Saturday, July 30, 2005

“Perjury, deception: The act of my odyssey”

On July 26, 2005 I was in custody in the Fremont Court when I was called downstairs. Upon my arrival an unidentified FBI Agent met me. Who was handing me a copy of a Plaintiff’s Reply in support of Preliminary Injunction and a supplemental declaration of service by Matthew Ernst. In the declaration he states "on July 21, 2005, at approximately 4:00pm, I observed Inspectors from the Alameda County District Attorney’s office arrest dissident Kurt Johnson" and "I personally delivered to Johnson copies of the courts order granting temporary restraining order."
The Truth:
Mr. Ernst was the first to approach me and arrest me. He grabbed his asp while his female partner flanked me. Then he called in the Calvary. He flashed some papers in front of me about 15 feet away and said they were the above described. The lies sworn into the record are no big deal in the actual merits of the case, but reflect the troubling character I’m confronted with. If you will lie when facts lack merit what expectation of truth are reasonable when integrity is paramount? Perhaps truth is not the agenda here. You be the judge!

Write me:
Kurt Johnson
5325 Broder Blvd.
Dublin. CA. 94568
To be continued…

Monday, July 25, 2005

“Difficult But Going Well”

Well I am preparing to take on the legal system head on. It ’tis important to note that both Scott and I are the founders of The Dorean Group, but neither of us are necessary to its daily operation. My function now is to challenge the illegal assault on the company. This is a sufficient task for me to handle. The day to day operations are being well handled by a very competent and dedicated staff. I shall continue to update you as to how things are progressing with the case they have filed and any others they may plan to file. To the faithful continue to pray, to those that oppose us wait and watch the announcement of our victory.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

“The Desert”

Well I got moved today to a larger county facility. Both Scott and I are in the same place, perhaps we will be housed near one another so that we can work together on our case. Continue to pray for us!
I don’t expect most of you to understand this post, however it’s being posted for the clarity of my battle. I am 4 days into what I call a dry fast, which is no food or water, accomplished by both Moses and Jesus. It ‘tis a supernatural fast that proves that man does not live by bread alone.
"Matthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."
In the natural I will have about 14 days before I perish through kidney failure. Likewise in the natural one mans voice of no has no chance of prevailing, however in the supernatural the singular effort of tyrants shall not prevail. If I perish may the mark of history be that I left a sword of truth, for the masses to display and swing wildly for their freedom. If the LORD shows favor upon me the dread of my enemies will be reported to you.
Already I am being treated differently, while not being Miranda-Warned. Nor have I received any paperwork regarding my incarceration I’ve not been processed as the other inmates. I have not been classified and issued an identifying wristband. What do you make of that? You be the judge! To be continued…

Saturday, July 23, 2005

“All things are well”

The office is intact and still doing what needs to be done for the clients. Updates will still be given out both here and on the conference calls that are conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and twice on Thursdays. I shall gladly finish my task here, so please don’t panic, all is well and it shall get even better. This matter is just the remnants of the Utah, charges which are all but settled, thus my time here will be short, I am thinking not more then perhaps 30 days. There is a good chance that Scott will be getting out prior to me. Remember that this is an attempt for them to terrorize us out of business using the same tactics as those used by the London terrorist. They are also attempting to dislodge you from your faith and your goals by judicial extortion. Nevertheless my faith is unwavering, and I shall finish my course.
Thank you for all your hard work often with less then ideal conditions. Your loyalty and steadfastness has not gone unnoticed it ‘tis you that often give me a rock hard foundation to stand upon. You have yet to hear how important your roll in history has become. I promise I shan’t let you down but will finish the race, which likewise will bring you to your reward. You are greatly loved, cherished, and appreciated. Be it known that you fill this champion heart with all that is needed for success. To be continued...

Friday, July 22, 2005

“First message from the Graybar Hotel”…

The FBI and the District Attorney plus the local police arrested me on the Utah charge. Fear Not! Psalms 37:1. I have joined my brother Scott. I shall continue however to update the Blog by proxy. Contingency plans have been implemented, and you are still very well protected. The time has come for me to face the giant head on. I shall continue to keep you well informed. These "Blowhards" now have someone before them that they can’t bluff, and can pierce through their fiction. Please pray for wisdom, as that shall be appreciated. Of course my presents on the conference calls will be limited for the near future. Thanks again for all your support and I will be about my destiny, please do not be disheartened. The battle is ours to win I’ve put it all on the line. Let’s finish together! To be continued…

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Goon today Here tomorrow

Today our offices were raided by the Union City Police Department who are being coached by the FBI. The Goons have no respect for the law. They have made me offer after offer to go out of business and want to harass me because they don't like being told NO! You bank-ass- kissing goons need to go out of business. 2 FBI agents were present and 2 local DA's. They don't want to give their names because they don't want to be accountable. I spoke with the police officer who seems to think there is a valid warrant for my arrest. I informed him that his paperwork was not accurate because that case has been settled. THE GOOD NEWS is that this is evidence that the Utah case is losing steam and they can't hold Scott hostage much longer and therefore they need to harass, intimidate and create damage to get me out of business. Kind of sounds like the mob. This case stems from our private stipulated contract with the prior landlord who seems to think he can perform on our contract without satisfaction and accord liabilities. Dumber still is a DA who knowing that I have every right to settle my disputes and have already filed a civil case wants to over-assert and misuse his office to harass me with criminal threat in collusion with the FBI, Kevin V. Ryan, Judge Alsup and the puppeteers behind them. I've been around the block a few times nameless DA coward. Please go back to your risk management department and see if you can get these actions bonded. Oh yeah that probably happened already and now you are looking to capture my body to hold me hostage why you try and figure out how to get Union City and Alameda County out of the shit storm you are trapped in the middle of. You chose corruption and you will pay the high price. If it is not in dollars it will be a loss of respect of those you purport to serve and they will toss you off as useless amoral thugs. Let me make myself clear if you haven't got the picture yet; I do not get intimidated by bully behavior, I'm not afraid of your criminal threats, you can't control and twist the evidence enough to prove the elements of your fantasy charges, and I will expose everyone of you goons at the end of the game. Until then I will be here today and tomorrow for all you goons today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This is a test of the emergency blowhard system

We are running a little test. This is only a test! I don't believe the federal government can prosecute me because they have already blown the case with jury tampering, they can't prove criminal intent, they are violating their own codes and statutes routinely, and they can't find a banker willing to perjurer himself on the record. I think they know I will ask all the right questions. Maybe Kevin V. Ryan can answer the question why when a referral for criminal prosecution came from Judge (I don't want to hear the truth) Alsup he filed civil. What happened Grand Jury tell you to go get evidence? I will transfer my criminal case from Utah to your court and you can have at it! Of course you don't want to dismiss it because you blowhards have been libeling me as a crook for some time now and that is your justification of all your actions. What will you do with my test?

A shitty outlook

It appears to me that some want to have a shitty outlook about my process and my prognosis. Those who have never been tested by fire are hot with opinion but burn out in controversy. A fire can clear a land, and germinate the seeds, to create a fresh, new and vibrant landscape. The Mortgage Industry is a bunch of dried up dead wood that is cluttering the American hope and someone had to stand at the threat of getting burned and clear the land. There will be a pre and post mortgage industry after Dorean and that can't be stopped. We have already made our mark on history, only the acreage is left for determination. For those who argue success by the utopian idea of no worries you will never understand this company or its founders. Please listen to this sound advice: If you owe a debt pay it! We do not advocate doing anything else. For those who can see past the propaganda, educate themselves, and will sacrifice for truth, I will join hands with you. Don't talk to me about getting rich; I have personally been set back by this endeavor 6 million. I don't need client's money or this battle. Both are just. I've made sacrifices and my staff has paid a high price for the promise of truth. If you don't like what we do join the masses.

Friends: Please pray for Marcia who lost a 2 1/2 month grandson today. She has given her life for this cause and your wellbeing; she can use your support during this tragedy. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm a bad man

When I started this company there was a firm called Mortgage Alternatives. They had not delivered on one of their promises in two years. The only thing the client got was a never ending trail of emails and conference calls. If I am the cheat you think I am why don't I just follow a successful model like theirs? Two years, no government intervention, 8 million collected, no office staffed, and 3-4 people running the charade. With my knowledge I could run that program even better. Here's the problem with you naysayers! I have invited clients into my operation, to see for themselves what is happening. I have communicated as honestly and openly as possible, another criminal trait. I post bad new, good news, opinion, and facts. Disclosure is a duty in contracting and business. It does matter that the banks don't give it and it does matter where the money comes from because money, not words, purchases rights.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Temporary Restraining Order becomes Permanent

A temporary restraining order is a summary process which creates a damage by its very nature. Therefore it must be a bonded process. The normal venue for government to seize is to convict. If they seize including my commercial vehicle prior to conviction they are operating from presumption and damage. This is not possible without bonding, as per the relation back doctrine. When Judge Alsup offered me a commercial damage I responded with a counter offer that I would accept his damage upon a show of proper bonding and assessment. I restrained myself consistent with my offer to allow for a proper commercial response. The Judge and the Court are now in default and have accepted my terms and conditions meaning that I am not restrained. Anyone who says otherwise is not true to the record. If I am wrong then come arrest me for contempt of your order. I have again showed honor to these baboons and again they damage me and want to blame me. So now you know that the Temporary Restraining Order has become permanently moot.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Open Court

I have openly stated that I think Judge Alsup is a political hack, that Judge Brazil is a Jury tamperer, that Matthew Ernst is a coward and serf, and that the US attorney’s office is a political ass kissing organization. I wanted to take the time here to explain my comments. My first exposure to Judge Alsup was when we used an attorney to bring a civil complaint against some banks. The attorney was sanctioned for bringing arguments before the court which were already settled as a matter of law. We did not know this nor were these arguments the basis of our business model. Seeing the courts behavior we elected to dismiss all our cases and to revisit the strategy. At the court’s own motion the Judge reopened all the cases to insert an opinion that was based on merely presupposition and the idea collected from the internet interpreted by the bank’s laywer. I offered explanation to which Judge Alsup recommended I be silent since he was going to refer me for criminal prosecution. How do you deal with this kind of nonsense? When I realized that his opinion was for the shear political effect and for the purpose of commercial contamination so they could put me out of business then I understood the Judge was misusing his office for a political agenda. This type of man is a coward and needs to lose the very office he has no respect for. His grand idea didn’t come to pass to no surprise because the man thought his imagination of the facts was fact. After the search and seizure warrants collected all our documents facts were now in their possession that clearly showed Judge Alsup did know his ass from a hole in the ground when it came to banking or business. Now that they have found that I have been honorable in all my affairs do you think they would quit? NO! That would be the right thing to do but not what a hack would do. Now he appears again with a civil charge to put me out of business with the same old rhetoric of criminal conduct as his basis. Come on Judge if you have any nuts under that dress put your money where your mouth is. I will even help you bring me to trial as a crook. You and I both know you can’t do it because even with your corrupt machine there is too much evidence in the public record which you can’t control that contradicts your presumption. Next was Judge Brazil out of Oakland who allowed the US attorney the extraordinary measure of striking evidence from the record. This is a judge who doesn’t mind tampering with evidence to assist in the political agenda. Another coward! I will give him this kudos that when I caught him in the act he didn’t pursue it any further and wanted out of the action. Matthew Ernst FBI investigator extraordinaire has set his face like a flint to his own destruction. I can tell by his questions and understanding he can’t balance his check book more or less than understanding the evidence he has taken in. I am delighted to have my fate rest in the hands of such incompetence. You have thought of every way you can to cheat in process, rob the people of a legitimate service, and hope for the promotion at the end of the brown-nosing. The US attorney can’t really turn down an idiot judge’s referral but still they can stand on truth and not buy into the political ass kissing they were invited into. Destroying two lives and a legitimate business is so much more honorable. The average person is above this kind of moral depravation as a young child. People we do not have to fear these shallow, amoral, cowards. None of them can light a candle to one man who lives in his manhood or to one child who understood stealing was wrong. May they all remain confused and continue their pursuit of an agenda completely against their oaths, their nation, and the people until they reach their just reward of excommunication.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

A world of pansies

It appears to me that people function from a simple ideology that "Good things happen to good people", "If you're meeting resistance you must be wrong", "I'm from the government I'm here to help". Anyone who has contented with truth in any field of life will tell you that it has always cost them a battle and a test of courage. It is a world of pansies that thinks truth resides on the flowery path where all the senses are carressed with satisfaction. Even some of my clients think that they can pass off personal accountablity and resonsibilty for their own wellbeing for the thousand dollar fee we charge. It is not by accident that we as a people have fallen prey to this nightmare of theft. Pansies can't resist a stiff wind how can they protect against the onslought of greed? You have two champions that is true but your ideology is what you live with and die with. We weren't born with this knowledge and obtained it in normal fashion of study. Who among you can't read, write, listen, or watch? Do the homework and help us help you. To that end our disclosure page with legal training will be up in about 10 days, stay in touch!

Friday, July 15, 2005

What's it all about

The Dorean Group was not the original to discover the truth about banking, but did draw a line in the sand on the issue. Is it true it has always been this way so what's the problem? The answer is the power to make it this way has been available for 95 years, but the changes in the mortgage industry have been incrementally regressive in the last two generations. Legal reasoning has developed on a separate track than the banker’s greed and now there is a direct conflict and enough statute to clearly be violated by the normal transaction. It is a wicked web but the pattern has been identified and mapped out by better men than us. People of normal education can now see that they are being ripped-off. Dorean merely added resources not normally available to the average person to enhance the challenge. Most people can't borrow twice the amount of their mortgage to bond their challenge, can't find help outside the jurisdiction of the banker's protectionist regime called government, and the courage to stand up to the bully. We brought this on a service contract to "Joe Americana" for a fighting chance. The reason we are still here, are being hounded and the story isn't over is because we did fight, we did stand, we did invest, we did educate, and we brought the truth. Neither of us is lettered with degrees or is rich with political influence, but those who are still sitting idly by while the wealth and substance of this great land are being siphoned off by fraud haven't raised a finger. When was the right time to make a stand? Yesterday! I can't answer for the past but I'm here now and my voice is saying one thing clearly, "No more fraud".

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Dorean Story is Over

I recently read a quote "The Dorean Story is Over" I must admit this is partially true. Not in the termination sense but in a transition sense. The story is about to change. All the fuel behind the naysayer and the government is criminal. It will be IMPOSSIBLE for this to become a reality. I am about to prove this absolutely in the next month. What will their fall back position be since they have committed to this certainty which is a fiction? North Carolina Attorney General has taken a crack at us and so has Utah. I want the other 48 to pay attention to the filings in these 2 cases this next week and if you want some of this come forward. I have had it with your blowhard political ass-kissing brand of justice. (Just us) No one will be able to convict. Time is my friend not theirs, the longer they can't deliver on their promise of making me a crook the more their rhetoric becomes absurd. Everyone needs to stay on top of all the cases attached to our company because you are about to get a lesson on the old rope a dope. We never intended to quit or lose this battle. People won't defend themselves until a champion appears that gives them a fighting chance. The Dorean Group will be that Champion in history and now is the time for you to rise up as a people and tell your captors we are finished with the story, as you know it, we are writing our own ending.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Am I a lone voice

It appears the people are waking up to the ridicules agenda of the bankers. Could it be Dorean just needs to hold ground a little longer for the house of cards to come falling down? Remember it is people who can say no to men in black dresses and they will have no power to corrupt justice. I am saying no to Judge Alsup! Here is a link to some others saying no. Will you join them? I hope the swell of voices begins to scare these thieves away from the no longer easy prey. We are about finished our race and we have set a great foundation for all to hold and we as a people will see the fruit of our labor in our hands again.

Keep in touch

Scott would love to hear from you and your show of support. He is taking the brunt of the battle at the moment and all comments would be appreciated. You can mail to him as D. Scott Heineman BES 974, 5325 Broder Blvd., Dublin Ca. 94568. Having had the experience it can get scary when you don't know what is happening on the outside. Knowing you are still in the fight with him will encourage him to remain strong in battle.

The kindness of Judge Alsup

What is a Temporary restraining Order? (TRO) In this instant matter it is the government attempting to deal with me in a summary fashion. They know they can't convict only accuse; therefore they want to damage me and all my clients and try and make me the fall guy. Judge Alsup made a commercial mistake in the process in that he set himself up and the government for all the liability through this process. We as a people need to accept this offer and settle our accounts. If you are being damaged as I am then we need to make sure the court is well informed. Directions will be coming from me as soon as tonight to begin this process. Remember it always comes down to the money. When they realize how expensive it is to dishonor every one of you and to back up the banker's fraud then we might find that fine edge of justice called self preservation. I have already informed Judge Alsup of his role and thanked him for his assistance. You will soon. A summary proceeding by its very nature is damage and is required to be insured (bonded in this case) much like you are required to be insured to protect against damages upon the highways. If they convict they can do all the things they want to do through summary, justly by the law for by due process I have lost my rights by a my personal waiver through violation.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

What are the odds

I am certain that the average person thinks the Dorean Group has little or no chance against our government and the bankers. At first cursory glance I would have to agree. This is the problem I see for them. I have been tried before in a 7 month trial. That is more trial experience than most lawyers get in an entire career. Through that process I learned the psychological tactics, and acting, and drama associated with victory. The government may attempt with a summary process to bully me but when I don't give in they will eventually have to fall back onto their weak position which is a trial of merit before the people. Bankers will have to appear here and their hearsay witnesses such as Matthew Ernst have no value. Now all the evidence of Jury tampering and shoddy investigation becomes my weapon. The protected banker and the expert witnesses become my vindicating tool. Fraud does not hide by force and when we get to the microscope cross-examination truth will come gushing forward. These guys won't testify to breaking the law on the record. How will it look when the FBI and the Bankers all need attorneys to advise them on their 5th amendment rights before they speak? Remember the Drama? How many times have we been prepared to be prejudiced by TV against this activity? Think you'll find a juror above average who is smarter than that? I've never seen it, no trial lawyer has either. The factual study of the subject matter will lead any honest man to only one truth, the bankers are over asserting their rights by a contract that doesn't state in full disclosure what is reflected in deed. Yes I am a layman but the lawyers that I have had the opportunity to expose have all seen a void contract on its face. When I am gone from the battle the bar will have found it new emerging cash cow to cook. Fannie Mae will be revamped and congress will be apologetic. How many times have we seen the pattern? One man can bring the inspiration to a people asleep on their destiny. Ask William Wallace, "Braveheart", and look to history for others. The Dorean Group will be remembered for the catalyst that made men and women protect their families.

Strange Days!

Friday, July 8th, Scott was before the court on extradition hearing for the State of Utah. Facts! They had a hearing in the morning to which Scott was not present. Witnesses in the court said the FBI (why are they involved?) and the prosecutor told the court they have an extradition warrant signed by Schwarzenegger that had arrived an hour before the hearing by private courier. The file had been lost all week and was found at the end of the day in a court never servicing this case. In the file were things that needed to be ruled upon and evidence for the Judge. A second hearing was had to which Scott was present and he was there, again without a file. This time a public defender insisted on representation even though her and her office had been sued for malpractice in this instant matter. (of course that was in the missing file) Two marshals were there to take Scott to Utah and hand him the extradition papers on the bus. What matter is it that Scott is denied his due process rights to challenge extradition? This railroad job was thwarted by having people in the hearing who spoke up against their intention and reminding them of the information in the missing file.

Friday, July 08, 2005

A matter of trust

Yesterday I talked with reporter Dave Kasler of the Sacramento Bee. He is being fed information by Matthew Ernst FBI investigator. I gave him my opinion to which he responded, "If you have such convictions why don't you turn yourself in?" It seemed like a silly question to me because it was obvious the government was cheating and abusing the system to deal with me. He felt my focus on fugitive status out of Utah was parsing words. After the conversation I was reminded on a gentleman named Mr. Felt who was known to history as "Deep throat". He was the number 2 man at the FBI who had evidence of criminal conduct by Nixon. He did not trust the FBI with his intimate knowledge, he did not trust congress, he did not trust the judiciary, and he trusted 2 reporters from the Washington Post. I have already addressed Utah, which can clearly be seen from the court record. I am not running I am simply being responsible to wisdom and resources. Mr. Felt is a fine witness whose credentials are superior to mine. Nothing has changed these 30 years except now you can't trust the reporters to take an interest in truth. So I will parse words for their legal significance and I will play to win and save the nobility notion for the idealist. One last fact! I have no duty at law to turn in the fiction and no legal duty as the representative to stand in as surety and turn in myself.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Criminal, criminal, criminal

On Feb. 1 2005, The Dorean Group was offered criminal charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud, by Kevin V. Ryan U.S. Attorney out of San Francisco. This offer was countered by the Dorean Group to expose their criminal support of the bankers. We have recently received a notice of a potential new offer of civil injunction. I'll huff and puff and blow your house down, (criminal, criminal, criminal) but now let me try civil. We have to deal this unreasonable offer until we come to that breaking point where truth prevails. Ladies and Gentleman view your government protectionist at work. We will stand to the end in battle and fight for all the collective rights of all parties.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

David and Goliath

The Bible has that great story of beating the odds about the shepherd boy and the seasoned warrior. Most people can relate to the underdog story and I think there is some wisdom that can be gleaned. First there was 40 days of staging between the two forces. For the Dorean Group and the Government protectionist the staging process has been about 18 month but we are at that point of conflict where one must die. We are confident that the Giant has no idea of what is about to befall him. The Dorean Group is not a greedy coward enriching themselves on the folly of unsuspecting victims as the propagandist would have you suppose. Facts clearly don't support this notion. Why would we stand and face the accuser when we can simply take the money and run? Who being faced with 30 years of criminal charges opens a Blog to communicate? People should use some common sense interpreting my actions through their own behavior. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Assume you have enough money to make an easy exit, would you leave? Would you continue to spend money on legal battles, operating expenses, and education of the public? Better yet put yourself in Scott's shoes, when he gets out of jail what will he do? Certainly he should take the money and run now. People who have never put their lives at risk for truth can never understand the commitment or conviction of a true warrior. Opinions can fly like rocks but they will never kill the giant.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

American Independence

American Independence was gained by force and stolen by the pen. It is an impossibility without financial independence. Bankers have all known this and the mortgage is the center of financial decisions for average American. No wonder this is a battlefield of deception. Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, RESPA, Truth In Lending Act, TILA, and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act did not come about because the bankers were honest or that the government was policing them. Abuses were too rampant and government had to appease the people. TILA took normal tort violations and made them statutory minimal fines, another victory for the banker. RESPA did the same thing. Vigilance and the independent American spirit is a worthy foe to these bankers and their agenda but complacent couch potatoes will get French-fried. The Dorean Group will champion the cause but who can be more interested in your family or affairs than you? Look for our educational webpage soon to assist you in being a competent adversary to the thieves you face.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Sacrifice for truth

On May 28th 2005 Scott Heineman my partner in The Dorean Group was arrested on a myriad of charges out of the State of Utah centered on the idea that we somehow violated their Insurance Fraud Act. Fraud is an easy accusation to make but the hardest to prove. Scott's commitment to the truth though is proven by his personal sacrifice. For over a year we have listened to the naysayers talk about out criminal intent and how we will run away with the money. Scott was free to do this but stood in the face of personal peril and may pay the cost of divorce over and above freedoms lost. We have stood up to every bully and piece of propoganda sent our way and someday hopefully soon the noise will be silenced by the shear rediculous nature of the content. When we started this company, there were some pretenders claiming to do what we have accomplished. Redwood Trust, Mortgage Alternatives, Barnett & Associates, were all contacted by us and even ridiculed us. Where are they now? How important was their work? You can measure the value of a man or company by the resistence they recieve. In a world of smoke and mirrors called the American Mortgage Industry only The Dorean Group has the attention of the bankers and their public servants. Scott sits in jail on a no-bail fugitive warrant, without an arraignment(now 31 days) and every other lawful procedure being violated. Will the news be there to cover his victory for unlawful inprisionment? (NO!) Will they be there when the case is dropped?(NO!) Will Scott be there? (UNTIL THE BITTER END!)