Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Honor is Due

I have claimed that I am loved well. God has given me a jewel who obeys Him concerning me. Faith is one of those things that has certain movements. You imagine them but cannot see them in practice. In whom you think you’ll find it you never do. When you tire of looking for it one comes next to you who moves in faith. My wife is a mover and shaker in faith. How cruel life has been to her. The promise that caused her to leap sustains her through severe trial. It is the same with love. She does not tell me she loves me or attempt to sway me with grandiose promises of fidelity. She just loves me. Humbly, without any reward except to love me. Yes it is true that for convenience sake I should be discarded yet her love was never convenient. When she tells me of her belief in me there is not pretense. Her words are spoken in truth. Honesty is a very rare diamond that glimmers brightly in the light of my wife. A part of me would very much like to keep private our relationship but another must admit the honor that is due. All men would consider themselves blessed of God to have such a woman of honor to call wife. Her appearing was timely and of heaven Divine approval adorn her well. Again first glance would not expose her as a lion of faith but the trials we’ve faced revealed it clearly. Before all men that I can in the greatest public forum I can access I declare the glories of you darling. You have been a repose to my soul. May the Lord satisfy you with the fullness of His presence, the increasing of your faith, a triumph over your enemies, and a name honor for your courageous obedience to the Lord. I Love You, Adore You, and Honor You this day. I am proud to be your husband!!!

Happy Jack (April 7, 2008)

It appears the old temptation of confessing my sins to the world still remains hard for you to resist. Perhaps it may be cathartic if you show no restraint. You have my permission to express all you desire. I should very much like your inner thoughts on the matter. Faith I guess is the great divide wedged between us. I think I possess it and you think I don’t. That is probably something proven to you by the discovery channel. I do remember how sins and faults were so content upon your lips and how praises so contrived. It could have been just my undeserving perception. If my demise is the source of your happiness I am glad to oblige. I only wish you had told me sooner instead of pretending it otherwise. Remember that promise from God you mocked. Well that is still the one I hold on to. Your glee must be in that your faith and wisdom have been confirmed by my circumstance. Did you think me so foolish in the Lord when I cried and prayed over you at your baptism? How about when you encouraged me to teach bible study? Yes I truly am blind toward myself and others. Have you progressed so in the Lord these three years that you can offer me some hope of salvation? Will you be mad at God when my case is overturned? What if God should elevate me in the business world as one who told the truth at great expense when no one wanted to hear it? Maybe it is best if I fail on all fronts and do the remainder of my life tucked away from causing harm? Pray to your God who apparently answers your prayers for what is best. Please though do it here on this blog so that I will have fair notice of God’s will an yours. I do not recall you as one happy so I am very glad for you now Jack. And do give pepper and all my love.

Forward Look (April 3, 2008)

Sentencing is considered bad by most but they have not ever experienced a lawless tyrant. Finally in this action I am done with the havoc he can create. I do believe he plans another criminal action for me out of another civil action coming soon. This seems to be his favorite pattern. I’m more than ready for his tricks now. It won’t be long before your great righteous champion is reversed. If they would have followed their laws I could have never been the villain. Perhaps my willingness to suffer has been misunderstood as weakness. This is strange to me in that your unwillingness should be a clue to you of my strength. Regardless the point of my suffering has always been the victory of truth. The feeble never obtain this and the wicked are always perplexed by it. They cannot understand why they are not feared. Out of this frustration they accuse others of their crimes. Yes I am hated by this world because I revoke their license to perform evil. Not bowing to their shrines is all it takes to infuriate and defeat them. Can they inflict pain and suffering? Sure but they cannot defeat your will or the truth it’s submitted to. That is their rage. It is how two honest men who set out to expose corruption can be the worst criminals in a retards’ 8 year career. Christian men are thick skinned. Righteousness was offered and refused. Prayer was fervent but how much more now? Even as my enemy he proves by his evil acts he needs Christ all the more. May Christ win the day for this retard soon. Now the appeals court gets acquainted with us. The BoP is doing all they can to hinder our appeal but we’ll manage. The bond request is next but who can guess on this. With the time length it is doubtful. Don’t count us out too quickly. There are still many chess moves in play. Appeal issues are great. Sufficiency of evidence, constructive amendment, fatal variance, speedy trial, and vagueness all require reversal. We have merit in all of these. There are others like multiplicity, duplicity, abuse of discretion, jury instructions and the like that can also help us prevail. Too bad 12 retards couldn’t see through all the bullshit and save some time. Maybe in the future.

This Present Age (April 3, 2008)

The present age is one in which mankind has fallen in love with reason. They have lost all passion. Each situation makes its demand for contemplation. Every calculation is remunerated with the appeasement of risk until the opportunity to act has passed. This is not apathy but rather a godlike arrogance willing control and worship. The individual can admire self because they were wise enough to think before they acted. This is all well and good until action is required. In action reason may not be the controlled scientific experiment. Suddenly relationship now dictates events. This is that strange place where life happens. Life is unpredictable and full of pain. All of which dwells outside private calculation. In this age there are no hero’s. For every great feat is diminished into a reasonable calculation. The actor is shamed for having been careless but lucky. The other alternative is the thought I could have done it myself if I would have had the time to develop the skill. Faith is given a power moniker of high thought while hope is named the endurance of positive thought. It is all of the mind. Ironically those lost in their mind are out of their minds. The spirit world is dead to these people because the things of the spirit cannot be obtained by the flesh. The mind is an organ of the flesh. It may work with the spirit as a servant but never as a master. The mind of the present age has created its own god which they venerate by calling it Jesus Christ. Just like the all caps fiction there is confusion except to those in reality. This present age cannot grasp reality because they have reasoned away the experience of the spirit. In their brilliance they have become retards. Even childlike wisdom befuddles these priests of the sacred temple of thought. None would dare imagine a fix to the mortgage industry since that would require an action outside their hallowed reasons. Ridicule, contempt, and judgment are all safe. Comfort to a mind minding its own business.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How Did You Fare?

A short time ago I offered you the legal challenge. Did you check it out? It became important at sentencing. Mr. Alsup and the prosecution who disagreed with me on this issue for the rule 29 motion on Dec. 3 now agreed with me. No financial institutions were factually before the jury. That is why he could only give me 20 years on count 1; conspiracy. The question remains; does a financial institution become a necessary element of the offense that must be proved to convict? If so the conviction will stick. If not it will be reversed with no new trial. I don’t know if a copy of the indictment is running around out there but if you want to know this answer you should read it. The questions that JDJD or ND could answer is this. If a statute adds a change in punitive cost does it add elements of an offense that must be proved? If so how can we be convicted beyond a reasonable doubt without all the elements proved? This is a sufficiency of evidence issue. If you say it adds no elements how do you get around the problem that a financial institution can be added by a preponderance of the evidence standard at sentencing in violation of the reasonable doubt standard? Mr. Alsup ran into this quagmire and dismissed the enhanced sentencing issue. If he wasn’t a malicious coward he would have dismissed. Setting that aside can you prove the outcome to yourselves? Should I have taken the shortcut on hold out for victory? Everyone is impressed by federal judges. The ones I faced were all arrogant lawless retards. I’ve seen braver men in preschool. I’m not discussing all my remedies but just this one should enlighten you to the work we’ve done to finish this battle. We had a rouge judge insert himself into our program and we have to face him down through all his abuse to expose the truth. He was not a threat to us but a help. Most of you don’t see this yet but you will. His crazed behavior will come into question some day and then it will be made apparent that he used his mouth to destroy us only when he removed his lips from the banker’s ass long enough to carry out what they paid him to do. Wicket men are used by God to perform His will all the time. Keep him in your prayers not for judgment but for mercy. His behavior is evidence that mercy is needed all the more. Moses pled with God for a people as wicked. Are we all not the same? Do the homework and justify your hope. This is what I can offer you without exposing other plans.

If a few of you want to take advantage of some of the wisdom I’ve displayed over time on this blog, contact my father and then write me personally. I will be traveling for a while but there are things you can do in the meantime. I would like you to be part of the body of Christ though not mandatory.

Vindication (March 25, 2008)

Scott of Vineland as well as others are of the opinion that they will be brave enough to say they’re savvy upon my vindication. That is retarded thinking that proves my point. Jesus won’t receive His vindication until He returns again. The, I see it to believe it crowd is too late. How foolish would it be to say that Christ is not the truth during the 2100 years of His apparent defeat and His vindication? I’ve told you the truth regardless if I ever receive vindication in this life. What if my conviction was the work of a rogue judge and I was powerless to extricate myself from his device? Would your eyes deliver you the truth? Are you so silly to think the spirit cannot reveal through the lie? How did you come to salvation if it was not through lies? Do you really think the world embraces truth? This judge said I was the worst criminal ever to come before him. Was this because of my crime or my unrepentant attitude? My sentence is twice as long as anyone similarly situated. Do you thin that malice is not a spiritual issue? You live in a sugar coated fantasy Christianity if you stand for Christ gets your kudos instead of lashes from this world. Beaten, crucified, abandoned, ridiculed, hated, dispossessed is the life of a Christian. Trial after trial they are more loathed by a world who finds condemnation in their joy. I will get my vindication but your apology will never come. If you were of the truth it would have come already. It’s been done before on this blog. I know you, I’ve contended with retards just like you for decades. You start out in the spirit and then are deceived into pleasing God with your works. You judge by your flesh and your works which will always condemn faith as they did in your own spirit. Not until you return to faith and dependence upon revelation will you know me and love me. At that time you will feel the hatred I do. You will understand the grief of Jesus over His betrayal. Then you will know yourself well enough to judge me wisely. My vindication is not beating judge Alsup or exposing the mortgage industry, it is when the dead come to life. That is power, that is value, that is life. The vindication you seek for me is ancillary. It is trivial for a God who saves from death! You may never know in this life how much love I’ve bestowed upon you even though the retard moniker but it will not be forever lost upon you. Vindication from injustice will come and the patient work of God will prove perfect. Are you trusting God when it appears His losing or does your faith see what I see? Our vision should not be the focus of individual eyes of experience but the constant and fixed sight of our Lord. Jesus could easily say if you loved God you would love me because their was only one pure insight. Those who know God and shame this insight can easily call out the retards. Blind might be a better moniker. When and how keeps expanding in my understanding but it has never been a question. God will deliver completely and thoroughly. AMEN!

Things are Perfect for You (March 23, 2008)

Do you understand how one is perfected by suffering? Most spend their whole life seeking comfort and ease. They attribute good fortune to godliness. Bad things are evidence of judgment. You have seen these retards on here. God does not perfect His body as retards perceive. God places His children that cause their soul to surface. Our hearts have many dark places hidden even from our eyes. When God brings His light of revelation, these are exposed. Because His ways are so much higher than ours it is only the trials that shake our souls of their stupor. Do you reason with God in a deep search of answers when you are content with everything in your life?? There are seasons of fat but these are not the heights of growth. They are our rest until our next faith challenge. Many of you have lost home or even family for truth. Are you shrinking back now because the cost was too height? Did you begin in the sprit and now seek recovery through the flesh? I’m certain you have come to your breaking point too many times to count. Yet will you admit your breaking point was a fraud? So is your day so is your strength. God is a faithful supply. The life of trust is perfected in the melee of risk and uncertainty. It forces one to choose faith as the substance of things hoped for or not. Through I fight to deliver you your promise; I cannot make my desire case and chief. I surrender to God’s eternal work in you. Who am I to war against God? I was against all that opposes God within me. How about you? Mortgages are important but souls are priceless. You are loved I’ve said before, loved enough to be perfected. Don’t ridicule God’s handiwork in me or in yourself. Join forces with Him and learn to be more than a conqueror. Maybe soon bankers and judges will be your battles. If the foot soldier weary you how will you run with the horses? Suffering is for your strength and the growth of His body. Do not grow weary and faint not our God is a refuge and a strength. Consider the work of God when your soul races for comfort and ease. Even in suffering there is joy and peace which are not equal to the soul’s cry for self-preservation. If I would follow this voice I would have more friends than enemies. I would rather please God. My brothers and sisters know of what I speak.

The Trial Witness (March 23, 2008)

Now that my time before Alsup and his court is about complete, I hope I left a testimony of truth as a witness. He said some mean things that are a good clue. He said in his time on the bench I was the worst, most incorrigible, evil man before him. I take comfort when evil has such harsh words concerning me. There were many other observers that witnessed the clash between good and evil, God and the devil. Will they interpret the scene correctly? Only eternity will tell us the answer. I had many say they saw it as I did. There are others like Evil-Ex who saw good people doing their job with integrity. Ignorance really is bliss. Let me ask you a simple question; are these the saints God can count on to tear down strongholds, to recover territory? I think not. They have too much fear and foolishness. They are aints not saints. When one is a whore professionally their integrity is not an issue of virtue. Would you give your soul for a paycheck? If you would, is it kind of God to send you a voice of offense or flatterer? Don’t shrink back just because you will be hated. If you save their soul the love will come. I was courageous to keep the truth before that court and every witness. The lie has been exposed by the revelation of Christ. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. A choice is required and has been made. Just like this blog, choices are made to which we may live or die. What has it cost you to identify yourself with Christ? Your loss is gain and your fame is a slave. Are those who claim Christ and family proud of the work done by Scott and I or ashamed? Is your response amened by Christ? What is your witness?