Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Do You Mind

I am going to address GR82BMOI and tcob247, not as individuals with a thinking mind but rather as voices of a giant mass of prattling goo. My hopes for the individuals should they ever appear is completely different. You got a piece of paper to wipe your ass says who? Attorneys (conflicted), bankers (conflicted), accountants (conflicted), judges (conflicted), economist (propagandist), businesspeople (serfs), Nobel Prize winners (you mean losers), why do you need a sanction for your brain? Why is it more comfortable to be an automation or a robot? You can’t even formulate a logical question because you keep replaying the software of your creator. Because you know I am a Christian man you think you’ll leverage me by your idea of what my virtues should be. I should forgive you for your ignorance, absolve you of choice, show concern for your need, have compassion for your suffering, and love you unconditionally. Well I won’t. You think you are superior and that the money you gave me was alms to a beggar. You have no morality to which I owe homage. You don’t have self-respect, how could you extend any to me? You have no courage, how could you recognize mine? You have no mind for ingenuity, how could you honor creativity? You only take orders and long for experts to give you direction, how could you fathom independent decision? You need your cracker-jack logic of money = greed, accusation = guilt, expert = truth, conviction = criminal, banker = lender, government = noble, uneducated = ignorant, damages = loss, foreclosure = defeat, presumption = fact. No, there is no justifying to the spineless the upright stature of a man. It’s like explaining distance to a snail that has no capacity to comprehend and nothing in its nature to make it relevant. I see your constant whimpering and whining like an abused puppy. Puppy dog eyes do not more me, perhaps your litter mates James Keller and Kevin Ryan want to hear your story. They have the capacity with all their understanding to blame others for their terrible lot in life. They know exactly what its like for self-immolation for the collective idea of morality. They abhor anyone not being an automation and hurting the good natured victim. I personally hope to help your prophecies come true. If your prophecy doom I want to give it to you. If you want court judgments, I agree. You want blame, I accept it. Call me greedy, I’ll oblige. You want me out of your life, my pleasure. Want me to be courageous and finish the fight, I will. Want me to not compromise, I will not. Want the full value of our trade, I will give it. Want to give me respect, I will return it. Wan an education, I will teach. You see, everyone will reach their desire, their goal. I know what all are asking of me and have the individual reasoning capacity to be all things to all people. I will hold you all to your choices as I hold myself to mine and that is the only honor I can give to you. I promise this, I will feel no shame, no guilt, no remorse, and no fear in the choices I make. You will all mind the outcome.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Utah Lingers (Post #1)

Well the quit has not yet surfaced and history will claim Utah as the insignificant slug of worthless delay. They I guess intend to linger in a battle over their head. This means it will take aggression by the feds to move them aside or my appearance in court which won’t be until next year. I won’t be attending the 20th hearing. They can continue their judicial masturbation until I’m forced against my will to appear. Then I will set the record straight. My damages continue and I will collect them. Time is my friend. I’m sure the feds need time to figure out the spider web of sticky truth they must avoid. A trial of lies takes some planning. Maybe this is Utah’s service to country.

The Enemy (Post #2)

At first glance it would appear the government is the enemy, but they are merely the effect and at best the most faithful agent of the cause. There has crept a malevolent doctrine into the soul of the American People. An illusion like a mirror which reflects the opposite of the truth, the reality standing before it. Morality is twisted into justifications of expedience. Take the story of Robin Hood, a moral story about a man who in force resisted tyranny and tested the looters to return property back to the victims. This corrupt doctrine sells the story as neutered statements, eunuchs to serve in the palaces of poled propaganda. “Prince of Thieves” or “Stole from the rich to give to the poor”. How do we want to deal with the masses? Are they welfare beggars, we’ll use the rich to the poor agenda? Are they in search of nobility, we’ll focus on Prince? Are they hard on crime, we’ll focus on stole and thieves? The masses are huddled like a giant shadow around the single candle power looking for moral direction and tremble in fear that the insufficient warmth and light might go out and they’ll be in the dark. A dark morass like tar that sticks to you not as an individual but as a collective. Brilliance the brightness of the individual, the purposeful, self-respecting, objective, virtuous, responsible is now a sin it shames our candle and we can’t have that. In expedience men of independence are persecuted, blasted in the media, killed or jailed. Not for truth but the reflected opposite. Until the brilliance of the individual, the American pioneer returns to lay stake or claim upon the land and is again willing to fight the savage or tyrant, we shall diminish into that social state of loathing until we hate each other and life. I am of the essence of Robin Hood and the story has modern players but your response is either truthful or a reflection, individual or collective, a brilliance or candle power, of fear or knowledge. Why are you being made to feel guilty for the virtue of property ownership and truth in contracting? All I can say is check the premise. “Want something for free” flickers out of the candle a retort from the banker to shame you for challenging or duplicating his action of getting something for free. How about using what you did get for free, your freedom and your brilliance.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Have you ever wondered how the wise are astonished by the fool as the fool is by the wise? The same set of facts is handled in diverse ways. My environment causes me astonishment all day. You hear every justification to describe the reasonableness of depravity. They couldn’t discover the solution to their problem because they are precluded by their foolishness to see it. To me, it is a microcosm of the entire society and unfortunately what I discovered among my clientele. I do not want you to be blind as the many fools that surround me. Read Tom Schauf’s books, read fed publications, read anything that will help you see the gleaming hope of victory. I can tell you that a fool’s hope is folly because they are destroying their chances by the very execution of their plans. With education you won’t be swayed by the baby talkers on this blog or anywhere else and my actions won’t be a source of astonishment. Let’s pull together as we near the end. As the Musketeers said, “All for one and one for all.”

Friday, November 25, 2005

I Can Only Hope (#2)

If Utah should decide to prosecute it would be my delight. They are at a much worse disadvantage than the feds. They are trying to make my product an insurance product because they don’t understand my bond. Its simple revelation will expose this folly. Secondly, they began their prosecution with a fraud. Not a good start rarely leads to a good finish. Thirdly, I’m certain they were promised some favor for a mere snatch and grab to get us off the streets, to now have them prosecute would spoil their simple role. Now, first a hearing I will not attend will be a dismissal or some other delay until one. I care less where I spend the time. One day, the right day, the evidence will be presented and my enemies will be shamed. The state of that day will have to release me. If Utah dismisses (90% chance) the feds will pick me up soon enough. I don’t think they can restrain their lust to destroy liberty and innocence much longer. I will keep you informed though I am probably the last to know.

Slow Train Picking Up Speed (#1)

On the 14th both Scotty and I were moved up to medium security from minimum. This is evidence of the fed case prevailing. The public display is all horseshit and we will soon be in front of the beast. I’m concerned Scott is like myself in that we are eager to find the cause of all our injustice. Ladies and Gentlemen, seekers of truth the lie now has a face to face challenger. No more can it remain the dirty little secret of gossip circles. Regardless of championing this cause I’m interested even as a bystander to see the results. I have trained for this moment and may the gifts I’ve been given and the promise deliver us all from the arrogant deceivers. This is the best information I have at the moment.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Slow Movers

It appears the slow movers will wait until their patsy, Utah, officially dismisses their case. This quality of people amaze me and that anyone would fear them seems absurd. They find their meandering way like cattle into the meat market of mediocrity. They leave no mark on the world and only exist as a label that retires to a bleached shadow from the radiance of accomplishment that glared at their resistance. Like placing one chicken in a fifty gallon pot there is no soup, only the faint evidence of a chicken in hot water. People with vision and a tenacity to build something, to leave a place better than how they found it have always to confront these self-haters, slackards, pricks like a splinter, who are noticed only for their short lived inconvenience to the flesh. If these were movers and shakers they would have noticed the nuance of liberty in our work and admired it. They are parrots who appear to have a human quality but only repeat the words of another without an original thought. A hundred of these fall to my left and a thousand to my right. Do you think it arrogant to state the truth that “average” in America is a moron and that achievers always must contend with the meek and minor of lethargia schools of bug-eyed humans who turn because the one in front of them did until the net of obscurity has captured the whole lot of them? No truth must declare that slow movers fear decisions which nail one foot to the floor while competence dances the jig of success all around them.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Destiny & Survival

When this story is over and it has been told what really transpired, all will be aware of the destiny I already see. Without this, survival even to this point would have been impossible. Presumption is I suspect the biggest enemy I faced. Friends and foes alike practice it. My foe to my advantage, my friends to my hurt. I could have never foreseen the evil that was unleashed on me in the name of service or kindness. Every arrogant ego exalted itself as a deliverer when none could deliver themselves from the sin of presumption. It is funny to me that people actually think concrete prevents me from thinking or prayerfully considering God’s desires. Funnier still is that naively they think that they will have superior wisdom without the courage that created the events. Many can build and a few can engineer but even less have the vision to change the world. Every craftsman I employed without my vision carved out a graven image to their own vanity and were offended I did not bow down to worship it. “Without a vision the people perish” and every assault has not clouded my sight. The only effect worth mentioning was the broken heart. Even that was healed by the comfort of destiny and the balm of survival. The resistance to truth is stubborn and can find its way to you in closer measure through an ally or friend.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What Effect

I saw some comment concerning the effects of our success. First off, I want to make it clear I am not one of those Christians who view the US as evil and our banking system as one that will collapse. I believe our success will clean up excessive greed and return a little prosperity back to the people. Ultimately, even if a full blown scandal (doubtful) should appear, we have a spin-happy congress that can minimize quickly. My only goal is to make it right for my clients and then hope we made enough noise to be heard. If they fix the industry quietly why should I be disappointed? Change is a hard thing to accomplish in a tyranny and a victory for certain. Revolution is the fancy of too few and the vast populace lives in the Matrix unaware they are the funding source of a machine that doesn’t exist in their controlled imagination. Principles and reason justify economic implosion but there are many other factors on a global scale to incorporate in an accurate equation. God of course has timing dictates that must be understood. That is an entirely different blog. Let’s not be too grandiose getting our houses back and a little economic freedom should be our expectation. Anything else is a benefit to those who didn’t enter the battle.

Monday, November 14, 2005

A Witness

I saw one comment where someone seemed to want to pint out what Scott was losing. I thought I would point out that Scott was losing nothing. Scott is a man of faith who has greater faith than I because he is going through this tough trial through all his fears and phobias and I am confident because I’ve been down this road before. His marriage was to a faithless woman who knew nothing of God’s ways. She was an anchor and her loss will mean smooth sailing in love and life for Scott in the future. His kids though dislodged and in turmoil, will learn that God is in control and that they have a courageous man of God for a father. This is another win in a lifetime. His house is the funny one. World Savings who was one of the big mouths in Alsup’s court was dumb enough to be one of the victims in our indictment using Scott’s house. Once we expose their crimes they will be buying Scott any house he desires and have their other problems of lying to a court and having an innocent man jailed. Hello checkbook! Scott is one of the best fiduciaries anyone can have. He lived what he spoke of, is honest, and is willing to sacrifice for the good of others. Anyone who loses Scott has their life diminished. Scott is a blessing wherever he sets his foot.

Friday, November 11, 2005


By this post I should be in California meeting the next dishonorable jackass in a black robe. I anticipate he will have no regard or care for truth as every one of his predecessors have shown. I care not and they can continue to view my mercy as weakness. I cannot lose and only I know this because the irrefutable evidence I possess is known by no one, not even Scott. It is and has been my endless source of confidence and can only be revealed when the wickedness of my foe is come to its completion. I love it when a plan comes together! Their folly is as they chase a presumption in my delight. Judge Alsup gave me the clue to their intention and I was prepared that day. Watch these proud men scramble when I expose their evil twisted morality. They are almost at the end of my toleration and at the center of the snare. Many of you will be fasting as you eat your words. The celebration of some days are worth the wait. Even my so called helpers and deliverers will have mouth agape because they did not prayerfully consider their roles. People are too impressed by their corrupt government as an evil man is blinded by his own thought a collective can also fall. Men without virtue are weak and the power they assert is vanity for one strong man can prevail.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


By this posting, early-bird DVD’s are shipped. Please post comments about the content. There is only one more thing I would like to add to it but that will have to wait. I will extend the early-bird offer until December 15. From that point forward you will have access to it by the webpage. It appears to me that the new people are a thousand times more diligent about getting things done than my previous helpers so my expectations of having a page up are greatly increased. Many of the offers I’m developing for this page are progressing. Perhaps a synergy of results will all hit at the same time. It would be nice to have something go right once in a while. Thank you all for your patience. I hope you all are rewarded by an increase of wisdom and understanding.

A Lesson in Warfare

Hopefully by now you have figured out that I desire to communicate and be as helpful as I can. Unfortunately, this is not always tactically wise. Last week I posted to send your quitclaims here, they have a notary. Well, the FBI, your friend and mine, sent a fax to Alsup’s order which is not a prohibition but can be interpreted that way by idiots which persuade government. Now I can not provide this service. There is still remedy but you will have to figure this out on your own because if I tell you, some jackass will attempt to thwart right. We live in an era where the outrage against morality is called law and judges are wicked enough to inflict penalties for truth. Judge Alsup is a fine example. I will meet others soon. I know you crave detail but I must look to win above that desire. I will say this as to a question I see floating around. The 600 is 350 with more to follow. My disclosure page will be their place to discover who they are. Until then I will do my best to prevail against our delusional sociopath.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Faith is as Action Based upon a promise, sustained in Confidence. 90% of it is courage, 10% is tenacity, and all the other super spiritual stuff you think it is. There are only 3 options for me: (1) Succumb to the tools of discouragement. These being endless ridicule, betrayals, unwise counsel, insurmountable obstacles, and intolerable personal sacrifice. These come from all sources and are encouraged by evil agents like the FBI. Discouragement is designed to take me out of the battle and to make me lose sight of the promise. If it hasn’t happened by now it won’t, leaving the only 2 true options. (2) To discover my promise is bigger than my enemies leading to victory; or (3) Discovering my enemies are bigger than my promise, leading to defeat. Most of you having no idea of the promise have no factual basis with which to merit your comments. It is I having the knowledge that wage my life on the size and strength of the promise. My enemies don’t know the promise, they only know they hate me for it. So the battle will take place and everyone will have their calculations tested and the promise will be measured by the result. My promise gives me actions of confidence.

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Messiah Complex

Oh how fools appear to be wise using terms and phrases superior to their intellect. I am no messiah nor do I have the capacity for the office. Psychologists have reduced the study of the soul down to the study of the mind and a pea brain at that, leaving them vegetarians of common sense being completely devoid of the meat of their subject of science. Nice little labels are applied to life so it appears to be a game of marbles you can understand. The banker condemns me from his ivory fortress because I was clever enough to enter by lifting the mat and using the key. The government hates that I offended its master and that I dared expose their conflict and propaganda without their permission. Clients sought me out for their own greed, others seeking someone to take responsibility for their apathy. Some think that the 1000 or 1500 they shelled out purchased my soul. Because I was a convict I surely have criminal intent behind my actions. Wouldn’t it b e nice if just the right label made it all make sense? I took on a fiduciary role which created a duty to seek out the best for the beneficiary whether they have the capacity to understand it or not. This duty can be selfless but never approaches messiah. Jesus considered His life a ransom for others, He thought He was perfect, He spoke as one having authority and if martyred would overcome death. You labelers call Him a “good and wise teacher” which is impossible. He was either a nut or who He claimed to be. C.S. Lewis called this the Startling Alternate. I have no capacity to be a messiah, my life having no value over your own. Because I might take honor in my duty can’t even give you a clear moral picture of who I am or what motivates me. I might even delight in your confusion, which might make me as evil as you and precluded from any self-aggrandizement. I am simply doing a job and you don’t know why. Let’s just leave it that way.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Song of Kurt

The Song of Moses of Exodus 15 and the Song of Deborah from Judges 4 were songs of victory. Victory is so close now I thought I would write the song of Kurt. Though a little premature and prophetic, you will see it become reality soon.

You, Lord, have hidden me away in the jails of my enemy. I was made the reproach of many. Unjustly I was accused of evils. I suffered betrayals from all who claimed friend. I besought you diligently with much prayer and fasting. I sought your mighty strength for the enemy was fierce. Your ear was bent towards me and your mighty hand was raised. Woe to those who bed with the harlot was your decree. The faith of your servant found its just reward. Promise finds its place in time and the enemies are bewildered. Every snare they have set caught themselves. Every dishonor they cast upon me has returned ten fold to their scheme. All honest men must look at my deliverance and give glory to the Most High. Your mercy has renewed my strength and set me above my captors. I eat of the splendor of the spoils. Thousands are blessed by the train of my deliverance. You are the living God in whom men can wisely put their trust for your salvation is as rich today as in ancient times. Your loving kindness returned me to the bosom of my bride and flooded the desert of deprivation with a river of thanksgiving and tears of joy. Though they hid me away I was not lost for you were there searching me out that I might know your ways. Robbers pummeled all my resources like an army of locust and behind them I was barren, but your creative voice spoke and nothing became the envy of the previous glory. Like Joseph I was exalted. Worthy is the lamb to receive glory, honor and praise for his mediation, undeserved, moves the heavens and moves my soul to adoration. He who sets the path of lightning, tells the oceans where to cease, heard my prayers and befriended me through His loving kindness. Great is thy faithfulness and amazing Your grace, for who can separate me from your love? The Lord reigns forever and ever!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Two Men of Courage

By the time this is posted we will be facing our Goliath. The giant who boast in a power absent truth. Scott and I are not experts in their field of battle or even worthy opponents. We do have truth and courage and faith. Each of us has put our life on the line on a promise. We believe he who promised is able to deliver, at this point it seems it will be without the help of men. Men greater than ourselves have found their refuge and shine as examples for us. If we are not delivered the promise remains. William Wallace accomplished his promise by death and betrayal, the promise in divine providence being bigger than the man. Regardless of the outcome, I can say I have seen the worst of people and the best. The staging is over and the weapons and champions are chosen and whether a season of freedom or of theft occurs is the result of this one battle. Together men in arms, I am proud to stand next to my brother Scott and believe some of you are aware of the importance of this moment in history. God grant us the wisdom to answer our accusers, the faith to overcome our fears and phobias, the tenacity to finish and resolve at any cost, and to be obedient. If we perish we thank you for the honor and if we prevail let it be obvious to all men that it was your battle and your hand that delivered. It is my blog and my prayer!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

DVD and Webpage Update

The promise of delivering may appear endless, and I must admit with the friends that were helping me, who needs enemies. I have done my best from here to provide these tools which is happening over every hurdle. The DVD master is in the hands of the manufacturer. I’m told two weeks from now they are shipped. Those who have ordered, please post your comments here. The webpage has been dislodged from those who had big checks they wrote with their mouth that their body couldn’t cash. The new party already seems 100 times more diligent. Their promise is 30 days. I can only hope this true. I know my part is always done timely. I apologize again and repeatedly for the delays. I can only hope the product is worth the wait.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Question of My Judgment

It appears some are impressed with Jackie Aldridge’s ability to obtain a judgment. Anyone can lie to a court and obtain one. Big deal! You think I would take on the largest, richest cartel and be vulnerable to the tail wagging the dog. The naivety of people amazes me. These bankers steal hundreds of homes from your neighborhoods every month with the blessings of the courts and the rest of government and I’m supposed to lay myself bare like carrion to be fed upon. No wonder some of you are so lame; you’d bring a knife to a gun fight. There can be hundreds more of these futile judgments. Ask her how much joy she got from this a year from now or two or five. Everybody call me crook or con-man and send your hired gun, agent, James Keller to prove it. If you don’t, where will be your tea-leaf reading, crystalball-quawking, zodiacal future enchanted idealism. Oh wise prophets, ministers of the obvious, sages of the tyrant, where will you hide your brown nose when truth has dislodged your bully? I did not arrive here today because I feared or relied upon the judgments of others; I tested my knowledge. Own it by experience and with courage challenge those who blabber without knowledge.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Of Right or Might

Here is the test again where men have comfort, convenience, or expedience to measure against truth. All complain about the shackles of debt and the unfair advantage of the banker, but none will turn their head from the glamour of this empty promise. The tyrant is always in a death struggle since he has not God or nature on his side. His offense is ever present and his only hope of non-discovery is to charm you into a slumber. Stolen resources purchase might, but can never obtain the power of right. History is replete with examples of men who know the power of virtue, the cost of freedom, and the inherent weakness of all tyrants: lust. One voice can avenge the tyrant whose deathly fear unwinds him. Success or failure depends always on divine providence and the coherency of the victim. Today Dorean called the tyrant out, sent a death warrant to his agents, and bugled out the revelry to all who slumber. We exposed his weakness, bore the brunt of his wrath and your opportunity to revolt to freedom is now. Do you suppose Homer Simpson will save you during a commercial? What is your hope, some act of congress? T.I.L.A. and R.E.S.P.A. were victories for the banker’s token gifts from their justices. Their crimes now limited to small fines instead of jury awards; bought another decade of slumber their greatest reward. Will you crucify us and ask for the murderer to be freed? It’s been done before. If we unite we can pry the bag of gold from their hand and return it to our posterity. Get a grip or let it slip!