Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bargaining Table 9/24/10

One of the components of the Dorean Process was the adhesion contract. The bargaining table is where the parties measure the cost. In the scriptures Micah 6:6-8 the prophet is using bargaining language to measure the cost God is seeking. Bargaining is a language suited solely for this temporal existence. For who can bargain with God? This is the question the prophet soon realizes is futile. All pagan religions are trapped at the bargaining table. Forever they are trapped trying to appease the god of their imagination. Our wicked souls knowing we cannot remain true to any cause automatically conclude god intolerant and displeased. Then our imaginations go from small offerings to grass offerings like children depending on the perceived need. Ask yourself if you’ve bargained with God about your job, the foreclosure, your children, etc. When we do this we are ignorant of God’s commerce. It is true man cannot offer anything to God as Creator to appease Him for as originator He has title to all things. You cannot give like Robin Hood what is stolen and be virtuous. Micah resolves the nonsense of bargaining with God quickly. By verse 8 simply waling upright, contemporaneously with God is all you can bring to the table. All human wisdom ignores what was so simple from our origin. Adam and Eve walked and talked with God. A free moral agent has a distinct personality and has one original gift to offer that by its nature excludes all other offerings as an offensive fraud. That is friendship. God will take our friendship and the brotherly love until it blossoms into that greater absolute love. This is an adhesion contract that comes with life. Because you are you, able to contract, and individual only you and creator are the parties involved. Will you be honorable with the gift of life and befriend your benefactor, or insult Him as a thief and a robber. Everyone of you who copy software to more than one computer know the spirit that judges the adhesion contract unfair. Microsoft is not like God who can demand strict liability to the contract. Eternity is just the settlement of this contract. You were never possessed with the resources to purchase your life or to repurchase it when death made it’s claim. Only one could and He laid down His life for a friend. Now that’s a bargain

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