in basement vaults. The deep shame earned by Wall Street after the 1930 Depression is miniscule. It is grossly overshadowed compared with the crimes, theft, and treason perpetrated by the US financial sector and its political and regulatory allies in the recent chapter of US history. The pinnacle of high crimes is the narcotics business run by the US security agencies, several of them with key roles. As the United States cedes its global economic leadership won in World War II, a reverse gear has demanded a global realignment in which the United States has lost the mantle and stage of power.

Yetter said...

Others in the fight.

Marie McDonnell
Truth In Lending Audit & Recovery Services, LLC
Mortgage Fraud and Forensic Analysts

Today, I am in Boston which is 90 miles north of where I live and work. I am here on a mission to further my investigation of the three foreclosure cases now before the Massachusetts Land Court, two of which the Judge has voided as a matter of law because the entity bringing the foreclosure was not the “real party in interest.”

When I learned of this decision, I contacted the Judge’s clerk to request a cleaner copy for my files and learned that a Motion to Vacate hearing was scheduled three days hence. I wanted to be certain that the Judge would not be persuaded to overturn his own orders and told the Clerk that I knew Judge Long was right for more reasons than he presently realized. I asked if there was any way that I could intervene as a Friend of the Court and file an Amicus Affidavit and Analysis to support the Judge’s position.

The clerk checked with Judge Long and advised that would be okay as long as I did so by Motion and understood that he might not be able to use my work because the evidence had already come in through the underlying cases.

I worked tirelessly for the next three days and produced a 1” thick, three-ring binder containing my analysis of each of the three cases. For your reference, I have attached the Judge’s Memorandum Decision, my Motion and Affidavit, and my work product on the Ibanez case. I found that in two of the three loans, those loans were not even in the Trust fund!

For the first time in human history, I have put before the Court the inner workings of the securitization mechanism which will reveal the Truth that virtually every foreclosure in the country that involves a securitized loan is illegal; moreover, every court in the nation in every jurisdiction - state, federal and bankruptcy is being defrauded as the Banksters use the judicial system to launder their ill-gotten gains and cover up their criminal activities.

Judge Long took my binder home over that weekend and on Monday, April 21st he issued a Notice of Docket Entry containing instructions… and a warning… to the Plaintiffs’ counsel. Without a question, I have already influenced this debate as the Judge is now asking to see the securitization documents that I told him (in my affidavit) were essential to adjudicate these cases.

I am a single practitioner who has taken on way too many pro bono cases this year because of the value of the cases and because the people I help are worthy. (See last week’s New York Times involving my clients in Seattle: