Monday, July 11, 2005

The kindness of Judge Alsup

What is a Temporary restraining Order? (TRO) In this instant matter it is the government attempting to deal with me in a summary fashion. They know they can't convict only accuse; therefore they want to damage me and all my clients and try and make me the fall guy. Judge Alsup made a commercial mistake in the process in that he set himself up and the government for all the liability through this process. We as a people need to accept this offer and settle our accounts. If you are being damaged as I am then we need to make sure the court is well informed. Directions will be coming from me as soon as tonight to begin this process. Remember it always comes down to the money. When they realize how expensive it is to dishonor every one of you and to back up the banker's fraud then we might find that fine edge of justice called self preservation. I have already informed Judge Alsup of his role and thanked him for his assistance. You will soon. A summary proceeding by its very nature is damage and is required to be insured (bonded in this case) much like you are required to be insured to protect against damages upon the highways. If they convict they can do all the things they want to do through summary, justly by the law for by due process I have lost my rights by a my personal waiver through violation.

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firefighter said...

Can somebody please help me?? I entered the Dorean process approximately one years ago. To this date, I have been issued my re-conveyance, but unable to get re-financed. Due to circumstances surrounding my job, I need to sale my house immediately. However, I am unable to locate the appropriate party to convey the property back to me from "The Trust". Dorean has been no help in this matter. I have contacted on numerous occasions Tela and Becki Holtzer, with no resolution. According to my contact, a injunction has been issued against Dorean's process forbidding them to issue my Quit Claim Deed. In summary, my life, my job and my entire future hinge on the quick resolution of this matter. If anyone can help, please contact me @