Sunday, October 28, 2007

What's Happening In Your Trial

By the time this post we will probably be at the end of the prosecution's case. After they rest we will have to present our defense. This won't be a long drawn out process maybe a day or two. As I've stated before I am in a strange position attempting to win a trial I would rather lose. Just that intimate revelation of Christ's behavior on the cross was worth the exercise of going through this trial. If that was all it was for I appreciate God changing directions on me and taking me to a place I didn't think I was going. God always has a back story going on in our lives where greater things are happening than we can imagine. There are countless characters in the scriptures where we get the back story but they didn't have it at that time. Like them we see through a glass dimly but if we will trust the Lord the back story will appear in our hindsight. Now the reason I would rather lose this trial is because I am not dissuaded by the lies and propaganda that has wiped out most of my clients. The reason we didn't want the clients involved in our business is because they would make all the errors necessary in their fears to undo the work I was doing. If the clients really knew what I know they would have all come into our trial and blasted the banks and the court for being crooked. My plans have always included this potential betrayal and violent opposition. A guilty plea in the federal system is very well protected by the judge in a way that it always has you making the offer. If you make the offer all they have to do is accept and you're off to their prisons for a rather long time generally. We have been in a constant chess match controlling this particular moment in commerce. I believe Judge Alsup understands that we have this knowledge because he keeps trying to corral us there. Each plea agreement we accepted never had a signature from one making the offer. They always wanted us to sign first. We did but in a commercially safe method. Each of these were refused. In my opening statements I asked the jury to enter a guilty plea on our behalf since we are not able to. The session was paused so that the judge and prosecution could make the offer to us on how they would accept our plea. Their offer was not acceptable so we were forced into a trial. Though this may be a free swing I still don't understand all that God is doing. The eternal treasures are appearing so I am grateful for the course change. If we are found guilty by the jury then I can go before Alsup unhindered by their goal to have me make the offer and await the offer they must now make as part of their usage and customs of trade. If we are acquitted that can be a victory I suppose but at a high price. The other options are a hung jury, mistrial, or a dismissal for various reasons. The political solution, the embarrassment solution, the get rid of the record solution, and who knows how many other dynamics are in the background. I ask you to trust in the Lord I'm trusting in and our enemies will be handed over to us. This device of a trial and criminal prosecution is our remedy and it became the fastest remedy available under the circumstances that availed themselves when we were running Dorean. Many of you have complained to God who is answering your prayers more thoroughly than you can imagine. Know this one thing and take comfort; the trial which is coming to an end is the beginning of your victory no matter the verdict.

My Share In The Cross

October 24, 2007 was my 7th day of trial and it started with a client named Larry Stepp who was eager to blast me. Larry is one of those self-righteous Christian types who gets his limited understandings of right and wrong confused with divine guidance. These are the very ones who will kill the Lord and think they are doing God a favor. As I went up to question, known as cross examination, Larry greeted me with "You didn't dress up for me I dressed up for you?" I was in my jail clothes and have been in jail protecting this idiot's rights for more than two years now and he can't see that I did dress up for him. What was great about this experience was the eternal benefit I obtained from it. No matter what the fate of this trial I gained a treasure worth any amount of suffering. As he said these words and I understood my role of attempting to save him from his ignorance I suddenly had an intimate revelation of what Christ had done for me. He took on the flesh and in essence dressed Himself in my jail clothes so he could save me from myself. I pictured all those people before the cross spitting on Him and taunting Him, "If you be the Son of God come down off that cross." I imagined Him thinking if I come down off this cross all you ignorant bastards will die. If I stay I can save you even from yourselves. How wretched my righteousness is. Larry showed me his filth as he attacked his advocate and he showed me mine because I did the same to my Lord. That is a treasure I will keep for eternity. The net effect upon me was no matter how gracious I was before this day I suddenly found room for even more grace. This is the existence of a man trusting in the Lord. He is forever changed in a moment by the induction of truth even if previously known made intimate, personalizing it in an entirely new fashion. This is the love of God that passes all understanding and cast out all fears. Even in this trial as I walk through all my fears I get imbued with confidence and assurance that all things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose because I have just had a presentation of a love that gives me a hope and inspires my faith to trust Him who loves me so well. My shame in his eyes was really his shame and he was offended at it. My prayer is that God will make that moment as equally eternal for Mr. Stepp. In the end we are all sinners saved by Grace through faith and that is a gift from God. Larry I offer myself as a gift to you as Christ has offered Himself as a gift to me. It is this hope that I can be as successful an advocate for your well-being and that someday you will come to love me for the sacrifices made, making the kingdom of God that much richer.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life Lessons (October 21, 2007)

Many people run from danger which is instinctive but can also be a danger unto itself. During the course of developing the Dorean Process and examining people to assist me, I learned that most people don't know when greatness is presented to them. Their fears preclude them from ever seeing what amazing things God will do for the faither. There are a few I really wanted to deliver to greatness but when it came to that moment of decision their hearts melted within them. The one thing giants offer you in your path is that they will destroy you or give you a reputation as a champion. I don't understand how a Christian man who is guaranteed that only God can destroy you can fall for this ridiculous boast. There is that scripture that if God is for us who can be against us. Do you guys really think the small minds with the big mouths on this blog are dangerous? They could never see or understand what God was doing with Dorean because they are simpletons living in houses with foundations of fear. Already God has expanded my understanding in this course change to make me see greater victories than I had previously imagined. He is always about blessing His children.

I want to encourage you who love the Lord to lean not on your own understanding but acknowledge God as Master and He will be a lamp unto your feet. I preach to myself but also want you to follow me as I follow Christ. As a man I don't like giants but as a man hopeful in my God a giant is a resume waiting to be written. Our resume is being written by history at this very moment. A few of you will have a good testimony in God's courts. The suffering created by evil is temporary but the restoration afforded the faithful is forever. The one thing that troubled me about some of the testimony is that I have been down over two years and still these clients are on a wait and see attitude. In two years they could have slain the giant many times over if they ignored their fears and ran to the promise of the Lord with faith. We are free willed creatures able to impact our lives and destinies with our actions. When we in faith "Amen" a promise of God we can co-create with Him an entirely new future. Even now in the middle of my trial I am actively wrestling for the best possible future. I have had hundreds of coward's exits present themselves. It is those refused that have allowed me this moment in history to go beyond fiction to that place where truth is stranger still.

The blogs will be thin as I spend most of my time in trial and traveling. Your prayers are appreciated and making a difference. One example is when I stayed up all night preparing for a witness I entered the court almost too exhausted to do the job before me. God says so is your day so is your strength. That promise and your prayer caused me to prevail upon my enemy when I did not have the strength and the opportunity presented itself. In my weakness God shows Himself strong and you who love Him as faithful. I prepared for Mt. Everest but only had to climb one of the rolling hills of Dublin. May God keep me always in a state of over-preparedness. By the time this post we will have completed our second week of trial. It is my hope God has prevailed again upon our enemies. I can not tell you how this is going to end because God has me on the edge of my seat. I can tell you that victory is certain. The only question I have is what path to victory is God going to take. I know He has prepared me to be comfortable with any path He chooses. I have twice now proven to Him that I will sacrifice my life for the glory of His service. If He thinks I need to prove it again He will not be disappointed. If any of you question my commitment imagine yourselves asking a jury to enter a guilty plea when a life sentence hangs in the balance. I'm not trying to impress you I am only doing what I believe is my duty first to God and then to the beneficiaries. This may already be verified by the Qautloose reporter. If not get a hold of the transcripts.

Monday, October 22, 2007

God Surprised Me Again (October 20, 2007)

The day our trial began I had every intention of asking the jury to enter a guilty plea on our behalf. We have attempted to do this now about 15 times in this court including each plea agreement and they keep denying us our remedy. Well I did ask the jury to enter the guilty plea in our opening statements and the trial was stopped to discuss entering a guilty plea with the court. Judge Alsup made me an offer of a set of conditions I could not accept and we had to proceed to trial. God, Scott, and I had a brief conversation and His instructions were simple. "Take a free swing." Now for those of you who have God figured out you don't know Him. I am in one of the strangest situations in my life. I am taking my best shot at winning a trial I would rather lose from a tactical point of view. I can't explain all the reasons this is true because of my enemies surveillance of this site. What I can tell you is that if we get found guilty I would be happier, God knows men's hearts and all the conditions of this battlefield. I have to trust Him to guide me past my understanding. Regardless of the victory God has designed I am certain it is more thorough than my best calculations. Don't fear for us we are having a blast. It is fun having a trial shooting from the hip since we didn't prepare for it. We won the first week hands down but there are 3 more weeks at least to go. A record is being created and if we can manage to create a record of how banking is really done it will not disappear as much as they would like it to. I don't suspect that happening at the moment because Mr. Alsup is making every ruling possible to keep out that information. He is making sure none of the witnesses are qualified to talk banking including the experts. We had our first expert a Mr. Johnson who was a bank fraud specialist from the OCC. We have a bond guy named Mr. Post and perhaps Walker Todd. That is the extent of quality opinions. The rest is scared clients, employees, and government drones.

I want to say a very sincere thank you to those who have already testified Farrel LeCompte, Tim and Peggy McKay, Jeff Smith, Steven Gyman. All of you were honest. I know that all of you are hoping that I will prevail and be able to keep my promises but I am not offering this to you. We all need to rely upon the Lord whose promise that all things work together for the good to those who are called according to His purpose. I heard of your pains and I am very sorry for your suffering. My prayers are sincere for God's moment of restoration to all of you. I want to encourage you all not to fear for us or for your interest that we are defending. We are being obedient to the Lord and that is our strength.

I understand that our lady reporter is working for Quatloose. I recommend going to her site to get her facts. I will not be able to keep you as informed. Don't worry about her opinion just sift that out. I could only hope her opinion of how bad we are doing is true. Don't think I have a defeatists attitude it is quite the contrary. Unlike most of you I am not persuaded by the propaganda that make the lie appear real. I have studied my knowledge to a Gestalt and tested it to empirical certainty. That is why I take what appears to be risk to most of you. The truth of the matter is I am very conservative always betting on the sure thing. Know that you are all loved and respected. Go to the throne of heaven and find your peace and I'm certain your prayers for us will change. Be well and of good cheer your God knows you and has long since devised the plans He is executing for you this day.

Breaking The Silence - A Controlled Black Out (October 14, 2007)

I had just finished reading the scriptures and went to lie down on my rack. Before I could sleep I closed my eyes, raised my hands, and praised the Lord. The praises were sweet until I felt hands grip my wrists and jerk me up like the first pull of a tug-of-war. Before I could open my eyes to see what was going on I was flying faster than the fastest jet due east. Chicago, New York, The Atlantic, then Europe. Whatever gripped me I never knew but when it dropped me like a skydiver I wished it hadn't. Though I was falling much slower than my flight it was still at a speed deadly when stopped by the ground. This was my expectation any instant. Without knowledge of the source behind this journey or the intentions my death was all I could suspect at the time. I wasn't afraid because the God I was just praising was still the eternal hope for my soul even if my body were to perish. Suddenly my weight took on an anti-gravity lightness like a feather and my feet landed upon the ground. The sun had not yet risen but I could tell by feel I had landed in soil. In the dark I prayed fervently with every why question I could. God was silent! That non-response was the most terrifying part of my perplexing journey. The darkness was creeping into my soul with the noise of loneliness. I was craving my prison home like never before. My brain was receiving lots of input from feeling, smell, hearing, and taste but was in a frantic plea seeking input from my eyes and the spirit. The eyes were fixed shortly by the rising sun but my spirit was like a beam of light shot into the heavens finding not one target only empty space.

I could see I was in a field that was partially farmed. It was currently tilled with no crop or any structures. I would say it was an oval shaped 80 acre parcel encircled by heavy woods. Just over the trees I could see the smoke of fires that were being snuffed out and hear the activity of many peoples. To my left Roman soldiers began sifting out of the forest like sand slipping through fingers then assembling in formation. To my right were a gruff people I suspect as barbarians. None of their weapons appeared conventional though they looked deadly. I was a witness to what looked to become a very serious skirmish. Was I noticed I wondered? I didn't seem to be. Then like a whistle had blown to start a game war happened. Based on the carnage that transpired in close proximity to me it became perfectly clear I was an invisible witness. This was a good thing because I could not hold back my gasps of horror, my tears of anguish, or my screams of contempt. I saw the most horrid things. Wombs ripped open, decapitations, broiled flesh, impaling, mutilations of every kind. Handsome and comely faces contorted with evil intent or grimaced in suffering. Where was God in all this carnage? God was silent! The night soon came to what was the longest day of my life. Before the sun set I noticed that a lean-to was built behind me with a cot and bedding. I was weary unto death and that was the stench filling my lungs. It was over and it appeared that whatever they were fighting for there was no winner. For me I was still alive to recount the nightmare without rest. I prayed and prayed and I even blasted God for His negligence or apathy. No matter my words or sincerity God was silent! Finally my eyes too dry to cry another tear closed to the moans of the perishing.

The morning came and I was ready to begin the mourning but the field was empty. Perplexed again I wondered whether it was all a dream even though I was pondering this question from the very field I was supposedly dreaming about. A confused mind is not that reliable. It was the same field but different. This time their was a small farm house with smoke coming out of the chimney. I could smell something delicious was cooking. This was the first moment I realized I had not eaten. With all that was eating me I completely forgot about food. I walked to the house hoping not to be an invisible visitor but a man again noticed by others. I was hoping perhaps if men notice me God might talk to me again. As I got closer I could see two beautiful little girls dressed like dolls playing near a creek about 400 feet from the house and about 200 feet from the edge of the woods. Before I could get a clear picture of the landscape so to speak two men dashed from the tree line and kidnapped these girls. I didn't know if it was a game but it looked ominous immediately. They picked them up covered their mouths and dashed back to the forest. I followed them for about a mile until they stopped. The girls were terrified and panting with fear. I prayed to God because I had already tried in my strength to deliver these girls and was unnoticed and ineffective. "God you have to deliver these girls they are innocent, how can you let this happen?" God was silent! It became clear that these men were perverts and they began to molest and rape the little girls. I was sick with helpless grief. When they had finally finished their evil lust they strangled the life out of them and left them where they laid. I was angry. I assaulted the throne with contempt. There is no way God should have let this happen. I wanted to debate Him to challenge the way He ran this globe. If I was God for only a moment I would have prevented this evil. I could hardly imagine the anguish of the parents if they even knew what pain awaited them. I followed these men out of the forest for curiosity sake and hopes I could somehow cross the dimension divide to assist in justice. To my surprise they ran straight into a very old church. It must be older than the 12th century because the stained glass was in black and white shades before the invention of colored glass. These men came to a priest sitting at a table with some official I later discovered as a sheriff. Were these guys going to confess and turn themselves in? They shook hands and exchanged friendly greetings. They all knew each other it was clear. The priest asked if the deed was done. Just like we planed the men replied in harmony. The sheriff spoke and said that this should break the spirits of the family and they will be forced to leave. The priest said "we had tried by every method including purchase to obtain that property for the benefit of the church and those heathens would not respect God in the slightest. All they could think of was this world, this life. Now they will think of God." This thoroughly twisted my complaint to God but only made the knot tighter in my stomach. How? How? How and why? God was silent! I went back to the field and discovered the parents bereaved and inconsolable with their dead girls in their arms. I was pouring out tears unnoticed to others but very depleting to me. Most of the day had actually passed and the sun was now low in the sky. I went back to the lean-to not so much because I was tired but I had a fatigue of soul that would take any comfort as relief like a soft cot and warm bedding. I laid down wanting this nightmare to be just that and to awake with it being over. I prayed without much hope of an answer but more out of habit now. Still I desired to get my moorings by God's voice. No matter, God was silent!

I must have slept hard because the sun was high in the sky. I could see my breath, and the ground was covered in snow. The structure of yesterday, well my perspective of yesterday was absent, the field was nothing but a white blanket. It was quiet and the air was fresh. I turned back to the lean-to for something to keep me warm. As I bent down for the animal skin I heard the whistle of artillery. "Not again" my soul cried. I turned quickly and at the tree line explosions were taking place. Allied forces were coming out into the field. Germany's forces appeared from the other side. Soon the horrid nightmare was in full swing again. This was brutal not so much in hand to hand but bodies would disintegrate or stop in their tracks by unseen weapons. I saw a small squad shoot their Lieutenant and run from the battle. Men were getting pummeled by such force that their bodies were turned in to flesh shrapnel. Those who lived with their wounds were killed by their own force so not to be a burden on their resources. All the disloyalties seemed crueler than the weapons. The battle raged with various ebbs and tides but I couldn't take it anymore so I ran into the lean-to and covered my eyes and ears. I could still hear the cries of death and desperation though I tried to block it out. Once the noise stopped I still didn't look into that field. After about a half hour of silence I finally took my hands from my eyes to see what had happened. I wished I hadn't the entire field was blood red. There was no white snow except for a little in the tops of the trees. I was sick to my stomach but I hadn't eaten now in two days and had nothing to offer this field of my repulsion. I went to the lean-to and covered myself while in a fetal position. I was losing it under this violent assault. I cried out to the Lord with I think tears of blood. God was silent! I was now certain that the devil had picked me up and brought me all these horrors but I could not understand why God was silent and distant. Now I needed Him more than ever. I prayed and prayed to no avail until I was wearied and went to sleep.

When I woke the field was a pallet full of colors. Too many flower types to even list. The smells and sights were absolutely refreshing. I was really starting to notice my hunger though. I wondered if the flowers would taste good. In the distance was a large farmhouse and a windmill. I started to walk towards it but I must admit I did so with trepidation and those chills tingling your spine. I was shell shocked to say the least. As I walked I was overcome by the silence. There was just a gentle breeze moving the flowers on their stems and nothing else. I looked at the tree line but they appeared quiet also. As I got closer to the house I could see that this was a small dairy and cheese factory. Now cheese and milk was suddenly my favorite food. I hoped I was not an invisible guest and could get something to eat. Suddenly the silence was broken by the cry of a baby. It was not the cry of death but an "I need attention" cry. It was heading towards its sounding until I came upon what appeared to be a nine month-old baby boy. I couldn't understand why it was in this field all alone but no one from the house seemed to notice. I picked the child up and cradled him in my arms and he became silent. Then from the heavens I heard this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. I became faint and had to sit because my legs gave out. I so much wanted to hear God and now out of nowhere I have. I thought I had done something wrong. I cried and the baby smiled. I looked upon this child and was overcome with thoughts and emotions. I had never pictured God so humble and frail before. How is it that He would enter this world absolutely dependent on His creation. The risk inherent in this thought surprised me the most. I began to recall the scriptures of the warfare to destroy the seed of the Messiah's lineage before He was born and how Herod tried to kill the child after He was born. God who could destroy us in a blink as a baby. Here He was in my arms the God of all creation trusting me with Himself. I suddenly felt ashamed as I recalled my curses and threats to Him these last three days. Forgive me I asked. The baby's smile got larger. Then heaven continued; "My Son died for all the cruelty you have witnessed and for all you never will. He took every man's sin unto himself so you can be loved by me. For three days like yourself He was stuck in death and like you He was brought out. Unlike you though He still trusted in Me and didn't curse me in His travail. He had done nothing wrong and though I was silent I was still working on His behalf. Now take this boy to the family in the farmhouse."

I rose to my feet as my heart sank. I was condemned by those words but at the same time I was hearing from God and holding in my arms the greatest display of love in all history. That was an overwhelming comfort. I walked into what appeared to be the barn door for the animals in the back part of the dairy. Inside there was a family working diligently making cheese rounds. They didn't notice me at first but I said, does anyone know whose child this is? It was a question I wanted to blurt out the answer God's only Son. Before I could share my enthusiasm the women began screaming and dancing about and the frail old patriarch stood erect with tears flowing quickly. None of them could talk they were too excited. I didn't understand but I thought to myself is it that obvious this is the Son of God? Then my next thought was wow I'm noticed, not an invisible spectator. Well finally the patriarch came to my side and said "Young man God is faithful. May I hold the child?" "Of course," I replied and handed him the child. He held it like it was his own. The women where still crying, dancing, and praising the Lord. That all seemed appropriate somehow. The man rocking the child said to me. "Sir I've been expecting you for a very long time will you please join me for a fine cigar on my patio?" He walked away carrying the child and I followed. The woman came by to touch me with pointed fingers like testing to see if I was real and laughing when I was. The man asked me to hold the child while placing me in one of the two rocking chairs on the porch and said he would be back shortly after he obtained the cigars with something I needed to see. I rocked for awhile in awe of the smiling child who had not cried once since I heard Him breaking the silence. As the man sat down I learned that I was in a field in the Netherlands that had belonged to his family for over eight hundred years. He told me of the first of His relatives who almost lost it at the death of his two daughters and how God had used that terrible event to change the man's heart. Ever since then his family have been serving the Lord. He was a survivor of a concentration camp as a mere boy. He was about to be gassed when the night before God came to him in a vision. He said the vision was of a man holding a child. He asked the Lord what this meant and God replied. "The man will need you to uplift his spirit because he is about to do a great work for my kingdom and the child is your son who you will see again before you come home to me." He told me of how he drew a picture of that vision and how it encouraged him because he knew he wouldn't die. He had already lost all his family and he was the last to continue the family name.

The next day the Americans liberated him and he returned to this land. He built the house and the windmill. He got married to one of the dancing women and the others were his daughters and daughters-in-law. His first son was the joy of his life and part of his excitement was the continuation of the family when it had come so close to extinction. The cigars were burning down but he continued and I was enthralled. One day when his son was about nine months-old the generator on the windmill went out and he went to repair it. He realized that the child in the vision looked just like his son so he was overprotective about his son and never wanted him out of his presence. He took his son onto the roof of the windmill and made a platform for his basket while he worked. The child slept and enjoyed the fresh air. When he was about finished a lightning bolt struck the lightning rod about a few feet from him at the apex. The shock entered his body and flung him to the other side of the roof where his son was sleeping. Out of control of his limbs he crashed into the basket launching his son off the roof where he fell to his death. I wept immediately. He told me that God never talked with him much but that vision took on a whole new meaning of comfort after my boy's death. I realized that I was going to make it to eternity and that God one day would comfort me. I was going to see my boy one last time on this earth and then I was going to see him forever. Then he took out a very tattered piece of paper that had almost been folded into pieces itself. There were blood and sweat stains. He unfolded it and there was almost a perfect likeness of myself sketched in portrait. I was stunned. I said "That looks like me". He said it is and that child is my son. I was a bit confused but I had a sense the spirit was involved. I handed him the child and he took on the persona of a proud father and also the aura of divinity. He said to me, "Son, God was faithful enough to keep all that He had spoken to me. He told me about you 25 years before you were born. He knows all about you and you are in His plans like I was." At this knowledge I became like those dancing girls. I got out of my chair praised the Lord and danced the jig. I heard the man cough, I looked, the child disappeared and the man collapsed in his chair. He was gone and God had taken him home after keeping his promise. I took the picture in my hand and waved it before the Lord. I was not sad as this was the greatest sense of purpose I had ever seen. While praising the Lord I felt the grip of hands on my wrist and I was flying due west. In no time I was being dropped back into my cell.

I learned upon my arrival that it was Monday morning October 15, 2007 and Scott and I had court. We were beginning the trial. I knew that God had been involved in the back story and that I was never more safe in the danger I had to face today. Yes Lord you were never silent. From a baby's cry to mine you have always been speaking. I don't know if the event was a dream or real for the picture did not make my flight. Regardless God is in control. If it was real I have a new friend in heaven, but for now I have to encourage my friend Scott, my co-defendant, and brother in the Lord with one amazing story. A story as old as man himself. God loved us enough to die for us and to come as a dependent child. All our evil is covered by a love that is greater. Today we walk in that love before evil men and can feel confident. Even if we don't hear God's voice in our hour of need He is not silent! Scotty, a cigar aficionado just then said, "I must be ready to go home because you smell like cigar smoke."

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Black Out

Well the time has come to put away diplomacy and to unsheathe our weapons of war. I'm only talking to the few of you who understand. Our weapons are not carnal, II Corinthians 10:3-5, "Indeed, we live as human beings, but we do not wage war according to human standard, for the weapons of warfare are not merely human, but they have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every proud obstacle raised up against the knowledge of God, and we take every thought captive to obey Christ." The battle rages in our minds. The disciples when in peril on the sea woke the Lord who rebuked the wind and calmed the storm. A great miracle for sure that had them transfixed but also distracted from the question he asked, "Why are you afraid, why such little faith?" "Why" has been the question I have posed to your hearts all during this long drawn out battle. Do you really think the weapons of a moribund institution and a wicked coward are a threat? If you do, your faith is not the faith of Christ. Every kind of reprobate, faithless, self-righteous prig have displayed their thoughts on this blog and revealed their hearts. Don't concern yourself with them. Their misery is their existence and you will not be spending eternity with them or any of their ilk. We are about to cross that line where God chooses between His inheritance and the wicked. Let us all now put on the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness, let us shod our feet with the true gospel. Let us bring down the strongholds with prayer. This is what you need to do. I am going to wield my weapons and not return them to rest until our foes are vanquished and I can lead you to your spoils. Did you really think God would trust His plans to the imbecilic faith you read on here among the retards? No tit is our faith and trust in a God who rest during our great storms that always prevails. Awe inspiring miracles or not I have a job to do as do you. Now let's do it! You go to prayer, fasting, and praise and I will courageously do what I have been equipped to do. Yes I was called for such a time as this. This is my last blog for a while. Call it a strategic warfare black out. All of you have your orders and assignments. The enemy who studies our communication will enter the critical moment of battle blind, deaf, and dumb. I'm proud of all of you and know your support was essential for my success. Enough of words, let's go kick some ass!

I'll end with a quote from the Apocalypse of Baruch 5:2-3, "And the Lord said unto me, My name and My glory have an eternal duration; My judgment, moreover, will preserve its rights in its own time. And thou wilt see with thy eyes that the enemy will not overthrow..."

Inside the quotes II Corinthians 10:3-5
"Indeed, we live as human beings, but we do not wage war according to human standard, for the weapons of warfare are not merely human, but they have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every proud obstacle raised up against the knowledge of God, and we take every thought captive to obey Christ."

Cheer Up

As a man I think the greatest struggle I have is keeping my eyes upon the prize which is Christ. It seems like every time I can boast upon my track record there is a new trial to tempt me into despair or doubt. I know most of you find my faith encouraging and I am glad for that. The reason I share this with you is so you'll understand I'm not super human or anywhere near the Messiah I'm supposedly complexing over. I am like you all mere flesh sensitive to all my pains and heartaches. What I would like to see from those of you struggling as I is to reach for the high calling which is in Christ. I have found Him extremely faithful and concerned with my frailties. I don't find Him a severe task master whose burden is overwhelmingly crushing. I find Him nurturing me with little doses of hope and kind words at the very times I feel farthest away from Him. A sweet ole southern girl wrote me about her long 10 month struggle with her health. She understands what I am discussing here. Like her we will all make it to the other side of our struggles. Evil has an end, it is finite in nature as part of this finite world. God makes it clear that for every struggle He has provided an exit. I still harp on this trust issue because it is when the struggle lingers that in our faint hearts we look for the comfort of another God we can understand. This is the folly because as soon as we can understand our God we are the god. I can throw my complaint up to the heavens but what does it matter. My perspective is so naive I hardly know how to pray intelligibly. I have Fruity the great fruit inspector knowing more about me than I know myself. Surely my angry son is the product of my fruit when I had no involvement in his life. Without any facts I am known. I can thank the Lord in the heat of this trial when I have enemies on every front and evil intention with power and resources that I have a friend that has my care as His constant concern. You have this friend also. It is that friend that has encouraged me to protect all your interests against all the interlopers and to remain strong during all my suffering. Even that thought strengthens me because when I think that He loves you enough to look out for you when you don't deserve it and even when you fight against His blessing I am reminded that His love for me is great also. No matter my accusers whether ignorant children, toxic spouses, religious freaks, or a collective of lawless I have an advocate that exceeds them all. As I write this to you I preach to myself to be of good cheer for our redeemer lives and our redemption is near. Don't be fooled by the increased activity of the devil and his minions. They have been saying they can take us to trial a very long time and now we are coming to the end of their threat. It is no longer what they think they can do it is what they must do. Not much longer will the spectator be able to offer his worthless opinion. Soon history will speak the last word.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Surprise Example (September 20, 2007)

I have heard though I have not seen or read that one of my long lost children has appeared upon this blog with his angry complaint. I will address him privately but will take this opportunity to use him as an example since he felt obliged to share his ignorance.

Prudence and temperance are virtues that are being bred out of our society. Everyone who thinks they have a justified complaint thinks it a license to puke it out. Prudence teaches a man to register his complaints against the wisdom of God and to have a governor instead of a direct drive from his ignorance to expression. The Scripture says even a fool is considered wise if he keeps his mouth shut. This is something my son apparently hasn't learned and is a gift of his upbringing. He is like most on this blog who spout opinion which is all that subjects can offer. It is the object, God, and what He says that is truth. My sons anger is not even his own. He knows I have done nothing to harm him but having reports believed, which he can't verify true or not, he lends his emotions to someone else's opinion. Most of you have not studied the subjects relevant to The Dorean Group, the banking transaction, the government's claims or the trial. Your opinion is as erred as my son's and equally as foolish. Why is it in the two plus years I have maintained this site and the fight against corruption you have not been able to verify I am telling you the truth? Because you're lazy and a mindless follower. My son talks about the hard life he has as though it is a disadvantage just like most of you. This is retarded reason. A tough life makes you strong which creates greater opportunity. No, there is no comfort of the great welfare teat of government or caretakers. Perhaps most of you think my prevailing and my knowledge is good enough to deliver you. This is true in one sense in that my prevailing is your blessing but now you are still a retard with resources. How do you think you will fair in the ravenous world of business sharks? Perhaps my son thinks me being his ATM machine would have made him a champion. Champions have something inside them that is enhanced from outside influences not influences from outside that make champions.

I was taught to respect my father. I was taught that fathers are greater than their children. Fathers create children, children don't create fathers. Origin is the creator of rights, title, and interest. That is why it is your financial asset the promissory note. What rights does my son have accept those given him by his father? Spoiled rotten brats is what we've all become. This is the spirit of rebellion that is plaguing our society. God gives us life, originates us and we violently shake our fist toward heaven demanding our rights without the spirit of thankfulness. So you think my son asked God to restore our relationship? Don't think so. How about you? Have you asked God with a thankful heart to give you the faith to finish this trial so that you would become tougher and a good boast of Him? Do you even care what He desires or is it all about you? Is he your holy ATM that will give you wealth, prestige, and pleasure as a sign you are loved? Have you ever thought your idea of love and God might be demonic? My son doesn't know how I love him and the love he thinks I should give him I never would precisely because I love him. He won't learn that until he uses his ears and eyes instead of his mouth just like most on this site. He is an 18 year-old trained by a fool, what is your excuse?

This evening after writing this blog which apparently is timely, I received a letter from a client who stated that he took the 8 lessons I taught on the UCC to guide his education and eliminate American Express cards and Chase Visa. Those were not complete lessons and yet he found enough to discover the truth. While you sit around and cry, others are taking responsibility for their personal freedom and accountability to the truth.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Questions of Investigators

We are now two weeks from trial and the prosecution is meeting with witnesses every day. Most of these witnesses are clients of Dorean. The prosecution and the FBI are hired investigators in theory but truth is the last standard they observe. Our trial has now come down to no bank victims and just clients coming in to reverse engineer some possible threat of equity to the now absent victims. They will be asking you questions like did you get a loan from the bank? This is a question you will all probably volunteer an answer to though it is impossible for you to know until it is proven. Just because you received a wire and/or check is not evidence. What if I give you money out of a ponzi scheme that is really yours but you have been told it came from investment income? Does the check or money validate itself or is the accounting the truth? What they won't ask you is the questions of relevant facts. Did you create a promissory note? Are you the maker of this asset? Did you ever knowingly sell, transfer, assign, gift your interest in that asset to another party? Did you authorize the deposit created by this asset upon the books of the alleged lender to be sold, transferred, assigned, gifted to anyone? Are you certain that the alleged lender was forthright in their business dealing with you? Did they ever inform you that what they did with your asset is a trade secret and that you are not allowed to know?

Now I don't care whether you come in and lie, conspire with the government or any other evil. I told you long ago you were irrelevant to my strategies and it has to be that way because your ignorance would be dangerous to you and me if it was any other way. What puzzles me is why you wouldn't take advantage of this opportunity for your own personal growth. Question the investigators and see if they have validated your loan. Isn't this what you hired me to do? Has your goal changed or have you been convinced by all the fraud a loan existed? You will quickly see that with all the power and money these professional investigators could put towards this question they have not done the work in over two years. I suspect this is intentional! They will offer you opinion freely which is all they invested in obtaining it. Nowhere in the court processes civil or criminal or my dealing with the prosecution have they ever proven any validation of the debt. What I posted in the governments affirmations was my last attempt to verify whether these investigators were remotely honest or moron sucklings on the government teat. I'll bet not one of you used this opportunity to investigate your asset's handling, market value, or location? If you are ever wondering why you always end up on the short end of the deal here is a great example. Yes I'm here preserving your rights, title, and interest but you don't understand your own wealth? Will you ever take the responsibility for yourself and your family or will it always be the burden of someone else you can blame?

They Call Me Friend

There is a theory floating out there that Farrel, Dewey, and Bill can help me by their testimony. I'm certain that may be their intention since I do suspect them as friends. However what I suspect is a lack of wisdom. Their first mistake is making an agreement with evil on moral or ethical grounds. Facts don't matter and the truth is nowhere in the government's agenda. I picture it like my wife having a seductive friend always soliciting me in her absence. Now I continually inform my wife of this but she doesn't believe me because this has been a trusted friend a long time. The logic slips here. If wanting to prove myself right and a good husband I choose to sleep with her to prove to my wife she is not a good friend I have done so at the dissipation of our trust. It makes no sense. Billy used to complain about friends who seemed to leave him high and dry and did not remember how he had lent them money in their troubles. When he talked of them it was in comparison to his faithfulness. He perceives himself a loyal friend. Now I suspect he believes this but how can you be loyal to another if you betray yourself? These lost friends may have been unfaithful and ungrateful but how is that cured by self-preservation, for the love of self, money, possibly at the expense of hundreds of others who trusted him? How can he judge his faithless friends, by what standard? If he finds fault he condemns himself. The truth is they can't hurt me nor can they help me. The greatest they ever could have been to me was to live as great men which makes their friendship rich. To sell themselves cheap supposedly to help me is a personal deception like sleeping with my wife's sleazy friend. What they will learn in the end will be that because I didn't lower myself to help then I will be able to bend low to save them. That is friendship. Lending from your strength not your weakness. I love you guys enough to finish this course just for you. I'm taking no shortcuts, accepting all suffering and sacrifice not because you deserve it but because we are friends and that's what true friends do.