Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mail Delays

There are more blog messages to come however there seems to be a serious problem between the BOP and the US Post Office because it is taking weeks to receive mail which normally only takes a few days. Scott says, they are turning the screws, however, they’re behavior is predictable. Continue to pray, we are near the end.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Prophecy a gift from God

We recently received a word of prophecy from a credible source that we are at the end. Of course God’s finish line is set way before His enemies. This creates the automatic conflict that separates the sheep from the goats. Man has a trial date of Jan 8th, God does not. Whose report will you believe? I’ve begun to take the steps to show God I trust His report. I would ask you to prayerfully consider this word on your behalf. Ask the Lord if He truly has you at the finish line and then come up with some actions of faith to show Him you trust Him. I’ve had people say they love me without the actions. Actions are the true evidence of the heart. I went on a 7-day thanksgiving fast. How does one really capture the awe of God’s concern for our well-being. I’m trying these 7-days to utter it prayerfully. To know our suffering is not vanity and that all the self-centered fools shall be proved is a great anticipated joy. I’ll admit my emphatic “No” is the fullness of my strength but it is and always has been about the might of the Almighty. My “No,” integrity, courage has all come by His hand and that is why it stupefies the moral half-wits of American Jurisprudence. This they will never see coming because even us with the light of Christ are going to be surprised, suddenly and in an instant like Greg Anderson Barry Bonds friend who just got a surprise exit.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Again You Bless (10-4-06)

This last week was one of refreshing. Many of you encouraged our faith more than you can understand. It is nice to see the true body of Christ is alive and functioning well. The fruit reaped in us by your obedience is used as evidence that our obedience is destined to bless also. Your letters showed your courage and sensitivity to God’s voice. We all share in suffering but none of it is too severe to steal our joy. I’m glad you recognize the half-wits who type here. You should imagine what we have to deal with in the courtroom. There is nothing more foolish than those calling evil good and good evil. Only a spiritual transplant can cure this. Your prayers are heard as are ours. Your sacrifice is seen by the Lord as is ours. Your importance in this battle to change history is as great as ours. Trust in the skills and gifts the Lord has given you for such a time as this. We have asked the Lord to bless you as you have blessed us. When we see people born with stoney hearts as ours, diligent about the things of God we know our God is powerful. A power that can conquer, that sees our epic battle with proportionate ease. We are impressed by the work of Christ in you! His life in you was contagious to our joy and strength. If we haven’t got it across yet know we delight in our trials on your behalf. May the creator soon deliver the promise He has planted in all our hearts and prove once again to our generation that His word is the reliable constant in all existence.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Federal Mind

There was a movie called a Beautiful Mind that was a sympathetic look into a twisted mind. This look into the twisted Federal Mind is more pathetic. The Jail Administrator, Mr. Kubitz, is the typical federal mind. I will show you how it thinks from recent interaction in case you run into one of these twisted minds yourself. I received 2 shots, which are incident reports for violations of some BOP regulations. It revolved around a phone call I had with my father to place some money on the books of an inmate. This conversation plus money posting was the two incidents. Some reg. 328 and 397 are their enforcement tools of punishment. Let’s look at the facts. Is it illegal for a son to talk with his father? NO! Is it illegal to use a phone? NO! Is it illegal to use your money anyway you see fit for lawful purpose? NO! Is it illegal to give gifts to a friend? NO! This covers my actions. Is it illegal to monitor a private conversation? YES! This covers their actions. Now I am to believe some regulation can turn law inside out making it above the law. There is no way except by contractual agreement. The twisted federal mind sees this upside-down world, as reality because some twisted federal mind said it is so. They have no logic, sense of justice, concept of law, or common sense. Mr. Kubitz didn’t want to hear truth, called it “shit.” This is fine with me I like to leave stupid unmolested. This is typical behavior, which is opportunity for those who can use the UCC as an aggrieved party to affect a remedy for violations of right. Law has never changed it is still a straight standard lost in the twisted world of the federal mind. When you execute law upon them they always fall back on some inferior code as their stronghold of safety. They try to make you afraid so you don’t destroy them. They are all immoral cowards easy to defeat if you have only a little knowledge and staying power.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Class in Session: Lesson 7

Contracts are the heart of the modern commercial political fiat banking systems. The general provisions attempt to codify honesty in fact and fair dealing as standards. Looking at the other articles from a common sense business angle should give you some idea of their weight in comparison to each other. Most contracts are settled by negotiable instrument so this Article 3 by volume would be most relevant. Negotiable instruments are merely credit transfers that mostly end in bank deposits. This would bring Article 4 to attention. Much equity is measured by securities and generally though negotiable in some fashion they cannot be confused by Article 3. Article 8 covers these. Secured transaction and Letters of Credit are mere slivers of business compared to volumes of equity and credit transfers. Bulk sales and leases a smaller sliver still. So by volume you would have 3 in premicy, 4 next, 8 then 5 and so on. But volume is not the best way to find premicy only probability of interaction. If there is a conflict between these Articles 8 reigns supreme and that makes perfect sense if you step back and look at who is doing business for the most part. Government and Corporations, fictional entities whose existence is measured by equitable securities. There is no negotiating if the equity or securities are not sound under the standards of honesty in fact and fair dealing. The promissory note not being governed by article 3 is governed by 8 and how it is handled brings in the other Articles like 2 4 5 or 9. As you study this code they interface and mesh with each other and have conflict resolution written into them. Not considering their relationships to each other will leave you misguided. Keep this in mind as we study.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Foreordained Foolishness

We have been under nearly 500 years of the reformation, which accepted a predestination quality to God that far exceeds reality. I bring this up because it is evident that my detractors are tainted by this view whether they know it or not. In their foreordained foolishness they have a God boxed into their idea of justice, truth, and a rigid unchanging thoughtlessness. God is a free thinker with emotions motives and purpose. This is a serious force to be reckoned with no doubt but not omniscient in our narrow view. When he purposed in His will to challenge the fraud of this self-willed generation He didn’t map it all out at the expense of the freewills of His creation. Scott and I had choices and still do. It is the choices made in faith that allow God to enter into all things for the called according to His purpose. Our hope in victory is not some naive idea of good prevailing over evil and the like. It is more based on God being free to be Himself and following His lead in the choices made. It cannot be a coerced response from us but a voluntary one. You are faced with the same choices. Most of you have followed the advice of conflicted evil lawyers cutting off the reach of God’s hand towards you. You can blame all you like your sorrows on us or someone else but you will stand alone before God on your choices. I do not have to be doing what I’m doing. I’ve had a thousand exit options including never coming to prison, but the choices I made brought me here. Like waves that beat against a shore they never stop coming but the shore which was promised by God to restrain it is never moved. Our promises will likewise survive the beating because voluntarily like God we have given ourselves over to the promise of God’s word. His action towards His purpose and our voluntary trust assures the outcome not some petty box of formulas you can reason out.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


It is bantered about that I need the court to recognize acquiescence by silence to win. This is somebody’s imagination not mine. Though I raise it as a point it is no way near the top of my remedy. Consideration, agency, non-disclosure, foreclosure for breach and just about any contract issue is more important. I gave the courts the opportunity to show some integrity towards justice, which they quickly revealed, was useless. I don’t need them to do anything except bring criminal charges. They have done all I could ever desire from them. They are irrelevant for any other purpose. The sooner I learned this the quicker I was able to tempt them into my remedy. Once they exposed their underbelly, which was their lawless contempt for justice and blind loyalty to the banker crooks I knew this battle had to go to a place greater than pen and paper. Acquiescence by silence is such a small factual basis for agreement. It is much stronger if it can be tied into course of performance, course of dealing and expressed terms. These irreverent men who think their opinion God should listen to will talk more than they should. By doing so they reveal the secrets of their weakness disguised as a boast. Some of you know the ways of God enough to know we are closer to victory than ever. Our enemies will snatch defeat right from the jaws of victory. Doesn’t look obvious to the blind commentators on the blog but I’ve never followed the blind. Surprises a tactic of my FBI friends are coming. One thing I can tell you for certain your answers are not in the court record. That is only one playing field for me, like acquiescence by silence.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Current Update

The archive blogs have been republished. Some of you were having trouble viewing the older blogs and thanks to a much appreciated friend, that problem has been resolved.

The settlement conference is a great idea and has always been our desire but I suspect they will not call us to the hearing. There are many complicated issues on the surface at the moment. It’s funny how all are fooled thinking the UCC does not apply to criminal. All crimes are commercial. The code of Federal Criminal Procedure is nothing more than a usage of trade manual. Usage of trade is the bottom of the evidence food chain in settling contract disputes. I don’t deal at the bottom. Much is happening to force them up a few notches to the expressed terms. This is the meat of the case, and Scott and I have been fighting off the feathers for months. Your mighty Feds are nothing but down. There is lots of feather talk to happen on the 16th if we do get to attend. Once we bring up meat this magistrate will quickly be over his head. We’ve had 3 magistrates from this Northern Cesspool District and this is their behavior. One tampered with evidence, one falsified the record, and one trespasses on settled contracts. My hope for Mr. Spero being of a higher caliber is none. Pray we do get to go though because much could be accomplished there to frustrate their foolish agenda.

I have also heard Bill Julian has been arrested in Panama. This is sad for me because his is a friend but for no other reason. It matters not to me if all four take deals and agree to testify against us. Our plan is not hampered or diminished in the slightest. Anyone who knows how the government goes through their playbook had better have a better plan than defensive plays. We do, always have, and have always been about our plan. It has gone better than hoped except for time. But it is still going well even in that department. There is more to share after somethings finish playing out.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Accusers Wasted Breath

Who are these yahoos who keep blurting out worthless arguments about educating people or my God relationship being a recent added crutch. They obviously never were on a conference call or a meeting. Even James Keller defended my sincerity of faith to Judge Alsup when thinking of bringing in the shrink. In 2 months this half-blind automaton could figure this out. These guys are brainless talking heads. None of the filming for the DVD was done after my arrest. We always encouraged education and hared whatever we learned. I’m still here giving lessons. I’m a self-interested crook! I’ll answer this on this blog in real time. R. Jenkins please send your information for bank and wire fraud and tell your attorney I will mail you an affidavit of felony confession. I will take responsibility and face down any contrary voice to fraud. If you send court info I will file it directly. None of these self-centered loud mouths on this site would spend a nickel to help a neighbor or even spend a kind word to help out a stranger. You think you know me. You don’t see yourselves honestly. Neither can you judge someone who lives outside the closed box of your mind. Your rhetoric is foolish not our battle for truth. None of you can retort my efforts in the UCC, this criminal trial, or the bible. It’s been over a year and still you expose yourselves as toxic windbags. I have my life on the line and all the integrity you believe does not exist. Yet you’ve invested nothing in over a year but continued ignorance. None of you offer anything to model. Even a fool is considered wise if his mouth remains shut.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Class in Session: Lesson 6

I would like to talk in detail about the lender’s contract but I do not have a copy. If one of you would like to mail me a copy I will go through it and highlight the misstatements, the omissions, the false and misleading statements, and the general bad faith in the document. Please send me the Fannie Mae uniform contract which would be most applicable to the largest group of victims. In the UCC there are degrees to validate an agreement. It would be helpful to view these as paint that must be applied on the canvas of good faith and fair dealing. If they are not sealed to this canvas the pictured agreement will be flaked and chipped and obviously be exposed as faulty. From the most hearty paint to the thinnest lets look at the Lenders dealings with its victim to see the resulting picture. The paramount way to understand the intent of the agreement is the expressed terms or the written instrument. I will dissect this in detail in a future lesson after one is received. What is important is that the expression in words is a truthful honest-in-fact description of the duties and obligations of the parties reflecting the real agreement that was obtained through knowledgeable informed consent. Any authorization becomes suspect if honesty is absent. Next in line is Course of Performance this deals with the conduct after or under the agreement. This could conflict with the expressed terms and be evidence of a different agreement between the parties. Next is Course of Dealing, which deals with the conduct before the agreement and may enter the agreement either by explicit performance or by tacit recognition. Last is usage of trade, which is really the habits, and rules of an industry. Though this is the weakest evidence of the agreement it was one of the loudest arguments. You’ve seen it on this blog. “Everybody does it that way, everyone knows money is lent, if it is wrong why does the government sanction it?” This is not a defense if an unconscionable or dishonest practice should become standard. Any violation in these 4 areas creates an action for the aggrieved party. This is what Dorean was addressing with its self-help remedy. All 4 areas if looked at individually or collectively expose dishonesty-in-fact and bad faith. Beyond this may be a malicious intent to defraud. Prevailing will expose this rat. If you are an honest person you will easily discover things are not what are professed to be. One of the surest ways to know you hit a nerve is the accusation “you are a cheat who wants something for nothing.” This is the banker’s tool taught well to their political cronies. Get the spotlight off you by accusing your opponent of your actions. In their foolish world first to accuse is ridiculed and the retort gets all the attention. Remember their world is stupid and not supported by their commercial code.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Class in Session: Lesson 5

The note is the center of the transaction and honesty in fact the determining factor of whose rights are paramount. The first confusion is whether the note is a negotiable instrument. Looking at Fannie Mae’s Uniform Instrument 3210 and 3520 you get the impression it is negotiable by the term “instrument” which in the UCC is synonyms with a negotiable instrument. First we discover it is not a check or a draft because there is no order to pay. A note which this is can be deemed a negotiable instrument if it meets certain criteria. It is signed by a maker of the promise. In almost all ways it could be deemed a negotiable instrument but is precluded by the language of conditional payments referenced in another document being a Mortgage, Deed of trust, Security deed (Security Instrument) for the holder to discover in full detail his rights. A Negotiable Instrument must stand on its own for rights. Since it is NOT a negotiable instrument what is it? My prior criminal conviction was a strict liability securities fraud case that centered around a promissory note. If it was a negotiable instrument no securities fraud. If it was not it was a security, which activated many statutes. It was deemed a security, which sent me to prison. This note is no different although governed under different securities laws it is a security. As a security it is not governed by Article 3. It is either certificated or uncertificated. This is going to bring in other Articles to determine rights, title, and interest in this security. That is another lesson. Hope this helps Paulygirl. This security is substantially changed by the added negotiable endorsements that orders payment on the back or by an attached alonge. It is a conversion more than a transfer or assignment. We will look into this soon.