Thursday, November 17, 2005

Destiny & Survival

When this story is over and it has been told what really transpired, all will be aware of the destiny I already see. Without this, survival even to this point would have been impossible. Presumption is I suspect the biggest enemy I faced. Friends and foes alike practice it. My foe to my advantage, my friends to my hurt. I could have never foreseen the evil that was unleashed on me in the name of service or kindness. Every arrogant ego exalted itself as a deliverer when none could deliver themselves from the sin of presumption. It is funny to me that people actually think concrete prevents me from thinking or prayerfully considering God’s desires. Funnier still is that naively they think that they will have superior wisdom without the courage that created the events. Many can build and a few can engineer but even less have the vision to change the world. Every craftsman I employed without my vision carved out a graven image to their own vanity and were offended I did not bow down to worship it. “Without a vision the people perish” and every assault has not clouded my sight. The only effect worth mentioning was the broken heart. Even that was healed by the comfort of destiny and the balm of survival. The resistance to truth is stubborn and can find its way to you in closer measure through an ally or friend.


Tony Tuba said...

Destiny & Survival? Kansas?

Destiny & Survival? Bee Gees?

Destiny & Survival? Destiny's Child?

tcob247 said...


But what did you say really?


Basically you said your cult is fallig apart
You don't trust anyone

No real substance here

Oh, I forgot there are spies out there

You should be free any day Kurt.
The court system and the jury will see the light, government officials will go to jail and billions of dollars will be yours

Hey Mogel
Are you going to take up Seen-in-utah's challenge?
Please do

Silent200 said...

Hey its Ben. Have you signed my grant deed?

hockeydonn said...


You've gotta be realy bored.

It seems like you are trying to lead your own little cult against Dorean. If Kurt, Scott, and Fred are such worthless losers, why are you spending so much time to make sure that you demean everything that he says to somehow make yourself feel better about them being such losere. Remeber Kurts behind bars and he isn't ever gonna get out because he's such a crook. Remember, "No real substance here." If there isn't why won't you crawl away on your yellow little belly and disappear into the brush? You are controled by what all cowards are controled by, FEAR. Yeah, I know, your not talking about fear your just talking about truth right? Yes, you are talking about true fear. Face the facts, don't hide from them.

If we who see what is realy going on tell you that we are all kooky fricken idiots will you go away?

You' ve said it time and time again. So, Yeah we're all a bunch of crazy lunatics who are headed down the road to hell. You don't what to have anything to do with us. You are much better off without us. Your the real patriot. You will be much safer and much more sucessful if you go do business with people who aren't liers and theives. You are much better than that. You smell good. Your poop doesn't even stink. You are realy smart. You will be able to get a bigger, better house and car without Dorean. You and starfish have it all figured out.

I don't mind telling you whatever you want to hear. I just don't want to read the highschool posts anymore and I'd be surprised if I were the only one.

To put it in lay mens terms,
Take starfish's example and


tcob247 said...

I'm hurt
I think I'm going to cry

Is this your first post hockeyfem?
You are awesome
May I put you on my Christmas list?

hockeydonn said...

Answers to questions from
taco(starfsh II):

1. NO
2. YES

Don't worry little guy, I don't think you will suffer for long. You'll be alright. I'm sure you'll be back to your loud mouth coward self soon. But, when you wipe those crocadile tears away, just think of the hate and distane that you have for yourself for being such a fool to not invest any effort yourself in your own future and rely on someone else to do everything for the poor little coward. That will bring the smile back to your face. I know you enjoy thinking of it because your always commenting on it. ho hum

But,good job, that short little response coming from such a big mouth was a great first taco. There might be some hope for you yet, son.

Yours truly,

tcob247 said...

This just in....

November 17, 2005:
Dear Dorean Clients:

Well it is time for and update to let you know that all is well and moving forward. However there are some changes you need to make note of. A major change is that all Quit Claims Deeds will now have to be sent to Kurt and Scott where they will be signed and notarized, and sent back to you. There should only be 5 reasons why you would need to move your property from the trust, those being…
To sell
To refinanced
To give at away
If there are none of these areas of duress going on then you should stand pat and do nothing. The programme is coming to a close and in short order you will be required to download the claims form from the web site posted on the Blog. Settlements will be made with all clients that have paid fees, filled out their paperwork, and prepared the claims form. The settlements are far greater then originally contracted for, than just paying out of the refinance, nevertheless the divisions of funds remain the same. The client shall be in control the gross payment. Your contractual agreement allows for $3,000.00 payment for your trust ($2,900.00) for those that paid $100.00 to receive a copy of their trust. 50% payment to the trustees, 25% to the agent/broker (variable), and 25% remains with the client. These are just and honorable payments and should be thus treated. However I advise that if you received no help or counsel from your agent or broker that you may use your conscience to whether they are deserving of payment. Remember the funds are in your control. It now is appropriate for you to put banking in place for the Family Estate Trust. If you need help with doing so please contact me and I shall aid you in getting your banking established. You will need the banking in place in order to move the funds in a secure manner, without tax consequences or other liabilities. If you want to educate yourself as to what and how this whole process works and why it works you should be ordering the DVD’s. They contain over 8 hours of pedantic training concerning the process and its law. They are still on the “Early Bird Special” at $70.00 however their cost will be $250.00 after December 15, 2005. In closing I want all of you to know and understand something that will and should be important to you and yours. There is going to be a “Public” perception of the Dorean process, programme, presentment, and its founders. That will be that it was and is a scam, unlawful, unattainable, not to be believed, and all lost and its founders were thieves. This will be nation wide. There is likewise going to be a “Private” perception of the Dorean process and known by about 5000 families. That being them walking around with a loaded ATM card in their purse or pocket with a smile or grin on their faces as a cat that ate the preverbal finch. And there will be no need for you or anyone to defend the Dorean Group as there is no group nor is advisable for you to peek out from under the rock you are nicely under. It ‘tis now appropriate for you to unitize your gain as a legacy to and for your sons/daughters, and their sons/daughters, and their sons/daughters. The following is from a stupid, uninformed, ignorant person that will still receive their settlement. This kind of mail is over 1 in a 100 of nice things said about Kurt and Scott.
Dear Dr. Fred,

I almost signed up to get into your son’s program,
& I am glad those guys are in jail, they extorted
a friend of mine when he wanted to get out of
the program for another $2,000 after he paid
$3,500 months before.

What a SCAM!!!!!

Please remember if there are questions do not hesitate to call, and any mail sent me would not be signed for.


Dr. H. Fred Johnson

Ace said...

tcob, where did you get that info from Dr. Fred? Is there a website that is working? I have never had an agent in this process and I have always had trouble getting information on the process. All I ever know is what I read on this blog.

Tony Tuba said...

Ok you can call me crazy again, but once again a significant event, date, or announcement has occurred by the swami and something interesting happens right away. Hence a day after the swami gets out of jail, dr fred makes a proclamation about money to come, getting bank accounts ready, atm cards, ect. Either the swami is an important figure in all of this or is the best guesser since nostradamas.

imbigo said...

I'm sold on the fact that you have nothing better to do with your life except bad mouth this process.

Stay tuned tcob my freind you'll have pletty to type, copy, past ect... real soon LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did you plan to gain from posting another mans words ( Dr. Freds' e-mail)

ooh yea like hockydonn said you need something to make your boring life more exciting!!! well have at it DUDE. (I ALMOST CALLED YOU A LOOSER, BUT I DONT LIKE NAME CALLING!!!)

BIG "O" 1+1+1=1


imbigo said...


Dr.F(r)ed_Up said...

This is what was being referred to when that post came out about Dr. Fred the other day. This letter contains numerous lies, as the money is nowhere near ready to be paid.

whataboutjere said...

And again from what authority do you make this claim dr fred up?

tcob247 said...


Dr Fred's e-mail was a mass e-mail. everybody who is in the process should have received one

You are an idiot


it came from:

Subject: Re: Updates...
Date: 11/17/2005 8:05:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
Reply To:

In the body of the e-mail it said:

Please review the attachment:

^^....An Improved Task has been spelling SUCCESS for many! @@@->
Check out the information that will unlock your door to SUCCESS and SAVINGS on all your loan challenges!..**...Mortgages Credit Cards Car Notes, and a GREAT OPPORTUNITY.
.----.... Call 408-866-8625 or E-MAIL ME!

Looks like Dr Fred wants your business

Good luck

Dr.F(r)ed_Up said...

"And again from what authority do you make this claim dr fred up?"

The authority that I am " dr fred up" to here with dishonesty.

WillToFight said...

Judge Roy Bean Care to tie the below information into why Dorean is a Scam and the Banks are not?

Taco Take notice you little yellowbelly!

With the Erie RR v. Thompkins case of 1938 the Supreme Court confirmed their success; we are now in an international private commercial jurisdiction in colorable admiralty-maritime under the Law Merchant. We have been conned and betrayed out of our sovereignty, rights, property, freedom, common law, Article III courts, and Republic. The Bill of Rights has been statutized into "civil rights" in commerce.
America has been stolen. We have been made slaves: permanent debtors, bankrupt, in legal incapacity, rendered "commercial persons," "residents," and corporate franchisees known as "citizens of the United States" under the so-called "14th Amendment." Said "Amendment" (which was never ratified - see Congressional Record, June 13, 1967; Dyett v. Turner, (1968) 439 P2d 266, 267; State v. Phillips, (1975) affirmed a citizenship ???????????.

WillToFight said...


Who Owns the Fed?

The Federal Reserve System prints $100 bills at a cost of 6¢. So who pockets the $99.94 profit?

Anyone care to answer theses questions. Esp. JRB, Neodomenes, SeenItSomewhere In Utah, Taco even you!

My 14 year old can answer the first!

tcob247 said...


I dont like anymore than you do you idiot. Who said I was on their side.
you are a fuckwad

let me ask you this

What are you going to do about it asshole? Storm the white house like star fish

What are your plans?

Tony Tuba said...

tcob247 said...

let me ask you this

What are you going to do about it asshole? Storm the white house like star fish

Now THATS FUNNY! Starfish Storm Trooper! Ha Ha Ha Ha !

WillToFight said...

Ignorance, Ignorance and more Ignorance!

Tucker Tuck it up your ass. Tacobell, cowards, cowards and more cowards!