Friday, May 01, 2009

Revolution VII (3-15-09)

We have come to a place in world history where words no longer have meaning. Regression into hedonistic freedoms is labeled progressive. The fundamentals of truth are attached to the self-righteous, hard hearted fundamentalist so that they can be ignored. Liberal theology claims to liberate but its liberation is from any mooring that keeps us tethered to our Creator. Enlightenment has brought with it moral darkness. As tragic as this may be I do believe that this was God’s doing. He has allowed men to come to the end of their reason, to that total void of malcontent where they had hoped to find their Xanadu. What Nimrod and his horde at Babel attempted to accomplish in physical form this generation is doing in mental ascent. They have thrown off God and any accountability toward Him with the delusion of enlightenment that holds the propositions that man is inherently good and with advancement in his reasonable education you can rid this world of evil. All of this has long been proven false yet it gets repackaged and reintroduced into culture at varied venues. My experience is the most intelligent, educated, and powerful display the greatest evils. It is at the height of this lie God will reveal His bride, the visible church. It is at the height of this lie that the truth will be boldly proclaimed by the bride. It is at the height of this lie that Christ will return. Yet man even against his fear but subjected to his pride will rise up to fight against the Lord rather than repent and kiss Him. (Psalms 2)

The church age of Philadelphia is given a certain revelation of the Christ, their groom. His is revealed as the Holy and true. These are His attributes that will adorn His bride in this age. We as the visible church will make our stand in this world, in this age, for God’s Holiness and His absolute truth. Put Dorean in this context and you’ll have an answer to the silly question posted here from time to time: “why this religious talk, what’s that got to do with anything?” It has to do with everything. If men were not lost in moralistic relativism we would not have a federal reserve, a duplicitous government, a mortgage fraud crisis, or self-righteous “Christian” critics who accommodate to this culture condemn any who stand for truth against the lying crowds. We would know the meaning of the word “love” instead of using it in varied monikers of self indulgence.

We have come to a line of demarcation, a watershed, where in the closeness of our culture we must make the choices that when coming to their end will leave us worlds apart. This is no easy task for the world will hate you. Your existence reminds them that Christ’s way of redemption is real and that their delusions are hopeless. Will you put on your wedding attire and bring honor to your beloved or compromise to get along. As for me I would rather honor the Groom at the expense of my reputation and 25 years of my life than to be a sellout at the expense of my soul and my individual display of victory, truth, and holiness in the collective testimony to this world of the bride honoring her husband. A thousand times over I accept what Dorean brings without regret. My hope in the potency of my Husband and the significance and timing of His work is that my sacrifice is not vanity. He will make use of my life for His testimony. How about you?

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judge allslop said...

“Let them make their plans for they will come to no avail for God is the best of all planners” Qu’ran

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