Friday, November 12, 2010

Scratching The Surface 9/24/10

In the Thursday USA Today paper 9-23-10 there was an article on the miscarriage of justice built into the federal prosecution scheme. The article only approaches the surface issues. The truth of the matter is a tyrannical government is devouring its citizens with a fraudulent righteousness. We are quickly becoming one nation under arrest. There were two institutions more powerful than voting built into our Constitution to protect us from such tyranny but we have abandoned them over to the creep shows who have stolen our government. These were the grand jury and petite jury. Each was to be an informed citizen fearing tyranny. Now they are only populated with sucklings who benefit from the government test in some form or another. On the surface this appears to be a political problem solvable in the arenas of rhetoric but it is squarely an issue of spiritual import and byproduct of a diseased heart. Each man has increasingly sought the proud path of individualism. Love of neighbor has fallen anemic in the lifeblood of this nation. Pride drives men in power to be robbers and tyrants. So goes the man so goes his nation. Not until the individual surrenders to God’s love in meaningful diligence will we see a reversal of fortune. I am glad for my unjust suffering under the tyrant for God has changed me to be of a different heart than our leaders. If me, I pray many more. May the numbers though never reaching a majority rise to that place where the prayers of the righteous avail much. I offended Mr. Alsup because I could prove his righteousness a fraud. If I am a voice in a thousand he takes no concern of my truth, but one in a hundred or one in ten and his ears cannot comfortably remain deaf. You won’t change this nation with your vote. Even if you manage to be a wise juror not duped by the tyrant you will have only saved one accused. But if you save yourself from the tyrant within your heart through Christ you will be able to lead this nation out of tyranny. May God enlighten you with greater care than He has myself. Eternity is the true measure of a man and nations are finite and temporal. But the love of eternity will have the effect upon temporal institutions. Our nation in pride has cast off the eternal causes the birthed her as have all the arrogant powers of human endeavor that ceased in the past. Our identity could be crucial as we enter the age of spiritual division. Time will soon divide on Christ and antichrist politically. That choice will come from the heart of the nation. Lovers of one will be the tyrants to the other perspectively, but in truth only one will be lovers and the other haters.

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