Monday, November 29, 2010

Promised Affection 10/24/2010

I have been a consistent proponent of the faith of Christ. A faith so confident in God's word that I would choose it over live itself, God’s work is certainly trustworthy but I have discovered the course of its reliability. Every word of our creator is spoken in love. A true love that bears no false witness, a love that by its existence and character can only be reliable.

True prayer I've discovered is communing with God over His promises spoken. It is not a complaint from human perspective of the deficiencies of God. It goes beyond this reason to heart understood affection. Where love recognizes love and desires to reciprocate. Nothing can interrupt this prayer except confused affection. It is an easy constant if the heart can remain fixed upon the only appropriate object of its affection. The ultimate commandment to love God with all your heart settles in as the key to your developing being.

The promises set a course that this heart relationship will naturally follow. Awareness of the quality nature of God’s love infects your spirit with the faith of Christ which cannot doubt words uttered by this love. We know that promises fail but only if we neglect the means necessary to their accomplishment. Love, faith, and the hope they produce out of this prayerful communion can never fail. This is the example of Christ and why Scott and I have the courage to overcome the evil, God took notice of. I encourage you not to derail off the promised affection that guides you to victory.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 11-22-10

This still remains my favorite holiday. I think this remains true because it is the only holiday that celebrates an eternal truth between God and man. As I'm writing I'm looking at a postcard setting outside a prison window. To me the snow covered mountains, clans of regal evergreens, and azure skies profess more truth about my life than the iron in front of the plexiglas.

If a man knows God through the experience of a private and intimate relationship there is a chorus of praise invading all your senses concerning your beloved out of every circumstance. My spirit has been infected by the contagion of God's love. Literally an epidemic of affection has overtaken me.

This has formulated into a book I've called "The Perfect Bride" (an eternal love story). I've undertaken this project on the chance many are far too ignorant of our existence being created for pleasure. A pleasure that can only be known in the free expression of an intimate love.

This does not diminish the reality of the peril of my circumstance only the threat of its power to inflict injury. The Bible says "perfect love cast out fear.' This is true! Thanksgiving results, hope this overtakes your holiday and your life. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

FOR MY BRIDE 11-11-10

How fondly you reside in my remembrance
Daily my thoughts and affections are upon you
Yet you concern me with your fears
and how quickly you can doubt I love you

I know the chocolates get consumed,
the roses wither and fade
and my cards, letters, and notes are forgotten
Yet was it not love these gifts made?

Just once I desire for you to trust my love
to keep your eyes from darting away from truth
Put away your insecure lust for acknowledgement
and ponder how I have loved you from your youth

I have not changed only become more resolved
to imbibe you with the constancy of my care
Every hair is known to me, your every thought my own
my heart is your dwelling, my love is your home

Dare to trust me, enter my rest
lay your head upon my bosom, your fears upon my chest
for I have loved you with a holy love
that neither fades, withers, or is consumed

Friday, November 12, 2010

Life 10/16/10

Tell me what mind can manufacture a seed
What mind can comprehend a need
The gift of life is as spectacular as the event
And human toil and effort can’t recover what was spent

Dream big fragile man put to work your industrious hand
Still you cannot accomplish a feat as great as land
You can grow a thought into a plan
But you are still removed from giving life
Even the children of your love
Are the product of original love

Dust formed you dust you’ll return
What was the value of what you never could earn
Give it your worry give it concern
Take from the teacher all you can learn
In the end will you be like the weed
A useless product of original seed

Blossom now for a fragrance eternal
Commend your spirit unto the Lord
Give your life back to the giver
And no imagination can fathom the harvest delivered.

Regrets 10/16/10

Regret is not an emotion available to me. Its flaw being that it presumes God’s course and plans for your life are not formulated out of His love for you. Our root of sin causes our wills to rebel with the folly of this ignorance. When Dorean was formed the mortgage companies had a pristine reputation in the arena of law. Today this is not the case. Forty U.S. attorneys are going after mortgage companies for fraud. The CEO of Countrywide was just fined $67 million. The courts no longer can trust the affidavit of employees that rights title and interest were secure. Rulings are coming down daily that support and enhance Dorean’s position. We were about 7 years ahead of the explosion of truth arriving. Soon though it will be very hard for the lies concerning us to be sustained by the fraudsters who propagated and sustained them. Regret wants to look at the price. I’ve paid for truth and justify itself. But faith looks to the love of God and sees the justification for this trial. The test measures the quality of the deposits of wisdom, truth, faith and love given you by the Lord and finds them precious. A value far in excess of the personal cost. How can one regret receiving gifts? It’s an awkward emotion out of place propped up by lies. If you have regrets for your participation with Dorean you are blinded to the loving work God is doing in your life. Trust His love and put away regret it does not become those beloved of this Lord.

Tough Trusters 10/13/10

An ancient truth slips past another generation that prefers the ignorance of their progenitors. Distrust is the root of sin. The faith of Christ attacked and conquered this root by its existence. Many people wear the badge of Christian but very few actually receive the honor. The reason for this is the environment of trial. The test we face have the sole purpose of authenticating the faith of Jesus as a power within us. This is a power only made available in a relationship with Christ. In fact it is the dividing line between friend and phony. Christ uniquely displayed the faith upon the cross. Then when the root of sin was laid upon Him and the full measure of all human distrust filled His cup His perception as a man was dishonest. Look to His reference to Psalm 22. In the darkness His trust preserved and broke through to the light He knew to be true. The penultimate word of God is faithful because it is uttered in the ultimate reliability of the love of God. No distrust is justified. It is our trials that bear down upon us that bring our wills to the cutting edge of this choice. If we surrender our will to Christ His faith will triumph over the pressures to distrust. It will grab the reins of our will and attempt to maneuver through our perceptions we fail. We betray His love and friendship. Ultimately we betray ourselves and enter the stage of religious hypocrisy. We’ll bear the badge but not the honor. My delight in this Dorean trial is how it drives me further into the faith of Christ. The root of sin could not prevail over this power what can man do to me? No fear resides. Though my hope tarry it is still valid. It will obtain for this human what it obtained for Christ as a man. My progenitors Adam and Eve passed on to me a legacy of distrust but Christ gave his power to dislodge me from that bloodline to His. Now in every trial as the cross itself the faith of Christ outlives the death of sin. Forever this is settled in heaven. My many detractors are merely distrusters but the sons of God are tough trusters that make it through every trial. To m peers: “See you at the finish line.”

The Power Behind Faith 10/10/10

I have talked much of faith over the years of this battle. Its importance cannot be diminished in regards to a successful outcome. But somehow through their exercise I have come to see the real power that makes faith potent and that separates the real faith from the phony. The real faith is the faith of Christ. A unique and distinguished faith that rest in the fact of God’s love for you. Jesus as a man used this faith to undo the work of Adam and Eve. He struggled with perception made obvious by His references to Psalm 22 of His death. In this Psalm David contrast His perceptions with the precept of wisdom concerning God’s character. Christ struggling through His pain of perception in trust says “Unto you do I commend my spirit.” This is authentic faith that cannot be practiced without the love of God as its support. This example of real faith proves the love is real. The are inseparable. Coming to a true knowledge that you are beloved of God causes this faith to thrive. This love is trustworthy as a fact. A fact that can be trusted beyond the perceptions of our understanding. When enemies with the likes of the U.S. Government, cancer, recession seems to attack we are not dislodged from this great love. Faith is sound and we can allow Christ in us to exercise it the only way He knows how, “unto you (God) do I commend my spirit.” That is the liberating power of real faith settled in a true love.

Envy 10/10/10

Psalm 37:1 it tells us to fret not nor be envious. It is said of Queen Elizabeth that she envied the milkmaid when she was in prison. Being ignorant of her glorious 40 year reign that still laid before her was the silliness behind this envy. To me the children of God in Christ are far too ignorant of their heir ship and this kingdom. We envy beggars who have no hope of our inheritance. Judge Alsup has all the trappings of the son of power but he si merely an actor. His father of lies cannot leave to him truth. My Father of justice is not leaving His justice to strangers. Shall I envy this pauper because he appears blessed to the foolish? Do we not know how our Father works? Is it not the ox put to work in the stocks that lives longer and well? The ox put out to pasture seemingly in splendor and rest is short-lived. Their revered is their ruin. It is not the apparel that makes a nobleman but the pedigree of blood. How is it an heir can envy a possessor who will never hold the title? I was a trustee in possession of many of your properties but it was your heir that had all the interest. When title became an issue the law quickly dispossessed me of possessions and protected the heir. How much more is truth in the real law of the only King? Watch how the heirs are treated when the King demands their rights. Then foolish envy will be overshadowed by true envy, from real beggars.

Life’s Banquet 9/28/10

I have been delighted in my life a few times to sit down for a multi-course meal prepared by a master chef. Each course is delicious and has a tantalizing quality of expectation for things to come. As I pondered the Lord it occurred to me that as His beloved we should very much live in this condition. Eternity makes it clear that our Master in love before the foundations of the world set His heart towards us in full measure. Not one good thing or one precious delight is missing. Still as finita creations our lives unfold in the progression of days in a myriad of courses. Yet each course has been prepared for us out of the bounty of Christ. The downing of the new day should bring with it the appreciation of the fair set before us with the tantalizing quality that all the courses are for our pleasure. Can you live in this honest state of love or are you some bulimic so caught up in your appearance before this world that you constantly revolt with the vomit of thanklessness and contempt? I delight in the Lord’s table and I do not live by bread alone. Each day heaven supplies its bounty as revelation wets my appetite for more. Bon Appetit!

Giant Truth 9/28/10

Psalm 36:20 “The wicked shall perish…” I heard a lady’s testimony about how she so hated her rapist. She actually prayed to God that he would be raped and killed prison. She had identified him and assured his conviction. Eleven years later DNA proved it was another man she had not identified. The innocent man forgave her and she learned from her own misplaced hatred that she was the criminal. Yet Christ’s love displayed through her victim delivered her. Outside of that her error is equal to the righteous judgments of this world. All of it perishes. All of their puffery ends in a puff; their fuming ends in smoke, they make themselves fat and perish in their own grease. Consumers of the good they tried to be, and consumed they shall be. I wonder why saints trouble so much over the plans of the wicked. The Lord laughs at them. Their power is as strong as their judgments. Mere folly! I have never questioned the Lord’s care for me before this giant. There was a contrast in the David and Goliath story. Not between the boy and the giant but between the boy and his king. One saw God’s way and one shook in his boots. The Messiah was in the loins of David and in his faith. The dame remains true today. If you want to be a vital part of God’s Kingdom you must be confident in this truth, “The wicked shall perish…”

Writ Of Cert 9/24/10

The appeals court actions were intended to forestall my vindication. The next step afforded me is a writ of cert to the Supreme Court. My chances of getting their assistance is about 1 in 40,000. They only address constitutional issues which I have but that does not increase my odds much. I will try and post this writ because it will have my winning issue within its contents. The writ will be asking for a GVR back to the appeals court. That is Grant, Vacate, and Remand. This is just to restore the appeal that was stolen from me. An appeal which prevented me from raising any valid claim in the first instance. The attorneys forced upon us were part of the mechanism used to silence our valid claims. They put forth a silly argument designed to lose and precluded us from addressing the court with a winning argument. These are the tactics of an unrighteous tyrant. One a man of God should never fear. Regardless of their successes to injure Dorean Psalm 35 “The Dorean Psalm” already declares the finish. Above all things God is trustworthy. If you are at all competent of what the lawless call the law it will be easy for you to gain confidence in our ultimate vindication. The games length is all the battle embraces at the moment. This 1-40,000 chance gives me a time break or according to the odds a long delay. I trust the Lord. I’ll be finished when God says I am. I am content with this timeframe.

The Bargaining Table 9/24/10

One of the components of the Dorean Process was the adhesion contract. The bargaining table is where the parties measure the cost. In the scriptures Micah 6:6-8 the prophet is using bargaining language to measure the cost God is seeking. Bargaining is a language suited solely for this temporal existence. For who can bargain with God? This is the question the prophet soon realizes is futile. All pagan religions are trapped at the bargaining table. Forever they are trapped trying to appease the god of their imagination. Our wicked souls knowing we cannot remain true to any cause automatically conclude god intolerant and displeased. Then our imaginations go from small offerings to grass offerings like children depending on the perceived need. Ask yourself if you’ve bargained with God about your job, the foreclosure, your children, etc. When we do this we are ignorant of God’s commerce. It is true man cannot offer anything to God as Creator to appease Him for as originator He has title to all things. You cannot give like Robin Hood what is stolen and be virtuous. Micah resolves the nonsense of bargaining with God quickly. By verse 8 simply waling upright, contemporaneously with God is all you can bring to the table. All human wisdom ignores what was so simple from our origin. Adam and Eve walked and talked with God. A free moral agent has a distinct personality and has one original gift to offer that by its nature excludes all other offerings as an offensive fraud. That is friendship. God will take our friendship and the brotherly love until it blossoms into that greater absolute love. This is an adhesion contract that comes with life. Because you are you, able to contract, and individual only you and creator are the parties involved. Will you be honorable with the gift of life and befriend your benefactor, or insult Him as a thief and a robber. Everyone of you who copy software to more than one computer know the spirit that judges the adhesion contract unfair. Microsoft is not like God who can demand strict liability to the contract. Eternity is just the settlement of this contract. You were never possessed with the resources to purchase your life or to repurchase it when death made it’s claim. Only one could and He laid down His life for a friend. Now that’s a bargain

Scratching The Surface 9/24/10

In the Thursday USA Today paper 9-23-10 there was an article on the miscarriage of justice built into the federal prosecution scheme. The article only approaches the surface issues. The truth of the matter is a tyrannical government is devouring its citizens with a fraudulent righteousness. We are quickly becoming one nation under arrest. There were two institutions more powerful than voting built into our Constitution to protect us from such tyranny but we have abandoned them over to the creep shows who have stolen our government. These were the grand jury and petite jury. Each was to be an informed citizen fearing tyranny. Now they are only populated with sucklings who benefit from the government test in some form or another. On the surface this appears to be a political problem solvable in the arenas of rhetoric but it is squarely an issue of spiritual import and byproduct of a diseased heart. Each man has increasingly sought the proud path of individualism. Love of neighbor has fallen anemic in the lifeblood of this nation. Pride drives men in power to be robbers and tyrants. So goes the man so goes his nation. Not until the individual surrenders to God’s love in meaningful diligence will we see a reversal of fortune. I am glad for my unjust suffering under the tyrant for God has changed me to be of a different heart than our leaders. If me, I pray many more. May the numbers though never reaching a majority rise to that place where the prayers of the righteous avail much. I offended Mr. Alsup because I could prove his righteousness a fraud. If I am a voice in a thousand he takes no concern of my truth, but one in a hundred or one in ten and his ears cannot comfortably remain deaf. You won’t change this nation with your vote. Even if you manage to be a wise juror not duped by the tyrant you will have only saved one accused. But if you save yourself from the tyrant within your heart through Christ you will be able to lead this nation out of tyranny. May God enlighten you with greater care than He has myself. Eternity is the true measure of a man and nations are finite and temporal. But the love of eternity will have the effect upon temporal institutions. Our nation in pride has cast off the eternal causes the birthed her as have all the arrogant powers of human endeavor that ceased in the past. Our identity could be crucial as we enter the age of spiritual division. Time will soon divide on Christ and antichrist politically. That choice will come from the heart of the nation. Lovers of one will be the tyrants to the other perspectively, but in truth only one will be lovers and the other haters.

God Is Speaking 9/24/10

I recently heard a preacher (respectable) state that God has finished His communication with man and it is completed with the written word. As a conservative seeing all the loose cannons fostered upon us with the claim of God directed hearing I can appreciate that restriction. But as a believer I would be very disturbed if this idea was a fact. It would call into question some disturbing thoughts on Christ. His doctrine of groom and bride or friendship would easily become suspect. Take John 17 the Lord’s prayer. It is obvious that the apostles were invited in a very special relationship with God through a contemporaneous walk with Christ. The prayer also makes clear that his relationship is not unique to them but will continue for those who follow after them. How strange would it be for the groom to court his bride personally in the beginning and then leave her for the rest of her days to a literary love note? The Bible if not confirmed by the contemporaneous living groom is solely literary. If on the other hand it is sanctioned by direct confirming “Amen” of the revelator we have the reliable word of God steal that from the bride because of a few flakes and nuts and you have protected the bride by cutting out her heart. A foolish thought only though to be wise.

The State Of A Man 9/24/10

I have recently undertaken the nurturing of a few men. Shocking to me is that full grown bodies do not harbor men but mere infants. In my 36 years in Christ all my maturity seems so simple. My wisdom becoming more profound is more childlike. Yet, there is a scripture that speaks of putting away childish things. How few I meet today in grown bodies have taken this command. I’m surrounded by me whose entire being is chasing their pecker through life. I was once a studly 18-year-old swimming in a sea of testosterone but men don’t remain in that state. I used to steal as a little boy before I understood respecting others and their property. Man don’t remain in that state. I used to toy with girl’s affections to bolster my ego. Men don’t remain in that state. Men make themselves available in relationships. I used to take little responsibility for my life. All my concerns were about the now of me not the me of now. Men don’t remain in this state. God and my life were a concern of my parents. I was not a man accountable for my choices. I had a child’s body and a child’s understanding. My question to my generation is when are men going to appear? I’m nurturing men in the prison who behave in their understanding as children. Kids say the darndest things but they also make many foolish choices.

Candlepower 9/8/10

Many judge wisdom through circumstance instead of circumstance through wisdom. This habit leas to false understandings. Worst of all we get a false perception of God. Men in my circumstance feel they have fallen out of favor with God and must have sinned. Surely bad things don’t happen to good people. Those who judge me judge themselves as pleasers of God because the status quo is relatively easy. The folly of both these extremes is men looking to judge the character of God through the light of their understanding. It is God who illumines. How foolish to think you can light a candle to see the sun. The sun illumines itself and all below it. If we would use the light of God to view our lives every shadow of darkness and lies would flee. We would not be measuring our candlepower but rather His brilliance. I have confessed on this blog that I am pleasing to the Lord. My suffering is not because I am out of favor. It is actually because of His great love for me that I face this trial. My judgment is not by human candlepower but by the light of my beloved. It is not my measure of sin or righteousness but the working of God in me. He established Dorean because He is just, not apathetic, or silent. When His work is finished many will see the light of His countenance from beginning to end. The shame of candlepower judgments will evidence themselves. Though the burning embarrassment of finite flickers will have run their course. I will have tanned under the heat of a fervent love that caused me to rest in the storm.

Prison Continues Awhile 9/8/10

The harsh reality of my confrontation with this system is a code of silence. My trail had nothing to do with the facts. Many maneuvers were used to have an irrelevant trial that was merely a drama. The appeal was a continuation of this plan. The appeals court took the position that we were to be silenced. They forced lawyers upon us whose purpose was to pose a question the court wanted to answer but had nothing to do with the facts. The question was “how do we try guys like this?” This question has nothing to do with us in particular but more is a policy question. How do we try guys like this who represent themselves, are not psychologically impaired, and have some intelligence in the law. The reason this question was posed was to answer in such a way as to scare others from attempting what we did. It was not a serious question about how to give guys like us a fair trial or for that matter a fair appeal. It was a concerted effort to assure otherwise. Now robbed of our appeals it looks likely we have years to remedy their tactics. It is not a question now of winning but how they can tax us for our arrogance. Only men of Christ can garner a victory from this place. The selfish would break, cry, and surrender. Even when we are finally heard and it becomes apparent they will have to let us go they will do all within their power to entrap us into a loss or stalemate. As a trustee I must finish without putting my personal interest before yours. The price continues to rise but correspondingly so does the values. Most of you will move on certain victory will never come. All of you will lose interest. The one great thing about God is He never waivers or fatigues with His justice. His servants are renewed in His strength and will finish the course.

Dorean Is Personal 9/5/10

Difficult times like those that have arrived in the Dorean process can bring with them stubble and hot air to inflame doubts. Yet there is a powerful pronoun that applied correctly can quench all angst. Psalm 35 properly titles is the Dorean Psalm. IN it is all the truths necessary to address the consequences of Dorean. To be “hated without a cause” is a righteous suffering. Under this suffering there is no greater comfort to a soul then to hear “the Lord is “my” salvation.” To have this personal pronoun knowledge that the salvation of the Lord is individualized and particular to you overwhelms any fears your Dorean experience and muster. Your eyes are opened to see a love rarely known, a special care constant and available between lovers like lovers resting in a hammock, neither has a concern of ill will of the other. Any suspicion or charge is regulated to a whim of folly and given no credence. How much more should we like this Psalmist assure our souls with the fidelity of our Lord’s love? Dorean was a word chose for its descriptiveness and for its exposure of a corresponding truth that settles a soul in love. So though I did not wish for the full impact of Dorean to touch so many lives I can only hope that under the heat of unjust suffering all of you come to the absolute assurance like this Psalmist and myself that “this Lord is “your” salvation.”

The Last Word 9/2/10

There was a man named Stephen who was made a deacon by the apostles. A deacon is not an office of high honor but of high service. Stephen is mentioned in the Scripture in the book of acts. His reference is limited but significant. He was a brave man possessed with the truth. Intrigue of wicked men in power brought a charge against him. When addressing his accusers he preached elegantly the truth of Jesus Christ. Then he was stoned to death. His false accusers spoke but could not refute his truth. Killing him was their last word but his message did not die with him. A man named Saul who later became known as Paul the apostle was present for Stephen’s last word. Paul later went on to write nearly half of the New Testament. A man impregnated by Stephen’s last word delivered alive for all generations what Stephen’s last word held in essence. Stephen’s last word on truth has never been silent. To this day it emanates in hearts, pulpits, churches, and nations. As I fight for truth under the same wicked assault I am encouraged by this history. We never know when we will be defending truth for our last time. Each time has eternal import beyond our comprehension. By Stephen’s example I defy the wicked liars and hold out for the promise of fruit only the truth can supply.

You Be The Judge 8/29/10

Judgments have been rampant throughout this Dorean process. Judgment appears to be easily exercised but rarely trained. We all are victims of this wild dog let loose from our carnal nature to attack our neighbors. Is that the judgment we as sons of the living God are destine to practice? It is spoken of us that we are to rule the nations and to govern cities. Shall we lust for that power with the same malicious power consuming a Judge Alsup? Oh how foolish it would be to consider our judgments wise. Here is a thought worthy of thankfulness who is injured more he who suffers under injustice or he who practices it? I have suffered by not with the magnitude of all the wicked who have cast their judgments upon me. This is not a boast of my righteousness but an observation. If ever I was in doubt of my destiny just this distinction made within my soul by the working of God would be enough evidence to verify it. We are not to be apathetic, silent, judgeless bodies but distinguished. Our judgment is to be wise and not evil like the worlds. Those or you who judged me accordingly have not condemned me but found faith alive and well battling unrighteousness. Those who have judged me with adherence to the standards of this would inherit their judgments. Fear not the judgments of this world for soon, in due season, we who are being trained will be revealed as co-heirs with Christ executing His perfect judgment forever.

Great Expectations 8/27/10

I recently had two motions denied at the court of appeals. One was to move our attorneys to Amicus and to proceed as consul of record. The other was to reopen the appeal. They were denied very quickly. There are two inferences that could be made from this denial. First they were lost in the mail and when finally received were no longer timely in light of additional filings. Lawyers already moved off the case making us attorney of record. Second a motion to rehear arrived. This may have gained traction making the reopen moot. It has been 6 weeks for their consideration, which may be a good sign, at the time of this writing. If we’re granted rehearing I’ll be allowed to present many issues. There is only one issue I believe in the spirit I must present. That means I must waive all the others. All would get me out of jail immediately upon the ruling. But just this one assures total victory. The risk of course in this strategy is that its an all or nothing approach. If they rule against me I get to keep all 25 years with about a 1% chance of reversing it later. I am correct in argument but that is not a guarantee in this system. I must listen to God closely when the opportunity presents itself. Only a Christian man can brave these risks. If I prevail it will give me a platform in very high circles. If not, a small fry crushed by corrupt power. I will not recommend this course for Scott, but I suspect if he hears from God to brave it he will not hesitate. I regret most clients have little appreciation for the battles waged for their behalf. How much sweeter this journey would have been if all joined in faith and prayer to see God’s victory over a true wickedness that abused our generation. God saw the injustice. He was neither deaf to the cries of injustice or slow to act. He sent word to His children to act and to confront the wicked. Many heeded this call under pain of suffering to see God’s will prevail. They know that God’s way always leads to victory. The wicked never saw it coming because they don’t imagine a God they have to be accountable to. In the end great expectations are justified. The cost is a true measure of the treasure promised. Love has only one course and Christ was a perfect example. Use your life to lift those who were too weak to rise. A good pattern to follow in this system of witchcraft because they can never plot against decisions outside their knowledge. Love never enters the heart of a witch nor an understanding of the actions it will take. Love has all the advantage though it be cursed for it’s affections.

Dorean 8/21/10

As many of you know the name of our company came from the Greek language. Scott when studying the scriptures came across the meaning of this word felt it would be a good company name for the work we were setting out to do. The word, Dorean, means sovereign…free…gift. So appropriate to what we thought of our procedure. Yesterday I was a bit heavy in spirit because I spent the day in legal study. There is such twisted deceit in the practice of this witchcraft that when I seek our remedy I often come away filthy. Under this state I went to the scriptures for refreshing. I went to Psalm 35 because it was next in a chronological study I was doing. It couldn’t have been more perfect a word given at the appropriate moment. What was even more amazing was the word Dorean was in verse 19 translated “Without a cause.” This was a new revelation and not known to us at the formation of our company. How fitting it is now. We had no idea our righteous work would cause us to be hated by so many “without a cause.” But it did and God knew it all along when He named us. He also knew Psalm 35 would be true again for Scott and I. So my words of God’s loving care have another proof. Will you see Dorean for what it is in faith today or be a spectator of a work you could have participated in. You might be hated but its still a gift.

Broken Bones 8/15/10

The teachings of the person of Jesus Christ is a bottomless well. How true His words to the Samaritan woman that those who drink of Him shall never thirst. Allegorically He brings eternal revelation by His temporal bodily display. One thing true about His body was no broke bones. As I pondered my 36 years in Christ and my observations of others I realized that His corporal body never suffers broken bones either. Now the sufferings of the Lord were many and His children suffer no less. But this structural soundness through all suffering remains a constant truth. Sure there are bruises, wounds, tears, piercing, and heartaches abound, but there remains an unbroken strength. I have never seen any saint who trusted the Lord in faith broken by any circumstance no matter how cruel. Somehow joy is good for the bones. Has He also said smoking flax He will not quench and a bruised reed He will not break. We should take courage under the weight of our burdens that the strength of our being shall never be broken. The body of Christ shall always be a rigid resistance toward evil and have the strength to walk upright in His holy commands.

Unnecessary 8/6/10

Dante said the hottest portions of hell were reserved for those who in a time of moral crisis remained neutral. There is no scriptural support for this thought but there is an important truth buried within it. The Bible says we are to love our neighbor. This cannot be done with silence in a moral crisis. Dorean was formed out of Scott and I obtaining revelation of a moral crisis. I am amazed at how my critics can label me a criminal when they remain silent as to the fraud bilking their neighbor. Is pursuit of personal gain the only evidence to your neighbor you love them? Their loss or potential loss blind to your concern. Dorean’s message was for larger than one man’s mortgage. Can you even fathom the economic damage incurred by the families of this crisis? Economic is the most shallow concern because there are family separations, divorces, suicides, seductions into crime and a myriad of vices. All this escalating out of your silence. Prison is a system that completely functions on the silence of immoral contempt. It doesn’t work. It jus breeds perverts. Society at large should be greater than a failed experiment. Dorean is a long lesson but in the end it will be shown the sacrifice love will make and the power of the few who speak out in a moral crisis. When they steal form or kill your neighbor it only takes a moment before the proximity to you is realized. That is why Christians remain here after the consummation of their relationship with Christ. We are a restraining force of God’s mercy. The greatest voices in abolition, suffrage, equality, and other righteous choices have always been people of faith. They have the unique quality to suffer for another in grace and joy as their Lord. They know truth for truth knows them. They are not trapped by temporal ignorance and can reason upon facts larger than the problems of this existence. So let the fools mock, Christ knows how to love them better than they love themselves. No mother who earns the hottest spots in hell or who loses their homes to fraud this one truth remains, someone spoke out to say it was completely unnecessary.

The Good Witch 8/6/10

Jesus said it well, “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees.” Nothing has changed. Lawmakers, judges and lawyers have invented a system that burdens others with regulations they would never consider bearing themselves. This is a hateful pride and fraud. How we embrace these people in honorable company I cannot comprehend. I am surrounded by immoral but none offends me as much as the frauds who condemn them. Religious leaders who cater to them are aiders and abettors in their crimes. Not just guilty by associations but one advancing the crime. This nation needs a thorough house cleaning. The retards are running all the institutions. Shame on us Christians who disobey the Lord and use their courts to attack our brethren. We should never mingle righteousness in the courts of witchcraft. Far be it from us. Saul went to the witch at endor as a rebel. You do the same. Their little displays about concern of display of the 10 Commandments or right to life are merely white witch adornments used to deceive themselves. The righteousness and white garments of the good witches are not heavenly attributes. It’s time to declare the “woes” boldly in the streets. Cast them out of our churches, and stop embracing their fraud. They may own the world in their feeble imagination but I’ve only heard God promise it to Christ. Step up, step out, and get in step with the work of Christ for this spirited season. This is not a hate speech. The father of the prodigal loved him no less by sending him off into wickedness to dissipate himself. We must love these witches and reserve them to their folly. Separate ourselves and remain true to the truth praying and hoping they come to their senses. Was it you modern scribes and Pharisees the same living Lord notices your contempt.

Victory Assured 8/1/10

I should not have to support this statement with anything except an affirmation of God’s promises. If one studied the Lord this truth would settle in. Yet most men naively trust in themselves and judge events through their limited experience. Ignorance is not bliss it is just ignorance. Yet I would not have you be ignorant. As you know my connection was affirmed meaning all 25 years must be done. If this was the end of the story it would be safe to say that Dorean will never be relevant in your lifetime. But that affirmation was not the end of the story. It was the end of the government’s argument and power. They have never subjected me to the law only procedure that was intended to stealth us away from the merits of our case. This included a bogus trial, forced attorney representation, leading to an affirmation. As the Lord would have it He let them complete this course to their shame. The law made it clear they had a duty to reveal the truth but preferred the lie. Now we are back in control of the arguments. This means for the moment to attack them procedurally. Once we’ve cornered them they will be forced to hear the merits of the law. The Supreme Court already assured our victory as long as we finish the wrestle match of procedure. Hopefully we’ve proven we’re in this fight to win it. None of our conviction will stand. That includes every defendant. Of course that will be up to the others if they want to follow our lead. You will discover that our case will be famous within the system as to many issues but most notably in regards to the federal fraud statutes. God has answered my prayers. These statutes were criminal in their irresponsible application. Our case will assure that these wild horses are retired as gildings. This is just the beginning. God may suffer His servants but the path will always lead to victory. This government of pirates has been noticed by God and many righteous have been attacked. One of their best weapons being these vague fraud statutes has been extracted by the Lord. The funny thing is that the way He did it was to neuter it toward the innocent but left it potent for the prosecution of politicians. Ironically hilarious if you ask me. The prayers of saints and the tears of the injured by injustice have God’s attention and I feel sorry for the wicked under God’s intervention. If the people pray God will heal their land. We suffered but healing has come in the wings of mercy. Stay diligent and victories like Dorean will become commonplace. Fools mock if you will but ignorance is not bliss.

The Same Old Story 8/1/10

The devil is known as a wolf in sheep’s clothing this deceit consistent with his lying nature. Yet God though true is not beyond disguise’s for His kings are like sheep in the enemy’s eyes.

Led to slaughter silent and meek
the wolves of their father continue to seek
this humble foe who seems destined to fail
until God’s power and authority is revealed from head to tail

Victory assured by emperial decree
spiritual weapons wielded in liberty
break forth to capture territory lost
and wolves can’t count the sheep or even the cost

Still the simple traps laid in the wolves’ plans
become traps for themselves fashioned by the Lord’s hands

A Little Birdie Told Me 7/26/10

This is a nest of birds upon our recreation yard. They have yellow breast and a ton of feathers. When I see them resting upon razor wire, in flight, or going through the fence I comprehend God’s wisdom and man’s foolishness. Men within our government and within this prison are devoid of the simple truth that all creation was fashioned in love. A love that gives bountifully even to an unreasonable bird. How is it that man can breath, drink, and eat without thankfulness. Yet most do. As though they are just in making demand of God to serve their every need. We cannot fathom the heights of our arrogance. Scott and I may be as simple as this bird in our trust but wiser than all the sages who wax elegant in thankfulness. Why am I considered the fool for standing in the opposition of the power of these thankless arrogant men? There is a yellow-breasted bird who would never consider such folly as to advance their cause. A little birdie told me that God is trustworthy and I believe him. I will stand and continue to stand fearless of the fearless.

The Appalling Appeal 7/26/10

I can only imagine the crushing blow the affirmance of our conviction wrought on many. This word is a strange place unique within God’s creation. Here words can defy the truth of God with the appearance of truth. I’m sure an Appeals Court sanction gives that appearance. But there is no word that can stand apart from the truthful utterance of God. It may have a season for appearance while God test humanity but like all seasons their end is revealed in the beginning. As a matter of fact the opinion of the court does not finalize until it becomes a mandate. For us this is calendared about end of August. There are strategies currently implemented that will forestall this until a more complete ruling can be rendered. What this ruling proved is that this system uses judges and lawyers to fabricate and secure convictions. Your only relief can come from boxing them into an embarrassing breach of their confidence game. Lawyers won’t do this as a whole. It is now complete what they could do for us and for your interest. Now you will learn that your trustees were your true advocates and your advocates were your enemy. We still have a battle but fortunate for us this Supreme Court has come to our aid with recent rulings. Soon I will give you some cases to track that are procedurally ahead of us to allow you to anticipate our outcome.

Rejoice In The Lord 7/13/10

Psalms 32:11 makes its call to us to rejoice in the Lord. I understand this command as an important battle cry but not as a difficult request. For the believer there is no easier expression. Our hearts are in a state of perpetual and increasing joy. If one was to have a life like a boat at sea in tempest every undulation of emotion struck by the waves of change uncertainty, and peril would not dislodge joy from your heart. As I’ve grown now to be a seasoned old veteran of these waters I only become more secure in the promise of my vessel. To be in the Lord is rejoicing and shall forever be so. I no longer have to encourage my heart with this command for it advances by memory now. So many times the peace of arrival and victory over the storm have embedded themselves into my experience that now the heart arrives there before my body. This has been my testimony to you while it appears Dorean is sunk. God knows the day of our deliverance and the shores of victory that await us. No vicissitude of storm can move me, I hope it remains the same for you.

Which Way Should I Go 7/8/10

In the 32nd Psalm verse 8 it reads “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go.” John Donne the converted poet made some comments on this verse that bring out some deeper truth. There is much promise in this verse for every wayward heart. First there is the promise of God instructing men can teach but only God can instruct. The word translated “instruct” having a greater meaning of to cause a man to understand. This truly is the divine providence of God. Many a critic have fouled my person by saying I have no understanding. But my teacher causes me to understand. Unique about this relationship is God works as the teacher but the understanding id the work of men. A marriage that sets His kingdom to work. Secondly He teaches. A particular teaching as to the individual recipient and a teaching in the particular way to follow. Not the teaching of a guide by map but a guide on a journey. This teaching is not only to walk but not to stray. Being lost in this promise annihilates being lost in self. Dorean is a long journey but I am not lost nor is Scott. He who instructs and teaches has been faithful. Finally the verse ends with “I will guide thee with mine eye.” Ho how sweet it is to have God’s eye of loving care. This is the assurance we will arrive at our destination. Whether it be Dorean’s victory of heaven’s gate He causes to understand the way. Keep us in the way, and delivers us all the way. This 3 fold promise I have found true. Liars are easily exposed as not being in the way but out of the way.

Judicial Pardon 7/9/10

IN the recent ruling of the Supreme Court in United States v. Skilling S61 U.S.________ (2010) a very unique thing happened. I will call this a Judicial Pardon. This is not a power listed in the separation of powers but now a political reality. A judicial pardon is not like one from the President. His pardon is not incumbent upon the beneficiary to perform any act. The judicial pardon is more like a way of escape that requires the beneficiary to set his course through it or lose it. Skilling as a ruling was a political way of escape for any of the bankers, mortgage lenders, derivative dealers, hedge food operators, etc. IF they set their course through it they cannot be prosecuted. This ruling defied the traditional behavior of this court. A direction I believe politically motivated. One day Americans will wake up and realize the retards are running our institutions. So if you thought the wealthy politically connected banker would be subject to antifraud statutes as you and your children you now have a ruling to prove otherwise. So when they promise you “change” it is partially true. If they promise integrity, honesty, or righteousness it is categorically false. Power maintains its hold by the allegiance of deceitful agreements and that only God can change at the heart level. Until then the crooks will love each other.

I See You 7/6/10

Can a blind man know his wife? Even though sight is a very powerful sense its absence does not leave us with nonsense. Still we are possessed with the ability to know our beloved. Christ rarely is seen but is for from being absent in relationship to us. He can be known. He can be loved. I have not seen Christ once in my entire Dorean battle, yet, His presence has never escaped me. I have had the pleasure under the heat of battle to learn of me and to come to know Him. Many a critic as well as the enemy have no knowledge of Him. They make their judgments and boost foolishly. For if they knew Him they would never be as they are. It is a tragic circumstance when a foreigner professes to have intimacy of close relations with the one you know. You know them a liar before they finish speaking. Some of you truly know the Lord and have confirmed Scott and I are of the same spirit. Therefore you know as I am known that our hope for victory is not vanity. I know you also and fight to reveal in our generation what every prior generation knew; Christ is a faithful beloved seen or not.

The Voice of Relevance 7/3/10

Dorean was established as a voice of truth relevant to a deceitful mortgage industry. This has not changed by the concerted efforts of a tyrannical, despotic, economically conflicted, government’s insertion into the battle. Truth is not changed by force but is a force unto itself. Courage discovers this when time prevails. There is a timing in God’s plan that will honor patience. In the story of the Jordan crossing all the energy from the flood waters were heaped upon themselves until the last heel of God’s children left the riverbed. Scott and I are blind to all the maneuvers of God getting His children to their clearing but we are able to catch a scent of the arrival. This leaves us perplexed but not ignored. God is up to something and our faith can resolve itself to trust in the character and love. Laws that are immutable. ABC Nightline has requested television interviews of Scott and I. That means God has again made our voice relevant. From beginning to end truth is a course worthy of our loyalty. The liars will be exposed because it is a low greater than the powers expressed in the machinations of the wicked. Truth runs to embrace courage. Scott and I have braved the worst and now the world comes to us. They were deceived by the changelings while Scott and I remained constant. What we predicted came to pass. Not brilliance just truth. Will the truth set us free? NO, because we were never bound. We have only been incarcerated never did we bind ourselves to the lie. That integrity bought us this opportunity to speak with a relevant voice. That and the liars defeating themselves. For God we have embraced His truth at all cost, for truth we now speak.

The Blaring Trumpets of God 6/28/10

In the Dead Sea Scrolls there is a translated parchment out of the war scroll that deals with some of the rules for God’s trumpets. I found them quite fascinating. There were 13 trumpets mentioned. (1) On the trumpets calling the congregation they shall write, The called of God. (2) On the trumpets calling the chiefs they shall write, The Princes of God. (3) On the trumpets of the levies they shall write, The Army of God. (4) On the trumpets of the men of renown and of the heads of the family of the congregation in the house of Assembly they shall write, Summoned by God to the Council of Holiness. (5) On the trumpets of the camps they shall write, The Peace of God in the camps of His saints. (6) And on the trumpets for breaking camp they shall write, The Mighty Deeds of God shall Crush the Enemy, Putting to Flight all those who Hate Righteousness and bringing shame on those who Hate Him. (7) On the trumpets for battle formations they shall write, Formations of the Divisions of God for the Vengeance of His Wrath on the Sons of Darkness. (8) On the trumpet summoning the foot-soldiers to advance towards the enemy formations when the gates of war are opened they shall write, Reminder of Vengeance in God’s Appointed Time. (9) On the trumpets of massacre they shall write, The Mighty Hand of God in War shall Cause all the Ungodly Slain to Fall. (10) On the trumpet of Ambush they shall write, The Mysteries of God shall Undo Wickedness. (11) On the trumpets of pursuit they shall write, God has smitten All the sons of Darkness; His Fury shall not End until They are Utterly Consumed. (12) On the trumpets of retreat, when they retreat from battle to the formation, they shall write, God has Reassembled. (13) On the trumpets of return from battle against the enemy when they journey to the congregation in Jerusalem they shall write, Rejoicing of God in the Peaceful Return.
What truth I found consistent in all these engravings is that God goes to battle for the battle is His and victory is assured. When I think of the many phases experienced in this Dorean battle I can see where each trumpet was blasted appropriately. What I’ve learned in battle was the blast was evidence of the written promise going to war with the promises of God in your ear removes all fear and set a certain courage in your heart to join God with joy in His fight. My spirit tells me that the 10th trumpet has sounded and that the last 3 shall come quickly. The Peaceful Return awaits!

Ministering Spirit 6/13/10

There you are with your thundering whisper. All the world could hear you if they did not use their eyes. The truth, the truth which is the way to follow your declare putting your lips to the heart with your kiss of care. You made me hear though my soul was waxed with sin. You brought me to the banquet I was too guilty to attend. You pray for me that I might become a glorious bride and keep me tuned to your whisper as a faithful guide. Holy Spirit can I call you friend who has loved me from beginning to end. My boaster of Christ, God’s adored my giver of wisdom, and praising the Lord. How can I thank you for revelation and love who has descended on the sons of God as a dove.

The Other God 6/12/10

It is the proselyte of the other God that has plagued me as a critic. It is also the other God which deceives you. Now my critics are Christian-like in that they use the name of Christ to disguise the attributes of their God. But that is one of the most obvious displays of their allegiance to the other God. They can go throughout their entire life married, respected, a good father or mother, ethical and in all ways aesthetically pleasing. Because he be born in a Christian nation he has made himself familiar with the customs and traditions. This is far from following the way it is more akin to bring in the way of the Being that is the way. This person takes no first step but always observes the others to see if his act will be pleasing. Imagine him sitting at a meal he is not sure how to eat, before he embarks on the endeavor he will observe the others. Only upon their sanction will he move. My critics are Christian in name only because it is the others whom they wish to please not the Lord. It is custom they are familiar with not the Lord. It is their relationship with others that is sacred not the Lord. He bows his head in prayer and can even recognize God in nature when in the company of these who do, but nothing about him is original. Christ on the other hand is perfecting us into our original design. All our moves may be instructed by customs and tradition but our will will always act upon faith. Faith that comes from the Being that is the way or better said is the truth which is the way. No others concern us and because our faith is not of this world it will always be displeasing to the others. Christ remains always on offense.

Grand Weakness 6-10-10

I do enjoy my boast. But my boast has never been in my strength only my weakness. My enemies are far too great for me. My destruction is a certainty absent God. History tells us that the great king of Persia besieged the city of Edessa. The bishop seeing that all human aid was of none effect, and that the city would not hold out, ascended to the ramparts and prayed to God, making at the same time, the sign of the cross, whereupon there was a wonderful host sent from God of great flies and gnats, which filled the horses’ eyes, and dispersed the entire army. Who cannot be in awe of the powerful horses of the federal government? Yet I am comforted that God called Scott and I mere flies and gnats to turn them back. They have their boast for a season and the hope of eminent success, until that moment when God shows His strength through weakness. In an honest way I am proud to be a gnat. For how can a gnat rob God of His praises. Great men boast in their armies, revel in past victories, until God send flies and gnats to blind them. They have no fear of God or His weapons and laugh haughtily at his methods. But the fathom not their demise as they turn in defeat. The weakness of God is grand in its display as babies undo the crafty traps of the most learned strategist. Alsup rode a regal horse of institutional power into a swarm of God’s decree and cannot fathom what he should have easily crushed turned him to show his ass leaving in defeat. Praise God for His strength displayed in weakness. There is nothing so grand.

Appeals 6-09-10

On May 10 we had oral arguments. It is fair to say we get smashed. The only arguments before them were the 3 prepared by the lawyers forced upon us. I never sanctioned these arguments or participated in their development. They were the sole concoction of lawyers paid to keep us defeated. The only thing worse than an appellant lawyer is a trial lawyer. After their debate was over I have a path to regain control of the appeal. This has been implemented with a new ruling of O’Brian from May 24, 2010. I now have to submit a sentencing brief. Something the lawyers said cannot be done. Lord help them. This is not a brief that leads to vindication but makes clear that our case had a sentence range of 27-33 months if we were guilty of that indictment. This trims a lot of the fat off their theories and opens new avenues of attack. These updates are fast based but have little influence on m faith choices. I consider the work of God for more important than the machinations of a wicked intuition. I merely follow God’s lead and know that the end of this trial was fashioned with its beginning. God’s sanctifying perfection being the tracks to ride between them. The appeal in the normal course should take about another 9 months. That is if my filings delay it not.

Vindication: Lefty Or Lowly 6-09-10

The imagination of my vindication comes under question as to whether it exceeds or fails to reach the reality of God’s promise. I think this is a question ripe for all of us. In the pummeling one is tempted to forget God’s providence in all things. Likewise there is the temptation to forget His love, character, and ways. All my critics with their harsh judgments imagine God crushing me from wrath or righteous indignation. It is true a son gets beat more than the servant but he also has an inheritance. Love is the rein upon God’s good pleasures of His will. Dorean was and remains a righteous endeavor. That is not equal to Scott and I being righteous. As to Dorean we were good men, sound in judgment, loving in our effort. Where no man is free from wickedness is that private place of the heart. If God loved me enough to use this ordeal as a chastisement I mummer and complain not. I surrender to the perfecting work of His love. I am not condemned by this nor is the work of Dorean made unrighteous. The venom of the critics if toxic because it knows nothing of God’s ways or the sweetness of His love. It flows from inchoate theories and the sharp fangs of foolish ignorance. Christ did not call His passion the act of men or the devil but the work of His Father. Joseph did not say his trial was from wicked brothers but by God’s hand. Job said the Lord gives the Lord takes. But equal to this truth is the promise of vindication. When Israel suffered unjustly the bonds of slavery in Egypt Pharaoh became harsher with every prayer and hope for vindication. Yet the day came when this path led him to death by drowning. When Israel suffered the wicked sons of Eli and the philistines triumphed and took the ark the day could be no darker. Yet Samuel was there as God’s provision and the latter state was greater than the fullest potential of the former state. Sual worked into such a despair that he thrust himself, lost 3 sons and saw many killed. Israel was doomed to fall prey to the nations around her. Yet God anointed David and under him and Solomon. Israel did not shrink back in defeat but rose to its greatest state. It is not vanity to imagine that Dorean will have a future greater than the potential of the former state before it was molested by God’s agents. It is His way. The question is are my imaginations too lefty or too lowly. I read of God’s ways, stretch my imagination, and still sense its inadequacy to comprehend the reality of God’s ways. How about you, are you complaining or trusting? Do you think your involvement with Dorean the happenstance of fraud and bad choices or God’s providence? I know what I imagine for you is a latter state greater than the former. I’m so convinced of this I wagered my life upon its truth. Imagine that!

Fear 5-25-10

Fear is an emotion of great potency. It can spring on you as quick as an hungry lion. Any man honest with himself considers himself a coward at his care. There are times when the coward’s course becomes fearful and we as men appear to be brave. But a man in Christ is quite another animal. Christ as a man could find Himself in God’s word and it gave Him a special courage unique to Him and a gift He shares with His children. Read Isaiah 49:24-26 and 50:4-9. Christ was brave and had no fear of His adversaries. As a man faced with great adversaries I become shocked by the increasing armada of sophisticated weaponry that advance toward me. Yet the brave courage of Christ has held captive the coward within me and cheerfully and boldly sets my face like a flint causing me to advance toward the battle. If I am in Christ then the overarching promise of these scriptures cover the work of Christ in me. I will not be put to shame for He who vindicates me is near. Am I surprised by this courage? Yes when I consider of my partaking of this gift, but no when I think of the character of the giver. Christ has proven sufficiently that God is a reliable character and for those who surrender to His care become more than conquerors. I am learning more of the wicked power of my enemy and still find it a miniscule threat. My question to you is “how do you feel concerning your adversaries?” Is your heart that of Christ or a coward?

True Justice 5-18-10

The fruit of truth ripens very slowly. That does not mean it is not worth the wait. Once its been tasted all the instant flavors of fraud will not satisfy. Justice and truth are inseparable. If one seeks justice he is impatient, if he seeks it not he is a fool. I cannot make a fool’s choice but can admit to my impatience. Because justice and truth mature at a slow rate a man’s soul advanced very easily into impatience. Even against spiritual reasons this emotion will blossom. The word makes it clear that truth and justice are under the providential care of God and never neglected. Yet when His decree goes out instantly manifestation from the spiritual dimension to the physical factors in the many ingredients necessary to properly yield the crop of truth and justice. God is not slack with the truth of the Dorean process or late in delivering justice for its cause. It’s hard to believe 5 years have passed without receiving these exceptions But to be a fool and surrender my faith cannot erase or cure the pain of impatience. Not only trusting in God’s faithfulness will cure the impatience and taste of that ripe and divine fruit. Harvest time is nearing but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, nor become foolish. God knows truth and justice intimately. Better than we can imagine. Command your causes to Him and you will receive true justice.

Enough 5-13-10

Enough seems to be a measurement very confused in a man’s soul. The prophecy I’m relying upon might even be tainted by it. That concerns me as I pray through this. But one thing that resounds through the scripture is that God is precise with this measurement. I think of Jonah; being 3 days in the belly of that great fish. Why not longer? Why not shorter? Why not fatally? Jonah could never perceive the answer without revelation. He had no idea that this instant was a sign the Messiah would claim as a proof. A proof that had to be 3 days . I think of Daniel who spent 7 days in the lions den (Apocrypha). On the 7th day the King came to liberate him for God had shut the mouth of the lion who could not overcome him the 6 days of trouble. When is enough in this Dorean trial whether for me or the client? Do you really think you can calculate that measurement or do you trust God with His measurement? I have chosen God. I truly do not know when enough arrives but I am convinced that it is a fixed and precise moment completely known, measured, and decreed by the Lord for purposes greater than I can imagine. He has proven this time over again through the lives of those who trust Him. So with you I watch, wait, and learn without a worry or concern. And that is enough for me!

Myself 5-12-10

It is so easy to lose thyself in difficult trials. Yet if men would only learn God is always honoring the self in complete providence. There is a self we are called to be and that being can only be found in Christ. Kierkegaard identifies 6 ways one can lose themselves through despair in his writings on sin and dread. 1). The despair of immediacy. This person loses themselves trying to be another. Like they can change self’s like a coat, oblivious to the unique in each being. 2). The despair of possibility. This basically divides into two forms. The one who chases fancy and the other who chases misery. Both have a vain hope ingredient. 3). The despair of necessity. These are the fatalist who have lost God and themselves. Pragmatist in one sense and yet senselessly pragmatic. 4). The despair of resignation. This is those addicted to the cause of human fortitude. Desperately they want to find themselves but lose it in the events. 5). The defiant despair. This is the control freak who cannot surrender to the actual self in the circumstances but wills to be not their self in the recreation of events. 6). The demoniac despair. This is the one who hates the self and its creator. It prefers to remain in contempt so it can be a witness against God. I’m not certain if every man has touched each of these as I have but I suspect so since every temptation is common to man. What I can say is witness to you in your trials from mine is that God uses these trials to perfect the self. Each form of despair is a path of escapism. When you escape from yourself where do you wander? It can only be one of these variable deserts of despair. I have found a safe haven for myself where these temptations diminish. That is in thankful worship and communion with God. Here myself blossoms and perfects. I don’t want to be another but rather the greatest I can be. Here I find strength to take myself through the trials without fear or desire to escape. What I’m telling your is deep and yet a baby could learn it. Dorean has been tough but I have not lost myself in the journey. I have only become a greater self than he who entered. Exits always want to retard the self but pressing through is God’s plan for us. This is an unchanging maxim truth will witness. Don’t get tired of being yourself, you were called for such a time as this, and so was I.

Perplexity 4-15-10

We are not the first perplexed by the portents before our eyes. Ezra in the second book of Esdras chapters 4 & 5 tries to find answers. How our hearts crave understanding. Ezra questioned just about things he saw with his eyes but soon discovered the eternal instigations were for beyond his comprehension. Even when some revelations came time because the question I find myself led in the same course as Ezra. It is our human nature. Over the course of the events before me in this Dorean process I was exposed to much perplexity about the events and how they transpired. In seeking understanding revelation soon made it clear that heaven was about much greater business than my individual perception. Once this revelation came my conditioned response was “how long?” The answer I received was just like Ezra’s. When a infant has come to term the womb rejects it. There is a time in the events of God when they have ripened to full maturity. At that moment change occurs. This did not answer my question yet soothed my concerns. I will get there and the end is destined. “What about me?” Also inquires in fear of being lost in something greater. But that is not God’s way for nothing and no one is too trivial for detailed attention from God’s love. Revelation will not complete one’s understanding or alleviate the need for faithful trusting but that is a tremendous revelation in itself. Our beloved cores about us and handles His affairs accordingly. Most often for beyond the reaches or our comprehension.

72 Hours 4-30-10

I have not done this before but I felt a prodding of the spirit to minister to one particular client. Do not be shocked or even surprised at this. We are but one body sharing the same head and master. A master that loves His body as Himself. WE are beloved, adhered and cherished. What part of this body would not sacrifice itself for the benefit of the whole. This client, you’re my brother. You have seen me make my sacrifice before you and know by witness of God my calling is as much for you as myself. To that witness I speak in faith as the voice of God. You have hoped an enduring hope that I would deliver you from your economic hardship. I have sustained you like the widow of Zaraphath. Never one morsel beyond your need. Even now the lie hangs over your head that I have missed your eminent financial demise. Do you know me? Do you know to what extent I have placed my name above all others and as a witness to each promise? The devil has requested your last morsel for he swears by it you will be crushed and your hope proven human. But he does not know you as I know you. I have seen your faith and how you love me. This day I decree to you my resurrection power. You shall find yourself impoverished with no eyes of expectation wherever you look you shall see no help. I will speak to your spirit via this word that I am your help and those when the Lord helps are helped thoroughly. Within 72 hours I will come to your rescue and no longer will you be like the widow. Your drought is the day of God’s victory.

Hope 4-29-10

Hope really is a two-faced animal. One is the emotional condition that under girds human fortitude. Two is the by-product of faith’s expectations. As a man in Christ I am familiar with both and more than I desire vacillate between the two. As your trustee I have tried to suppress the emotional condition in myself as well as in the clients. My reasoning for this comes from my experience. The human emotion of hope cannot sustain the endurance needed to obtain victory in the battle for truth and justice we face. Nor was it ever intended to circumstances create emotional responses in every person but only Christ can create hope via faith. This is a hope designed for and conditioned by spiritual battle. Faith possesses certain knowledge about God that speaks to the soul truths worthy of trust. God’s character always advances its promise upon the soul via faith and creates a justified and enduring hope. A spiritual hope that cannot disappoint. It’s function is to escort you to the fulfillment of God’s promise. Its companionship proving vital. This hope is what I desire for you and encourage with my writing. Alsup may be a man possessed with much conniving power but surely faith knows that God is a God of truth and justice. Because of this, hope can have a realistic expectation of delivery and vindication. Most inmates have a desperate hope for relief but it is purely an emotion that dances with despair. Don’t join this dance, let faith’s hope guide you to declare the Lord. Remember that I spoke before the thing and that my love for you is proven. Testify to my glory and to my name. I will make you a voice for those wondering the dessert of despair. “Bless you my beloved!” This is a wonderful testimony about to occur, please bless us all on this blog when fulfilled. Thanks.

Brother Talk 4-27-10

I have shared my faith in trail upon this blog because I am not ignorant to the way of this life. For most absent any spiritual sense my comments are a waste of time. For a few it has been fruitful and that is to our mutual benefit. Consider this difference between those of the world and yourselves. Every calendar in every society goes from day to night except the Hebrew. God’s spiritual truth is from night to day. This allegory is not perceived by a world spinning toward an external night but should not be missed by those who bear a cross first. Jesus is the morning star. Life is dark full of suffering. But as Psalms 30 makes clear weeping may last for the night but joy comes in the morning. Fixer one may be suffering unemployment and trials that exceed human fortitude, but joy comes with the morning star. What a joy it is that creeps into our night with divine strength. Blessed men go through their valleys of weeping (Ps. 84) who find their strength in Him. My hope for victory seems so foolish to those absent a spiritual calendar in their life. They know nothing of victory yet are wise judges. They enjoy the day without a cross but how long will be their night without the morning star? Our way is from loss to provision, from death to life, from battle to victory, from night to day. Every other opinion is a lie and not the way of God or His children. They judge by prolonged circumstances that night will contain us. But they know nothing of Christ and His resurrection. No other fact need be mentioned though John says if all was written of Christ the world could not contain it. We have all we need to exceed and excel in every circumstance. The night has no power over us. When Egypt was is a darkness that could be felt they heard God’s elect functioning in the light and were glad they did not use this advantage to avenge their evils. Our walk confounds this world as it should. They seek the power of judges, the wealth of Bill Gates, the lust of Hugh Hefner, the advantage of bankers, and the peace of God’s children but as their own god they cannot deliver themselves their desires. God gives us His desires and has the power to deliver them. Likewise He has conjured our night with every promise and joy is our portion. So when you’re weeping look to the morning star as I have and boldly profess the truth about His radiant joy. Much love my brothers and keep the faith.

The UCC And Real Estate 4-27-10

I have viewed a debate here upon this blog and heart it many times over whether the UCC applies to real estate transactions. The debate is really superficial and only deals with affects rather than substance. I liken it to a change of clothes upon my brother. The UCC being my brother whom I know and am familiar with. Now in every state of the union my brother’s wardrobe changes but my brother changes not. In Florida he may dress in the formalities of a tuxedo. In Texas in the practicality of denim. In California in a technical outfit for hi-tech applications. Regardless the UCC remains the framework or substance that makes all the varied affects coherent. Every state of the union has passed their own version of real estate law. Also every state in the union modeled them after the secured transactions of the UCC. Both parties in this debate are correct and both parties are wrong because one is talking of my naked brother who never presents himself in real estate that way and the other only talks of his wardrobe while ignoring my brother. If you come across this debate again at this level ignore it, it is only a waste of time. If you come to know UCC titles 9-3-2-1 and possibly 8 you will always be able to see how my brother functions in every varied dress. While writing this blog I was sitting before a window steel-barred on the inside and rain dropped on the outside. Before my eyes rose one of the most clear and large rainbows I have ever seen. All 7 colors were easily seen. It seemed to rise up right out of a forest. Now one can debate about its illusionary qualities and the visual refraction of light but wholly miss its real import. God in His relationship to man used nature to provide convenient sign that His promise shall never be broken. Superficial debates only puffs up the fragile egos of the parties. Truth on the other hand affects a man’s character. The truth of the rainbow and the UCC impact my behavior responses and that’s a conversation worth having.

Dorean Committed Fraud 4-29-10

I have seen another debate offered by the ignorant which I felt need to address. Dan Benham was one of our brokers who took this position and expressed the view that Dorean was an honest process until it entered the refinance portion. It is another superficial debate entertained by those afraid to delve into the tough questions. On the surface it is easy to morally attack this transaction but that phase of our process was not a greedy or fanciful whim. It was thoroughly researched, tactically designed and executed. Still to this day I am not moved by this superficial debate. The truth of the facts has the impact upon my character. My general disgust with the American adult is they have lazy minds and superficial moral development. When they enter into judgment they condemn themselves and cannot find the reason to expose it. The Dorean process absent the refinance is where understanding must begin. Dorean placed Scott and Kurt into a fiduciary and legal position upon which to challenge a claim made upon the equity of real estate situated within the res of a trust to which they were obligated. The challenge was based upon the factual contention that the alleged lender was not so as a legal fact. Rather they merely used a license privilege through some banking charter to monatize the credit of the trustor and alleged borrower. The creator of documents in this transaction was also the keeper of the books and records. They contained the factual evidence of the transaction. The trustees were possessed with legal evidence only. The complete understanding of a transaction is a proper interpretation of both the legal and factual evidence. Anything less is a fraud in some fashion. The trustees sued for the factual evidence via an administration process designed by and consistent with the self-help provisions of the UCC. If the factual evidence was consistent with the legal claim the trustee were as bound as the real parties in interest. If on the other hand the facts were not than the duties of the trustees shifted to other legal obligations. Note that none of this has ever been (allowed) presented in any court in any jurisdiction. The refi is not a grab for money at the expense of an unwitting tender. That is a presumption never entertained out of Dorean’s legal evidence. Even if ultimately Dorean would challenge that mortgage it does not change the facts. Advance knowledge of legal process and factual probability is not a crime, especially when fraud is the basis by which they became relevant. If Dorean was a moral and legal process at its first phase it axiomatically maintains that position even in a refi. Any argument otherwise is a self-refuting contradiction. It cannot be right at one stage and wrong at another, unless the law or facts change and His behavior remains the same. Tell me what is the difference between the conversation of credit into real estate or cash from a moral, legal, or factual argument? Are the facts, law or ethics changing with the commodity? These arguments are ill-informed and silly. Do the homework and see if it does not impact your character.

Which Witch Is Which 4-15-10

Someday I will write a completed work on this thought. I am becoming more and more aware that the American body of Christian believers is altogether too infected by the world. Even the call to come out of the world is infected by blind leaders infected by the world. The best example of scripture I can see is King Soul. He was chosen by God but not by the criteria or desire of God. He was chosen to please the eyes and ears of a worldly people. To show them the predictable demise of their pursuit. It’s what I see happening today and I am brokenhearted over the church’s participation. Whether Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party or none of the above your vote is worldly. The philosophy that good people need to cast their vote to elect righteousness is a lie fabricated in hell. Only God can build righteousness and the heart of a man serving His God is the only one who can know how to serve his neighbor. The creeps running the government can never change without a new birth which is the provident domain of God. Further, supposed brothers came to court to testify against me. Even if I am evil where is their trust in God? Our court system is pure witchcraft. Never will you be able to surrender your Godly promise to a witch and have it delivered. Saul learned of this death by the witch of endor. Where is our faith? Even if this world steals your house through fraud are you going to God or the witches for your remedy. Let me explain further. Dorean was a God ordained venture. We enticed the witches to war by righteous invasion into their profits. We had no choice but to dabble in witchcraft not as our remedy but in warfare. As individuals our choices are routinely obvious. Divorce the world. In the larger scheme of things God hears the prayers of injustice and advances through various machinations of war. He will raise up a Goliath who is too proud to understand his demise. In these instances God’s rules of engagement can deviate from what He commands in the normal course of your relationship. Dorean did not seek witches for our remedy but were sucked into the coven by our stand. If it were a matter of just m life and not warfare my actions would have been governed differently. Rejoice that God has sent champions into battle. It is only proof He is trustworthy. When you are injured give it to God. He knows your need. Never go to these witches by filing or vote. The world is advancing to a destiny you have no part of. What concern is that to you? Fox News, CNN, Rush, are not God’s prophets. Obamanation needs a heart transplant from his creator. How are you going to assure that by the folly of the world? Yes holy leaders bring peace upon the land and evil breeds evil but that battle is the Lords. Pray, fast, prophesy, live holy and apart from this world and let God be God. If He raises up a Dorean thank Him for the gift and continue pressing for that high calling. A calling not of this world. Jesus died by political corruption and wicked judgments. Do you think He is blind to it? He overturned all the kingdoms of this world by the gospel message. Where is Ceasar now? Where is Rome? The righteous can still be found holding an office never given them by vote or delegation, it was a gift of God. The moral majority, the conservative right, the Christian coalitions are all a mistake. I truly like Francis Shaffar and his heart after God but his hopes to advance it politically was folly. Newt Gingrich is God’s man? Please! How about ethical William Bennett? God’s men are rejected by this world. They get strange commands that don’t tickle the ears of the populace. I had a magistrate name Brazil who claimed to be a student of the Bible. Yet, not only was his actions indistinguishable from the other witches they were more offensive because he was most deceived. The patriot movements, sovereignty, even the UCC are not holy. They are worldly devises to prevent men from seeking God. As you know I cam not ignorant of these devises nor do I promote ignorance but never will these arrest my hope from God. Do you read of Paul. He knew political and ecclesiastical law but that was not his message. He sang praises and jails were opened. He prayed and fasted and after shipwrecked and all lives saved the pagan chieftain of the island they landed on got saved. No vote, no planned mission, no moral contract. Only God’s work. The world is correctly interpreted as being in turmoil and Obama was right about brining change. Open your spiritual eyes and reason with God and I promise you what understanding you gain would never arrive by Hanity, or any self-righteous pundit. Cast our vote with God and perhaps He will show mercy and heal this land.

Jesus Is Still A Carpenter 4-15-10

Of all the professions available to a man I am not surprised god as a man chose carpentry. A God of love by His character would seek the edification of the beloved other. That building up of a spirit is well typed by our master builder. God was faithful to dwell in tents with His creation but only for a season. An unforgettable season. So much so that one of His mandated holiday remembrances is the feast of tabernacles or booths. During the millennium this celebration is obligated under threat of plague. God is serious about us understanding He is a builder. One who loved us enough to dwell in our wilderness tent but not contented to leave us there. When He had Solomon build His temple it was a type of the work He would do in each man’s life and with His church as a collection. (Eph. 2:20) The temple had 3 courts. An outer court, an inner court, and an Holy of Hollies. The outer court represents the outward peace He gives His children from their enemies in this world. The inner the peace He gives us in spirit and the Holy of Hollies the eternal peace He gives us with Himself. We are living stones in this temple still being built, His hands of carpentry are still laid upon us. Sometimes heavy and sometimes light but always with masterful intent.

Detailed Love 4-08-10

It is very easy in the contemplation of God to arrive at awe towards His majestic greatness. I was at this place when reading a Psalm talking of His power over the tempest. How He split the lightening and spoke through the thunders. Likewise I’m amazed at how the hand of God moves to deliver His elect. Faith seeing this character substance of God can have no fear of tyrannical federal judge or wild corrupt prosecutors. Does anyone really believe that Jesus delivered us from death? Death and all it’s cancerous tentacles that reach into every aspect of our lives has to be the greatest foe anyone can face. Yet, we tremble at inferiors. In the same Psalm it talks of God’s care to make sure the hinds calve. This point to me is the most startling aspect of God’s character. No matter how much awe is inspired by the vast look upon God it is this miniscule detail not missed by His love that overwhelms me. This fact alone makes me feel the safest and most assured. My need is not missed in all the machinations of deliverance. Dorean, foreclosures, and the spiritual welfare of every individual involved absolutely has a place intended in the love of God. All complaining is vanity and ignorance. Even when I speak of victory I know I am short-sighted because I have not yet grasp the fact that nothing is too trivial for this magnificent love.

A Truth That Will Snatch You Baldheaded 4-05-10

I am currently teaching a Bible study on how to relate to God. As with any relationship a study of how the other relates will advance your causes. One of the ways God like to reveal His character is through allegorical types. This has been our area of study for a couple weeks. Many rich truths can be mined from such a study. I think why God likes this style of communication is because it has the element of mystery. The truth is obscure yet easily understood by those whom He chooses to reveal. God could write His low in the sky, have stars singing His praises, heaven seen with the naked eye, and animals prophesying in every language, but mystery is a particular style that invokes trust or contempt. I am struggling with alepecia. Really a trivial disease that is embarrassing more than threatening. Yet it is no less a challenge to the promise of healing. A promise not birthed just for my personal benefit but as a type that enshrines a much greater truth about the nature of the creator and how He relates to us. Jesus is the focal point of divine and human relations. All religious deal with Him in dome form of debate. This is no accident. Christ intentionally made Himself an enigma to all living. One of the things history records of Him was Him healing of many diverse diseases. There were blind, deaf, mute, leprosy, bleeding, demoniacs, even the dead were raised. Now taken literally for what they were we still have a great witness of His miracle power, love, and interest. Who can deny the kindness and grace of Christ? But if we look at this entire set of facts for the allegorical truth we learn even more of the personage of God and what He desires to relate to us. The diverse sicknesses as a collective represents the fullness of our sick nature. Our souls are polluted by the foulness as seen by every possible facet. The mess of our being is greater than any single expression thereof. Christ using disease as a type wanted to show that He was potent enough not just to address a particular symptom but the cause in its fullness. No manner of effect from sin was exempt from His loving remedy. When we say “by His stripe we were healed” we are half knowledgeable and half ignorant if we only see alepecia as the need and restoration of lost hair as the miracle. I must trust for the healing not because of the promise alone but because it is the substance of the promiser, the promiser who desires a relationship with me. A party so lovely that every revelation of His character inspires me to love Him. Alepecia in the big picture has only come to inspire me to greater revelation. In that I am thankful. My silly baldness is making a name for itself as others take notice of it, but there is a name above all names who will make a profession from my illness that He is greater. It may be hair to the ignorant but in my relationship it is a truthful, faithful, aggressive and potent love. Hair to the king of kings or Hale at this point there is no difference. Be glorified!

The Heart Of The Matter 4-04-10

I have learned that the federal government is populated by the very cowardly individual. They have all migrated into a collective where they imagine their force is equal to courage. I may be what is called a dreamer but I imagine one man of faith who would be fearless can stand in real courage against their forces until they are unnerved and their cowardice is revealed. I can’t imagine what a group of faithers could do. I suspect they could lead this nation to repentance. I am not impressed with the constitution or the sentiment of Christians towards it. The holiness attributed to that document and the historical origin is merely fanciful. We as a nation were not founded out a relationship with God but in spite of it. Blindly we come into compliance with His plan despite ourselves. We have not matured beyond this state in over 200 years. Still we digress. Times are changing and time itself is coming to an end. Not like 2012 but like a birth. Real truth is crowning and a revival of hearts falling in love with their creator will bring on appropriate government. So much wickedness is now pawned off as righteousness today. All have lost their way. Faith should not be cast as a Republican or Democratic vote but as a prayer and a walk. We should not be afraid to expose sin, untruth, or wickedness especially of those in positions of power. They have lion’s dens, fiery furnaces, tortures, and contempt for God but God has truth, deliverance, and strength. Healthcare is an issue for a world out of fellowship with God. What matters to us, we have Christ and His healing. Healthcare will not purify a diseased heart. The treacherous heart is the weapon of mass-destruction. By it the government consumes its people. Our place of attack is obvious and truthfully at the heart of the matter. Don’t shrink back from the ridicule of fools, shoe them your power which the love of Christ advances. Our heart at a time our government can change back to a servant instead of a tyrant. I know my journey has been long and many have judged already, but how a man finishes is his measure. The cowards I encountered will have a sound witness to God’s ways and truth. I hope they take it to heart.

The Trusted Voice Among Many 4-01-10

“With secret horror I daily hear them blaspheming the ineffable gifts of thy grace, and ridiculing the faith and fervor of the godly as mere imbecility of mind. Exposed to such impiety, all my consolation, O my God, is to make my crises of distress ascent to the foot of thy throne. Although for the present, these sacrilegious blasphemies only awaken in my soul emotions of horror and pity, yet I fear that at last they may enfeeble me and seduce me into a crooked coarse of policy, unworthy of thy glory, and of the gratitude which I owe to thee. I fear that insensibly I may become such a coward as to blush at thy name, such a sinner as to resist the impulses of thy grace, such a traitor as to withhold my testimony against sin, such a self-deceiver as to disguise my criminal timidity by the name of prudence. Already I feel that this poison is insinuating itself into my heart, for while I would not have my conduct resemble that of the wicked who surrounded me, yet I am too much biased by the fear of giving them offence. I dare not imitate them, but I am almost as much afraid of irritating them. I know that it is impossible both to please a corrupt world and a holy God, and yet I so far lose sight of this truth, that instead of sustaining me in decision, it only serves to render my vacillation the more inexcusable. What remains for me but to implore thy help! Strengthen me, O Lord, against these declensions so injurious to thy glory, so fatal to the fidelity which is due thee. Cause me to hear thy strengthening and encouraging voice. If the voice of thy grace be not lifted up in my spirit, reanimating my feeble faith, I feel that there is but a step between me and despair. I am on the brink of the precipices, I am ready to fall into a criminal complicity with those who would fain drag me down with them into the pit.” Jean Baptiste Massillon 1663-1742 translated by Charles Spurgeon. In this quote I find a tre humility that seems to be lacking in the proud hearts of the super righteous that criticize my character. How quickly a tongue can be let loose to glory itself above God and others. Are we all so forgetful of our fragile place in the spiritual world that we fall confident in a foolish boast and cowardly to ward truth? I’ve made a stand against sin and though condemned cannot muster a regret for I do hear that strengthening voice and that voice has set my course. Yes I hear all the ramblings of arrogance but they do not steer me. What steers you? Can you identify with the heart of this author and the interfacing between him and the world? If not you are far too confident in your weakness.

Appealing Thoughts 3-29-10

I recently completed the supplemental brief which should be filed on or about April 1, 2010. This represents the completion of what we thought most relevant to raise. The appeal process is a very tricky process where one can talk too much. Literally an appellant without any argument from the government can affirm his conviction. A civil society truly would not promote a system like this. Those who say it’s the best in the world and think it fair are sheltered and na├»ve. But with the Lord’s help even two nobodies like Scott and I can prevail amidst the perilous traps. This brief was sent via email to the lawyer so it can easily get posted on this site if you’ll find it interesting. It is cutting edge at this moment. A timing I believe was under the providential control of the Lord. There are basically 2 arguments. The statute is void for vagueness as applied and a speedy trial violation on the indictment. Even Bill Julian could get his conviction reversed with this argument supplemented with the fact 1,349 cannot stand alone without a predicate offense. Unfortunately for Farral and Dewey they pled out to charges different than our indictments so none of these arguments are relevant. I sent this email to a few clients who can confirm its content and origin once it is posted. My opinion of briefs even my own is they are just a practice of judicial masturbation. Truth, justice, integrity, are not the virtues available in a system of witchcraft. Pretend, mysticism, conjuring of spells in the recognized language. When a favorable ruling comes down I can promise you it will have absolutely nothing to do with the merits of the case. That was Alsup’s job to obtain a trial irrelevant to any real facts. The appeal process is a separate bottle not about facts but procedure. Did we pressure enough error in the procedures to survive Alsup’s machinations of evil? We shall soon see. The oral arguments are set for May 10, 2010. The court can rule anywhere from 2-9 months after this date.

Democratic Tyranny 3-20-10

There is a folly upon the lips of men, that shows their foolish hearts. As though numbered crowds can decree truth, ignoring the lie made obvious in our youth. We are new among the living, yet, our eyes can see we shall not remain for there are more graves than houses for dwelling and the absent share the secret they’re telling. Death is the tyrant infesting the living and democracy is his voice for wide is the path leading to destruction while “the living” is a misnomer of seduction. Listen to the promises every election cycle, read the judicial opinion as codes, they are laws material benefits are given eternal significance by religious oration and philosopher’s wax eloquent on the meaningless meaning of life in contemplation. Death cast his vote upon every man and has poisoned all alive with his bitter sting, but one resurrected into victory and the few who claim their truth joyously sing. Sing of truth, of knowledge, and of all possession of life, sing of the defeat of the democratic tyrant and his strife, sing like a beloved, chosen, cherished wife for her husband is the giver and champion of life.

Another Victim Of Victor 3-09-10

Someone wrote that they lost their house to a Wells Fargo foreclosure even though they were making their payments. Also they expressed that they were my victim. I would like to say to you that your desire just to live a peaceful existence without any troubles is a utopia vainly imagined. First you claim to be my dupe and second could not defend yourself against an unlawful foreclosure. I am not picking on you for your state saddens me but you must recognize that in 5 years of exposure to myself and Dorean you have progressed little and your sentiments are all retreat. You will not find the repose you seek for predators will always find you. I do ask that you don’t give up on me so at the end when I am given opportunity to complete my work you will have saved all the information on what’s transpired so I can deliver you. I am not a dupe of the government or Wells Fargo. Each of them I fear none I respect their power and cunning but they have seriously underestimated Scott and I. I do not boast in us but I have seen what simple men of faith accomplished in battle. My prayer for you is that you will shun away from foolish thinking and ponder what happened to you in light of what God desires to bring to you. Then you will understand better where joy and rest can be found and will not see yourself as a victim but a victor. Please please please be a good steward of the records and I will use them with my victory to secure yours.